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March 28, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-03-28

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S rn gLIST OF MEMBERS. F. H. Falter, J. T. Fitch, H. G. Fitch,' NE SENC II
- redenrce Gates, J. . Grisier, . L.
Athletic Association Members and Frank, W. A. Ganshaw, Louis Gram, On Standing oi the Uniersit,-
Announcem ent Aprinetol Directors. Geo. Grant, Jr., B. . Greene, W. . Praises ol New York Sun.
, , Treasurer Woodrow has made out a iss Lottie Greist, Wilbur Grooss, W. The following are extracts from ea.
complete list of the membes of the Gradle, Grimes, J. . Gould, Harry editorial which appeareu in the Nw
G H. W ILD CO. Athletic Association from lists turned Guggenheim, asn Allen A Garuner, F . Green. t-Yr Sun, Sunday, arch 18. It a
'Jr1W in to him by the directors who sold the J. Guidemata, H., . Grimes, Geo. Gunt. tests the high esteem in which 'h
at ,,i ,t membership tickets. The total num- s. Hanley, J. . Harding, iss Ka- Uiversity is held outside of Michigan:
er of memers is 570 as against 600 tharine Hine, F. E. Hthins, J. L. Hi Particular interest attaches to the
W haeusrcivloulie last year. Of these 570 mnembrs thebadS...Hdg,.H.usesDr University of ichigan not only he
of spring woolcns for men's naeLf.u 22aercoddPTee . Hall W. H-ayes H. H., Hills, Carl cause it has attained high rank aog
ticldeeeyhnin 2names us5ave e rdtak en seaaHuess, . arv I,...S. Huntley, C. A. Aonerican wa.seatsde ofyhigin 52 aeshvebe learningi but A . ock . .Hrtn E also sast ensiu ni h
staples that are suitable and de- upon whira to apportion to the differ- 5aigsgtesfer, L. . Hamilton, A. P. tits es f h od tcn
sirable for the season. We are et departments the nine directors Hicks, E. K. Herrig, Jon Henry, stutses the crown of the public edua.
also showing full ranges in nov- Rtalph Holmes, W. H. Holsinger, J. . tional syse ftecomnelh
clties, in quality and style i scsae to beeHti ttei et hlc,nar y D. Htng. Hiss Julia Its governing body is a oard of ate
suitthc ost xactng tste, election. It is possible that lbs b Heath, .I. Huton, A. . Hood, Carl ent, who, in pruneo h tt
iians 11 10 sc lit iiaycoage HuIber, J. H. Harris, Kirk Hawkins, D Constitution, are elected by popular
consisting of lrop Coats, Suit- apportionsment but sucli is not likely. P Hosson, 1. . Hudntl. Wi. H. vote for terms of eight yar. The
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf nsaowever it is deirasleuthtat ess y Hanghey E. P. Hopkiis, 1'. . Hu aim of the university Is prescribed by
mrmbi o . ss~i 5i d os to SauelHayerK. . HWellM.ls:; it is t complete he work begun
Troerns W nit iu o oiciedoes not asspear ini tlitlist Lt lcissi dMiss Jessie Hrton, . W. in the pbi shosby frioigam
call anismpedt Oiir line at snomoilisend ls naie as l w~oHent and pbicshol srihigt.0 H. l-ensein, A. E. Hro pie facilities for a liberal edcatio
tole nuni in o1 hs ticket to Tieasuiesi( tei in literature, science and the arts, as
000 S vhora at sunce ini order that anoi 1I.Is.2Jackson, fG. . Jontoi, W well as for the thorough professiial
iiecessasryrchaiige iiay le iiade Judson R N. Johnson, R. E. Jernean, sdy of la, medicine, dentistry hr
Xcroinig to tat Constitutioin any Jaris Ienings, R. . Joiiion macv and engineering. It shuld be,
Iseparitmiet haig 10iimlemes is iirass tAmy Lydia Krolik, W. H. Kirk, at the same time, noted that, while the
atuicil to a i))) o r ls swill entitle J.tCItnight, . H. IKline F.C. Knob- istitutons sas primarily edowed for
108 E. Waslir)gtor) St. treuouiep..tuioe smhtushey haove t1 leni berg C. . Kloepter, J. 0. Kerr, the beneit of fle soms and daughters
me------ ur s hisand oh) tme ideuiso hiO 11,I liibRbetK it L W. o1Michigan ito door are fhrownside
ue 14. IThe c ha t it us lessens ineler S .II lik, eufC 1 hxuKisey Copemi tuustudhenuts frm all arts of the
this nuhubehuu ouulit andhilustdirem ttuii 5,0. Kennuedy XX XX Kftleman, H. Union amd fruumuteworth at large.
