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October 21, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-10-21

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0 ~~ ~i, ~ Cornell Hos HodulumsSh e go g
_________________________ Ot.20. lou. W.J. Bicyin, 9 t C
Pulihe Dil M ita-xcpeddn1tth he tilo(nc-'standard bearer, today -- -" a .a ' acricce
Clie eao,at ple le is setconid encounter cof
TllE UNIVRSITY 0F MICH-IGAN h <npni irt olee studenits. It I k ~The w ay 001 shoes are going willt
-ANr FCcntI1 "tsnecat and the students surpise you, and the pres that
uiiifliorali 0tle Cornell iuiveroit. The are makin them go wil urrise
lru s ila 3 , t\ -/ ohP onei s " -.Nevi Sao Ie . -c n Is at so eciting Is that at you still noe It tilt e profit
-ANAGINO EDITOR - A3icl., frethe rason tht able for yo to e surprisedlDrotp
MAAGNiEIORliey ug o w vere iiat o persistenta andtri.
1) H liii-. 'sand di ncar l insuch unison, btiti ody tyi
BUSINESS MANAGEiR idwv tinbe cefearture atnteest not _ GLASS'S SHOE STORE,
h. Et c ,c oi L ncit. cble It Aiiii rbor. Thisw0110 1090. Main tree.
bDTR:)te lsriiielsciislioatyboti woneli in IH
theTR ci lafair. hundred or umore e11011-Upn eveig3s until ANN -ARBOR,MIH
ATHLE~CS. -it. i. Ilicir i iii s of the olil-coite sexw ere salioned 8P I
A. H.NMcocGn.ic'i~I. v. A. Koa~c .'1 i,. it iiidows I he high school just
Mss L, K. Scncxr 'uS Ca is'ORAKc '01 icclick lc ad ovr le stcge tran which
H. H. Sooc 10c, '10 Svi . . C c e, "cmiL Mr. Bry~c toln ,m hy ditre c
___ ___________________ ii' pceedn s 10 as geat aii extent as
0013111 idlte of citresiclent Miculey isonso
____n____________ ____ ccl ccile tilielilion oths' crowvd.
cchcsb csi, cr I ithe cci ci'- h e v11cc' cc icg locen holic Iere b loir re-
f r te lcciiec ccicc. c tc ili-cci- t i d tic 11ccsc sigccls wiih ci-eoanccl (y 0 EE e ll S ilO tl
beforeicciici-oet ch t i- sil, dd i cluicscclnncn ,irtI .\ 11he 1C0 ice s OH(' of (1 ne-
ttcrn. iand ier n, cciiccriciccclccl ipi c i llccicth y aloIced-c 1ertt
ice>n ciicioioct cd , iia t ii ien i a e iiasiisvvwicilthe lie i-elch cIS in pro-
hepes icc or ii-i i iiiil icco ih.cd cr bI ic i ci retie, EN . eltrih'iy~, to, acitelcl ig'/' cecities of lfe. Wth our cloting
th ccc tr e pc-otIic-c iccc ticcIc--cicciage ocittic-s u tiitc wc r-c-iiit' uite dttaient Inevel' eii sold
iii lii ci cii ii cci iciice 5cisv iu icc c ii i lirrcv cc,tcil si nteiii - ts, b e
fa ccv~ by iccic cr cci pi it i lu ti i oicci alcii hliii rliis i o 11cc iii'Snnciii cthewii
icc-c-cc,. cc i .iti- icc-ri c-cl1i-i- ill - .- been eter oods ci ettei- alnee
th ffc 11; c.. ccc h. ar I )Ii - S. < t~tAl i c- Icccli wvhI.geneiicclly violccl to Ihcivi' - , . givenlit11a11we are ofering toaii.
i SIci ic' iccicc ~ p i.Oe h ciitc' ciai e0tc-ilccc-ilac id icttAI S
icc'hecidsviis wii c ciciceciby lieftit 0F PHATTERS
Iccse isuccc-ifsDci n Iilacilccno c- tltcr lthei il- liiiiiicicl iic-tcwc',I(cod IJ' AN 21 S ut
Iao Blinis is ii1-l tic-icndicci i oi l tccapcarcct as tlie sice6 ede-il'--l-cQ.8.. \ UE TH FRNSH{ERS Main St.
The'ic s civsscc'cri-ii-icicic i- cdttla t s Fif( at Csalc.
(,era ca(iiiciiig to Illisi plii, cud lhe ltod KI tirEl'.fC3Y k'i/C I:V."V V .I II 1AF uVp~pr
te icc-cc 1tueIleole e yc'c ls i i 'the Li1E .. t0 Fifty-O I mu
fugyou uula tn tuut ndeivtle la ed t cms Ictiul ll cttcl', S
hI' icill o tci .,tolicii cIec' al cly ecx -ciplci'slilig ci lihe-locid. Ihec' lislic . - . .
