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May 24, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-24

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VOL. X. ANN AR{BOR, MICH., THURSDAY, MAY 2-1, 1900. No. 176.

G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just received or line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suitable and de-
sirable for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of Top Coats, Suit-
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf
Trouserings. We invite you to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Washirgtor) St.
we ae bogt out
Arit the sosh of Atie
:Matrial, froma Wet-
i no co pee.
Oil Pitst, Chia
ad othe Watecel-
aors, DraigPapes
ad Brushe ofall
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE OLD Frseereastweek we haw
THE enayg ina a tock far the
hEIBL oye. ad new aeeady wih
ofll tne of LN CO-
Are you going
to Paris ?
it bth a ood idato pckhttotnowc
whl oothee slt oltie atedl1t003
In Now Styles and Patterns

Inas'oll and UninteretinqGae
Tefirst baset game sice the defeat
by Chicago, two weeks ag, wsa pulled
ELOQUENT TRIBUTE BY JUDGE GRAVES, ASSOCIATE aft yeterday atd resulted itt anther
Y +drubbig of the 'V aris-, this tite at
OF THE FAMOUS JURIST. tlae lhatda of te met alo weathie De-
trit Alhleic dlub'sttuits. Te gane
was exceedingly slwanatd deoid cfinit-
terestg feattures. Notattce ws tes
Brilliant Banquet Last Night Given by the Senior Law Class. tll weard, slhowing htow little tlese
whio did get oti gmapttnenoetaugltot at-
ted te gatte, cared abtt te ottlotae.
Tse first ttttttal "Cooley Day"'ceres- bttsytttnttdsaittig tttc aupreue b- Ac far as tpratice ws tcontterted tie
anial exercises sere opeted ittUsiver- igatton. fielders tad plenty f it, fr tie D. A. C.
sty all yesterdtayttortitng. It is mtctafatttooatan to see extra- tttn etts rtltltittg tte batt atd witl
After a eletiott by te Glee Club, ordinary factltis either wolynmtsap-ttreIi
Deats Hutchitts arose atd ttade some pied or suffered t run to waste. "lorlu ttad eaer errors wouttd hasc
preliinisary- retaars preditingthat fle Hose different was it swith or fred. rntttitt a bigger seoers tathley did a-
"Coelcy Dtay" exercises-oucld beonme a Hwv faithfutly did hie obey lbs oblig- ceemulae.
great atnttal Utiersity eset. He fthen tin involved iteflo bssessin o o- Cttata n h o orMcia
intrduced jttdge Cladits B. Gratnt, of derfutl endawmets?ca- Ctio cisit isbxfrdetgs
tihe supremtseaourt whot paid att eloqentt Given in trust one of the sondetatd fatr a ttatt of tto exieriette may be
trtbute to judge Cooley. of judicial mids, he spent his life in said to httvecdte exeeditgy el.
He tack orcasiott to tals on ftse lt- naitg egat science and the literatian Forteen cleat hits sere ttade off his
portatnce of havitg able, fearless atd of jurisprudene more and mre ordlvrbumayfthvitoswe
otrageousmeetsottte benceh. "Dem thly of tfeloe scof smene -deliser- bct adaltere atrtesiittrs eer
gageies is offe, said Its."have de- In saying this, I do no mre than ex Iseglro stalacehrlioros
sotoced tie judieiary cries iave haded thousands tae done before me; bt I tttt agaistt a eolleg teatmt his cress
dotest opinionsonettrary to teir views is is tocame closer.ccottld dobtbless hae beets -tore effe-
atnd newpapers loots spread these at On the first at Janary, 168, my pe-tisHae
fats rteeo1 t crdo1 dsproa ial intinay cwitJedge Coley be- tie e rsuceded ia strikig scot sovot
Washat sldsud ta udgerddo occwen leisa-daprvlie is at gaoand tosixteen years we ey edtectsad gase seapassesse thstat les rec-