ArtIist theumstoko ist ule csontinent aud itil ithlUndestodh ,upp, hxE.IKufmaes E yhuusAs . IHturndtou unt willprivile e ha
Main ilsrmha et- httthur next meethu ing fhhukeasso [xisgtf est by fle data swhich we fnd in the
Matrils uo'an k m stiorea uhihhio.an .unuuhneiuul e hproposeulW.XR.H I t euy Dru Lomuuuaid, IMrsclendar for teacademicarl year 189-
toatrai tihe sae unil t behihuoubenmhile dhurtmnth t a i- Brmce orud, IHarlow 1ewis, Frhd Lee Seobsere , iifle first p1.ace, that
s noauucetpce. ureutor. Shcih llamndmeinit ithwill u- F.LodyC. J. .LurelI, John Lamsen tiscorpusofimmstructor in the tniver-
oh CPains.CShia hhhouh hr hie pssed .B ystr, X. I.ILloyh, Miss sity omprehend 228 persons, of
amdothuer wteCol- thr numbihurioh memueshi iithuetll- IMhubel Ieonard C I Lage HI '.whomus1 hre aiunen.'The shoe num-
ors, Drawingcapes isusut hupauurtmns -nduil hhhrersa Lvs, a.Luri.Samosrd WX Iadu, bsi of stuuent, after the attendant
ad B uihem of mhh poitedit hero is ihftulows: 1) h oarB.Ic, JmJ L udeeAe uponsfhe sumner schools are ecluded
kd Memberh hs hiuuctiursI hhha ihi ihAh l I sn onxamd the names cotfed more thantne
Lit ahidl Cugineerig 15..u..It to Ivor tot Lne1) . eyx e idueuteu, is 3,059, of a-lons ,25
PharmaynLai........ .......2 hDr.M rruk XX. C McNeal Frankt hulomg to fle dpartmuen f lf iteraure.
W ialer S rar ay Mul. ...,. o......1 lMavuSidMsi lllrdH.I-LICMiel,-WV sciencesand huifle arts; 75, to the law
Dental . t......f ..X.... C lleuE.XlxyC sJ.u rgor, shouol-445, tou fle mehial chool and
______a-orop ... t. XV...1..1. W 1L, 1c uughliIJ.Ic 51fee A H. 254 flute egineering school, while
THE rLD sevue ~ural weks weIe Bsinshuss men...ii X c~illan W PXMongomeru.teemiuher hre tistribtueu in the
THE ALD pen laing ti a tockfor te rhity ..... . 2MasI). 1.1 tM~ctCarlandim S.h1'5M~orso- rlege of tetal sueghsythe byadnwaeraywt. amC... ...vla ,1,1lrr .OMleA .p eschool of
aufeututinesaau-c chie, Clhu- siimisuu upha hua ule ry hanhlauhisnexpstile edical
R C(ARS oand TOBACCO. Shool oh Music....2oore IC ScCuumicks ttax Mihllsurtuholegue If the weolehnumhber of su
FuuFrS- ,i %tt5Gff,0i. 1-11 hSchouol ..I..2 .S SMc-enry AtoC Mchthilin, N.hdentisiuludiinug 192sattenitsauts upom
1' Xlrfhaus I XX. Mottorsisll A Sfthe sununer scoos, be distributed a-
