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March 29, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-03-29

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$ 4 Pai1 .



No. 137.

TO0 BE OUT Changes of tie Demonstrative Ipse, The Lat Number of the S. L. A.
SpringClarence Linton eader, University of Course Will be Saturday Night.
Sp i.gSoon For Baseball Practice. Michigan; An Inscribed Cylix by Champ Clark is one of the all-around
Announcem ent The gradual improvement of tie Drs recently brought to America, men in Congress. He has a voice that
baseball squad though not unexpected Professor F. B. Tarbell, University of can be heard in the farthest corner of
'~' ~ ~ is quite gratifying to the coach and Chicago; An Unpublished Statuette the gallery, and a readiness in debate
H . W LD & management at this time. The men frmteAgv esoHretF nopassed. He is fearless as a lion,
C. V I L CO are doing weli under the tutelage of DeCou, University of Michigan; Ca- and his convictions on pubic questions
,,~ ~ ,~ M. Wakin unil ow i Issaf tosac? Dr. F. . ates, Detroit High are as firm as the Rock of Gibraltar
assettath only real weaks spot onScolDiusonPrcpaJhnW His speeches are epigrammatic and
Wehv utrcie u ie teta ilb ntepthrsbx ecAra ihShoPicplsakewt uo.M.Cakhsof spring woolens for men's What the material in hand will devel- Ralph S. Gfarwood, Marshall High been doing considerable work in the
wa.It includes everything in op into, along that line, cannot be pre- School' lecture field. During the recesses of
wter. tae utbe n e Thursday evening. Address, The Congress and when he is not busy
stpls ha aesutalean d- dited until the men shave had a chanceStdofheCascinGrneD
sirable for the season. We are to go through their paces out of doors. PulyCartelsicgo. Geman, Dr campaigning, he fids .11 his time is
also showing full ranges in nov- The indoor work list been more in Paul._arus,_hicago takeit up in the way. Lately, he and
cities, in quality and styc to batting pratice with some' throwingNeFatrsorheIe Jonathan P. Dolliver of Iowa have
suit the most exacting taste, Ibutgit'willNee FeatureseforetheItte rseolastic beeni giving a LJoit lectre onl "Imper-
consisting of T'op Coats, Suit- men get to working wecl outside. Meet-The Rulesi-lism." It is very popular with the
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf Regents field resembles a young lak( Thce w etres of ite. ter-scho- public, because of its being such a
Tronscrings. We invite yos toIts ut the fair grounds are mute lrer lastinerfto tic held t Ass 'rbur Fri- live suject t present. It treats ex-
call and inspect our line at nit the squail will pro,, .._y go tiere day andl SatudyMy 25sunt 26 are a elusively of the moral, economic, legal
for pra-ctic nt later than Saturday football tkiig ontilctan id a rlay race,sunt political features or results of ex-
lihepiesent _.,e.cweather coitiniung 'An alumnusof ti. tnivsi titof Mfich- pasion in Asia.
W I D S thtiihltettic fed ill sooin be in shape igaii Isas oreret a ilver c cup to be coin- As this is a subject on 'which most
foriusec.Te p1.an of having a iro Ptrid foi in teliictiing contest. Ini of the tideits here uae heard so
108 E. Wosbirgto!)fSt. fcssiiinil team to prctice uagainst tihi u ii ut iros ds i5 uh i osbeoeasodsoy,
________________w_____ seekc bfore the sliing trip will hr the tcda rg iji~sii uu rpteirectrs of the S. L. A. decied
discoiutiniuedt this ye'ar. Euigh imen kiciking will bit iiiret godt siter sund to have Mr. Clak sueak oni Pictir-
fr two teams send over sill tie kletitbosrquuosi iuctic ls iaic Public Mn.' This letue,
A ts rhstc o Atit nint h qadl lltenenwl ,sadthough nt so deep as uiie on Imperial-
Mstnitsfro we- b enhutul ii e-cthepi-etie. tiegi rae thcp,'ih icsitiis to remii ismio.is ueertheless instsctive. It
m ens okstore teluousthatt liiie sservedl in thatcapsthelitrouhyt roouuiOhthurUuuuesitsy gyi- shuws iusthe Cngreaamms behind the
Maeral iadhae dded tn uyri i iuusha nstpisruu siunrTut hle uuamue iandet;sool of echu scons whemifthetyyauageios aeotpovnof the floors
Sesueuni u to be supcriouu in thecer uly season, ui-su riituetcioalob ihculouof Cngress r the committee room.
