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May 15, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-15

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o V

IU* mail

VOL. X. ANN ARBOR, RIOT., TUESDAY. MAY 15, 1900. No. 169.

6. H. WILD & CO.
We have just received or line
of spring woolens fdr men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suitable and de-
sirable for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of Top Coats, Sit-
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf
Trouserings. We invite you to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Washipgtorp St.
Arist ths tck of At
Materals from et
isnw opet.
Oil Pint, Chita
and othe vate Col-
nd Brshe of al
Wilder's Pharmacy
THEA OLFo seerailweekwe hv
Teen ly i n scin a stckeifin tic
bn,, and new are read it
Prem os I
20 per cent off
25 per cent off
All supplies at low pries,
In New Styles and Patterns

Gicen bg Athletic Association Last
The Atletic AAociation Minstrels
owas givent last igit at te Atens tie-
atre. The performance failed to drar
a full hose although the audience was a
representativ e Unieriy gotherig.
The program as rendered consitei
of too part the circle or firt ptrat anti
the olo composed of specialties. Tie
arrangemocnt of tie circle tas admirable,
tice tiree ecd oris occupying te x-
tremtecsatn betseeen teer adthe inter-
loctor were sateth ie oter soloiss.
Bace of thee wras te stpplorting chortts
swithithte orcetra on a raised irlatfort
its terear. 'STe whiole iplaforrmt sas
tasteftlly decorated cwititlansts. Te
etnd mtetnotytere in blad-face. Tiey
wore loose wehite duct, trosers, red
Price Albert atdtecisuenal variegated
shirt frcctts od ties atd httge spark-
Thte balad tere all good. Edtard F.
Parkeerdoitg notably el. Kavatagt
nmadclraahit its"Little BDiodeAe" and D.
T. Jotters iis oretacompoitio, "I'e
weaited, ilotrey, Waited Locg for Yost"
tsrwecl received. Outside ofthsiertie
standtardl of tetenccttsoigseasfar becclow
tttat of te balad. Manccy of the joke
of te cnd cmenrfailedtocchciicin.ccci
I) I. Jonsc ptgse-vc" rcrlccking ones .
Thechsicfi crtci ec ticsbicmidecolter
Trhe sociiiwere welelated mliic the.
musi a illeer twayof he eist.ccict
Faricnd iccay lie est numbeini cctie
ocicccasith~e cmoologuie b Cl.IE ilHar-
ccticcn, tHer-cre ccniiprioiptuimp te-
contio dciof -Daccytet7ccCccn"cin plcier
of lie'"Georgiancicinlitre ic'lccte pro-
gracicic.I crhteeth wa tiost tkiig cnd
crigial cd kepti te caudinc i a cci-
stanictgh. DOcIbeiig recalled heie-c
pericciccircrtit ccspeeh iy:tentr
Irv-ing' cnd oitt aisecnd cliirepcndedc
ceith icclit of Ricard Tirt.
Gaysocn andtcdatissiccthcitriceccetrlic
Germana comtedi- sketch"etare of te
Inccocent Maid" tmrcde a cll.
JoephirSedotc ittsog acdsce attrnitd
George AMcCoy ibcrktstcanti ting dacr-
ing carried threir parts ier veteras it
te cmicsrlbsicnccss adreaed gool
entertainers. The lit seths "Realto
Waif" uas ocmitted because R. E. File
Geraldreas tot prpard to crryhinc
WiliamccrcL. Dyi'tas ccgoourt iterlo-
cutor, rccnnincg f ilt prrt of te programc
witicgreater deisatcithattcaracterized
lie secondptrat.
Tire folowing is lie full programc
Interocuor, .. WiliacmcL. Dcc, cIgoo .
Bones-Fracrk R. Mcric, cpus L., Ro-
rt E. File Gegard, 192 L. acd Witi-
am P. Kavacnagh, spoL.
Tacnios.-Danca T. Joe, 1900 L., Ali. B.
Brati,1s0ou E., acd Leo. G. T. W\ead
urc, sentrL.
Chorus... ...Uciversity Glee Fitch
Opecning Overure. Serecade. Glee lu.
Opening Cors-"Mfarltc of the
Guards" .,... .....Geilel
Glee Cub.
Interspersed with he action of the
First Part, will iete folowng solos
I've Waited, Honey, Waitd Long
for You.. ...Jones, 'o L.
Dana T, Jones, Igoo L.

