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May 19, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-19

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VOL. X. INN ARB3OR, 11ICI., S ATURDNY, IY 19, 1900. No. 172.
MME. SHUMANN HEINK. a social significance, and so- TO PLAY THE BADGERS.
Sp igciety leadera vied with eact other in -
p ~g Wins a Bri''iantTriumnph, The Great their array. The profusion of fle owns Teami Now il Grand Rapids Readgl
Announcement Contralto Captivates a Large with a 1redoniace of bright colo, the for the Game.
Audience-The Afternoon flawers aworo eerywhere ad the ligit Today tieibaeall coan is in Grand
$199 Cncet.dancitg front the motoving fans combined Rapids to metc thre tie nine from the
Concert, in a moot beautiful effect and seetaed to Utiversity of Wscottsitwiict has ottee
G. H I D & C .arotse the sirits of te aditors. thUsear stceeded itt defeatitg ci
C.II.W LD & C svasroox Ot ent. Everything sore an air of itoerest and gat. Thatsas nthOt e trip and te score
,~~,eTt ysioyconcert yeterday after-exetnysthsigroteev-
ttotnstas thot seastolinthie May Festival wapcas~a st ise f iee t-sat to 3. Wticonsin playei a sofer-
Wse have jut received oar line seisitsa tosalys-l ted ng wsatto sapper. All sere eager asd tite gastmest hos t liciigass playet a
of spring woolens for men's sere.I a nsalywl teddwe inesLhe. Schusmsanns-Hdeinsk appeared wtorse ote. The abilities of te teams
for assafterstoosncoscert. hia getdwtharylwecm hs aged hogasisteaascfu
twear. It includes eeytigin Teoetr,"OdpsTrnu, so Otgree nba u lselosctek, and ssgsi t s tTusdaysthfoat
everythingatTase ovrture, 'Oedius-byrn'nu,'ile it a swomsansof large satauore andIat rhsweserns tools the Badgers into
staplesKowlthatnc arearsuitahieal pandncde-e
sirahle for the season. WVe are by ass YolsPieofHr-r ssssai'engagingpeete.Hrcmssp assd Mcigast retursed frosts a
also showing full ranges in no- Us}eoti toestsoieirdthooeas y bearing andsoptes, gesial smoile st-asshghy sccessfsl trip. ft is strethsogi
attnd lost notling iso ito resditiosn by the all ihearts at firtf sight. tast icossinso lotsokntacs for winninssg
Festfrostschstra.just as se are atic to do frost
eitteotesinq alitngstylast tiaeocseta.,Arid wh etsshe sasig all pasiolhecm sIliois asdl sitho asdifferent pticer in
sui te os eactngtate biss Bostoass solo, "Alt! rendissof'Ihomsage. Hter singinglad elemnts siebxteod1r sa salioay
consisting of Top Coats, Suit-tebxteod renta l nay
hgs, Fancy Vests and Glf by Rotie, wsa loudly applauded, but her whict appealed to es ryose. Her wsag- body's favor. The gameo todaymen
Trouserings. We invite you to steet conrato voice, of great rasnge asd niflceest voice, here geniality ad eth- nore to te \Woverises tian it does to
sympthy semedyetmoresuied o hritei opponensofusrsle, later are iope-
call and inspect our line at syoptysessdetsoeasidtoor siasno cossd ot but appeal tost poser- lesly ott of te camspioshsip race but
esscore, "Odori Fatale," frost Verdi's fully evess to those unssctooled isnussc, Micigan lout a fighting shoots for first
9 Dots Crlos.The audience listened whiile te perfect commsoand of her vocal place at he season's close,
W I beathessl to ss oderfully ce t oasers, rie tsurity of ec toses asdlher The sqad, msade ott of Capt. lc-
nV . . ooes wshoods rote ad thens softly died artisic iterrttionswo-sste adooira- Ginnsio Condonlt, Siows, Mttesosn, Bles-
tio ofthemot citial.fier first noumo- coc. Davies, Fesher, W'thioney, Uley,
asay. it fst t~tciitBistle, Bennset, oads Wakisns ad
108 E. Wasbirgtor) St. Bac's Suie in D moajor was a happy or was5 a recitative ad aria, "Non p Maaoger Baird ad Coo iris for the
seletion. Itttmerry passages are a totst dioh ,fa rostsuios" by Marot. I pact of the gamoe yeterdy afterstoosn
captivating feature. tos o footpiectttof odelisetioss andtidis- sot teomes iay ie well sestdsthesn
we hav bougt out Mr. Hwlandwhosevisithere as plaed th remakable"'ott f dshoethetosino t todame'tday. lllare
Artit e sot t t.iosiaod[shsAvstihrslotsh h so eoacosol ogeooood tout stsoh codtonsexeping
th us SAsit beets asseent of great antitcipsati, Otas Sthsmusosss-terut's oice. At tetoseetl'etis atoots lt eodossnsoas a c-
Mate*a's honkWt-s n so oosay a disatoinotmenst. hi stage of te osotes te sigerws sgeteduti ooof thet hord soolssolosit arsoy
rI J*f1 and tue added t~osomanners, dramsoatic sabiity asnd rich hi-ctsoit a ocferouOtsspplauseos, stodi od nbet s th e lotdt5Otth ostilb
iiiU toU- Sne saussn tl its toneocie, are gut sthichocannot gotsitsac iv ilsbefore he adience w soot Ondl mt5 aloetaU hardotrylito siehots-
snot compte, . apreciated. 'T'he 'I fainso ul-ood ide," ippeastd butshe osoiti sot sitg agin the goortordosoh tss it h e ahehststil.
