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May 17, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-17

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VOL. X. ANN ARBOR, MI1CH., THURSDAY, MAY 17, 1900. No. 170.

G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just received or line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suiable and de-
sirable for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of Top Coats, Suit-
logs, Fancy Vests and Golf
Trouserings. We invite you to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Wcsbigtoro St.
Artis# We hveboght ot
Arit the stok of Ats
Mteeat, feootWet-
taell oreos& Book Store
to theamoe onti it
is now copete.
Oil Pat, Chia
and othe Wate Co-
ose, Orawig Ppes
and OBeushet of all
Wilder's Pharmacy
nunOLDFo seveal weks we hae
THE n l a etyng itoa stock fo the
boy, and new aseeadsoy with
'GofRtt tne ofLUCHES, CO.
R. E. JOLLY & CO.'
Premos I
15j per cent off1
20 per cent off
25 per cent off
Alt supplies at law prtes
to New Styles and Patterns

Miss Sara Anderson and Mr. BEan
Williams in the Lily Ntmph
Totiglt will be held te first cocr of
te sevethlt.rntual 'May Festival of tie
Unieriy oi lieligat. No erent is
tanked forward to wit as touelsitterest
as is tis mutsicatleast.Vie tigistatd-
ard of tautsie retdered at ttaese cocerts
by thte bst of artists always brigs to
Atnt Arbtor a atge, caltsuaed, ad apir-
catitvt otto tite. ihe festival slas sea-
soot prtmises tot ticote of the fittest ever
TheIte vlosoitg isthe lprorato:to
oogls's cotcrt:
i. Overture, "Leotore,' No. 2.Bieetlovesa
2. Atdante, fromsatiorte its B fat.
String Oretsra
3. Aria, "It et doux-, i et ain,"
fromaa"1-erodiae".M .. asendc
hiss Adersont
4. "Tbe Lily Nyt"i'. G. W Chadwick
(Dramatic a enoais Seven Scenes atd
Epiogue, by Ais Bates)
Thse Lily Nymsphl..o.I'is Andersont
Sir Abreeht....M. ~r. Wilians
Vise Lake Siirit ..... .Mr. 'Mie
Fist Koigite.............Mr. MIies
Seceond Knaight.. i.. r.-Moore
Chorus of Kiagts, Elves, Dyads,
and Nymatahs.
Chlau nitaont
5. Overtsure, " Leonore," NTO. 3...
Thaetwonovertures to Sac give th lis
cotcert tre ly fr te otost iterestitg
atid intcructive oil Beetloen's Leotore-
Fidlets series ahieh bega as early as
r803. iTe tarn overtires isa qestion rep-
reseni t acoittiet son tiletite te.
Tise seconad otocis detaenoentt to thae
highest degree Ott technoicalt perectiotn
of performanoic.s'anton tasymptatetic cot-
ceptitootfor sle efecavwicisBeethloseta
toot itttoitd whenta te comptioelit atd
te dificulty tohicho practicalt eperince
ttght huts to start inote wayao it,
oadequsote itterpretatiosas ip robabltoi to
ao greats extentotdetermiataave twithlimtt
ini revisitag it, 'chiile te third oertore,
thosghith ie t ie otaosore reyig for
its ful imparssion ota a performiatce sat-
orated asit s atieaenotuitoasma, is bteler
oaateodto te peclir geoiusofctsle
The literal tratsatioss of te "Aria'
intoight's cootcer is as follows:
bie wvhose speect cures every pai,
te Propahet, is here ! To tat I ata
going' He is gentosec.is is good, Iis
spees is camaitg. ie seaks : all is
cutiet;aore ightly uer te plait,te
listening air passes noiselessly by. He
speaks!I Ah! taear lai? 5Isffered,
I was aone, atd y heart was camed
whieta haaritg his meaaeiuis adta esder
voice: Prophet, awel beloved, hoar canI
ire aithsotut thee? It was tere, lo thie
desert, whlere ueawosderisg trog ad
folowred isa his steps, tat once he we-
costed mae, a deserted child, and opened
tis armas to tma.
"The Lily Nymph," in respect to oms
ansd literary as well as musica treat-
taeosntsights be classified as a dramatic
ballad. Vie sbjet is a familiar one is
fairy love-ste fatal resislt of oe be-
streenta tanaa ntd a spersata reratre
-but Mr. Baes has locaized the tory
ita bartatoy witht traditiona whlicha attaces
to a ake in h Btack Forest of Germany.
Vise lilies of that late accorditg to te
out tale, are encitasnted tmaidets, wo
once a year, ona tmidsummaoaer nigt, are
iermaittedt to resumetha ieir origitat
forsts. Stould msora alats otet ose of
themoanaad yievt to teir charmas, death is
te resist. 'Tis is shat hatpeteot to
Sir Abrecht, inthie story, swlt felt a
prey o one of tae sirens, whtie ott tis
tray to maeet his bride. Vie piece is di-
vided into seresn scenes and an epilogue.
In sle first we are introduced to Sir A-
brecht and knaigts, asdte elves adc
dryads, who serve later as comtanetators
ota tetsessi tragedy, assting for that
purpose a character like tat of the
classic chorus. In scene II, Abrehist
maade aquained awitahayh dager that
threatetas, bst whicta lay costisues resist-
lug, in fancied ecurty in tie oe of
his bride. Thetexea scene brings us the
picture of the iles and Slaicmagic
awakening. Then next the love scene
betweentha etanigt aod teoymapt, Ba
wrhich the donain of opera is frankly en-
tered on. It scene V we again find the
chorus of dryods and elves teting us of
what the absene of dramatic spectacle
will not permit us to see. The sixth

