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February 20, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-02-20

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lU'L Aspirants for Oratorical Honors.
Publishd Daily (Snays escepted)i during the teredi and qualified for thse oratorical'
Coilege ycac, at contests o, the various classeo. Thtere
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, are twenty-two contestants from thse
c)'BI eaca The Inland Press, Hesing Black. i.rst year law class. Only six will be
Both Phases. 17. alloxvetl to speak in the class contest.
Bact ttht. highest six in thsouts ntit
MIANAGING EDITOR. compositon a'wil not be selected us
F. EN.ELARD, ac 101 L. Iheretofore. iwo pr elimoiccary contests
BIUSINESS ISAN GliB. wcil ceiceld. Eleven mcens wiii taike
0.11x. ANS,00L. pato ech. tFoci judgesxiii beosor
ATHLETICS, . G. D. I NJT, 01E ecteil coo clese sonic-tsanaid xcil jucge
r. R. WeODROW,'00 L. A. 11. Meloersuci.,'01 BE tit t55ottibtic!~Ought adcotccosi-
A, . 0. lsuss.02. B. J. B. Wace. 'to, Lcm1 ccc.hechgihest threet in earlscots
I.. J. MONc Oiss c00, W.P. It.lCEEY, '.'uAl, cc'6tcwil cak pactinthte c-usa cotest.
ccc eJudclges fth~ie cotcesctsmil be
c iscYoau aw W Ocr Baiter,
-'=iajorCh Oacrics Downcing, R. M1 Ludlucm,
Phe bciccptiorce f-th5 - mIs5250 or la ics, It. S. Schmidt, it Gc
he ccttleyrcititiegardeI-c i-iveccy beor
nouoncea cy. Noccscc-ccctins ad0ne, lito oW F zer, Cutr1 Hes
other iatterc iitided cfcrcptii ccccat io cciu st Xc ccc fY G 'cocx ccJ. M.i 5 ctcciS,11.IV,
handeinatcthcc is iicsc ticcibeforeicc.sni., o
itra sieeirbfe3mofhe day Ic c itt ii cc oo iGeo. W. B. ,oac,FraincisH,
previusto ciat.oncwi~sicstey aeexcstedsto
appear. liisitlcciy 1). G. insxtecin, Ocyciit
Sibsciption., may be iefst c c acct ii iuyolcs I Comerc.-,as i c iLooccics, 0 iOD.Xc c
ie~yes corcScic cc '- cie-ititi corcwiuiness
a ubscribrs willconter afavorcb
lte tccgccpromstlyist th cist"officayficicr '5 d in W lo I: tOC<ctS
thrrer d elivea r pacper. i cciccii
05~~~:I ii c is cc c tcctcc

Parker's Campus
C afe. . +.+ . French Cook in Charge
REGULAR BOARD $2.75. 1flEAL TICKETS $3.00. Short
ordecrs promptily filced. Fresh Honor Macdc Candy noxv on hangoi
itth1ccfamuoocs Spongc Caramecl a spccialty. Popo cors holls
and salicci peanuts nosy rcady. Comc in and icy docec.
709 N. Univers ity Avenue
3 pROOFS printed
- on Japan Tissue of the
G Ibson
_ ~Drawings
~~l1 tTale fro teas he b
-i ill~ h,..Stabkers Art Store 4 cl
____________ Tribune, Steaess asd Eurocs Bicy
cbIls. lRentlingand repairling ciaii