esnnw upmpte.Ith tp
i Pain.tChna outi owiiivarsity canidautes amuhnd ic ut so_______
nd etier WteCo- ceudhahcrdly gusvc'asuepractice mth-3t I Tiec cutuiiti "its tie wic ihtthe reay juniors to Gie a D ce.
rt0 lre i'smuaprusiwuldi he muorec'valiualethaniiuthisto ac wiilitbtic ld are liuat our oruuoe ext Scturdayslit junir class tries
ad Bhiesefiail hoct sithallttitcrteaemus of fouiuiciiits Cbudta giving a sucal similiar to
hinds ti uibtsiic hip ts o truuisach.Siihsitacec uilltube oue-halmithisc give earlier in theyers
a cw i ca h parclno .;echlinoctntt<uceltteuuu uruunc twother ' lassot. It siltbelch ii0ac-
WilIder 's Pharmacy the candeida tes ini the hieisounhof Mr. J. iihuidre ciintotle utyuads er dalwililcu iuealiil suec hcsn vn
OLD 5u~, escuc - MERV w2Cuiiiiiyushiiciims tu hiauschid tet asin ut ethe evenetscf thucmct ~ h i u hehluata
Tsome i - exierieuce in hu-ing donihiisi le thswlbeyfatepesnet
THE ODno eplwa rvieRULsseOll t-rhtI Aretl" sca fits hkiichlthihs yesr. 'hi
stdc urreusdy withIe 'tluc rutesgovecnig hu thirdite utrmaaemenaitotrei iethahndts ofa
RELIABLE fau11jlnte txvcu a(- withi testin ami ppearsstu b asctiholstic mueet unuder the causticcs oh thicfiiiieiyeuaielmtcuuiuitece
uxnnd TOIACCO. svaluable ,additionu to the squadisret~ opeetcmmte n
'muF'moo ASb'lc GtALtcY, tum i u isi m suytn stleicAscseiatiouneof the flit sti it chift-hitpromiseto uhks te junuir sucil
R .E . J 0 L L Y' & 0 0. sigmicnce withldevelhup latersheii etichitganu, tc e ehueli Ainu -ci Fi-t eoh brekier as tiesjuior huh
-- lute umen g etuuut tuouli.idayand turctct y, Ni and- 26, arhe'I ses.ii Au budacetf criukasble
follow___________ I :tecipuncimhit be hrviueedfor fle thirsty
I Sessions of thule Shoohmsters ( - h col .;halll Iecallowuedhthucc ccii:c;cind ,god musc hum all. Four oi
IClubs (cutis tnn i hs ,sr i eces isill ompiishesrehes-
NE liig cnts iiithu tntuusanrcpet hass bon
N WFriday Forenoon. triu >icttIntlacied at ucetsitipertipersonim shih
hi ci n f Nn mmiihmgishLitrueie 'Alitntrites tuu sItiei hi hnd ucs of thiurses t la.e .udt,nmamuie.
CAM ERAS PoesrMri .SmpoU _ tt rbysxocok a 5
veirisite f iana;mhi u Di scussismn, elliy IhrsItmuttkisilltin fuuic slce1byti th inMchigaunAcademg of Science at
I'mrofessor lsaa.-NhDenitmionum 'uieerutiii ge ucuui chpicacionut Mi A C.
