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October 18, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-10-18

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Publisheod Daoily (fotttlposxtpted) dttriugthe
Colleogeoyeatt, ott
Argtts Bidg, Maint St. 336 S. State Street.
Botth'Phontes13. No's Stat Phtoe152.
0. H. HANt. '01
F. EootottotIt. ,'01 L
ATHLETICS. - G. 1). Hvi)-t'Ti, '01 E.
A. H. McotOALIt, St E. W. A. KNIGHiT, 'Si L.
MisL. K. SABI-NE'0 CHAS. DVORtoK '51
H. H. WOtODOW.'04 WV. P. Cnootoo:,'tttL
rioe:subscription price 'of the DAistt'.t0
torthtiollettge year,. -ttia regular deliveroy
before o 00otac:dy Ntiet l 0'tnia
tionts, ond ottirmte neddfrpbia
ttt::ttionut :e'hnddolld t atto the DAILYtotfi
before:8Spotll, tor mailedttote odiotot eore 3
p.oilt.of tothdy ptous oooto tt day:oiloo toot
theyare xpetedO toaper
Subscrti tpttons:ma'bttltat tetttttt ffice
taor fbytorep ot rpomttly t tlis ic n
Univeroity is Prosperous.
(Lo otritttottftotofirt'oopatge) o t
1Ytie tot::oo ttollettot il t' ttojto
i1omnlot ur00 oofogcoti or n
-1tttttftftit t Ototttitsfn-lle o-' to jll-tt o
eo > Oft:r' totl~ll
000"1 tt ttt~ t la ' " o1thto' ;o~ lllil '
to l l tttooft Ot o totof t ' l le la ic
e" otol off toot to o metto . :0.0 0 fit oft fotot
Otto otitotottO :0000ll. 'o [oftt'sto'o I tot' tot
tllt Otts o 'OtlttO '0 tt't 'ttft' tovercomthett
to to to: tto ootoof l o tito thei
Oes to o-e '1 il- h r io e
totsOth'oO:' fotttottO have''''''o f
sex t'(bers tt'o ttt t oled w t::1to t 0 tt-
also too feottO ot ofell Oinothe tto fOtt 00 o
oftO otttistototty o t]l 1ot t 00 Ihi ottiii-y;t i
tot't otttf carit';'rtortot t 'ittotttit '4' 'ttit

googitot i tstnrjotio vhoeh Is offetretdto
al wtito desfre it. 'rho employmetit ini
recent yrears o of ity college ltoi
womnt in: otit'High :schtols iits beetansi
imprtanotoftit r:or fin eletritng the grottie
of w'killtthfise schools."
hr. Aitgeii tioei took up eacoh depsoatt-
uiet'ib itslftoorn'dihtdiscutssedth ieitr pres-
ent calitfo'ioln ita geineriti oay. LHe
111sit' t111 tititt otr ;a larger caitiptis
a's :ofio«st
".It is oltoooto 'hot att no diostiolday
t aret':o t110 tc:ampius, ithough It toni-
trises 4)0 :.e, 'sillplovins0 oSS) itif toti
:o oide bufilfings Whicih It must hare.
Wet itase,thrit'efore, heels watciiig-for
som itmf10 or pon oppors'tuity to ssro-
t'ture tand adjttoelot to It.1'We coutt
ostttsels'o's foottlllote i itavig: secured,
a,. ft'wtitottis agorte ine lot direofly
opposiie the sift' selected fto' ie now
sc.it'icet' building. ItrNs-1lhe itoofoitlit
0o secttie otiter eolgbtle plots its theoy
ot(in tt, fit ilttoeit=o. As the ovailtt
tf thelndiajacet io' fio'oo'iss tile
coinue lo t ftttoigoo : i'oeae, t:oe ttis tu
lito tosoolid thfaot 0n.tfhe'50's 0 tot 'fhtt::f:::o
acres ot of :f djutt ':000 ofttht c'amtpufst,
zldn toetirely' ft0:00:0:01 f'b fihoutses,
told aebe1oti ttottfttfo'ult.t0,00 otilf
lotroofotO ''ootot t.1, oo'tt: t1loopre
visiootott't ri Ivft';;e'gt o(01otoerg':' to:0
fWkeiit' furto'tooo. 5 'ntftotfttfo'hts
c'ttounel:'i 00:00 :0:00 ed

t Tltis ainakejof clotiting is coitn "
' C.: fued to uzs int IItown, and is thte
Eosusellst tiliors' Creations' for Fall-
SWUts $5.00 to 25.00.
t overcoats; $16 to 3o.
M~.i~.hller is

NwTxAssessment Will Help the t
ewTx University.0 212 S. Main St. 'S D RE'ATSOE
Otto c11 t' fooooootttfte l'(ttoot o'ftestIl217 S 4th AVE., ANN ARBOR.
0:0("1'e t o tt' l ot'le .'111 o ltol:::: p r'l'o
tl.'i f h +tleTttclllu"()li THENS THEATRE
0110i Ioft:' , ; .. 1 000_111 t'l.itt' tof _t' . 1 11,t1 N1 1
hekn hi" ',:l'i"1ll''-e~ ~A-t mltJJ C. IJJ7LNJT. ()JIE f',lessee and 71Ei
HiTIe l::ttvett ltli ttfo.!.he rll I. olrotts jrssttllfit
O O tto to 00' ttmill o n t(tt
000:00 00000ver Otttt:t'5,001) o townt
ott 0 (:i'(1rli ca. oT.'l 1,t 1100 kolo, "iiit. ('A t watl N. A ods Alilit
O!r f tica l t' t ttrtoo' t 1too i ' 2tot ,-0
l<<t0:00000 tt'to00: tot: too l o Ac 'h (l in, g ltSits oXlitodwartdtt I~ts, w e titWh et Atitlim
111b l'11 t1( i l ezt 'llo il "ltoilN 0 5 o; 0 tn ad 3 Mon Si n Philadelphia.
' 0 of s t ?3+ _' 1.11 l t oo' 0 '0 ( toototol . nm 1t l
"Otooto'o't '.00 otto"0:00.PRICES; Gallery 50 and 750, Lower f°or15dad $1.00 Firsl8 Rows $i.50
toSpecial thesers-etiSeat sile ott it ongstrer's, Stateatreet.
At l~ltoot '. 1 -cl lt,-~rt 1 h

