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October 21, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-21

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No. 24.



I MicHgan's Greatnst Stars will Plail.
T T ~h,-Mangl Alumni Corning.
16 TheAluomolniameisprobably at-
torctintmre attention this year than
H in e Fall a i.nd WinterH evrrs'foreonorroont of the s'rotip
-aE Suiting(s, Golil Suits, E Sty. Prrttymsan, '0,and Denby, t6PLI
Fangy Vestings. awill be in cratar p'si in with 0' ant,,
n' 9S 'rityEa r 99 o. nd rti
o60 '91-5-13 Wat sit' aispnd gisalt thee
T DRESS SUITS A SPECIALTY T ceottrofthtis lia'ne 'ea strsong no
oro p ssibl. "Prt." i the P:p' s t st
AWe Can'tj the Largest Aausngn-ln' e h emwet
SLocIIeat d paydtritots 11"a-r'in
In the City. isd ale initnoavecad, r ohn
L; L ht I S U
o 103 EAST WAiSHINGTON ST. a0nd asti towr if trnt diiat te"
Alsorei'eae fls ~' hm
R3 Rpioteannaaanhstt' t +rtt ,on
oft tihe too' irdo int~loun trwstir
the '' tno e t a rrw oi1m
b7 i 1t1yit stabtin-ti o ir' y iri

Senator Frye Toniqht in S. L.A. Egineers' Mass Meeting.
Course. Thenineerso'ioasit am smeeting
Toe eonditiniusmbein thohe .L. A."wsthldltnight in'ti"'phsicaltttt-
rosetrill b he 5ir e natort inon'raor a'' nat:ne~.Th eet-
P. Pitt tonighitt othe subojet, "TheisNb a el nthe 1itrrestofste En-
Operatio' ofitheSts'Pe'tre totniitia'ott, 5tnee't"5 soctyirdcs atd to
andittheriiiitoneIsantos"ordertibyt'esc!ty ttestdlitM.Sir, A-
titur ly d'urit 1'rig irepa tfessitmothsti 'abie itt' ti oftoeptoseandi
111. r_-eha bensuh a proinet ,viils es ' ' ,orspat nd«hot
fitue in ortnatonthat tit esn;neces arytf'rit toictotie sces
csoirs' lt so" oere littla' rco"ceran"ng stull. t e n intoue r f Greeii
its1 h i:t.io a statemeinit itthel ,i"-
Ho o 'asbrinLtt iton,' Mite l- tn . ft; e'partmt. At pres'
Bow oincoi(, e a th ag o ti: ny. .i est()Of 1:- '4 iterasForeii e otr
Ittddnttk oig o hsa~ii t t 1 sts 41 ti r, ae 20 e -ie
'ht-itsii'atdi Ilet o on s00,-i iotai t 4 flatya. P o of ite'-
te Mtatnehoust' aittsero'rdtthreetrit' ( t ant tes~et; h bnltd-
as sttc 1 isat r. In . 4 h «,: itsed aby thesionglintog the er of tit
itt iii (leto ad i 1t'andt t13u dffrntct l adsh wnga an-
'itt trttof t"'itItrio w il h ld t es't c 'sieeilt" societ ie in --

in g, the I"I tter o:
;lttovll v ,-'"epee"'
i.lf his throe yt
nltinv ini'mrtall
tliMs'i1 a repot;
Na i'ot Contin!

it ca'tawinnint"fotr
'o it -heliit

ttrtttitcar <r tiltr i oitontP
iii it ii rpe allyha'. i alt i tt 95 at sitt
Ihonol e s l e ite attistl
Vi'esell lntsonetoSliest ihe't t, tot S ll the i tilt
Neide 'as pecalal y itofitit
thetttit,1 ilt4tea ialoii p ntail
Cho olaes s sde ine p stitilt's tich L c oorti satStu it ' list t
We _sllltsf_ t ___ nd _ all"(1 tim I"Yitotu ttCou ttVill0a"iiwilt
13taELIABLE placeiwlcn le gn I tisedtiut
t~it'I'o intiGIX Snowit9t tV'tti'yiilsoi sou
R ihi' E. J l Lays & st c O k o, l loitistti toulr ill iay sfullyints
___________________ got iiiatr' lit i 'tti 'hntutu yticarity
i* e r s tam a tiutntoitheis osi i ttta i ssi

lhit o-tiit foir tw
llt emil v ome are tutu,
Calkins' Pharmacy
Jerseys and
Sweaters at

