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May 07, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-07

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VOL. X. ANN ARBOR, MICH., MONDAY, MAY , 1900. No. 162.
SpringPREACHERS TAKEN IN His fielding is still unknooss as he had Association oi Collegiate Alumnae.
- no chances lbt witt the stick Ie shoseec At the Detroit Home and Day School,
~ gSecond Home -Game a Victor3 o utp sel. Dnc he sas passed to first b 73 Stitson Place, Saturday afternoon, A n u c m n obflCei erhtadoc i arfcd OtMy1t rm4t 'lc. h sa
Dobiu Cei. ltis ti n nc e crfed t toeof Collegate Alttmnae swill isld
of tie rttaiting fottc tittes at at le a recetiott for ti years graduates whoa
Sattrday's gateewsitit Northwsesterte]it safely twice. He sosed lhisesef In ae peeparedi for 'college notly of one
tattook ftont tie start of the nattre, hae speed, too, by tie ttatster is which tiree Derott higit scools atd ottr ter-
W ILD p- CO t or lso oeae oethic e ttcircled te baes shile Northwesctern o es fajksadajk hc ae cool btt tie iigitsciools atd
" . l WILI) ~J the vistos swere in no tay able to ap- jtge itbl.Flstrsa odfrpriate sciools of Pottiac, Owosso,
preiat. Mchian as enid te piv juglethebal. Feshr ws god orLowell, Teuteh, Ypsilatti, St. Jotts,
,~ gp heectae Mcleiatt eas letled ite rice tmotttted higer ithie battitg aerages atd Attt Arbor. All tetetberosill cear
We have just received our line beeo stsetgaecorlttrttritlIy ltttditg safely tiree tites ott of fle eclr o hi lecie colleges
i thtroswn at ee itutm tttost aattcontites at bat. He cottpletedl the circutit at tis tnetitg atd receptiot.
fspigwoesfor men's ley nearly eery player for te ptrple.fietiie.telngtolasadlie-f Singers fromtthe varous glee clubs
oferIinldeeyhiggi woolensa ildn ae ytefi tmsselngtobse n ivn fcolege and Iigh schoolstill be prs-
wear.ltinclue sievberythng n Te teedtet-iisgmd b ieing mttters tp cotsiderably. His sitgle cutttto leadIin sitgitg college sogsg.
stapes hataresuitbleandde- great sajority of teir players were error seas exctsable, itt fact littsottld Te Asooatini of Collegate Aluttntae
asoirable oifoltheseason. XWesare tatnftl inthieeextretme atd te ottlatnd- atmost lae beettescused is tet tryig gI was orgatized itt1882fifxth titte object
alosoig full ranges in no it uatner its whiich itehtiigane hitters to msae te catch as hst had so barely of utttitntg it ttettbes for practical
eltie, in ualit and tyle o batted te all quite ottit regaredless reacheditebald, antd cotld asly' iae boadetitg tee oeorettite for women
suit the most exacting taste, te poor sitgitg hands tiat wert to let it go antd sved is aerage bettthap- to recee te bentefits of collegiate trait-
consisting of Top Coats, Suit- stoIp it is a ttatter te ttettfrot Evats- pily lictugauu is botered ssillho "re- tg. Iet oss' ito a memeseehpof oser
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf tots sill long remsemsbr ord playersadttdele difficult caitesas to tosaand omieti sho hat grad-
Trouserings. We invite you to Nearly every player onthue home teans takets atnd lost. His oter esecncecs 1st aed fromstotr Amseriatuivttersiie. It
call and inspect our line at seedltolerttittofteiitba- accetted fiey. was icorporatedi ctoer 28,.1ufIp u-
Ssize te oporunty o attn hs at t "hittuy had hifs hittigeecw ithit ter a secial acteof-Masahustetts egis-
S itg aerage antd lied the ball ott for and hined ott three htinte altot a atre.
