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November 17, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-17

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An o n e e tNTRE DAME TODAY ! Athletic Board Meeting. DETROI ALUMNI BANQUET
Announ ement The Hoosiers are in Town and Ready The athletic board met last evening Preident Angell Expresses His Love
Our special line to Give Us a Good Battle-Gsnme and aifter transactig aome mnorbus- for the Uiversty-Officers Elected
at2:30 ne s, voed some ils an . net red___
of frin and a :3I. .thptitos presented iby the seniotr ]hUof.Aumiesctoni
laws.yTe eiion oqthatetgotavwith e d tts.aumniat banqutt lbo
domestic fabrics The weather Improving sotneatiitt aw by eaw 'o tit eugateot thy tthedIsanulbqettte
For the Fall and Wite of [900 has yesterday feotbatt practice took a junior medics e pt off antS the aws Rustselouse, Detroit Ttisrday p. mh.
or junior meics entet directly Iin the and it was a brllant affair througout.
arrived and :taranged for inspec- a e. ftrewslosoinal s n til. The foundation for tihts request Dr. Jmnes B. Anget and Regent W. J.
vim in the play ut was tte srubs wts the fact that tte lttsleave i-
io. The a atti careful attention wSha put it tiere. Te sans' ~tfferene reatty ptyed three gmes swtile the Cocker, of Adrian, were the Unverit
s given to the styles and finshat of Jit the (spirit diosttiaye thtiat has been fresh itdies htave only platyed two ty's official representatives and the fac-
every sit, whether to e used for noiceatble for sweeks past wis maul- gtmes, and they considered whoever uty wvs represenedoy profs. Dent-
busilness purposes or for full dress fo a neai gi h vri t ho inst ndalwthe eohtoplay pt Sncoutt oe.retod usnas
was held for no gain oria lss ftough theriter otilse'lovteitgaet ay Scott.
occasions. Shorts did get away f or some comnfortth tneofheitmdcgmasd Wiai. Hxer. te retrng presi
txthonsdaig eil; be play dent of the Alumi tsoctlon, gis ntedfnie'okteta ine.'hr a iar ie p:pe-
ablegis ntedfnsv ok ttntesnsdaigtmb
I U " arsit men have seemingy aken a dinradte -Og a
6. H. WILDCO. tre, Varsity oth ei~ivwsdelo~d bPo. 3 .D'o, i
brace, fe, dspite the speed wisit i tI h ords to5ei'onWSsltrdby Po.1.U ~ ge of the
o8 E. Washington St.- wach they got :to the game, the re- noYesae.'mlri y cly
____________ serves were unable to gain considr- Another hnr was bestowed upon A dinner of seven courses was served
'Miehgaa ii the form of the presidency and the menus ad toast-cards of the'
-ably. of the Western Intercollegate Athleticocsoeomdhnsm ovnr
BATH TOW ELS Sno s t nadnby hm srimmaeassociation tby virtue of the fact that beng decorated in embossed designs i
Leas -ds i lahi 'imatunrsr.she won the Immtercolegiate lst year. maize and blue, t1he 'HIicimian colors.
His assing aki week 'has beets uniform- Tebadeetd~p.hwr ae i dainty +bow Os ribbon In the same
AT ly good and he Is strong in the slnter- amsepleamfor he position. ndheicrsnnetdtesheso.h
ALferenee. On tae dfenov Redden apycpbefrte oiin eu
PRCSstLLp eid h ie nlSnwlok 'hle boarde also decded upon a ,slver Harr Russel iated as toastmaster
FRISthou e ind te n asn too trophy cutspthat''should be given seh tindde emedtob o oth fist tspeakr -sa William A.