war Hugtiahes, mnage'pir, o1'97'Va'it
tiilt actastiainetianditi I tchitiPeat'
hirt till Ictails 1011oStesiltline.
show he 'arsiy ho et()playtil it
rapmfitanid willti"nailtemhste
keetilti geti bat.i'sllit at
Th inilinetiliam , asfllows:iliiti
Wite .......1e Y ut it liii toi
Wilon ........1t....Stillilh utde
Snowi.......i...ris, ..ifiBennalttirte
'ireet ....... S. ' q "'i..ta. lot...Til o
auhundred'sfromi C a'is So.ornes'lt'w'onuiy
fieorthrtyiwil'siiihi'' hrtm illCity
tumi arescoringslinstllseeito he na

hi., o- sa . In ST it he irs ttook his
to i(dtatboily d owto i1SS1tutuonuM
'a eetaedrlUitedirtl sititsenator l'o
succc'd J s. -1.ltiinn I lit S et tilnto
ittit l m,''as alsiiit it oSlt it't 'ir.tt' i nit
snoitiTti citrly hehigi'garii
tnative'lstte i tntit'ai'oill
Stives adti cleartllpsinkn i ltotrepse-
sent lt'e1Unitdtat1e1s upon11the Pettie
C'tmmiiss"n''itl ais. tSnatoris Psye
lls'neoftile first ttinsaeetetd,oast
Ithepromtinet pos'ititiiiio i lit'elloccu-
coist' itoSlit' Iresidant tail io''.beti
Medical Politics.
It s r''-slo tiat She tiaro-ot's
'eia Isuetti'hattimetlo isbbltii
cls plti.Theitigentterl rleOtts hor
afun uin'lo'e itslit n lloe
franhnhats it hap e'd.Ths istear
site i'llil roe 'i e n xcpton
lit lests far asttl 111 it''snit'' iiilasila
figh at lresnt i oneofthel- slit dSe
S te rilitlil
Se'testraltnits are1al'atdIy'inthe
uit fr hit iiionor,111but thelialSfightt
trriguarone t IsK.Jitohnson, of
tL~iiigtoil I' KHyd f l and OS apI~itds,
I.J.1hawtialial of Was'ingtoiSin, Mot,'ts
11111eamu listsu lstsaeahstphi
porteist do0ing ai 'll inihistpowerfir lilt
stittitK Pli t isIltl e of St'eelection
is bing eaigerly Ilakediforiward to by
isisy ii Sl'tillofire.'The tius itsc-
0''v1 ntthad 11 ay'nti:, siyeibu
Asluinitof i ith classif ''ISsill holid
an iforml runio at heithletic
fied ltitomorowbeforthe Sti me. inn ist
dsrdall be 111rest

I-ls av~e t ne mnostrot it~
titiusa tmbe sdu it istlet'tiei~i
1gcorios 'd1bysoii' w'ut' d ba -
coea 'uie itnltre'throeicss'eos
ItsoSe hiswalloaiii'reei" loitasiitt
goo l at',redotenlistimi -btini
hatvtlotiownitn colegle. s 0
tsrtir, ioe, J.ia'.daishetir'i-i'dil
nistli't to littodctolegntaihiisyear.'lr
andis pdt'hiea t mnore ewil,
A Bright Outlook.
baseaol t'll wtretintltdntat hrt as
'111111"ai's foritttaepoits itu'o
sit'iie"itittai itytl' iii is's "e
sosila by iCaptai 'SrrintitoMana--2
LancashirTraIinaler lt'ittatrilO)I
'uS itt lit nlilt1 nImititifiti iii tilts si
lltitlistn'toil it wa s urged upon the
l'iiingat'e 'liii'Stliaystabatinandli foI
th irsat i ies hand'iiibahlt wils b
aindulge i'dt tinwole lan'It or
tilt itriingstillsotli neditio thl cll
bloato syt haeea ased.
'01 Election.
Thea I'03 1lasshaldtihteis election yea-
Sian wts a taIsit aft'faiiriiimot oh
othiers ierefiledi tiithot con rtet. t
umeatingi, urScae'iito Sortidei ha tO"'
tston.s It Ii.tCoo511a's1111111"itt 1
etletd uuttsitemo asich'airma. fte h
accepteialthe fulloarisgeofic ers NvOr
ieected:' ftJ. abl, lrpeient;
Hitt Syilti1S1t'wardl ltic-residet;
F. WV.SCaple'y,setary'; It S.titlist
tte i -er.
11d a.Smishfototbalslosansiger;' 'Sius
t-'irtiuul'Mlii chima rehe
s1111asdlcommiitteSe';i1-1. listBriiniimem-
heo'upthueIliaide'r" W. X.'Thurmin
tracks i naits 1.IC. Lot dtt tobareball


nual initiatilonss as isull a s e gstite.

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