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November 09, 1900 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-09

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Is the main thiun these days.
Wgear "Jaros Hygienic Underwear"
and you will have solved the
p -oblem.
11 - MAIN ST. S.
.The Niagara Falls Route" C . 4 y.O. . 01 T
CENTRcAL STA.NDIARD TIAIE. Nov oil the floor at
Taking effect September io, 19o00S
GONGFAT,709 N. UNIVERSITY PRVE!'UE etroi Ni ght ..Music Sto.fe,
Atlantic Expresso.........7 45 We have oil our tables ass Entirely New Line + 41 W1. J i14erty St. Ann Arbor.
Grand Rapidse Express'.........11 10 o aladWno utno
Maladxrs.. . .. 347P. x fFll. AWitrSitns
N. Y. No3oSeocial .......4 58 " It Will Pay You to See Us.j
st Easutern..........9 43
.W.E......8 40 A. HL NRd...FREE
Boston 01Yan Ctica .......19438 N ' ' ' 01. Sl oit o.r
F.asWstenExs. ..... ...... 1384.a. CH AR
Ohio oNight Expre+,s.........0943 ARTISTIC TAILORS.'> . fGBdnla.Exrsi........54 <.<. iloao Aloro pa~ t lla
sPaci$e Eaposoci....1 0 14. C' " +0a 1110' ~3Q ' tl ; f ~tl.iI 01x t or.
Steamship Tickets. all Class,1toad from O+O+CCs Arnold,+C+O++.Jeweler 1
Ruapeaa points at loswest rates. Full tutor-________________________ vfAnldJeer
natIon on application.(--
®.PW. RUGGL, fl. Wag . A SAl Philological Society Last Night.= Preliminary Debates Today.
G.P& w -'. Coo Es. Ar' na Arbor.__TO
to 1'211 il li tl'ly ~t ~.5vfellg oil theE'liliiary ulobatii 5 lho15 ip 40511150 o he loot- 1 INEW.
lhlllolosel ilii f ls - 101-I llgzelt010liorrow, and t1 l1.1orilgt3
- si 1 arrive111 1714 1110.' The 111115 ia c 4ilp- 7110'Alltlli Ns-Adsllli coutlest 35 ho N ISUDE
017 ILlii ali 111"b70i11114,' l wi ti 141 s I ter 1111 1ail4:30 o'o ck.a '. lie
-il law IY 111117liX. I:11117. e Ili1lil°illi'5of liv 53 ,bsOe.Teft A t) 111. Oo O LSiO.
will protya0'I.I~E ; 01's1 .lv pea1 Iyr. 41405 114 crul i11 oaili.'4 il 114Apac I Ye are better prepared than ever
Taking E1ffect, Sanolay, Slay 21, 1899. j70:17 11( :11 1l1Ollej 1 1 1o" Will 1110lso t 11 ossio1 51 015c1,11 8tgiete'eto crig°srie
0(111 ifie110'14311h'101 having added two rubbtr tired
adTrls eas rbrb enrlSuD rre~il ortl~Ic(t 350711. (o )1l lceIiIMmBo h awBid
ar ~e 0 Sed' 11441se l~t1ll~il'~ .117.4 l loi 1(f11 ,11lsi coaches to :o r stock.
SOtiT13 NORTH ofr 4ito tleilolislralise ill I ai, 1 .11coil 1114, All 1dl11i1414l1111 of 315 (-011114will bho
t5o 0. _ --a-- N. . ac ('o iso' 111111111'1', shoshig h21; is 3117051o 118, 71111'711; 11ay'iaIi1 1 2 1111 11 '1'771 15-ct'. jj0 . rues L iv er
N.6-72A.A. N .1 856A M. No 52-11:30 A. X. No. 5-12:30 P . 11:11 Ohlls1,atl11g 5lO'14s'e 115 i117'e! tllig 1.iLuno ns and "d11111 11111007 ode1a1110(T
No. 4.- 8:35. i. \o. .- 4:56 rP. . t11 li 1 l )111! wi.f#lisW'l>o s C'.t I1l PHN 6 1 LIBEI ST
50.1 2- 4:05 I, . tIOs. 101-11.03 A. A l. 11 le' i ll'1l rl l11 C )i4 'lrl;h d fo p ed ,p tfSllHO E 16 1 , IE .
-- - - - --1111 llle Ill'. ls ol 11b1118. Good service, Iefined 'table __________ _____________
HRu oso ee an aArbor ad Toledo only. A. (11cuss)11lt foll 11151 Ilse111 71-11111 'o I 111111111111 111811114diilly coking; 11111-!Altrisd lyecpSu a.
isaud lo 1Mlle 1 111 81.11Nvl+R11 Profl'. 11 'g-. 1 i. 1 ' .tC M St, 427Thsilon t
NV. T.5 1 8 LAgent. .14 iloI82 111 I. 511
HOCKING VALLEY RYA Dr.Ihader "pke, cf Eti40i r144- Ect, .
The Railroad that takes -the 1:1 111.'he IIW1111k.IvfLt5111' e 1151' lil'l11011 1111117 7'j111)((1111l for Ihighila11 sso 3
Business .In and Ott I t~tls h utik1111111 l I31C1110jser 0~~71~110bo
of M ichigan. Ithis 1I1l' 1:l11111s 5.i1l1'14 :eI 111 145*,1' established111 Sik' 11111858.
L SOLID VESTIBULE TRAINS abo1111111. e 1 ll'tlislwll 1 1117 5 si( i. 15It__
S DAILY BETWEEN 4Buy(,l y IL1 111154Il 1111lsssor Opera Glas1~1ses .1t1 10:11
liiuuuses rt11 1 d is 111ill 'o 11o, grsolileL 111111 .eweIlry 010'or.
TOLEDIO, C'"."'' iUS 11151rl-ab1101111ork1111. lLits kIt d. 'li__________
and ATH1IIENS. Hn11111 tit fitsLo n11lllt11 111 115-iea". 1Bicycle 'loyiltg Cards lald Poker ~
W H. I Fse, L. W' . Lndum', o-Clips lit Scha~ller 's Iookolore., Matl sr
G.I.A. 1G. Trss. Apt. T w111e1'SIii 11'e1 a l'4'ti"og f the'0101'(live_____t____
Cotlu sbo u tsi. }tlel. tMict 0111. l'X .b IDOL3 '5'ttl 11 70101lt31 1'11111 17 .11g1111 5-tll4lt 04HOU'RP~ H U
Clu llet ionE_____vein at7___o____a___1_11 f __u-__il Ioutai__ in _ 11124,Ii H.P(115olechat ofall-' hll stoe.liteeneris ttstilt s ti ata
Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Ar- I otIA S . I.S1O.1 Et., loader. Hn' o o ic~lt n rs