R. E JOCL L Y 8&.CO- Ihtl.. '.2.. X2.hAtoreG.I,XlMliii 1 If i ltihuDhi couhing tuthe loalitiastuswhich fey
-, Ami alihail ist oft uh m..su s Xh lauhtsuuih13 F. MillerXXhalfer a r'-cruhtedhsse' hud tuattthuey-come
fulowus:s .hle list1wi1l hi t- uuuhhliuuhh uth hr. lsoore,131. MhuineyMX- frm 44 .tus tuugether with Neu
tumoituuwi l-1 j i h~hh t 'il X\ 7h h~uihs suuPruoh. Xleshrh Oklhomasia011Iutisn Ter-
Jomh dihu Xh ,hs fIt. Xii t Ch hs i .,L oyd sIIIt Xlui-Me c fhem 1 - ily .toftuuyr -lsuuohuum theProuvinice of Om-
NEW asns t1 tuiAndewis I. h -S hums II XI i. artinuff.Xlogn1 Ioueytriiomuthut.Purice uuf Qubec and rit-
111NeyIt13flt rn o ,A t 1th'Mlm, t .Mors-f.S c i oumibit, fom M~exco, from Hg-
1 XX' Beler, 1st H.XX0BulrH.i l 1 XuYtwhuh 1115 XB. Morcru' lad anuh Ireland fron Germnimy, Rus-
Broguui iss I ulyit -h h h, uu er FEgyp thd span. This
Brthu Mif ss AX eCl uhihuIidsI II A.IsoawIPcheF or the Or: torical A~ s-sa uemrkablhe exhiubit, and beas wit-
CJIE A 1lhe, hi. lo, 1.1 miButmnss to thu re1,oC huuoftfeist situiion's
Iv Batciherh XlM.uBrudshawu. th oat ion Elettion.1ains
Bruownhe . Ithruuulrs hE'S.IH.helk, hiltcoting eeton ofuhfiuhlturs ou R"uully- noteorthuyis te motuder-
B 5-lpPL.Ih B lul h u llksleyetIsiuuImugsey grat eni uniutuie auts fou insfanc, hud in fle
co iutsuthuanuseer i Beulitf Po k Bennetth 11BarryI C iu I luili uestseday a.iftunooni grduuat sehushha11tauhetoti, tho
lhcsore tomue otd see IBrouosXXW.IBulduein, I. Ilugge L.Cauime whlencu ses11 o t he u i or anhtdhuilfresh-umatruu-ucultouei h'fot ichiugani th-
ulhruuiantlget thusu-h ilew BlzIer- -1111But t a ruerutJI 11n-1jImeh la1whu clas sser huhd-ll itfte hdtents 1011 fuhhll othter, $25, Thes
rie .. iiett, O. E. hhr-hruslh-s I ,:,- iu itl, aiIIIl l eeu fu is, fir Mihganu stt tets
J. 5. tBarauda, X. dIs i Iistr I'.JI Bo - l hill-Il es i--s-hu--p lched hupohiithehu- uue ShO hndlfur althers $0. luut t
ruu 3icl-e C. K BarutlehR.tK Bli ami -i . it iilostt. A uuuiui l-h-of lite;hiss shuholti- mautriultioneius,
J.1[IIt huu t, -Iss iH enIIererBhai appite)inIlitheis uiuuluss 1t15 fou Mibhihgani students, $111. 1111, om
CALKI N S'PHARMACY P Bourlan.uu . o a-tid msellurighne muuers-irutiealluhnersea,$25; the annuual fee furfle
fl aiA 1,CoP.Cpe,1 la~t tisu ing1111he 1-iieu hwdre s ho$15.hull for the latter, $45.
