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April 11, 1900 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-11

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F To sell Hats toc peopie who can see the difference between the
iibest and the ordinary- It pay s to buy here-Standard makes
and quality- Have youi seen this season's Hawes 86.00t
Hats')--Better see them- You xwili save a dollar-

"The Niagara Falls Route."'

1entchier, tbe IIbotographet. : Marnin n

CENTRAL STANiAR IIO lie. r1"1I1; 11110-. I
00le :1.r.- - --UU i~ I
1) iicci Nihiiiccccc-n . . . . .n in h - h7 l ,,, {~n~~r
Atlaniic it'ec'c.. .i 1 ccil' rno'Jc i'hsici,* ic..or , lcl, at t c
Oeand ci apic I t i.crr "an l._. " cli 'ira10i
Maiiand c t e -_ ' ... . c. c'4 c. -
Mail and ipgEc.. . y40A.. g ..eYci.s'c.I~eSldU II i~G SO
R a dRiac V . ccd (5 c-
Chicags Night lc-pic Ll1 o
Paifc xpct:3(n .The Fine Thailoring H av1Yo
Bellccpclc. Tic I l ay - ' t suer fr- '
Europa, cc antcccl, c.,Taaecrlsrfite,("tsr'cc c iiil(1i55x c
0.r.ati o ie'lr. i x lcct{ Un LI oWtc,~ c , I l CE' I NS'c c I
ts P. 't'.Ag'f, l'gccc. Ann. A rbrccc.____________________ c. 'lcccc c licc c .
Detee Will be Here hrsdsa to vistritpuipilstfathlie SciootofiMsticcafeI1? GFUi11dIStudio
Adresedca Sc ote r1111rc sietleatuccdnils at the F igh1
AddessN~ei~l SC]Cq Scial, iiicd c i't of imemers orte 112 W Huron St. N. S. Phone 119
xsinc'ic s z22 xc zia ES Narly two cxy'ar' ago tie me'dicat1cdiferct fraternities. Wih"a it i.con-___________________
TIME TABLE Sociectyofitheivic rscit'yttwcas rea- cicted that oer so) a silet ave;
Takasag Shie, Macy, Mca5 h, 1?~. c(Iiyte ti ct, u tce c hanlicigedcthelix 'oir rcuc u c ic 'taOld 20~ ~ e o
mimdcr1 he011 ensandsicet n c4erecl lit
Trailelacc Acn Arbccr iy Cetati 51c-t . Irliclt ccectcc- c h ndred crc'avemvc c iincx' -) Itownic
and Tice.ciacrius ccoinbcentboai acn i c o ad'he ic Ilihe icst diretory wxcs isced in Triune, Stearns and arnaBicy' i
alunihav benbronhibckai d-November, the value of the reent'
trs ilfaitya>aiai cllc titcc I'' ie clccetltcl. iitci sn. Renting and repairing of alt
re.5 ci .c . i.scA.m.a l c'c ong special lins at work. 'Thce mee- second edl'tilccthe fyc ci t ic cc.try kinds.TLE n S ,
No. 2 -cl3 A.D. " No..W-cc-ca , iM isit he ackofnne ftk
Nc. . cx'c c aa> o34 .- m c. in tgs wiicchi have been held tara alt in in the4,backrofV the book..41 W '
teen instructive and entertaining andi Of tile ~y avttraccticc sail ticcra-
aRuue Sc-A nncccArbor aic T licdcccnly have been ihighy lappreiatedl by the ciccusc tcrrstuidc'it' roiii,.pictures are T pe rt r. U1 1n
All trsa idciily ic'uech5cdy. *4pewite
r. s. G MIf Iti. Aenit. students of tics society. Thursday tiie'favorites. No more striking or
W n. oucNti'i'v . c.Y. A cxvening at this week the lecture toi be attractive picieucres cld be fonda
Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Ar- ivc'n by Dr. Ricihard Dewey at Chica- tareiteinefclrsidinfiends.h'theySCOOLy OF' ieSH0 ORHs.
bor Railway. go, aipromintaluicmnusi of te imed- graphs and show the features of theSHOLO SOR AN
h eali ieiartmnhiv oe every pramiseuc savagc'cwitchxwonderui vividness. 'e07 . aUNES ITY Ai a
Crs feaxve for 1Detroit cccl Y'siiuntc of being a iighllybeccniic i-actnd in- '111' pictcrcs rc' i6x8ithc a dma-(-
every haticll or, osgiiining at 7:15 i. m. sliritive cas thocse swiichtihavce btae mnitalitwvc 1ilch order. 'They ire fA T
autil 7:451f. marAfter that, icc Detroit hlddati ireious mietings. said i sets cof ix. focr 50 cents jcst