for Railway. B 11si $. >111 ha111111' is the1 Iollsr.-l1. t.0~O0 11001'~ 1)3001. 1407.0( 11 s, cre y n
Care hovae for Detroit and Ypsilanti 'Ile p11117 to bsty yotur jesv1.lry to W1111118 113111 .' OE'ttt, ool' age~nts. style gat either store.
every bOOf our, oeginning at 7:15 a. in. IIL, t~vss'S. _______200 . siii ;1tonl 310 o ltate.
until- 7:41 p. no.; After that to Detroit _________ Art liclortos for 0t51151.'ts' 7001118,:5p n, :5p n ad1:5p m pt-n 1Sainry1 ShlersSchilo' oktoe 1 o :ii t , lr
Waiting room, corner Ann and Main flooklore 11(o fn t IIIIUIV~iI
ate.: Detroit, 111 Griswold at. ______________ C1111'leks rat ItALAOI14S JestelryR Oilatllion 3! 111b114,
MONEY LOANED Wodilons, Ryan & Rote are soln 1411111' i__________ EverthigoNesan
on wascles, l~iamondu,Wheola and other ('or- agents for Ypsilanti .ntlorwear..Eeyhn 6 n
sonal Property. Office at residence, X3t R. Cmlt ie"de alsisads
Liberty s+trect. All business confidential. T Condt ie"Alrfliuit n titlyVpI-Dale.
H~ors. 8totl:30a. m.> and lto3:30andtto'3 1Expert Avateli170repairers10 ai aler's. or"ercotlts at ,Vadllaws. ltsan S. Menlo. 707 N. Un~vervity Ave. Ann Arbor
SBOY&-SEE THE QI. OFr 1 i 11 ShE " 500
U. of M Barber 000 M~asssa e~l ENa DITRL Embalmer and 813 East William Street
Sho and( Bath Giass work aond Shoe ulfu.Al id
Satifaction. !i) ofuarhAa Poe L 0 repairing s.eatly dono e. d
Room, J5 T . SR. P rujanausid 2 I S, Furth Ir, Bot PhneiSoeSo E. Lambe rtI '~ Pharos'

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