The cc I cfcc rei c°i 'i ei . -ticicit'iciAt1 - lxii th lccci kndcciii HA
crator'itlli cii, St 00r cli, atlleci'cicitc 5cannicot re it lis tM 1-17 Ec I'2. I As """'n'nISt
Snpllolori tst-i tol i4.ia n toic
Xc.ic-111ic-cciiic' cilt t cic co lacii'ii ici lype+'A lr ite ;'. v'op- ym*ng1
cvlc, ts i -cr n cof n c rcc'-'- tI wo,\\cM xey \icco S.\ g(, t, le t (5 lily - cnd 116100uth- cs
Aft c lcst" EvertcincIn chciii 'ccc'y e w rice r U 0 c-c
is t c ic'cat cieinterc Aini cciii ory ii x'-.'x. 1' i CH O F SH R H
11cf clifoirt0 is 'w y r l Incora ty -ics ico ndt Bc'" cccii l iiiclo t cccFrnkIi)ii< cc ii5ih~ 5TB'1i5'icccs.x ciot o s-s c uN i cc vsiT -1.
entrcheortoiclcine ci hchilic Pepaltic ccS ANDc'ELECTRIC LFI GHTING207PLESWASHINGTNS ST
Thiliernho insre'shwtillThe cicg on is c\ieiclca t he ost bti i enii o hbeefi oi i i n[si- ndeiri tl-e AS EI LYcA IA Y P U BN , T ASA D H T w T, E TN .
fl oen10ccic t i do rcititetsai'fc sccicioc iccsco cr-ecic-l
rices cat'ucoocss o xc 52 cos cice o sdhe acit 01 slcd io
tive.coecih ci ofl the cotetis filin . IO
pes or i tsimooiasiroftovrci10ed
edie? I' i canotouroftvauted Active rehearsals xiii conmmence at
upeayin the leagcuexi. be on a oc.Alrescobthx ici FINE CO'ACHFEReetiS
cloaks baxis in lice future, ILs acertaiton cice nIcetnmsx-tctceiie '" " ' " For Parties,R
ty in the last was5 due to the traincig lion of takingpalHwvrnsto AN
xs'cic lin ltohganPeiresitttixe lcepositionsrenmaci to be filiedan cuc OU
r eceixved in lice severe class conccats. ancybcody hasvtng talent ascouldcomeP0000 ESDead and Prompt Service Guaranteed
'toss lice ciasscleats icave degener. forward at once.Fricends of Ice aso- ____________________________________
sled acid if is cioticeabie Iliac moat o itons01 otf h mngmn
lic eitce co'.iayer' coiluc tre of accy acqcuaintances u-ho hiavechad
ness-cmenc. It is to bchopced Iliacsomoe ay 'erenein thilaline. Many
of thecmcxcilevelcip into xscirth rep- oPW2~eioocbeliieitc Students' Lecture (association Course
reseoliclivec of .clcigcsu. Ihic line are backsard icc comicig focr-
wvard acidxiii ntic declare themoselves 0Oh!
An Interestinq lecture on Liquid Air finless strongly urged by their friend.
Will be Gicen. TIhe Interlocutor has already bceenc Listen to the Band
As wass annountced ac c-e clay's ago, selecedi but his naume'will noat be an.
Pro. . .sc-r ill give acctucire ncounceed untiil latecr. A large ciraber)
onc Lciui Actr ccice timce abouitlice atfascecialties base beeni tlanncedO. 'lie
nmcid l Alaic. hPie cI acarage- jokieasxwill callice crisa nd ustipOto dale.
mcecctxs oi tics enter'tainmentc haxa Secveraclaonigs avie iceen aeciredi eo-
beeno ccolcetelld n wricuclaccrasiptecily fort-hie coccaion.I hI ' * I
ca o bcxxie ancnomuncedi. It xwi lbe
cnderi liceauspices of te athleticasr sca-
ucsedi forthlie tpermsainent icoiccvems 01-'.ID.ENG L I SI"H ~iit
of liceithletic fheld. 'The uiuulo r-c cc - 2Ph tArie c
ticon n tcch1c sccuthcside xwiii be leveled
C"li aiiattLciotclacdfoaii RV E C j Rll Sind-le Admission,.- -''-. .-. $1:00o
gcci.jDcSousclassdccii6Iothcr nmbcra,- -- - - --150
T he lectcce i llxxiibe cuiosc c icarge jSosatanid 16othcr numccbers Iecervcd. - 2.
ccalc aod sever-a1 new experimnstIc I{' ,CCOI
ashocctwn.aSu c oh. rg Saoto is ud asasonve etCar lss tGp iiFb 2.TCET o ft ie
sic ciii be needed that ltce machinte FORiii I' -1T TE 'b'iTlOO'
oere caccid tiot turcou ~ctics cequicred13cotS.MAIN ST, . / r. , +
it osill be necessary to scud o large ___
order to hess-Yoils City.Is pect- fiEADQUURNTERS FOR
ede ofatthixpercheltenoge JOSEPH GILLOTT'S Trunks, m xr xesbttemgi Val ises , Telescopes, Dress Suit Cases
tetra exlcicii'ioia cill justify it. S T EErmL PE N S.
The admisaion will bie exceptional, GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889, EveDsc r ipcctioni. TRUNK AND) VALISE 11 PA.IOtlNO ccl LoestiPrice.
iTuesday evening, Marchc12. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS, 307 South Main Street. ANTON TEUOFEL

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