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May 29, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-29

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VOL. a - ANN ARBOR, MICH. TUESDAY, MAY 29.,'1900. - No. 180.
rl~l .r -.DICORATft P GM high school of Detroit and they 'meet SaM $O
- on t i dapop at Bennett Park at
We sajTels the °Tale of the 0p 5,j~ es h cf ae As -Crnell-Michiqsnj Downs Penn.
''iestern Chmpionship. to fight it out 1is also witt be an t- n a Est ame 7 to 2.
Announcemw l ir--h Decoratioo Day gooesshisletsfor Ptsiggm o hu nopruiyiladelplhia lay 28.-(Special to the
sometimse past has been held in Detroit, iso pep tp see tvu !oycet1pt ga ms soone fhiDal)- ch asdpcte
piomses his,~arafternoona
proises.The it e ose P1 eaest It is nieeless to sate tat a, larger 15sor fSaturday saitis Pensyl-
- ,. t. here alt 2f this game is of eotdi xetdti ea ia t any a tt tdayin n iaineretngcoosgast.
r~ ums ilotn iso stss it t locnisi,r eaurthesale of sats :sodd Ts lse rnas qiiu and iwll played on
H W Iioisf[ if inis-i i, t- clate _ bothsds bru te# -l M4a -
tint1 ,na cir ill specti rtehi lotyeu~ose errorstsvere
x t - .', a t p f 9itrrse t ssd for theit rctsie se - partly excusale "account of a mud
"this attd succedintgoosmes she silt ho ye ac_____________roe i et ertoiiuny r~t s-it a
~b~~mii u~its e cat PROFESSIONAL BALL: ltl icsos o i sc ienct
v-ehv~ut mo e d orTine pioslaip. tI - -plyed bdly-it-rpeud itsfisisgarde, of
of spring woolens for men's The remtarkable success our tans glasefodl 3Rj~ 1,re-n
wear. ticue vrl ~itit~f~lot t otr rpti ve,'a~tlEeliose4 to Ndrnal satutabe to find ote in tie to trust
staples that are suitablean ded- defeaitg ts-u of the leadinig coli e en- totuhan IcloheS.6- LatV eealont-sig-l
sirable foh.seasn. r.4Ve ale e ato il te e , C nell and "Pe ,'-In hii t jsruv pi ed o bea ighrly titer- tiot sis off Jit delier, but could nt
also showqulitfra~ges in no $bog+~y Jwof oseven to tuo is no tgIinifv ciuific gmeof hebot thold Mihigitdoswnt shen hitsnmeant
elties, in qult and style to small itemito 'be pro d of atd they ec- ite faculty of Ypianti normal defeated runsi. hieligan susde ter ris in to
suit the most exaching taste,,,:;- tainhy hsn~),iieceive all the praise and te -.'Uivoerity faculty, yesterday :ater- inpuass y and o odns'eos.iaino is
&. consisting of Top.Qoa~s5 Suit- euteurgeuucnt they so sill deserve ifut inon at Ilegeuts ~ield. A good sized I hse secotnd ,insig Pensylvanias
hogs, Fancy Vests aAc Golf tn u ifht glorious victories In io ay cowsv oo ees sas backiing each of Pitcher contributed a hse on balls o
Trouserings. We invite yoss to an this hemoore effectisely dne thanu by ie teaut, as sonic 450 paid adoisions Dtiead cftnosgod ioghs
call and inspect our line at the hearty stppot of a large crowd tof tsiyafuherimbrs s so tess l-cte bupitovs.tatfitted she bases
g' ooers at he Detroit gne tuisorrpvst of shre profestrtsatd tuteito playtat A fly to ceste scored-Dicg, front
The fisiffast ns-tli foe' pleaatonivseatler ittene NOoppohorunsity to laghs at their third, kie's triple to ceter scored
and he gameuis sure o be very excitaug. expense sssslotiatd such opportunrities tbreoghtler issFand uc goisnits' sie
Illinisi is putingitug p a strong game bi mI n} farmiy, l n sy ltiifre sere a mi nto bre nbls ouseht tis rn oen Otto in ah
this seausotsn uss late astern ictuhsIes sn o u.uctfs the hor ad a haf ht sciiceand a ii. After ht there
" L E. . I-' tO _" chte gSc Scoutn, i e 7h. i d1us sitsithis, auts ot rt hsd aotte u s itta Quakle beond first lose
aS - geauit std a cl s 7 5 ,Ved~e d y is i h m tr flo ica tit suou s i l eusos1}ity sos etuy itsthe
-dtt st suetiUfsussiPia-hui sIh w5italked," ad
-sit sti s ie ont etpi s ois f sach histSio t his ie ball so harshoser
its e ouos ggis being esab oh sli It esiusesduus nsys.Vslistsr s hid that it .Stvould liats-cguie
ehhr us ~tous -ed stru rl}te i, 4cls ,1 "f ite bnbsAn hush i i sa f$igtou i i :Getitiii t 55 uit thiese e lhstdlnot
tesk Atintel thetiS eucss atisu seessus o be o toot \cib s itsu ,ttsssgud., ipiseciingi te tti dis iit, an e t c ,sod.
Artist Mted s e: m wet{'h Ii usars1s ilt g, x5 use c is fo e- I itlty an ith atrlhi aitiof ts Ann a' vvliii ttthis hboot v-st pihussst-
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nin it0 pihoue costs ity asitereqiuesteh teld s t iti is MI- i > h B tsoil hoss t
n is eeninsg ii 7 ulcutis ho sitsi i) ii -s ste s sles te s
^^ stilPate.C 1, 5 Vit p ia yh l- ui i t-site susuis\Khsauolsshth YttN
as itewaervcol - - ______ ssse hsi-t ie:uliugs t uue A r
> F a_ t 4.44d.d.&+$ .4 3 F ,3 3" +b3 d+. t i , t 911t i b s- titmuto it, u-tu;
,e. ad frusihes !tt 4 - s littiuu, ue ass 0fal 0IaO 7 0
37a iStt a - 5- f uede - ILL INOIS-MTCHiGA st-n eure«dN "islmteais sol t~t2 5 00
r . raman ".lTIaI c.ig 4 p ssuus ds 5 isut is hstisuussk b -Q 1_3 2
x r'_3__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A rJ A . # A t iiaJ ti ,it s r, .t l -"r is n g P bi 0 0s O 2
D 1. A A .es~ d a t a3t h e g\ o g a m ei ta s t1- , , i l - r t h e l k , ,i s 5 ~ i l i h 1 u 3 bt i 0 o t
L . ewer . o. Turaieei iltla levs- -T ,us. .,7 I 07 7 4
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tin in MPegOA r i ~,M . .R, i ti flou t he sct3innigofssuid.
g~; 3 G o;Ameorwin rl~itt-uam., --4- . Abterho ssa oa u ht ifott othe Pid . .
001ff. V ..thuic l sicilsttised se c a bund.c sott ton ,up- -- --- -- -3IA p0.
L-I F@t~~S I33 A Ti i- > .4.. .I. 3-hut o ders o pe e t muti plc t ittsuR H 0 P 0A0E
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Yr hs gm aeeft ysatn -us -i" b-j lu~st
-___________________sh elsae iown tcestl enas. nla - A, Mosit Y slszZ s , orated sad tillptosl e ner c~
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