00100 r ott:: o tlicit tillt'tt i st a d o 'ttoti r 1 t 0 5 0 i s t 0d l.
000000 otof tot'atonletoot# 0
'.0 il(00: o f {ooU r s HE:E'Lo tooI1II::''T too<\r I PTEZQ
foo1rtit o ll .0o. 50: of oti : to t: her.ir, Printed lectures for all depart-
4otoitte'toinf)' ooi ic'oolinnti of 11tt i mris:f heniversity. Type- I L A D PLO
t11ebuieso poy vooooei'::or to writing and h Mineographing. RMEED, ERI .)DIIEFITTEL, EVNERYxTHING &NEW.
:10'tttgit otfot::oitooto otot i: EDWARDS BROS. BR[TNSWICI .HALI E COLLENDlI I TABLES.
o lot ofite, tot111,t1o3-t)' 00000ii ilto hef:'t ' tt crSt tt1tatits)Stooe fo S t ' ~~L"
otlataioot: .)iotti tou'teto seieo f rhh t ) it R C f I dr d -j.
:totthi'tOOtfoitio of~ Redmoj nd7 Kerr & Co UOEJ1t lhlh- MO NGA C USI4t oN1qS 117Et -t'E-l--
po~y(?df is phtftototistin ' otor * f H IGI-'IGRADE-=~
ttllttt' ohootitottoho ittotititi'o000BAINKERS,
"'1he:':unolo'o o 'of o':uit hett law ftoo 41 Wall Street, New York
gi-o4ttlo noly 1toftots' o'i -gotg 111t6o1tti 1 it: ' root a t t neotot0:01:a ookin t-ite.
11:joito t oto. Soio ttl~ f' Itootlot odepoits subject to droot. Divds'iDI)OLY't IUL I RhINS UtOIL L oPORTilIV y'h ltl I N nPut Y~le'tdy;le adineetcllce n eiitd cta V NTS
Profession for thee11)le'ss tooS too clAt s fotondonegotiitedthe Aistueo ueso
htoeoioito i: ootoraioooo otS-loads tt roitvtO roog ompanOtts, tt.oh Ifl AND St505OU TN
osoitintlog flifollt o ti )15:0 000:0. Sooutoies bOougtttandtol'ott o iOtitt n. To A T
fetoi~evlet I iout Itiohe wlott'llsoIll oetifroots Otto El E NIOL..DS.tA 31
,tbeolift1' t aowledgeOt::otoo0ftf I~ lit' 101 Oto toooo Noo Yot'toAotooRo312
titziho oi:'::: tsnoetlit'o'ttlotcaoes of hIN ~ ~TREET
1ttthf 1stol etliott~it)', 'ivif govtott1ttt'itf HIGH-.GRAD[ INVESTMENT SECURITIES. Js Fv SCHUHU SANITARY RPLU M BI NG,
itSl~ 1itotity' it: ottlo?1'Olo ('oo logo'{ Listoot'curet o fi'ooi ent olOaotioplicatiotn J [ Jf J L I U: t ttto \y~tttoo I tt tON ANS . t hPES
o'ohh ~t:too ot oioot oiilioh GRAHAM, KERR & 00. 207 E. Washington Street. tttIttr oA Nr t Root otit'FIXoTURES.
eootgo'toiro 1-ei to o'oosttooi itto totfolow oo iOft::'I EMA TEfS N T S
jotofossisos st laoy. EXCHANGE 5'::::r0:lit apboot "Anto Weare hieadtquaters tt'oreeytltg ilnIte.fine of fitrnishinogs for
"Un14olt ii'dly it wiltlt' loetue lolthe:Attoor"t chlt ebnetatorst stoudetts' rosens,
fu:tuoe tots if'hots bee o t:he 1 a1ysb t, boot GASOLINE LAMPS LAMPtS, OIL CANS0 PHOTO RIACKS, ShIADES,
Sloe ajo ~jrity of oot'i gttoftadi- tiringrtoo your oldi00ois dlotett akebouotto WASTE PAPERofl BASKETS, t'ESID0hS.
Itts 0.1: puo-site sty pbtse, s010 will 'notcr The Superior M'f'g. Co., Otto Prices You Wthl Always Fild the Lowvest.
c o~s t11to t~hii;.'1lywilo 39S.MinS.,nar1~ilam.MARK HAMS BAZAAR,
colSes flat i i ot1,iit e g .' 1e wll sf 3eadqu at orSt de , a tl sao
wttoso o:iiittoltooO tflt oo mitneyo I SBOUTH MA.N STREET, NEW STATE 'Pt-ONE 462

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