laeked? He should remasetstslent as iso vety classeaton, bth persna and rd is a fair ale. His snee errr sas due
Only ijurersshimissel by steply}in official floss intinay icluedtmeucahotlargely t s ineprec sa le
yais rsemttsodrea te pu otalsypathy andto nfidene thanusesxsreeeaasalr
ejtdlgeesGrdsant hetaseplorethe soditousuali ects betweens c-ry friendly as- Player oaeld lave beet less axots
lee. "is demeadedolofoday.ecioaeysaedsstes ia safles. perhatps to catea theeretnner sapsigen-j d semneocaiatsfrhe Psblmygdfrueinhsv--
theist posiians, andthets i doe I h Psilr ie eslfrfo i i dr-ter ties ireumstancsess thttexited at
deeusasaissg us f mo e plical s Ph ect sisy isve bieenassing onewae ttaatimlilies osuld totes-shel d the ball
camepaigns. Nawt he candidaes fr jot to acitdets at life. We vwere laflvess
detlpa stassarg siol 1agat oolatadaining conties cere stutdesrtler tanthlunteit aor slursecod
an oii r se og ohtl n tsa me tanighboterood; hd toollneos b asemsee ad h nerI. Otttof
n stieene eaineteF. Gs Ossatalhetkied xpeienclsses, social andcifoa-s tes at bthetIo sttafelyonaeoad
I,:juc Bnaiwapotclndfialy ccera jint par- 011clIhloaeftate t rrraas
theex lsaor.01lie wats a outcsOi5tetaers at thee same high resposiblitt.a crdalfeois i a ro ne
sch ull gJeoCooleyon estie suphreesTrue, I heatpreiously oeen muchotsof ThIoIrtoos tielra1115leonnaeseced
eorase n ed hussesh wao~stlshf atsler- ine but it 'wssaat a dstaance;tand t Cethe ba ll i Iet m11515elio thatsiths
esttng rceeetett-eeetes. fle cneerable sretuirad thee oportuntity cchicha een theostooklihtodd totely cc oil
judgas -sretainelosed uhoof i old titlees 5 ietinii tJauay, 168, to enabe ss toternewcc tnthseu etsgates sas
vigor, atd he catvated i audiees1tosow hlestonetcfullyts le sats floeat stt uutstap la 1tleo o ~ld et
bly his hoappy meuanser stoolesrnestnoess. It swouldtbe meterspsrsestins ese not1 plat oing to lboratry ccoria and
its aodresss usgivecooineftll beos: i tstollow tieises whchti-h lave so wll\loet ookaaite ontcat oratfillighid
Tisa nore trulye se rememeber str giveso his parts adhOsl career to hi-pae eosod u set a fairly good
beneactrs, the eter se are, and try. pa en halestds ta steaty dowen. Onee
dititansr benefactaose shall hatvse. I putrpote coly to glean a little in of hsaroroacOs otate exeedtngy hard
tHeaventelaeightsfoe ties virtueofa ofidalnstt apsis ta tltcooers, andtotahit btl, thaother sas a wildthoracefor
gratitueh, seed gladly rewards it by' tifer atoele-oxresaionssof may ao. whcchstierws 5ln50oxusesat all. Bth
nmultipltyith ~e objects fitted to ail OfArriviongat Jacksonssin Janussoea1-.lib.otaher chaisesalue Iissas. Wills
forth. on st= ayco to Lansing to oatenti sty this sik:hoe it saafey outer aut of three
In this spains it ia thaeccshatve came fit-t tene ts thescapita, I slet tss'at bstg striking- out tlbsaher fcc-.
together at thos renownaed set of ther three jtdges, antO se rote ta- Tsice he dress a basassnballs cod tice
leartninog to sltoistetisore eergreene gter to ties city and there fols le stable scnd. His cc rleased thal
to theemenoryoatones of the heest Iroons atil the Lansing houeaa. he has he msaig of a '\ansitp-plaenisn
of ita departedt rnamsenst. Butl sec Subseuentlty our associaes, at ari- tiss ult it csnll all brought ot s yt.
msst nt frget flat hoevoer w e ay ot ihtes, tontdtctmmattion sy lbs seumarfolose:
since to lonr fleenamte of our ilus- themsess'. Bot drinog the awhoe at
triaos friend, te has no need of it. t'he my service Judgie Cooley and myself . A. C.
awrid ouldsntawsait fr his death- continued felowe boarders. Under a B. I. B. S. P. A.