Mly Lady Love... - -. ..Dot--Drill KNIGHT'S TEMPLAR.
Jeromre J. Crorwley, r9oL
Little Dlack Mle- - -....Chattattip Todaqth ie Knights Templars wil be
Williaci P. Rat aircig 900. Guests of City and Unersitq.
Asleep iccte Deep-....Lairt-PetccIc5has been decided tot to isue ti-
Edcward F. Parker, 1903 etc eteo lie exhicbitiocc drill by D-
I Aint Seect No Messencger Dot- ec is roi Cotttscacder aslie Athletic feld or
Robert . Fitzgerald, 1900LC foclie cocrriinctary coccert at uci-
- Honey Dat I Lot-c SoVWel... Feem erisitccacy all. Tie putblc i cordially ic-
Frak R llr =n, 901L. ited o boh. acts cill be ecitirely free
Flsn rtur-"Marsii,1901Li forall cioe ct-irareihstsoattendc.
-I lsic Derc-"ocgir"D Th'1cer ill realyce irx parade today
gato Solo.... L. D. V;erdict 1901 LC a- folower(locatimie):
(A Newe Michigcan Sonig 9:20 a. nr.-Arrieal of Adriact Cot-
Alusiic hi' Prof. Albert A. Stanery crcticceri- at te Attn Arbor depot actiec-
Words od by Dacna T. Jones, roo C. odso tcc1:3 cad so 4-A ccval of co D-
PART cc. trotscocmmsaders, Kaccacazoo, Mar-
ANOrestOr OF IHCrASS NOsETccS. dsialld Jacksconicoccctscsderirt at Mic-
. fit. Wililiamsctand G. . D se,1901 igsnCenitral crnd ecortedio te asi-lumr
Diesbc y i-AnncsArbor ocristasccery.
L., icc an origincal parallel-bar. speciaty, 10:45-A rie cc of WPisdor Precej-
whlichtiscbots eocnderfulliygraceftul tori- acdight digniarie of Canaca at
ansd thrillingly darincg. \vViliacis trees acd escorted to te ast-
JosephicShseldoc-Antoriginsa song and nciibe Adrianr ontrrsacders.
l Daince Sketchi, ic ch slt is introduced 1 oo . scs-Pcrade acd ecoert cof
1 tire peer of rag-sidge songs, "CI'm Cc- Grand Commcsadry (le of iarchr
ai- Liticg a Rccg-timce Life." giscccbeort.
DePont andciBeati.-Irliceheelheerfuli oo-Parcd frostsMiciitstreet o
sketchi, "'Te Georgia Minstres" Athletic grocinds (lite of irarcsgglens
AltexandeirccwIo wcorked155 a itdry briar).
olsabe..... ..EP de Pacts 3G Psi de ftom Ii it street to
Pete whoiraducicerd cimto jois te CUiterisittisall.
cliii ccch D D....l.B etice The olortitg is-te officicl program:r
Harrcn oungmaccut usd5 ing...tsc g a, ifeaducii ccioened inc tis
Iolicemnnhei c cc icbcat.." Doe" Colinscc s emby9ad00rmaicneof Atti
Scee-Ae gc od cccacc iomse ,r ii orCommanccdery- \o 3, for escrt at
Istpeial 1Quaccctetipreent-cingiitc -Mefley 5 he a cccim
us PopiularcGCocuSrotc-jrJet OttidJ 9 5o 50olecepetioittofl 5iitingctot-
Curowrlet, 1900C Isc RitchdH Sutphenc, ciccdec icc rcaris
sio L.,J. ShiclySyhrmtotn,90, :50 Iecerinucto icgnitieof Cas-
GereAWret ,P cciir900 C aa tin Williit sr~t
Chalesic AI nci i osc- instiucctrin 1ccc tc1:.0.i.-Dinni,rt
. b~tet ra gytn iulcithe P i ci iMichigc"n-.Ncin sroy fo
ActCrcites Loifac teF ire, -cccii'TyicittiticiticicC- cutfandSir RKnightsc
Torche of ccl (ccci" of-.nneAroe Ceic'i-ccchri - No 13.
PPillicm ticsiccccsoci ioccclCaic-iAd .ccnsc, 12cm. to I 5p.im-eceptonc and dinnier
-ct c ii o n cc, tr tt ic'e t n utic c ciin tt\iir -1tt _;a rn e saa ety
e cc ue citerIu ccng te pocul" so1g, ,3o PAsccii i aidifosatiiont foe -
Bewr of Plc Inec ciiMi Pkcot ccof ciieIiiacd Caciicccye.
let p ecce cciSr itposiuttii;t-Op(iuucofu Cccancd Conccunaderi
Icitryc-IoutciiOnccDcccsRhcocdcs" iccatithe i-c iccuct o AciscAPbo Commusad-
