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November 01, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-01

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{SCRUBS ARE FAVORITE S ! The nmost noticeable features of prac- Senior Laws Take Another.
________Licer yesterday sNvere the Inoetdocre play ____
An o ne e t Vriyoftheil 'arsity sind the fast, snappty T-tits l
An o i ene t Gavle between ' arstyddScrubs To- fhittof te st-rubs. The score stoodst m tore s ii*'ts l tidtt oluos nandtheinterh-
day Free to Evorybody - Eight to 11, twhen. dalrkuess closet in oillitt < it'st1uios1nth"ntr
O rspecial line Mlen Sent to the Side Lines ;ftt(1 ltier tht- s vth, osusttof the < toest('Ic> ict oyserst.iclt ftt r hesuwtithsoitS
t I t Ot1 t h e t Ot Ot-Ifilscieteshresulting tti- ritealow.Th
of foreign and Yesterday For Foib- t's-lori 'tl ete o "h ortSeituet htse is comic fsrt e
do esicfaris in tuThelil ausitS i l poor b Satitlo ot10oselsck, lust adllparties
dometicfabics ing ecneernedl consenting, It tras pulleud off
Wtinterlal lt te srestsri el-aorlier. Thtis leaures 10 o'coc-kSatue-
For the Fall and \Vtnter of 1900 has A uttli- royaiis lltttifrth is to-al- otdtiel ollyi
arrived and is oarranged for inspec- tuiiertttttti bteeun it tter: l-i lotket itansdup1nd iolit it e ictrheaseaor-ifor tue0thit
tte scutis.otid jttd cittol-fromtt~tt rsr tts i-Itoh olterizecth ieir 5platyin -the ttrttt ittft 23 ht
lion. The sane carefnl attention tops11usiitIsit lie II i -. Ott ai it t- utirileythe scrtitslit- Ost lotrda.
in given to the styles and finish of Oiitt.itotai-ut i t- o i ot tits~~ 1tl of'lltM i--' fwsensiti 1 it It, ouldttlilt-o
titotituti outntdite sitttut uitd ils l - i ,to aott« ut-ilrloe 11iI u ihg-ri lttsiuhe ~of du ttti 01afeoltuatlsloin os-utitt-
every suit, whether to be used forihouiilpe l e t li t foul t tutnout ('1ut- he - iilit-btooel tu uuuour-tr lulnd -tle. titittl o ilioitit- ocoi st
1 c~r eo sicerulle unitul off~ tt- b othic(to-i eiIi itt-.totrsse, uis thtey tad
hastiness purposes or for frill dress ittthe'Iibil-lgutt-ititt-teu-il iopponieint-ros'r- ututityfalut
i-oucale t -ot1:1< oto ockir. ( tot-ot tot tots iliutit 11ot n"isti 1010 titoita lu, Ittri ('tot-lilt i oh lt ll-i sooet ytu
occasions. noiletdu Weeks tlit ios c tolill t he 1i - It si-it notlu-ssthtotnteighu t-it ot l ttltottt hit u-utt it for the -seniors, rdth
s1 ttu t tlt titi b hos iicitul 01 lthe lifiel for tftiling; ii totatl,'outtotheItoe-hstu (aruu tofiit- h uh;111etIleto wtos tti
Go He WILD O. hilhuto tuen ttto haveitbbtimes be 1), -(ter'( nsive.___
tob E.- Washington St. sits- and wos-uuittot ibe depen-deduu uutt iiolleutlic b ordtldt-tta tilet-ilti -_________
to ivethelatera 1ar, cose 'nle lat.ni,-ht fr te t~usacionofroli- Detroit Aluimni Association Banqutte
____________________________________ i'ifteell-mutinuiutuhlvis ti-ill ihe-itioycr.tinetttbusiness siu-lu is lpassing'otut Sills, to Be Heldi Novemober 15th.
In i tht li ii the t o tms ii ill ap~- iie tc. ti elsto oil til iupouuotu-u
BATH TOWELS it---a_--_los-:-it \tiout- 'seiii ofiu o1','tiittttiiottqitii-t It1
totf lu-iroti tii Itob Iohuhld ittoitiotu -lit--
AT in ,oil 5, iuhe isse-l I toouse-.
ALL _ciep~ lu osoe11kn. o h
PRICES Ihi-i< ((uua art~ t isin ofthtito-sits ,(
FOR t(ullieso lusII S-oll o thatl t e.ot
YOUR ROOM OR THE BYM o-t 0iilti-i- : t,
Wiler' Parm cy- -- - t tlt 00 11 ilettititi ooti tutuA. ohr
SIi( 11I' Itt ' 01 tit-t--t- -1
p till 000 1ht iouilyOt1c to IAi i000100utl0-
0000lilt-is 01111011 Ott o toil t, 0- 00ott i111( al
teal osenitLrNCHES. 00000 nlttl Thetou-
S00000-tif 014,1 I-i-i t" , tiii ~t i olhu t he 1
l t 'a l ~s~ lttol 0 1s t 0 a 1 bust' 0100110
soictwt ltatis1101ie00d00