atythintg frott ot to tree bses. Thehme utenti,cut of fist at ats"ODuet t lieTeir lettepose is to tunite the aemsnae
W I aa/ total of hits assisttd be- 7 lases ousblals struck ott and otce stas it by pteicer. of differeut tnstitutins for practical edit-
W L' andsivebt hby pitched budrl" ls omethe fra mne.everyoeseldemedi iuu ot fsatsialadote ntra
sc08 E.26rum1ad'til haeg8mtoalo)e a atuotoscore. -Beisel coteed for teintenttateof Iigestatdards of
leufteonu basts. 'lie remsainder of thet tale hmuselthsi glore ithiss hus first homesteducationm
is oldseseu Noulsetttesaufitrersgamme ley-allossig buttonut it and gvinug Tirhutcolees Aehose rduatets are at
We hse aneh uiscrerod e owsed. rnst1sereord betmtfour hpases. Also, 1st struck out six pmesnti tligibl to musetsershipml eht
rti the bghtfoAutn aeecrd d isOposed t hs eod meets.His one fielding canee tas a- assoiatonmre otonUniststist, art-
Mrtst teockiAtismwt- is tesinglehit Hutetas eabledl to cepitet. Withelmlitstclet staftly auth ColegeB ems Masr Colege,orCr-
Materiatafrom wet- once out of ~~~~~~~four timte am bat, iis oce ceinsivussemstsunstioity o Califomrsco tr e o i emi h atinn n engfrtobss eas rwaUiest fCiaonvrnia, o
M er anduhae SuSadddte wicasi t imeb las"ht b tc~tguhedtaseg or eobaelHlaso.dter anDmsao s, elado afheod, Ut e m iyo
Mdddtmit"htabstK to ttheletu sameemotid JtUt byeroJty'
to io moe mii bell,"a sacrifice, cutserror its payng and For Northwecestern, Johsnsonuscutond Un issentset nf luol ,U nivmbueseriy of
i nonmpete. seeeral its judgemueent enabled two perplel three reus though oute of iis three timests\Mnnesotu M satlmuseshInstieue of
Ol PaitsiChina at bat lie did uot hitsafele- nce. Ns eel cIthnmoelog tm-ieritto Nbas-,
and othr Wate ol- stockinged lads to cross tie coetedi geerousy assed humtoe first thotghs NorthwsesternUn ittemsty Dlenuiium Col-
os, Diaiing Ppe homme plate. Altogether eetl gave but three times. is fieldiusg secs of a highslite, Sdolift ColttgeW tllesey ol-
and Boushes of al onelase ors bealls amd it butt three order,semestoef isi acciptedh chances b-lg, m elynUnbuesemstsUiesitsy of
kid aters. ndAcur hiligau s' erors serefeur mg eceedingy dificltsies. Dime of \\ soomsems eand WCesteem Reee e Lus-
es uumeber. ighte uschthe refusedon eee. Dves er s t e
pcadmest, in'cahmvther'peosiionmesere thee (Xm-'leeDeroiseesanlee eusoh 1 . haric
Wilder s fPharmac(iy Io hemus eeeeemeteu ton sely ouesewho seemedct ell acquisaitedolI nimosdu leGe , e pes terseeandems e..
theifr eethere pletilnduer seeymg cum- wihlethee games, ames their fieedig recoindsheNlleSneyee ayn es scretease. Dur
___________ _____________ suees. Notehig could le mumore ou-seerethee ssle- cleanestem ostf thendaoh etrloit o5bleaseehe is hnoedstesteelte pese
TH OLD mon seeynraleeks we he dthiemehto tensr tpht-ing thacnmeto atemp-ste lereseemedshtseelee aegemserl d, thisac cst t em s ieseteeshe o nitr eeseof tee
TH FL entots-g no t okthoheetn monemg thern)m e-eelstheselvtes aemithitut-soeale medleessosethee assoiatonu.
ot-u.and nomw ae eyidmt ecut to tplat againusedsceh'teaeb'pu" g- 5 huhernec seesther,ands m e ucmh e"-eses TIhe !ia5s t5 hs5 fr5tarexered
ER ABELIABL tueE oLUCHS.ai gfgtirm elselieneereaoNreeseLUNiCeHESeeeeele'sCferse tl ee 5 hcec - 1esher-c
maen s-n~A~t e ree shinescr1 lmemsels t o le. lThect tier their t em ws - e uteIle thatsethere a pnei onlmto; thsees e-
YI'BAS1GA' itec r eheshett tre l see tepohely. pore sreso aentho eewes ie
srcinewas teen geaeeforthemcWs Sshowns '1 sie 2seceie-cie eso
R .E .J 0o 1-. L"' Y & C let theet hownl st hatee cesne eme last Tel r seses eese eg stok lai le atealse gdshe adcotheeusedl aeigweork
einninsg. ' lee greater seeester is the-t it eeeteshsere wss o tillee wisthuretehe uls 'l on' sewehehe he somee d hethee
sidn'h coic befre. M binenis ohshori enst-se teel else atoneeese tese suer seems tottie wr le, 5 ho1 t r s. It
yhae estedscinestedl eelteeyied to payshut ecoshers wsesfIsredsitee ewonder hosste -rs t uz ol h ed fsies
J* h h wseacty nn h islcnr ieldi teseullosleshouldht theeesh ole Nohan te.omaelteatoesyri-
P r m O I e e s eomem omls stI cmmli stedrs eamsetuerrecen oerhe ll te5 ngofi s eeerestese
thintoustsan the,;erm elsbut eteakhleesee seime. Ti hevstser he.d hi ui tee 5se The prpsueofemthee re cptoteinesee. ter-
15 per cent off thee ueropo stoendsetitlyed blee o he 0 else .-yei-:tol.rmg int' ohsee cotact withel
enluept h atta ewsutl Ts-uletese tee s els ollseeseteeci 5ooaied h egrl lgileheto
ltelslo ehestlepses e arycorcmefheitidsop ec oleer andtin eseethere-se) ltee ses-
i1 aks sot ~he coul tntreist lte teptatontto toie le gre swosulIermitittoheelerece~hrd-esee t otee thesereedsuaton5555he i
sealae jstteepe ies hanedeinu. ed: eniesiies.