his ts sccccccecurSketc cand Sti, rr o.13
]'mmilur aBidforpoula 400lo- N cuiby cd formt ciconc of pccr-
t J.I iccunec ee c. Cot cuand I. F.iodfr e sCuc~t;'c Iecii
lutz eatdcl 1902 L cccinte Ske:tch, Bedtidccc ':30 ancd 4 P m.-Thocse de-
ns il cc l -f iitodoi oae inviecd o vs-iristcu
Bacut Cacut crec -t, t i-randcedi ad ctr deatmccentsofthcivsit-
I. J Luchelurcuc'ci o - hurl ctccccdciInc Derot
Stivelt ookicingcor iccformcatccciton.. Cocucci cccec sNo scctRgents' Field
is C. Ctz Getaldcl 0 00Supptsvics-ccg coiitcis rice C
Scene-rt Aboicdte ot Sir it 'cc ibuttnigtts cc Accc Arbot Costs
BelcwicsIsintcued hietsw fuchs t ctit Act rNo 1, armrccttMc . NI .a.
socng rentiled IToniht"swrittecnnyD cccl to s1i iiiie cliad isat GCanger's
T. Joices.'onCL 'Te musccfosc rt s ccadcemyu ot Atticrboi lcciescandc tricr
comsed byociitPurof A. A.Sc tnley ges.
TOID N I all'S-sesuc niicd foratiuons to at
(fluic byl t'rIfcccl A.NSlouces. Worus ltedccmplimcentrcoctert
tb 5 JouceT LaLies ccl jinsthur liesdat Gancsges
by Jonet1900 .cc acaemty 5to ,iaccmpatny tieSic Kniglchts
Nows rthuetisse tosincg cc song cihehal
Tonsighttnight. 1:00 Granccd compliientryconert i
R~aise i-oust vocees louciad ssong I ttheinltcli of thlicesity of filc-
Rise touts voces loucdcud strong. igout.gCi t hieeictofslur Scool
Tonsight,tocnights. of flusc
L's Inceumeri- for cc while, lHeaedquartes orsisctng commscad-
Letcus acii ie gcy acdsmileli- ric-cacitesCtblishedda't Els'ha~ cll out
lre fromstshcricare cand toil, P\'chiccgsoilstcriet.
Voligh~t-coight,. Hecidquartc es orsitinccg lader are
estcablisheciat1GCarnguer'sacademyc, 32
Here's to jolly fellowes,cci, Maynarcdii sctrerr.
A lost, a tocast; cedartr~s foreGecd Commcuandeiry~
Asciiof Miichsigcanweeth sing at Coolk.sc cotel
A hoast, a bocst.Onc\Viednesdayimorninusg, May=t- 16, at
'Hrathclur seltehrinug ricts cudpines 9 oclock,5cvisitigSit Knigts mmcclladies
Vie mccavessnsore cmery timeus, crc inviteedo tae a troliy ride o Ypsi-
Lt115sempusti'nosor cstrins- 1oct1, wertt vsi il e tmade to lie
AP.toat, a ltst. Stile Notmalc Colge, assetccsiecial
mialcepriogramus still bhrendecreducder
'Whien ucsr college days sreeo0ecm the drectioct of Prof. F', H. Peae of
Sonre dcay, souse day;I dut cullrge.
Wce strll seondresutre andreiTis rogramcs islsued by- cle x-
Soure dot, soure day. ecusus e commcsitee, whicisc comcposed of
Whyiiwse miseyot lit-c agains ImcccSuerWiliamurH. Guericn, Commscad-
Th'se few hsoucrs ater lets Fuss. E . Sir 'cst. G. Dut, and Fit.
Wisest seeace nuchciolder ms, Sis . Hiscuch, P. N. Carpenter,
Suture day, somse day. Cruist C. Goodrich, JoistsR. f-Minr, Sir
Rossc Ganger, C. C., and Sir J. W. Bec-
Then once innerfillt up tie stens cccli,1Rcc, Sec.
Tosnight, tonight; Th exiitiions drill by thur Deroi
See liatnaroute his drink declines ouscccnrirv at Regents' Field sill be
Tonight, tonight. free cd sill ie a rare opportunity, as
Let's be merry while we may chs bod of msen is considered te bet
All too soon at break of day dilled cotunandery in the swold. At
We must scamper far away- chir drill its MadisoncSquparae' Garden,
Tonighst, tonight, (Contined on Page di


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