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April 25, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-25

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21 i fThe Funeral of Charles C. Shoyjer, A Gentleman's Feet...
,,'01 Held at Leavenworth, Ka8.
The venaab Sandrd o Leaen-do sot have to be crowded into
'ill. Leieiis loodid f Leves-uncomfortable shoes in order to comsply
Pubiished Dily (Sundaysexecepted)l doeing the w0ortli, gasv a lotng accountl of the fun- with the tows of fashioes.
College year,nat eral of Charles Sihoyer.lie tad lived iin Fashion has becoose decidedly lesi ent.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, ihat oily eith his mtothei aod brotheor Perhaps set permanently to, hot we won't
for manoy yeas.cLimitesd space prevets worry about the fotore. At $2.91 a paie
orinone The Island Peess, Heng Binock.reiteng of lhe.no101ce ittlull. w guarantee to furnish an ultra-fashionahle
Both Phoese147. Jusi before tiheetraineatrivsod, tie andt wore comfortabste shoe than caitte poe-
____--High Sciiool Cadet compan.eey scotmated othased elsewhere at anteqsual price. And
MANAGING EDITOR. bsy Csait. tBrock oddard mtarlcdfrootosur guaraetteesoeranes:yotirmotey leach if
F. ENG EoesD, '01 L. itihev smsry andstid cked latrts ositheltcyostwant it.,
BOUSINESSO MANAGER. Bulrlinsgtotldeotlptlasom. leonithc
it . H. t . .colliel vas sctakelfoo ths e tren rant GLASS'S SHOE STORE
plITRS eacedit ottpraril3 inte btsaggags. roomtilA S 10J j
AA~I es, I i 1esve e0 tremisoves!irPosth1ev cae, Itwo nes rSOpesn seieges0 . ai
ATLTC, G .H~u 0 .01fsire cadrIeteonpateywith sitesd hayou00 00th 8p51o .M i
J. B. Ntooo,00, tt 1i It CE Y, 'n OM, sdooe.-
1.A. KNTos '01 Le\,.rI.1Leere0j. 01 sviTsO le etls veistBE W LLDRESSED
ISA tssesns OlL be~huyersidecewr a-cassrss i l~.Ild df011011- < O W L
IMls'-Lee seax 01 ss 0:. r as ds~etild tO01rsmin oni 11dty seing t-
________________________re___ v sfios t t to i meuls.Is utitthelv 111l <
'ailsell lid cell. ious shoulds s0 stvit0111..ssis
lhe tetlehevy sao-,owit are ledesiecy hetore M'tirliy s.aiitittetflisl itoes were15rs.-s.eis
ouher nealtee r intended forie publicatiosnceee ea e h ti elte is'sll' I selslie youngi t de nt
handed t s ties DLYs ofels.ices ere ti ts .,or csi I 11 iat Ag i Aror einig vequisits.
ireltitheeditorlefslore 3p.In.e ese thele dsyit asaflrl lderfeelow eiaistblellis. C lot in
lrevioui elss t h t sesOn hcl ieve are oe reedi Ils t silsioh s -ter ie tvds -i
MeaeiaereSuscieeres ill 1cofeer a teeor 1by { syos ttlls tselseterS or
R-re o etig Sisiutly at ts of fe anye alls eofe ts ie i t eees is-ti. IesiO
cresto tesiii' ele -ilo'te oier papt. .es iit D casy ehs.of te atrd at Iidu--t
Alcation eetle-leo'e"ls 15 ~solle v lsiIssed alis srderc l oesig thye Its i eie Ilssil fetesSrc y N w Firesit
nhe osiseby.live oileth cayce rvvious toilt.lat ei.elst eeei taess ip-toi-Dstes Stssyks se the Pintied Teailoe'
Illsth e ii I I eintemsenttis at te5_ MdeitoGarlmaents shi 551 ytile set fels.

1110 statitic nr c e 5 gesret to tie xiseitittie Ier. -
boelerOsereeisitis etioet yles iu~tto D h rt Mmoia YOU CAN'T MAKE A MISTAKE
S. L. A. beoaed,. ele itistruictive. A elrs -
jority- sof sth e steole vhio tere sufiedi- es e rae
etyinterestedtote vote, expressed a de- 1 1 -li~ l e15slol isttelte ~ 11 1h0 ego$00 0$oo. At
aslytiti loc sei Unverity].fallttA ethird m eotmentt sieof o t e w lsco t.
tire fo r emore.' stteicat tetijtaevs. iThis eel the 1' aritty eaoert Series csitt ie
showstthat eventex es~ive atid car- iven c~ onl~silsting 01 a recitl oiltthIls
ted courses eel Ite ChiotratlUteonthaie Ils. "Irie'Nie llem rsitltOrgasitby \Ir.ibeet 11Souh acn Slee
wikhftetl fth nvriyS A B E"t ths s1tdgnttebrey foitr syu 1sicis is clofivli. Patcl i nte r esto
thrseotaillss ea tt~ else y1110sioeatchstotislnerIltibesuese o h oeitsco ihe rpplrsyelmtdOpruiyt e pblc-hs of
tha tht ow tu-ised y teihosl ei uain~es raieseti, ~abeusel AS AND ELECTRIC LIGHTING SUPPLIES, SHADES,
Un011ils. esoes letdtsaptptr051ai alsorlIsulaietyIll d I . . vIilevss. L4PORTABLE LAM PS~, ETC.,
iecv estn 1h illilbcr Is iit was_____ __ .- a sPe tIATY T e ARY 1'] 1 OtING. slSTE A . Is H WTEo R Ti i AlTlOO. 9
gentriatt l~ly odml vas 51 is ntrctive Class Teams N15otIce.