scene pictures sle reweavitog of the TO BREAK RECORDS.
spelt itesevetnththeiacpusnishmsentantd_
farewell of sle lovers. Ana rc n il etTi
In the muasic Mr. Chadwsick atsectnn lTrciadFel etTi
ecectic, as sle loose formt of the ipoema Afternoon.
ptermaittedt toutstoibe. tHe as uted de- 1Today,-ittets aintes iast for occers
litacativ emusiceniao it wsa cated o, te atatieal 'Varsity field ad tract smeet,
andtacits torcot to blendth le feeing5whioth at Regenats' Field. lhissaill be te first
beotags to fantasic romanatce atd eat cii ao doors comsaietitoon its whica
unmanasoanc, as as the eramaatic cim-aaBaoraliasadi00aace to figeseisce
a-. He hastat igonorecd, sitsntiethierlassetaetteri' Michiganoanstd ie awitry to
te followved the ys tems of typical ptrases beattse holes record ithie pole vault,
Nevecrtheless,.hetarasso on eody whitacinOttchortsa loss eleen cafeet 6fintuces
lte idetuifies swbitarhefate of the losOt, isaipaacte Is isoed tth i la-itbeat
anad froma whticlh lie lessos moativ es that thelarkosotof eleetn feet ots ice,
are csed asithsirosoghshe .core. He hasswchtis theacworld's record, held by
also characterzed te lase spirit ty Capp of Vale. Aother worle's record
meanaus of a striksinugvitythom. Vie ust soill probrabatly be altered ithie discus
ject asteed for asarma orchestra color, and trow-, tice Fraunce, of footal fane,
thsits it toos reeived. hlson ceiured te late oe lunsdred
has tosoigts's concert AnnutArbor. scottaudtwianvta-ce etasfeet its iractice, snach
wcoeoackd iss Sara Atndersot, so- ieter thani tle words record by about
pratto; Mr. Evsa Willias, teuor; ad eiht feet Tic performntce lisa not
Mr. Fosil Moileushueer, conucssto. been dlutlated, bus oe hautdretd ad
Ih fi nue artist are alt beetshrin ttfiteetn feat isitnesv-ssacc France.
past years sadtey-taste beets tendtery e- "fle aweterta record is ote hunsdet and
muembatered e esase of thaeir teautiful i- two- feet.
terpretationuandseeceutiona of mausic. Its boo sen a -aembser of yes-s stce
Michigant has 1ud suhu a star'aggrega-
IS A TIE. tiontofo athletes std such a wel-baanced
team. All of te eecots today- sill te
depeatety fotaytt out. Tthe utusicer
After 9 Innings of Ragged Pla~.- muie runot till perhaps furnishu the pretti-
A Game of Brilliant Plasys and est race of sle day, ad n oueau pre-
Brllan Eros. dit the outceomae atis certainty. -The
BrilliantErrors. contesttill tar behween VTeet,Nufer,
Hyde Fark, I., May uf-(Specia.) Barrett assetHayes. all of whioum are run-
Thluast gamae of theeil)sas a con-uig isa record tisse, ad te'Varsity
binuationa osilanit ane td asretched ball recred of 5o seonuds, witl probatbly be
playin 0g. MA.ieligati did ot field as aselietered. VTe tracte is sanddstd level
as te score showss, for seseal timues andalhe msenasre lasthe slths of codi-
chancsu tcatheenaosesbetaseenste bases so.
were lost by supie paaying Besle Is hisssects year-sice Micigant s
sass very asid, asthsie Morocts lilots ainaaSid asue e sterecu instaercolegiate,
achest mesnsscre ass bases. Utley asas ior he hundaord 1yardn eash,. bot toot,usa
subhsituted inu the sixthswisant he asecslohe leso0ni Leilsie, sle has a seedy
full adonae out, Taco runuss see smadehemanou, woomniss o dveop sntoal
before she slate w~tas ts net,hbuhafter natotiat -prinitensd sion sill uer-
that he was effectivoe, alowins ag but onelouisbabstle toshowun Stggs rcers hisi
holean toastrnsits hree innsig.Stnts, ech. He asill 5iosiblullouerte lorec-
McttinntisanocetDavi es smadeibrilliants Ord isa he olia 'edyhuthil r1lasse to do
caesluainu the ufiehd, ad Datsis tiltbeter thanisusecotds o do is. Wiest-
wcasn d opotneluty. fot, Nfoser, Teescl. sotnviBeiteuotschofill
'The less said aoutauthe Chicago partoucat te eents ad aleswinnue ih be
of te gamue te etter. Tis year's tea pusded o rod aue. Dr. Boiu, asia