FOR is obfor is efes~w orkwaswutein rOnhle crss cutry run net Moore. 31r. Moor gave an interesting
stongat it imors. 'weciy ws at ok- do i ien of life t the Univtsity at
YOU ROM O Il o watellmheIrtictte, lit it IS.doubtf"l Theiweept i st eausetat le De- the ttme when the eas os 1840, of
f he 'siltbeable t rturn to the hrot game htie been purchsd and swhieh he wasa member, wa In col-
will'e moved to 'Regntst"Fiel iiad le. tftr tn rraeae
Wilder's Pharmacy Ca uhi2b - ~ ~nitbatl~-ete whaere net spring or summer. dto f interest ad mentioning sm
ww.sans ~ sill do the kicking. 'le famer is Tefohi o nisgnt Osg fthe mets who ad don iruch to in
328n h umimg. intXV-li r a.n nlthpractO -e lst eveninmg itsthe Oymt. sure the ucsotte hbe ntitutin, le
:eron th squash for pace kicking Pewryevngttysvlauefo concuded by demanding three cheers
Reports froum motre Dane have no fos- nis a~d run throutghm ts- ig- for "te roan wb, with his associates
EVRTIN -rsplnddline f mnai s vauch s lay-- ys o o oete' nvriyta hryer oes
EVRTIGPES IARS and TO- biten very rsy the ps 's 'k. but te '- -oi its t.fr tr hs hr essdn
NEW BACC-vn the store week tofor tey we-re Very ntuc-iso. sn ortheInverity of Michgan."
itself is now. we Ihae remodeled the in iitt h-n ly cot-sr tos, a sit is Interschoatic Football in t iIddle I 'S refer to our Imonoed Ang-l," he
ph'ace and invite all ous friends to call ofteni wel to do, they 'wtilbptt' Op a ____sid.itAn ontbust of had-lappng
and inspect what we have. You"cant ueat ight tday to regmttn somse of followed his resanes, bttAlr. ussel
beal our LUNCH EStheir old glory- so rudely 'trutig from The ntitsrsitobtsti' Ii 'I tlt istgse rose and said decidedly: 'Capping
It J J.)bt, 3 5 )3S, State St nthemby Wisconsisn. Oml he other id to inisotitddle otsti' t to etetsonot handson' do. We want three cheer,
-____________- of the bath it I;cot ti iti atebigan gties in use esotern pait. of teAte.std tey sould be given standing."
- vahr hin for at uotl ~ta. Te District No. 1 is in gooi shapte. Orb- The banq ettesoseto ther feet ina
........"~ sili§ "' oui'ttttiomsshould t htltet Tighitti tld Lkehiv't-n te esatptotohissof boy t aidthree rotmsiagciie-esw-i-cta
ALL GRE 11' ;)oad oattet despiso' he gtet dffer.- seitosm1, hansing is the]et tamttiittgien for Dr. Anell.
-suGiIE T!S e" eInthtei-recorastatathetieis-atems seo iii. 2tand St igwIus 'S. w.otem eut ttt-M. Rstmselthen gave u brief hi.toy-
AND 1 .Softtts seasot.i. h te i t ustill le: .seit b rhue sbett ~uutt fleU
L AIEN 'CV'Q l 'tsgat. ' t d latin,. a liilibt tu'thrgtmt-otttorsadthetuii te gsuitnee sittr. Atgel-.ISe rec
~~VV ~~~~ ,f ~~~~ sintaei of te cotetst willttibitv'Sg- cled tietise'tunimsarylt
: H QOOLATES SSh-e ..Sm .Left Tacke.it'- aritgter nmitts St. .fatttr ~tthe bmitstttiof of teistitutiotiwasiabut $1bS a year,
INs4Ii2l bBX S lItrkia ..lettittbd . (,Mitenui lsiotut N. 1 oem Nov. 2. atslwheitie- ta-arofesor held at
oar1.4 ass1-isis 0& iso WlbeO Mrs .. ...... et e...--Winter Nies suitAltioat ~asmtaeinvsolsv ea l iiosuetite thit ten ebitlect of theis
ou ale isdamegoltsno Sri tiht(utsa- tstittdipiute ovethe mtatter of expenes ocu(inttg seia-nmutte ater sx.