lecteisri e lwhichaeyboy Is lld tiavs e, r i itivsiili 1tlead -s I he.F. SCHUH, 207 E . 'ASH NGTON ST.
scit iteri et, seieresd by satmait lofinitt class lath 111111dit e rels,sirisitebe' ili __to____--__
lt e t i n ll utao feat whits 15n1t1 a te meby - i . ~
01to o101 e510 i cIu0tome d tlee bic No class tm or thes'igh ie ofl e am1011
spis. lilisiss dllitesarvl ses t Isat ts. saie rost r tretell sits huseatte 01ii "! 4 I~ 'LIV [R Y'...
tir pit o fIles es iistelsi l o 11111 a Is . Ast.siittl Ws111'sii000K, teii 1 0
lirrscpecisefTe01irren1sicss.abiaities \ssse tant itnger.C A HE
Ill~~~~~~~~~ Itsestlsvlilitilsitwioi..tle I 'rito( 'inriru- liii' + AN'D
dote. asy tesis t s. I stuet biodsy + LI'rleefoeiteias ' -' - ills' I
wcantis leti eari sud is-arn octly- ses. ingAet - - 1be +COUJPES Gond and Penmpt Service Onaeanteeo1
a gea tan,+ elerI -eereer ' ' - tile +
C Ihanceelliotr ' - - t0c + _____
Aelu te i isni I sli as ir nee txem evi l 0 e - 10lc JOHN F. HASKET. DEWITT 'ALLEN
whciwl eseld ire ltdison i ider Roya ltitnner - - 1c + 223 Sn. Ingalls S1. 720 Sn. 12th
Univsersityasp ices btwetnt i ioto atdie isowelI 'set ish &Co'scPerfesctos10c Newr Staeoi ec43li. New Sldt Ptehone29031-r
100011 leoplehae'ecstsed tose inuat-.g.hoSo l ihleosteot iga'usuv 10c-+l
It i iesetess iitis.~ STAEBLER & CO.,
10 11 voc-s 555 li ~ Msjn ., 00.Lilrrl ± am jpus p oto raplers o
Univesrsityy yn'ite-is itees bwtee ci'oete+++++++++++++++'++++++++e Hasvstua feeiTta ot 51 ofe. andAnneuArbor
A~thletts ai e teels ee°ootat oe lie n huos -- SVews le sca vltly ofStldents'Hoomsue I e N
suttutbet 5 ll 55y ehel 1 MICHIGAN rLtc<CussCOLLEGE usOF irMINES oowds-Brogs adcl erisIoesti so
scati e ett herek isisi' I I lel ( i res hop'teetre, r r s snlI Mee 511 ds °0
siuccessftul whlei lut'onesels srei s onlily Book e fl f 11Si il hiset ris>;I les lese
do utessis Islesii e tees ;iseloceracesle~ssaslsssset' 0I fP
th trloa1;to dlra f he ist0'3 W i V 15 'eN 111.!' ttet, Hoese-alt Isl, I is It,
hae as hli's.ly cs.'-eitio te meeu t -- _ ______--____ _
toa res t tu spectahtissu ot i- AT H N '
Iors aovsetatoruarell~laetaTly I [A R A MOST EXQUISITE TOOTH PASTE' hr o a ers n euctt
holl AT HANKthas'SnAT9
-o the most Jaded spirit on a warm day,
A nttt A rbhou is c oi e to M adison it w oulted F R ID A Y , A P R IL 2 7 . W uiteno s, le a ti iea, anti t re e ve st h e all of our flavors , com b in ed w ith ou r
be 11aillnusual osiritanuc. NWhy sthshdtooth. dolicioren Ice Cream, are the cream of
t hise so? N We lioiseot hbecatuseo eATSETCAD isoEAIGT TE te onan
are itnhospitable. If areyboedy ksrowes EXTRAORDINARY EVENT ATSPI TADVR ASIN TO1THE.heSfountat.
anthe reasonslt lviItm speae ott T.316 . Stae inSton St
- ~~~~~~~Altsdrtuggista 25 conls, or by maulutiort20Enasigo t
Penn. Defestted in Fencing. Teaetuou o~h-eeCteii ol receipt of price. I** ,~
IlsJames,~ Katlhnrine .Kiddier, Chiarles C. S DENT & CO, Detroit, Mich. +++++++++++++
Cornlell defeatedt Pettnsylsvatuia ons Sal- 1, Ronforel, atud a companty of t7 p eple _____ _____________ _________
rerday tact in a diusulelling meet. Teams incueding Mr. Hackett,__ ___
of three mere represenied each university Inu Shuakespeare'.s Messtevpince VA/LY TI b
every mate of a teati fetucireg with everoy S O I G Aln fBakal Tl he
mme thotetemThrweeHEWN E S AEthree rounrdc ofettree contlests each, core for Spring at prices that are right-
nhel winninig sevenu of ills.ninehotls.
Cornell displayed th heto rm nt 'en oe- Twooaestspecialtsceenery.Thuedraitie auud
ed ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sca toaunocgtgioln.manr 1101 Iofteseacon. Peices$1.50,
edi asrog agesiemanr. 1.0,7t an2slotstse119 E. Washington St. APRILL'S SHOE STORE,


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