Oil Pits, Chiuna
ted oteWateool- fromon sotoWtebe's 'Essigastie,'' gooe "Dobiss sactsby Schusbert.satosang Is is hoeostoolexetediol tt ho-givitg
o,,Drawlg Papses s oamp htesopportusosity-foot a dlisplay f i s so ar s iceyso th a hts he osoiesce touldhhitm5a0 5 ds leootisoswilobe sos shaptie to
andBushees oS llta5islenso, voctl andthdramastic. bt attedlt oO o tto it b eie , sie restondoss a 'ts P 0tch otstse sastn tilsotiscithegiss
tonds stoolsCootel toi at urda000yt.t
core _ h.i. HOId lotthsottth l- t wf- o 500 Ut st .t U tt o rga,t~O55 '5- i s mae geaht ,o N 10il0db'1all} tc
dies." hosttooldsOtothd a stm of spplusse. Tefr\ suina eset o be the
Wit der' s Pharmiacy ieothootsto's fPoastol .Smpontty, sohidsh 008 r dtmetou000 t agistoolgsacefullyt'cceitst-tmpthesht 1 nott o h'at oh sotoseohat
tomstltodtohe irogramo sos oswritess il Pealtdtshehatr suds. Hfroth ier tlre soosos prIse-es0 1hostsr ttholohscorls of pichers
shod sod ~tos. a ~ ~sli ttttttdt bes tere-cnoolighter s outto te asotost hooughl teihgtot" edt t ill thsotthere is too
_________________anditwas writtenin the-s 10000. sossoot of lt h inoohots sutg Ott toutt- est f so hoo itsu soay t hotteamstashrted
THEJO LDAm F ruesing5iats e frtueetu oe its escribtedhit as "motlssoly 0.strietoost na toiptwolsh ostehatps the motit 'x-
Ifl~ ULIJ esees e ret nstun Os,utsBhin itsiosfteelngohanpitn, enr tr ntecnet nGtne vrtknb .wsenahei
RELIABE" b o uudt .~Imorrrt5Og by 00 otB0essaohfd.ol ho recsioe-ssivshe d histae o oeat.Thto y -ropayd t Eahlti
ABLE andTOBACCO. 'fle ositations of te sounds of natureo ot ' tses ddi o ss h ost'5tt tlsclstE os
OARS usO s~thehn or slie patdsit dh otoosatntttot; ytstaythe gmsestas oiou Ili-
PutotosO A SVto0oALwY. sotsitotsttdingthe dditiismtipottoll tusua nsioh anso od eceited at verys -ot Iis tos ot Ctuotoos todaooys' Michigano is
R . E . JOL LY &. C 0 themo, oandsalhouglhoecompshoser hoisets otos wetomttssote. At te cose ot hiss ttmestoothradIsspiossbMotsay te-go
self odecred te soee ittendtedlas a-seltthttOitt teOws tesentedth s tbhree o bt t toNocrstoole 'Idsesolts'to Cicago;
joesre5 0 0 tt00 iei 000 pisoo ihre isbo ts. Fridayno o otutcota s p h clayd as toi ap-
_____joke,_arenotwithouttheirowncharm. Iheo ss hetasto ttusd toocaththe Olt sits atoolrtdiayt'thef- 'o 'oRocford
bhile they-cattishnoter he clledoluOtt 0prit.of sohsev toothad ohaeds thtertt t oay n'othwsesenso
potitt part of 'Othmoveent,for teendo-tpox ib -slthant sst he vo us ottahundtdnthusia~tstosic rooters
Are a ougoig rest sos of eoisesshooth-iudiffculty o sete.' Ihe "fsoon uieo y l lfton tstcil ttonts oomtoorigtoh
th wrkofthlaser she oeltoodt hoteertotspuslar 0Oserturesback to theishoeartossdsorm 0000the nucless
int e toh fso oso~ttt~ ft to to t n hs t to o boh tws sbtitted tt of 00t he lg t h to he -arge body ~-of
Ito Paris aeasignifatt feofueosc a guide inue otte iaerI astit frotmotoettes ici aalnutGrdRpiso
rOrasmsoisiono of stougt. 't s voice of ti'ettssetuung, by 'ag o ,t wet tot hotihlp 001ou. t e Oisietyoet0oshuosiasmo
te coosoo, discbrook, disc toasantstes itmost toular ntotues.ioifoot iasebllttsoothduatcollege gmse is
What about your K- ry maising, he sormosanool iassis-gis hgOvDotu05 5'IloitserN 00000 Ott.Dogr.. atreitooed'0 toast bshoobthCcoelpat-
dlt? Wotlnt it he are lose sounsds sohidcootasodser bt osossOt 8UbbtDoa otteitsat ths ui st oesoos-t
a goodlitea to pick hs rs ~o~aoOs osthtdtht o ecul (o ot ot tos~tess 000toas egs n
iout nowvswhie there auoince. () hotiNWasoTistic(d) Dots dutes h fn"wlltr u n
is lots of Olsmn and let Rentrave (dc) iaot opills i benacotg rw uteris t-illoot
'fle climsax of thefestial was reachedl tto tse sol tt0 0 tO os ho oiess ot t otttrto o
it epit for you? i hihhll. fors.,"fromos"Tintots,- ....Mooart studsetsstoldotied 00 000000altooi coot
keeahst onight itsthe concet ts ns Mauoie osdmtse Seitttsaott-dn so malst so.