20pretof Tis hle dd wselie hereaced iest hem thee NDTH\ I, VSTCRN. E. JANbAL SI1uN
C ' n'' stvutt out inmuton error and metesed 11. R.11. 51t() Chirmnte,ee tts ',seesetce-0
K o ia amieneeonnetheurro oe thateegaescCnmdnusJoshnusn, ,b.h...4 0 00 6 ~3 0 102_rin iull Ate,
IIIueePense -.ib. 2 e10 0 1it3-2Deroine.Melt
25 per aenS off isfir etst Ho thetis stole tithd mmd n-humsInteer .r. - 4tt00e0
umeitlt "Same5"ieuroined seond. Catisu, 1. :2-..3 0 0 a a o a Mal Festia Program.
All suistlies 0 ats pehos. "Mee's" ete sas off calso. DnceleheweerSchr aeeeulael, mun.£4 0o uuoi0 1 Tt sheuleheof Concecler thee see'
four ten por ome itutni of six tises at bt CL~mt, S.s ........,4 0 0 0 0 3 4 ethe anenual -Cat Fesi al eel theeMuhicalto
West, .......:...3 0 0 0 5 4 0 Sitereof heUDnesic-tt-,t e eehel
CALKI NS'PHARMACY oust hitsectssclllee could ge. othmltheNuusbeeumb. 3..,..o0 0 0 0 0 2 Turtsdayt-Friday adt eumedarem-.Meets1o
laseand teh itamue ith~e first before Liing., 31e...... 3 0 0 n 0 23ISad 59s sfollows: Th'lusdahy esem-
324 aO. STATE ST. the terrific pcet sit hy Northwsesterns Toals ...... .27 2 1 0 24 1 17 ithe litbhoral bninu Fridaat efrunon,
aeugmueted t imeteiithIis side whchiltMICHIlGAN. Stmphioneemconiserm; Fritayeeccieng, utts-
bohetured ituslote. B. R. H. SFO.A roelaeu monetre cStureay afternoon,
_________________________________________MeGituis, us. f..-. .fIa 0 1o0a0ormeeustl matie;Saturay eening,
Condoms seemed In hve n fl day n Condn,Ithe.......6i 3 1to016ioi Home Note shmue
A L L Is te iting line too for out of the seen Snow,1. f..........6fi6 2 0 0 0 0 heBit'ishs amd organi-atins tat 'bke
VVnte itt faed Nash littdeweeone bset Mtteo, so..o.....6 3 4 0 0 4 1 arin mmtofesisoh artsArs. Dusumua
0tn balls, 6i hit-outs, a sing, ad anned Roat, r. f.... .... 4 3 2 t o Jnth-WCemt-eamuni Mis Sara Aderons
AND Fteser, 3 1.....3 3 0 0 3 4 1 sopra~ns; 'lMme. Ernesin Schsumsanu-
one. His fieingsas exeellent tongh Deies, 2b.....5.5. 3 e 1o1a 1Htmlk'nd Miss Iselle oton, cottrl-
as 16 accpttd ciances amd none refused Wiitney, .. ..... ..5 I 3 0o 6 l i3Len\Vliau1 n Goge W.
4Qp 14 G O- - go to testify. Sote landed sfly bth eistl,p.it.... 4 I 0 0 0 I1o Jnkins tnrs;Dvid isphaisa, Geelyis
twice andt-emste its telast tee inligsgo Totals .. ..4 ad 7 1 7 3 4 Mle,' l ia Vuh-tm A. HowlandI. eariones;
dL5 ALARE TOC o oflit amee.Ho ea god or rts Inings. 1i23 4 5f6 7 8 9-R. H LBDoeernrdStrum, vioiist Arthutr K.
ALOetiRGtbOK F cign .6i 3 20I4 O t~o o 2 17 4 tlt ttsttlit:DsetFtl-a
togevrtiehca etiputi thee Norh..is ooo o2u2118Ocesira -emsdtie Corl nionh Emil
- ~ eighth whert te woe left on first by Stolen bases-McGinnis, Mateson, Sotentutie doct os o letA
JE R E ateo flying oni and retiring the ide. Snow, (2), Deies (), Fither, CodonSalycodtrs
Itsnhta"i oejyd tadotPimnent,ash, Whe Two base hit- A. rtirod rte of out fare for the
Mateso hi a ifhe njoedit nd utMateson, Disel. Thret bse ht I-Whit oundueltutsas beets seured for all ponts
of six times at bat landed safely on four ney. Left ote bases-Northwestern momIlitieosel peistusla of Mihigan, tik-
In Now Styles and Patterns of tlhemt, ocet being for a two-baggr. Michigan, 8. Strike ous-y eisel 6; tistin et god rons May 16i to at in-
In tho fitd ho had four assists and one by Nash, a. Dses on bals-Off etsent elusv.t
error which however proved not to be I; ff Nash, 7. Hit by pihehd bal-y A reent otnt of the inadesent
-, eisel, 3; by Nasl,.5. Passed bais- steps i the lighin system of te Uni-

A E 3'~~ Roach played his first game, with the as nminutes. Umepire-Fitzgibbons. At- powtr eath. The systens also ineludes
Wigcoositnacebo 40 art light of I,6oo candle power tack.
'Varsty d came off with flyingclr.tndie-is

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