it gaves judgment tr hle n soadvatoce.nsesetmnet, Judge Coley sas jst Klcse, It-.. 3 a a a a a a
Even as his spirit mouted to lis eter- tooaso chief jstce tar faa years and Ri d- - - --....5 0 4 4 0
ualhohmne a great applause aas sond- the place at sesin sas tho little, n Rolathoeo 1 -... t t a1 0 a a
hag throtogh all the laud. cnvoeneuient and uwhoesmee ronm set il htatmpsoee r. f.. .-.5 2 3 a a a
Rather is it tr acr need that se apart tr the caurt ith~e old wooenu Bacon see-----------a5 s1 a a a
oter fle pending tribnte, sond in thatcapital building. p D lu00010.oh 5 1 2 a S a a
samec academic swalk awhere te taught Fr conssuta tions anti the pr eaa Bell ..a 5 -.. .. ...4 x5o0 a a a
so long and so aell tion of opinionse during ternm, seeree Springaroc..o... --..4 2 2 a 5 o1 I
At 1000 outset Isust crave tfear driven to onsprivat qartrs at fle ary a -. ...4 o 2 0 2 5 1
at yourclaily. You cwiii consider hsho otelA\lCuaeo If.aa a 0 o0 t a a
ouonfa friendship and of adniration The state aas no cured of the fiscal
1 have to rectkon aitto in a trial to its it had incurtred in infancy, and the Poach -.....42 9 4 0 27 3 9
avoid all extravagance. And hall it osses prodced by the aar hd not IHG .
so be that any offered thought s bcnenalr taceo eo~t
deemed undue at- untimley, you cwiii Possibly cteditos people may anp- B. R. B. S. P. A. E.
forgive it as the outcome of a relation pose that in 1868 the treasury ffeed MceGnnis io.f...4 a 1 a 2 o I
which sas among he happiet of my fewer temptations than noa. Codlaoh-b.. ... 01 03 0
life We ott-ve hard to be frugal. The Sna, . f -.... 4 1 0 0 3 011
Let me request futtfeet-I wiobhtIslaryof each judge woo $,00, and lMoor,s sa .. 3 a 1 o a 1 a
could tell my story ithout bringing each wao his own secrear-y. Dais, r .....-.3 1o 0 0 0 0
myself in; but, really, I lack ability to It rather fell in Judge Coley'ocway Beneo, 2b-...2 o i o 1 6 o
do it. So I must go on as bet I nmay as chief justice to afford me those ex- Fesher 3b-... o..a5 a o a0 a
and risk your riflism. planationachich every novice finds it Whitney, c..s - a. 0oo a 8aS1ao
Pray, "amplify the jurisdition" of so diffult to do without-and I cannot Culing p.. - 4 1 I 0 0 4 I
your good nature, and unbend a little forget with what thoughtfunes and .. -----
from your wonted austerity. delicacy it was done. It was in his Totals.... 32 7 7 0 27 1IS
As far as possible, I wnt you to see eart- to help me, and also to make me Itio
Judge Cooley as I did; and this leads feel that it was a moter of civility o1a nnias .1 3 4 5 f6 7 8 -RUHE.
me to referenceo which goad taafe fat-n rather thane a thing in any dere . A. C-.0 0 I 3 1 0 0 3 19 14 9
would generally avoid. necessary. Michigan -.0 01I1s2a 0 1 1 0-7 7 5
To be the recipient of a noble n- Glance once more at the situation as Stolen bass-McGnns, Snwe (),
destanding is to be the recipient of a it was. -Moore ()- Two basohis-Spranger
precious frust, and it caries an obli- We aere just over the war. The (), Reid. Three base hits-Thonip-
gation to use it mot beneficially for wreckage of the awful tempest sas yet solo (),ucharne. Daubc plays-
mankind, heaving on the dying wave. Reid tauharne, Rabeto aDuh-
Providence never betows a light to The stirring up by the antagonism of at-ne. Bases on Balls-Off Barry, 1.
be employed in guile or to be id n- the conflict, the vastness of the stake Hit by pthed bai-By Barry, I.
der a bushel. and the stupendous energies which St-nets out-By Cutiog, 7. Passedl bals
And ow frequently do we observe had been esgaged, had quickened and -Spratuger. Wild pitch-Barry. Time
men of large mental affluence chiefly (Cossienued as Fage 2) of gae-2 :35. Umpire.-Fitzgibbons.


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