CAKI+ DUD AIV Schumannsoos-Hein..s aisiered as te star. Conceto,, No. , , Gmior O. 2 h cesill he receiedl by-inoigs
*fmsINS P AMACY Te uinc astelargest st isossi~hatshsi.. . ..o..s.d.Bileh too bultnd oat hses-lss toeolgasoo
32 o TAES. yet ttenedhs oBoyear's Fesivl, adtooth rdcton 'aio.Fia UAle- ogrsolessoesisesootha Shselosaw hogoul ote
sooooosaSyi.rosiSTfoTaChoalUTtot gro esergco sver-tithemsevsofromsthe usoosical festi-
tuAil rop o hoa no r. Sturms. valohstill t owowhtotis doing.
ausdsiesce The hal wsa croswded, eery 'Die Aiiostc," . ... Shuobet
desirabe seat heing taen and all at-il- Rncoe Lcreia BorgiaLegTaHlf
* abe standing oons beitngoccupied. ho Madaome Schumoan-HeikLs ha af
B A E B L* (a) Seecioos froomo "'iaihotere -No peens there are only 332seiors
BwasEB A .. . as thoroughly representative an- - - - - - n-esot the Ut-veity woiohae paid their
atdience as a unsiversity city andsolsur- (h) Oserure fromso"Tsooioiauseo hdipl~om fee. A gance at sle various
AND rounoding territory could display. 'There Songs sitii Piano senior casses as givnsoisohe annosal coa-
trer thre soe neilsered lver oh (a) Spphltise Ote .s-..Bo hoistonoesowil shoothot at prsento less tha
wee hreth el-vredloes f (b) Es bholiot dec'Than... ---Rbiostein half te osumsber of seoiors iso sle Ui-
Q OI~.F GOIOD J(5 classical osmusic, and thecronic cocert (c) 'iohisio--------------Suet ers tythae registered auol lad ilheir
V iigoers wviose fd is attending ayting 'Madome Schumotann-Heinle. dpomas feet. Ao a coresponding date
msusical, and againth losewsoonvt "be- Kronsunogs 3Mrsels---------- St noseo hast yetronerly stwo-hirds of thr seniors
ALO A LARGE STOCK OF cause eserybody goes, you knos," ad ,--hd asied thesnelves to deposit the
Th -0 isi afternoon's coocerotill consisosodpomao fee.

sill oisers swho, attractedi by thse ofy solo osoonbensv by stnsg orchoestra,
J E( 3 boSdale oh a great namse, nmust Att. Miles, Mn. hotoore, and lo . Hadley. BEsanuel Aeson, of Chicago, Bug.
.1 ~see thor famsous sionger. Tihe Thor I stronocert of shoe Festival still '99, is attendoing Oboe Mtay Festival. Mor.
coolness of the weathoer-trot a fur- be givens thisoevninfog. "f-ora Eovis- Anoderson graduoated front the orgaon de-
InNwS Plsadatterns thenritncentive. But oboe greatest conocert sinta," hryft. NW. tarker, still hoe pre- parnto of thor Schooli of Mussic ino '98,
In Nnv Stles nd snted. 'Ibis 'concerto sill commncse and noon besides holdinog a pronoinent
of Obe year could toot but draw assenoon- promsptly at 7:30. positiono as engineer iso Chicago, he acts
moous crowd front a populbationo so de- - as organist anod choirnaster oh thieSwved-
voted to msusic in general and the May The Ants Arbor Railroad trill root a isis chourchi at thoat place. He directs spca ri ot oih afhu hi f6 ocsadi ail a
XA1A R S esiva i prtiulr. Thi asoafter the cooncert. ThorMihigano Cenotral ing popoularity as a musosician iso lio
gave the eoncert sosuewhat of train still u-aft till concert is over,. Windy City.

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