rItC tnild Cln,.l C1.i r 1 Ct icin iteitut uih Ibut le uorinary fetusin hufle mdical
I i Chian-ieut, J u-htl hC.ilrle s"(flhei l i n uueither schuouilre hpreisely- tesmeu,,but ad-
C__well__o It. I. -Cutting, \X', s iI mu Ias I u~enoia~tiunsLast yer iutuuilfees are er~tted furfle re-
Cotun .try OS apl . Cr. 5sttieuuispute inoseiuooer the mnr scrubedllaboratory- and desonstraton
KH 1T armosdy H A tonuimimi, 1 h, hhtidis i ellh 15ws rchnductd cosres. The total iioutifof fees paid
{; f21 M huhrpetr, IH I CampbllHhu tie - . t11 its i laune h euu tlaIwssusd iii mu thistrtfessohuial school surimg the
It toSK uCat H. V Carpemter 14.tofaiiimains tu wmsthe etctionu Tuhss weu hr yearseourse is, for ich-
s)VVI..d11i.L Ri Cao bes I1 Coonmi.0J. Cmtin l . , yam the eletion s to be managed inh gans students aouf $300 and, for all
Miss hBessie satley If A. Ctforfd, RI. i5aa greable to bothIfcious andu uuthesiout $55. Imi the departiment
1) pill, i. H I-okShut . CItouhlisolutlyabuse r epotasii oh egieermng thuuuordiary- fees are
P'.X. Cunnitu ary-u sColu. EhCt.0 hfollowig s the ich-t as deid the sine as those requirel in the
Campbell, I~. Ciss ed upon mu yesterdays caucses- For medical schuool, ut here also, there
..GOING AT.... C. x. Dican S.I. Davs, 5, J.i h11 uh I h LearellyuiColeo . ; toruoamsauditonal charges for the laora-
Dovel, tLuther Day .C.to DuthI Hr vicepresident Bryant Ltomromer,-'02 tory courses and for shop practice.
uDurant, S. H. DavistoCas Delhiridge I.; ot seretaury Arthiumi 1.Ryal, 02 fotal amout, of fees, however, paid In
O f f C E . D ia s, IE. D a vis 21M.L . D av ies uufur s tu er toaien ce -S . uPig gott th e en gin eeri ug sch o o l d u ring th e fo ir
i J. F.2 LDuffy C. 13 Davis H. I.Dean 0OLfo f elegatetalH.I- ienkel 01 years course Is, for Michigan stu-
11ilw tmuay, J. IIH. aks, II±71 Dean L; for second vicepuesident of Wst dents from 185 to $210 and, for
MtPush. I.HB. aviscmii Diatomrical League 2.A Caig 02 others from $240 to $26. We add that
4 myWA . .versman J.0O.Kmerson, E. L.,oin seretary of tental Debating so the school of pharmacy, the fees
Ebelmback F. H. Eaman League John W Reynolds 02 L. are identieah witb those fixed for te
ma , . i, u.0.--,1-sisr, j.i1-1u e~a col u eetehhrtr

dersen,° H. Fehker, F. XV. Potter, Prof. S. B. Laird, of the State Nor- expenses are about $1.20 a week.
Robt. Fitzgerald, D. H. Ferguson, A. H. Tnial School faculty at Ypsilanti, has - On the whole it may be dotibted
Fitzgerald, A. H. Frank, K. H. Fox, J. been engaged to deliver the annual whether anywhere In the world educa.
H. Freund, H. K. Finney, W. S. Foster, Hemuorial day address in Ann Arbor tion of so high a grade may be oh.
W.W. Fox, J. H. Ferris, Walter Fish- this year. The services will, a usual, tained ao cheaply by those who derive
W A -iR ' leigh, D.G. Fisher, Keene Fitzpatrick, hue held in University ball. (Cantinued an page 2)

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