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May 25, 1900 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-25

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Cj0 L ,F is ~~~~~"led now the sullen murmurs Qt the north DllTINK5s[ O
. The spleuclel reaiment c. the Siccing pees eforth.' D.wth a felngHATERS ND FRII &SRS
OIi O L Eiteis ih aw fe tikprolnghat e intite your early tnspeetion of Headquarters for
our newlinesof5Springand Sumert fer singsejesteceied, *'frseh aud temtpt-
O U T F IT Sg as the uncut leaves of Nature's erial story. Otver 3100 patteernslfrom the HATS, CAPS, MEs's FeeNSsonea8
-Leadinag Teaos.of the Worldl. Suitseand Overecoats .candComplete linesofGYMNtASUX
Tailor made to your measure GDSand SWeEATuER.
at the periceo the haud-mse-down'a .. .. .. .. .... AGENCY FOR LONGLEY HATS
L. C. GOODRICH. 334 South State Streo
If you want . Ageut foerlthe beet Tailoes eu Eartt Feott Room ovtrtFitsot Natisnal Reek, Anu Arho
CLEEKS, MID IRONS, LOFT- Cee, Meie and Huree Streets.
ERS, PUTTERS, CADDIE BAGS ++++++.+ ++++ Capital,$,000.hsSurplus, $30,000. Transacts
AND GOLF BALLS . ... 4 Pittsburg Stogies for - - 5c ft, KExrr, Pres. C. E. DoEN, Vice-Pree
3BilAntlhony Cigars for . 25c FRttD. H BELSERt. Cashier.
YOU can find tihem at 4BrnsickCias. o 2 FIRST LNATIONAL IBAN K etto Arhornied$
Capitatt$10t,(c0. Sttepltusend Prefits, 40,00
l Old Number: "&s~k rnat eea akn uies oeg
S e h n s 44 EO. MAIN ST., e'erhangebtoeghttand setd. Futeiletteer rf
V ice-Fres
We carry the largest assortment Prize Awarded to Miss Dichinson. Calendar. S .CAKO ahe
of all makes in the city. Onr At the begitntittg of this year., te Satttrday, 1May 26.-Cotined,. clulb prec- TH iAn fr~or savings Bank
clerks are uap to slate Golfers, Daughtters of theiRt-olttiont offered at ssrte Se enta fetity-Liglat' a' Atieoo L
and will gldyHV lZi-rc f$0001 it ttirgr tIo' ietrlee Ceaital Stock. $5000. Serples, X50,000.
gldyg you y 71Resourcees. 8t.500.0e0.
fomaio esre i lt pr-would twrite te best sotry of the Resjoltt- Friday attd Satutrday, Mlay 25 atad 26. Organized unde the DGeerelBanking Lows
foratondeird n hepu-iiont. Set eral essays wcre ihantded int o-Third attimtal Inter-Scitolastice Meet. oethisb State. HRecicvedepesitt, keys and rrlle
chas ofoutfts.Prof _IC~au11111 wo ws chirmn of _rechanesonthe pinipciteiee f the United
chs fotft.Po. esalliii tb sa iartat f Thutrsday, -May 31.-Miechigan v. Ifi- States. Drafets cashed epeonIptoereidentification.
We are Ann Arbor Agents for the teecomittliethichi tad testork itltnoio, at Regent Field, 4 p. tm. Safety deposit tboxes te rent.
following well-known clnbs: clharge. Tisheltmitteel ha-satrarded _____________OPrseast Christiane Rack. Pres.;W. Dt. Harri.
te price to Miss LttlttJ. Diekinisotn of r mae, Tie-Preer.t Chas. E. Hise.cockl her; M.
WILEsIN ragory, 'Michigan. EXCURSION TO TOLEDO JUNE to. J. Fritz, Assistant Cashtier
VVILLIE DUNN, ________________Eacha year Toledo is becoitg tore aorre.