at 8:45 pa.in,t9:15 p. in and 11:15 p. i i 'tielc tucre wiii be' givenintlie low11aff. Oly iy F. -. inehhrt Omaha Grane Acae y
Waiting room, c'crner Ann cicand r i ecire roiic ci the miedical bicld- Neb.
st. eriIIGiwl , ing t 7:30 ociockc Thursday evening. G asses xiii continu oetci idu'
- ~~~ It ilttcillnenc-e proimptiy candicrw.ittlEAT' REDUCT''rON fON i ITNKS ng vac aticc-- Meiiaesfip to May
ic a -cc ccct,'one chcr, so tiat i ilxxiiiot ' iucis, scut csec a ci scteics fora lt, ;2. Asm leerih y c Si "tiriap
U P THE iterfiece with thec'students' wontIc ft salc' atcgrealyredc'cccedlpritce cc lol; iigt 5)cents per cc ie.
I, hocciedi they wili tcke aaitscof tcciic's tcaresihc'1cS.Forhc- hslirrne et liivail the -ticcaiforfhic - _tenday_. -
I L N ~ L E schis tceociccrtcicis' o tc~a~ii~4 dc'. icc ttc' cc'c tec cccys -i IIAI) HF ) ALbY
A ~~~ ~ icaii.Lost Dhuring rush in frct of aw{-nS i actoTrpvabidn;glwthN.419.1D
W A J i S i R b oE a tI. O A D Ccc .iro, sh c, "'tR A C K 101 N O U t Pi i i g. g l c t ii o tb. Drc ;I w
Ohio iccito 1adnch, te uc Tenesse A-1 trac uiddate pliseirportPl iae clcehe t ODay offic. . . ho itoabBrsc>3S glc odr o
Mcc ic lca~rie A ccd-cin t dcctri cat te gyninaia nidaily from now on S___ ____ ai. C ah inc
ito accac-iilcm d-Qoccdren pprici fr Outdoocr ws-u nder the direcifon O ld Ccld
niif orum e c.eirh-oCacompcnpcy- turitan Shos.-U~p-to-date siapes. 11 peddcnr wwenflauc o en izarcS Ie,
for littileccmoaty. Write trccula-J . 'McCLE. N, apt.3 IC1 S' L1ad11
SIt 'A.ic._______Howard hat at Wdhama. Ryan A vi'~ Ati
R.nGareer, wood05A. 1. ~ -Rcie. est hat on the market a t Jeweler
Wuai..C i'. ai. ' Si-ccects rcotrcdili-lyivted tc ni c $.00. 200-202 S. Main st. -
'0 AtaniccaSi, 'i ngii. EpEct oc qt iclte ine ofreauts, oce h t om lt ieo
EAtuUMci 'ccc-ei --e l
- c c -ccix. cr110 tccS.cigMcacinan. CASlASI c NRE.LOWNEY
xx'clia ica lrai iloi, S Min i. Aul ectries fr te cass baseall
RUKNG ALE Y._Series cd ia~ of payers ciiust be Ina CHOCOLATES
HOKN ALYR .The Latest Ediion oh the Students tonic' iy May 1. As1Mc.lii i-ccCiyc'cibe:ioun
4 RiSDIY4 enoihat ilha stact'tauedthreiarFa NOTICE 10) STiUENTS. 338 S. Sate St.
Rea~riwc iaic cd< ri cccc, cciccc ici accuccraicy cad reliability it is i'n aItiar Thec'icicgant-it-twll-kc hei- ---_
ith he piecediiigicnumbers, xvhichc;iiual deduction to stuents g ongf MATN
'thrascci icec c cfacagacii tciccc. mcciii- that t is the only actithcrity homcie for 1the lsiprig vacction, s elling ru s rr
GREAT R~aILROAD there' is in the city. cot eceeptiing eve'. tickets on April 12th, 1th and 4th ~ E A
the bookot e uf1cclniv ersity. orvprivate lciiecl iocreurnicAilti3rd.ciReduciedFU E A
TIIF 11OC1ING VAILLEY ists Ini so111'fcthtic'star's of 11cc -Ity. rac'ticket llcheycc'sold cicly to itoe DIRECTOR
trt,;Icl thics ietcirth ceearc' utecic ,aerpresenting certicates of mcmberhip 'lbcaiig a pecicclty. N. 3o9 S. 4t
L.w LcMA, i000 ncames 'lis includes facul'tiy signed iy Secretary Wad. ve Auuuc iit allc.ta
1 iiASoANr s, D r i ccc'iembrs regulrsuet fteln-4H .H Y S g'n, dneA blnengtaddy ts
IN Fcrcxc.iaecoi. - iscstuent ci iti Ha- 1 H.'cC HAY S. gc'it. clet's302 .Fifthirive.
Tia S c r lvW ten 350
flI N SRNGS1OES AND Watch our Windows ..10EH(R
i f1RR[NCH DETER E mbalaer and 6i3 Eat Wllam Street a c a
SnBIS ihrt irei SnieatS iIhoei Shop urepirin neatiy done. Pjj o
onehAv , BotaI'ion sufo9. LLa er.Pt

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