ire sedsi- l'iies i iciiteii 'ccc viiitii cci olc-- cl'fi'.li'se'dcncs ass' I MONDAYt, (OCTOUBELR 22"
,hei tion i-i cc f l ciI i 1 s ' c i iirz- icc-c cii-iiililietIll I i s tililiosi li- YOU SAW IT LAST S EASON AND SAID IT WAS THE BEST
tirii d ptiiicliii -cc-i .11c.e iii - a-c-icc-c cii ii i-iii llsiti i -l lielimned to t le~s a'e e u ll ll~iiici ac
cilliliicl ili i c hu 11c' lii cict ii. lii' dcli lu icilllicici li-ci17-iviSeisalsl rioclanation is that.
gvSic .:'cicl- illcthehovs at. i'-ci--ati i t i. cc ccitice 111 lsirii icciiJO'H N W . (A R'"].u~J
bei tietciicicil ccuu ii ccic il ci il 11hcnic lciic.'t'his ci< ii i icle icici d-c-c- ncccl
elcetic-i. l tiii ccs iii' iclti 1c lt. - tic-iccn ctili ltiict. cciiiicvci bcci- nccc &-
tile dthe cIl -wllicl c cc- it cci ' clIh icii- c' i it itcen icc"hal l cice llo
had the t(r 'oilngleen somec tc I . '1 '\IllE.N \A'l'ENl'lm N.M N S TE L
i cc cl iillg c-cnite'it. 'l'liiW didshy7' toSic c u i c tunricici il e i rtic dciiAld eXt he W olds NEWS Ti, Icdl.A .iSI ('OoriiiI 510and l31sT1
cciiCci lsc'tccc Id i' idIic yi.c-c ituracici cc111iir( P ICE: 2, 35, 50 and 's.
X11Sii lii riicis cli lcil c' ii Al iltn ictii' invtitdchi- ccfirt i' liii LA N C- -
It)1t1 stuk rta. l ht, ts tir wa al- bof 'e cit leyiii tccs lhe Ipiiies' ill ibce C O IN G , I .. .
idiulid't h cciii nt Io seei'this' ciiec'I I A V EBLE8J A N
cOl 1c cc t it thul+iscsllof le icdter's.-___________
I51 s-c oIs l tisfde tsfle" c tSushcnd Clb I 'tiis Stclic' -,______
foi iclI ihihicil ii'its cc-cit liicc loch II4I ll '.R.A 1 B so
t11ey uaitciicst-cIiey hl lliSthiat iiie-
flsi-Iitsisdli mgtcc-I Icuc biucli ut coi- pitdlectures for all deart I LL IA R
I inisc ill ddochict tch1117 lig i t'oti iih i'e' menusof the IUiversity Type-
lie W' ccity aiI'cl vicory. The Vci- writing and Minmeographing. REMODELED, IEITTiED, E\'ERYTIIING NEW
shy will leecchc oidiing is socr. Next EDWARDS BROS. BRUNSWICKZ BALEE COLLENDERi TABLES
10111iiilcc''i ciii ci icill biia.' Mtzc ul di(id erliii e hoinislOscate SrecciWITH C 7-
ih ll ii i-i eac'')u desc-ill- .5,1o117'Redmond, Kerr & Co., GE~i GROAE-G ~ nO S )ThIE
all i thei povv'r t ,v i. AndInnyBANf'KERS, ItlGRD -_
f11-cycciii iiiic'Icc cc i'siihclcdc rlfcl-l 41 Wal Sret, New York 9
-lceu5111wd ' ccii i cic abilc ci' Ciiiclin R , 0 , C 9 4Tiep tn rI'; tise tnnia ahd uree
clulcuididitnt cceceioiicciettodii. iri cishoDALtY IlUL 1 1 15 (iOF I SI sib ING EV ETs
tecrestiteic collucetec d d n eittlsed. et i
AiS -c-iiets'ra dowl ne ile is is ot El St( i OLS 50R5 TT
- tcecriie-, iogiil c oldllon codiddle i i .TOA '1E
S-ci., OutL. _2i 8 p im--Cthaplahin iii iichk es ecS 1cgccisce I's.R Y1xiit 1 R E
beoCc- dCccc'(uccl tcsc-'uciiciittib cil ie- ODEAL IN
l tdlc c t (S.2114 . iii c-l- T eicss Liii oc-uredt ofering sent oii appicaiction, ii, UF, .JS iIU II ELCC tisi11111 1 i I t d N SD So[iliEm,
plit id's Ilcibir gli isidiimid1Womacicisl PIL iADELPH'IA COIi iRiPONiiRNTS. ' S vi .l )II T E ReatI F r'ixss
I eagiue.tc-.GRAHAM, KERR & CO. 207 E.XWasigton Street. ~~Al isi-rctss -- t 7 ,e il ' t t e
ti llS tiE tilcNTC L AS i olri._'
5ztitli' c t. ', ililis a; i ci cc

ftli .A'iti'c , 'l'lcc'cctc-' cr ldiion r 1 flute'-
i'c'c"t iicrcci,i 7'Niu . --I ci 1cclc7 IuI ic i,
cCtic-of iMtussic, '1a t.. I. i
cs'sS.I.A. icisiese. THl HOENAN ts
218 5. MAIN ST.,
Bust $3 htit made is thit Ibwsrd.
Wadlialus, Ry.a &Ieule shole ens, en fo"A

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