McREGOEninern Seitt. aliracli%-e as atl Exetirsioni Cityiatd W. ARNOse,,1teVice-preer8y
HARYGO R ninelnNocell "\ficliigats people realize that to nmoie J. V.SoottoAre d Vie-Iprey
HARARE, Mt. ecorgee \erfel, 'oo E., of the To- delightiful place eati be fotitd to spetid dJON.. Wt~re Asst. Cashier SRVINGsS
SPALDINGS and aedo Fouttdry andtad chliniecomanaty, aniafiernooti. The Ann Arbor R-itltoadl Bf K
MORRIS'TON. itill deltsver a leettire ott,"Steamt Shoe- tiill rn itsItneat excursiona to ithe Ceti
cs" before the eng~iteerng sceety this itnnial City- ottSuitiday, Jutnecltaut leas- Iransacts a general
Bring our old Golf balls anad evenig at 7:30 iniite phy sical laboratory ig Annt Arbor aito0:y a. itt. fTle fite Bankillg IBusiness
Bigylectttre rooim. The lecltre itill bae both for the routndsltripl still be 75ceets. No ___________________________
change them for new. initereeilstingliitstrutisve. Every- one otte should fail thlie itt Toledo to visit
is tteleomte. Lake Erie Park aind Catsito. Fifiteit Eolcera of
Aftr-hencs lettire a btiniess mteetig centscpays street ear fare fromtihtleelty .-, COLLEGIATE CAPS.
ronni teitid Tehici boartd till be missionto 10the Panrkaaid Zoologcad Rettirg of
I4 gtill e lIat id eepoarsftheNery aIqet toathe lnsal tteltheattdrelteeirtCAP OWS aed G0005.
PROMOTERS OF GOLF, 1hct shotild be pretent. Oenglatsperformans I ;4ts are gtveni. Ott the t1 - SP ECIGtLTY.
320~~~oti 0.SAES. ANAOR CHoetticritMa-0thte C-isittaist i. CLASS CRNES,
s3ot-.sTES. ANsROR ICHiied 1sy-fifty-thoousstnd people. il COLLE CE FLAGS,
_________________Correspondence Courses at U. oilC. 1~ CLAS55 PIPES,
A The Ettit ersity of Chiicago loss ioeor tucents areerltl4nie eis-K- CAS TTOEY
U. Of Y Bra.rber VAPOR BATHS ttoatcc hsints a ittus ols e-stitstsca alt, eerCOLLEGE PINS,
Shp. nd B The Only O e tl nee tahod of instiruetion.Itsirlt roats, ren'tternrisshiegs 01ndhats. COLLEGE
soohle rotes. gI1'eutiti rity intiruelionto10those ho1 W-dha'a yas, aeat.S. Main sSPCILTE
Rooms, i322 STATE . . .Troarowsubicestt tafford to go is colleg-e. Te x \RN&tsCO.
un__________________________tsiv er-ity- gratits cedoit tots-ardl aicegree i-OR S \LfI-A\lsesFraoklintt c.-e ' illS Pifty-sevetsth St.
to its onse telso lissu ciiee-'iilly n- rl t tscdel, Isor hIt pic. Iti- CHIC AGO, ILL.
B ICYVCLIS REPAI RED pteota oesrresisotidentee curs.e, nsit r s atst ai ly offiee. 177 - ______'_______
p"'"" " '~~~ ass t icirasl axatinaltios t."slcto
PRICER REASONABLE IOlyfisttOtclss-nitie citeey:- lt-ets ew l\S ~ ~ " siet
wrc gtoclt I c-t fI i tt ~s lastsfe l s 1 s-1c slMiliard Patrlor. \\33U \'s. l ) ptJ~ ineful"
DAtYTO N BIGYGLE. theA thltic aAsscitionitmust be itidorst
Call ad est - cttetal tooIs mattsst - alIyai) siet - t-lit tI: ttsoyNEROILSVECc,.,,, one reason
Icred attdrepaierd. stoeatst. ItATED AT ONCE-Twro eottite- Pip ~ ~
WMI J. WENOER. 113 E. Liberty New Phone 553 - ,tattarinttet slavers to fill Chic vacataciet Tobacco why Old En.
A \c n 70 L .- n-t1r rt:ilL.-