is without exceptionusthe worst ciethat till ace as referee, las thie ditinctions of
the~ uiersity- issas eerbeets reparesntee havoing held ue 'Varsity record at o 1-
Sy. With te exceustion of Plce, Meni- seconds for tethuedred util Wesfal
fetdantd Smsith, thtey cu-ot oeiher bat, loweredoviti a fftbiso thi spsring of '8,
fieltnyrrna ses. They any certainT h ie high jumpastpomuiss o sowana
tt lose esvery- gamte they-play onothsieir peformsanoce ever befoe offeed here,
conuog asternori un ss thesay brace uiA rmtron cleeaste bar at six feet tot
mstnswonderfuly. The only reasons practice ad it ts exectd tstisllit cost-
obey weretot beatenutoday is becaeuse pettions wit Fournoyan~ od "fryon,te
Beistlehloasobaed ari ad oldnstdoot get asill sea a eas record iou this eent. Its
sloe sollothccente pae. After Utley te cceightsevesoa ls iigata lass a strong
wveontiousad tey had t tiltthey awere sturiounAvery, Francte, andetSeigautd,
easy. Fesher collided asisis Place, Chai- whoa are doitg cedietabyeworksio inte
cag's chuaompiona strong mano, ashdawas hammauer, discusanad stut put.
hurt inthsayumix-upi, butt finaised te Oe of tesemtost itouercting eents of
gamue. Scoe: the day, std whiicha proises to be a
MIHCHIGAN. laugihlecompytition iste sorority race
AB a to o A ihttchsith le tent soroiies of the Utiver-
McGinnits, ina.. ...........o 1a o sity till be represented by speedy ah-
Codotn, tb............6i 2 1 8 r etes. Each mno wiltcwear the colors of
Snow, 1. f1..............4 4 o 3 > the sorority he represcnts and wil be
Matision, s ........4 2 a 0 4 hiat diapped nancy or lss acordiong to
Darie, r. f. ...... ....5 > 3 t o los speed.
Blencoe, ab ............3 0 0 3 2 Vise price of adomissions has bees placed
Fleshser, 31b ..............o o o a at tweny-fie cyonts and a rowdtill
Whitnoey, c...............a2 tt no doubt watchs te meet.
Bestle, p..............3 r o o o The folowsingtill officiat:
Utley, p ................1 0o 0 0o Starter, Kecene Fitpatrik;l referee, Dr.
- --Boninoe; sack judges, Dr. Wenley, Dr.
Totalsa.......-...-..40 01 9 27 01 Effinger, Dr. Bourand clerk of course,
CHICAGO. Water Grad, announsocer, William
As x s o A Day; asistant clers, Howard Rihard-
MeIrrified, p ...........4 2 23sona Ned Bege, Wilianalacotel track
Place, ass. .............4 2 zt udges iR. J. Barry, Allan Seckle, Le-
Kennedy, ihs.............. rot 0olie 1Trft; scorers, Carencee Etpley, Ver-
Vyrunon, ab............4 1 0 3 2 nonBuhArithur G. Brosroe; timser,
Smit, 31s.......4 0 a 2SootMolltard C. Mt. Wiltlimss, Aciel W.
Vast tattena. s---------5r 4 2 4 Cool; judrof walkeingClass 701 Wi-
E. Merrified, r. f.........5----a2 10aut
Ewntg, 1. 1 .............a t o00
Hlarper, ce.......... 5 2 z53 COOLEY DAY BANQUET.
Totals........ .. ....38 tt 0 271AragmnsBi Co ledfr
Itntings ...t1 2 3 4 5967 89 Arage ets B entopltdo
Mieignu.....02 3 3 202 0-I th Bg Bet
Chicago . 0 0 4 a o o o O-II Work is progryssing nicey ono the
Errors-Mattisont 2, Fesher 2, Heri- Cooey Day Bauety and this eens,
field, Place 2, ennedy, Vernoon 3, Smsih, tetplant of whticho was otlined geeraly
Foss Fatten, lHarper.iTuVsesday's Daily, is beginning o ake
Stolcon basea-Cononoo, Snowo, Bletcoe, dyfioie font. Athsough, ihe seior laws
Beistie, Merrifield 3. Paee, Kenedy a. expected blat teaffairould be received
Two-base buts - Davies, McGinnois. sitb somoewa of a welome, tev out-
Tihree-base tuit-Myrrifild. Honme ruunsenoe of te banquet ommsuitee's canvass
-Davies, Htarper. Double pay-Snowv of te deparnseuehtowed that a far
and Condos, Struck out-By Beiste 5, greater intrs is being taeen in the
by Utley 5, by Merrifield 2. Bases ott tatter than cyst atiipatd. The law
bails-By Beistle . Wild pitch-Merri- faculty has taken hold of the banquet
field, Passed bat. Whitney. Umpire and gives it their hearty endorsenent.
-Tindilt.,(Contnuted on age 3)

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