h i ouMihigahum 'to sour A.cBarburuu Ncc uCotestanuts witlets vilci Ifoc hut SiCl -It'N AtI 15 tiO' SCIENCE
ar u co ig mun.We St-te' Aim-mm-itCollegen,, e Frtt iymingcceu 25ut"TNM.at.'C
mca te bitgerdis- l'I'l st ofPic torial Nt ini thut All cntesctatsmucist 1cc inicuiinn ucrbr Thin anuaiil meingi ohtie Mihigan
tounohs thuaun tee eachiimg uofh'EngishmCuompousitionmm lii I i Irciyiaternut MauuNI-i.caciademi oscmenmecwill behel at
befre.Comandse Th nier il belrcd, e>idessof caningii dhcrmihing t htter hialf of the
tuhu Cutud e csti mci iitssiteteoptiemiui viws,i I cuuc<ic1wceheeek.i lcs01 1Lst iyearmthismasiauition held
themuuu netthe nevin Iroessrced cuNc.tScottUivesiut i uweaccrncntiiontccusI cni ce will itIitsice iietiings m'iminnAurb iiinconee-
trcs...'lihurt u hrofissor bruota lecture c IC stptotndtioun s mwith tte tSecliuo)hmmuterS' club,
will heiiveusn mm the nmuseuum o lue lnetatcut mu us I nnaria t.i uJhauobliiei hic io tiezologcal
I u ouuuu hom. iscnussionhuheIcbySins - i-rriet -i mt uc ibnNillciot ci thi Trophcciiicunicimiiti is rsiect of the asoia-
a PALKIN PDADRMlACY l.TyoBy iyHgVcol ro n rtia gmari. nthuc I.ull(ucwil liesideit iftie ieting.
I m siupThursday mli1Sctiuchiyi ii ecassgnuect1rcc111s, and wtll ganthir hucm.esose cci teeaddress
Thurday' prgramfor he choo- rcewccontst rts'tickts i peson. oflulcoeug n alst aloaddessustr- _i:1rre idmi A lrgen embrof
m~tcs'('il, s s olow:occcs uwil acenrmue c Hiiere uanmultakhe
In tie forenoonmiat Newierri hucll, emw Boos at t e General Librarq. art i tie sessonms. J. AV. T.X Dovel,
Suuictt of thes sessicun, 'limeadtuiing of I tcotiiuognumentcf abust 200 booko who hold cult erry felosship in
S W I Latimn es a ust huetusreceeiedIfroni Lresboitiin-,ill deiera iften minute
JVY4AI.41&)thei Strucutures of isthi Verse, Prof ermany~. ifot of these are for tatp ~rct riginof the Ohuio Flora
lessr Jhn . RlfeUniersty f geera deartent f te lbra nd it eiicliu tothaut oh Southrn
fesor shm iolf, Uulerst~ f tumecu uhhucrtuen offlu liray, Mdihiga. th. V. . Spcuding will
icihigan:;treekt Muisic and Greek: Ver- hosver, there re sout 25) voumms presentcm tenmiuiit ppler n "Syste-
siufication. Professor Albert A. Stanley, frfle nmedeal lirary. Among fle nitic Relatiosmofit the PFumaiceal
GOING AT . . . . Uiest fMcign hMldccosgmnmr eerlcmlt esfomliciClinialSPoit oh'iess,"'by Jul
ttnhersty f Mchian;Til Meodi esolinusmitlir attra toehee sts is O. emlotterbeehu amd also a five
Eleuent in the PReading of Latin Verse, of eiylopediaansdi text books. There minute paper on 'Anatomical Distine
Professur Franis W. Klsey, Univer- is also one umusully valtuablue book.duiur f Jelinlerus communis and J.
oNffU site o Mchian; Musical Ilustra- "Opuscules Mathematiques," by M. irgisnismi, y Miss Idas M. Hopson,
tinMisAic,.Bily niest DAmerpite n171i9thl.Dr. Jola NW.Snow, instructor
11 A* tui wi uo .Bie.Uiest ~tuet rntti it in botany will present a ten minute
4 ~ ~ 1 School oh Music, ti. William H. Wait, -- paper on Crucigenia retaglaris,
Uniersty f Mchian;Disusson, The general library of the Univer- Mhorren" H. H. Parke, p. g., and assist-
Professor GereHhpaUivriy siyla recently received a copy of ant in zoology, a paper on "Observa,
of Mihigan, Professor Benjamin P" the Brinley Catalogue. The work is tions on Hydra" Dr. S. I. Holmes,
Bourand Uniersty o - iehianin five parts and is descriptive of the instructor n zoology, a paper on "The
Bourand Uniersty f .MchianEvolution of inusoria to the Electric
Principal W. B. Arbaugh, Ypsilanti books in the Brinley library at the Current." Prof. Reighard, a paper on
W A I A Rj 9' Hgh School. time of its sale at auction in 1897 with "Development of the Hypothysts of
In the afcernoon. Semasolocal the prices realized. Amia" by S. . Mast

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