FOR 1900
Are better tlhn ever. Prce, $25, $26
and $35. Chtainless, $60.
Also ageney f0r Otient, Sterling,
Fowvles, etc. Sundtis. Tandems
teo sent.
1t9 W. WasngtoneShr, Phoner S.
223 So. Ingallsat. 720 So. 12th
New State Phe one6. Now Statr Phoneet903-r
Campus pi~otoqrapt ers
Havrafull lsne of U. of Ms. sod Ann Arbor
Vies.uMWke u specialty of Students' Rooms
and Flasblight SWark, 1tresonable priceo.
Views on sale at Clkis', Seblrdre'o, Lovrll's,
Edwardos os. and Schbller's Beoksre.
STry The...
TWOS. ROWE, Fropr. u
3003 Broodw ay. I57 Bell Pbone

Tite annttuaIl eetiotn of the U. of M1.
Miatotile Clubhttill be sld at 7 :30, Sat-
utrdayosvettitig. All oniutlers are re-
quetiedalto hoe present.
Moae tt itetroiphy-100111today- a1 5 p.151.
H1. J. SPROA 1, .\laiiater.
Pleasedl 1o hase yolt ecll. Whlere?
At the Pickwsiclk.
LOST A ladysgold thatcht, Satirday
aftertnooni or 00venintgMay 19th, Elgint
maoveent, lkey witndintg. Fitnder aleasa
retutrtt to 219 S. Itigails attd receive ro-
A new tine afstanhattan Shitets just
in at Wadhlanms, Ryan & Reole. See
themn. South Msain steeeL
Pickwsick0 Billiardi Parlor.Netstad

left intshleb-2
A tiewu-line afSMannattan Shirto
jusat in at Woahams. Ryran & Reule_
See thena. S. Maitt ot
N N EO-AX sitiseIt totwasit tatble at
ite Portland cafe. Steadoy stork oll teare
if cdasirced. 79.
Dr. Bouche adidressos te loot mtiae
lng otf the Piliologial Society.
Th li pst-ilatnti caron 11ishichitihteols till
ite carriedh atd te fares of thae cotetst-
allis paid wsill eatrente w-itinig roomasat
0:10 Satutrdaycmortintg oadall conttt-
tilts itulst bte sithattd. Thtis is the onlx-
hsoggage ear for two hiostrs, coinsequtetIvs
must beta skent. .'ll bicycles mutc reibort
78 A. G. DRONN'"NE, Mgr.

nstrnet " gulsh Curve
Cut pipe to-
bacco is so
The curved
tin box that fits any pocket is another
reason. No other pipe tobacco has ever
made as many friends in so short a time.
.It disappoints no one."
A trial boa: will be sent to any one
anywhere on receipt of ten cents in
Stamps. Address Old English De-
partment, The American Tobacco
Co., Ill Fifth Ave, New York City.
All dealers sell it.
SPALDINGS official
Ofiillt adoptrd by lbs leadinsg
Collegre, Schoole aed Atltics
Clubsofate Ceountry.
BLoreIBall Tennis
Foot Ball Atlltirs
olf Gymnasiums
Spaldings Official League Boll
Is the Official Ball of she Natioal
League and allledinolgeasro.
ciatiosee.Spaldings Baso Batt tuide for mo00, mat
fAndesare tlei~e A. G. Spalding & Bros.
saass, ddrss. NEW YORK,CHAGDEVR

t. ,:.


Openin~g of Spring Woolens....
' Woolens fartht coming season have srrsved,
thes meet extensive lie ever preduced thers
1s spread en our tabhes and now open fer yen
tGo make sehections. We have mode ever
psreparation to strictly retain the prevtous
otondard of our taihoring and to prempthy
serve onr patrono. We soliceit your npec-
tion at an early dato.
WAGNER & CO., Tailors,
123 Sooth Main Street.I1WII L Ii A

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