queinlty yuar awatys Cotsttto .t ttt'Ut ie--.h1rtsandte tim aue stastttfinishteuid. tey- When'ihe hitititaert lle-,i rse ofthe
surU .getig iislmet r
sue fgetng he reh Redden .. It'Ind- ta.. tithale;are Iittsections 4, mutnthMtnagr RaltotaUntitversity'fron t A snmall beinningIt
Scott... Quarterhack._ - oll tt itt teyantdti ut te the mattes', Its Spresnttpowser, lie Istod uedItims
(.;. srand is a ndMllepesdniouhbisit~i
{0)5O. STAE S. ta N. UtERSIYi AlE L dldusis --Left taf.. F +at 5 tt Mistegntibetme pssiln{f leluttlsoa
UARRY 5 Whor~..R~htha~.the gridiron. But it isprobable that ad needs of the Univesity.foth
ttusey il ihttutaugin usetutomro.eDreAgeltspot-eeulwihdeprten
4.4..4.44++444.++4N"4H44lusian ed tod'hiak. a tbt30 to Thresd toteatt ae in ofseio,l sbtouge fish geaparestnsetadpayethn eoets
j.p~ M. sharp pealing is the undisuted Chamin ia ug time and attention to tie Unvem'
THEY HAVE DOME. teamn of the upper pentusul, -which shty, and the speaker urged tht the
1Additions to the Univrsity Libraries. reprsens section 6. alumni endeavor to apprecate the
.y I1 f lie Nles-Albion ammo the Gratnd great amount of wiok which It is ne-
DR. C C. I UI3R'5 H 'ye thouand iv hudred andSpids-Mtskgon sr-ps can be settled essary to have dsne In order to keep
DR.C+,C.thirty-leentovousnand 11umaps and on Ssturday tie two 'innera with pay the affairs of the University in good
* t~' t y fMiei atsdnn5tlb gatme 'ti-Ohconet wiith Ishoeing oi leges of New Rgand and 0-listof Ann
sklills yeame 1890.ieIt voumns Nov. 24 fr he campinship of the Arbor was given, shwingthat for its
BOOK wernoe distibued in ble sev'al I lihrulswstern ditelct of Michigan. size it was the ot e onomlIcally ad-akgvn aytecapo, mnsee lc o h idI h
G enfol lws: rat{r r 5 of him tw o di.tricts w ill play In A n ti econtry.
OF b ea hi-sy-------6 l Ator fr 'fle state champoship. The increaed cost of modern mcl'i-
L'uOswedca library ..... ,4 From conpatthve cores it looks as ode of instriteton in the scences, the
Itomoeeopat}leiclibray ... 121 if Orchard ake would 'sin tie eastern speaker decarc, was responice for us
Dentt~fllI ~ al library 66....~ chaumpionhp and Ishpeminmg is 90 large per cent of the increased outlay
HI T L G ,u ...... I strong that, on puper, she can easily made necesary for the authorities.
ToJQI L UR-tat ...... ,..11,02 dispos of either Niles, Abion, tland When Dr. Angell came to speak of
.Of the totlintumbser of avidumes over Raspius or Muskegon. bo that theus tte his love mnd veneration for the Univer-
4,00 'setc gifts. Tao huttdrtsS amidihtomposhmp is aikely to lay bets-ecu ay of ichgan, he was depy affect-
± GodSupl ~ tohyo btetw bn d u fyOrchard Lke and shpom~ng. ed. His voice tembled and teas
A odSppyryote p o hdehad.w -aldfi--a Teeqienut e diso ostoos ha his yes as he spoke of the
thre mas ad cartswer alip ~e Te rquiemets fr amisiwi+togreat things which cold be done If the
atsn'e oth nvrelty the Training School for Nurses, con- alumni always reman loyal to their

-naoted with the University hospital of .alma mater.
£1Every man with a heart thatsbeats the University of MKichigan, are now "Ton are the niversity, " he said, Inm-
p tffo heMiiam agh toda urna sout equivalent to those for a higha sethool pressively. 'The university Is obliged
0 to- met- day ,sowtedIplomaR. The question of lentfhenilng to. makne geat advances constantly so

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