#AND ^-
IN 1=4 lb, 1-2 lb & 1 Ib;BOXIS
115 sale tit large0onthese
high guse geus oseis-
quseantysou se alweuys '>+
sreot getting them fresh
1COR. STIATE ST. and N. UNIVERSITY AVE. +T+ (A.l'AIN NI'll, SNOW. OllllhthoNS O8thIWK it\
til t rit. lug-it Scotolt ~iou. it uu- whichtu 11e1,1h fr to[ yearus, i-lu
mits I ,olutauu l d tito too i-iso of tihtsie inthe al o f 111 t ;.11 liii tuosuuu o h oo intg
+++++++ ++1+hu ~ t ~lts -u i tioututofut I ooI ut-uoi it -Iit- is('1t1)tu othole hilt toflof u
.)S 1111it It l tt t'ihdO\t y. IAs In hits 1111.11otit, l- tyoi 1.1111tou io i l Ooluou4 h tt-
Son pions hoe ot anirtor ututh-wOioe tu ioto oiCsprthttitneh"tillli
00 o A l1he W sternit "1 ti L st os-i olulhitt-tutulito to o slve out ott il 011111n aai
46nhI A 0 to toe oy otho ohrduhtuuotstustiotlut h uk 11ts lit C ill-t o tiltasit1011 1 otutou
Colleges 'lusty hi altso-lit l -ioustoh, Ishtit Sftil wSit llto 'I uthtitti!
Its the title of a New IBook of I~ttt inlfttllt il t outosy. Nutr hoets lots outuluttirotorosstcill hero,
f College Soisgs in wvhich no ex- four a1s a0 ro-shilu he iou oit theu-1hi11 j111111tlo itheou-W lourit 1 ito our utold011
tense las beens spared, to iprocure tuoutous is i n otI ios011s ossatnlou- h"M" h.long. witth ots ofto other01101- o
.. te very latest anud the very best tais chi c= toso the10 fiacust -t to-' ,s ri o los to o(,o1i~elik o
songs, many of which y"have not
b een published before, althoughi-
popultar in thseir respective cot-l usiS- slou. Iowa Ganme at Bennett Park.
± leges. A snuhber of ol songs J Ihoulot.ut - ., tIti..*.E - 0 1 1luso otto iil oo iio5ot1ht
that still retain their popuariity -oto IIO~titti - o Io Booto t111 k ioloho ilti
have been included, because they Itt-ht i -:,10...-s.oi'tt jli tr1 tl, ost.i
are still liked and ace macta susg 1' Oilon . . . { ,.... .t1o11i1it s I 0- 1o "t th t oo tto-11 gritlirtoittoil to
whterever students assemble. lOlouris - ...I.x. roollo. Ilor--ou1t 0 1 o (tit tooit iitur t i ottroe otrol 1 -1 0
Come in and look it over and if Clioris ......I.3 .. -\'at 1Orto,soat o t ot ttboh tttor e ts
it pileasas you the price is but Sit us ..lhi.114u....iBrokieldiif.to 111 thou-grout dsutnd.011ithe ide sof i
$ * o5t-lt ........11..: l.iabs ~ltiiro htrhtssto boovebuil tt itt
'1,itt i511t ill 1111 .. . ,..Smithi ithio oir un, to bSued oltr stand-
Ix ces ., ,....'1. t... 001 W ite tu ruouti. By this seito s thuose 1ii lhe
Subslttute back~s-SVarsito- Grao-er,oraroll tteetbetter orte ie betolof
1 ' R W tse e ensteit. Scubls, Rtuket those ,itifrotass tie pitch of tile
A 1orr Ses,00Willtams. svtlksoill enlsune'tills.

WhATSTulHE -tm 1' 1'1 It
lewt too outs lbout- s toooth I'm.so: loiuli
iull t-t- t tlsias1.1oft out ioli--
They0 oo hy ih (Tole-o11loloois tiork.
Sitnce 125 iiio-i otototh ah to itottt1ie'-
I th slas Orh-oislottra ilo llouui t'
Itou toot vho out tooilhut otod i)lu-ss th
010 ooutt tiotti-os. iuohiiuiitoo situ-l
too11110 ii 'Aist Ls i lt- iluoututifei
a1dSl,,""ad" inilOtt- o e"t..lilt-
soth 0 ut- Isi operaououos ot;is ie Itie-
Iao. 01011 1 itt hiluts ILuly lllttiit-
u-It out lou oh u O\Iutluisouluu, -Weiter
Ilt, too 00 tot uuuuioouO outut to'ot tiltieut
VeiliO pf, tot los- erotu t iuo luuoouuu-hop e
lhutuooLavo i-obeenojuturlured-ibyotisttii
lie ltei So tills Teruatto-utho uttoulrs
ooouiuo, 001111 Iohiioouuuite yuuiugur, "Thet
Othi tin- nuituoeos his dolotu-ol--
1105110115 hit e~thou repreiuusnttieiuof
thut fttii loubetut lots toOetoillItt1862,
;101uil httl- hieihas piitiotituo
llo0 hoss 11,111 :1110of i us h o- olps
tubs 111th d20 11 tttitm too tots loulolt)u~-
lod=ts titliti iaret5 both c~~1)11i1
100 1011 hra oilis liretittour. lilt
usl iobeou-eroll uuiotrsii tout Soloa-
Sintht-eOto ligiittiuut-tof thu-it- .tutuu-
lil1:tItlou isou-is)Iothey hlbolayedoitt
tolsIv u tout-go- ot11t(1letilittii it- tol-
neoul. Ixuorg>e -OilItteroutofthot
o-h-u-to-oual depaorteniof the Uivcesito
of Michligant ured oa lolerlat tie ananul
meetinsg of the Amtericans Association
for tie Advasncement of Scilene On
the Action of Electrolytic Interrupters.

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