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February 16, 1900 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-02-16

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WritingI I Your Inside PocketI
ritin9~Is what youaca save on a suitor ovecoat made ttayaarardeby at. Weguarantce
fit o notale, Call aad ate, at obligation to bay. Oar itmmense asaotmtaent of
samapletstill please you. All WealSuits atiOverco-tats faoa $12.00 up.
Paper Goodrich, Walk~er & Murph. Frot Rom ver

Headquarters for
and Complete lint of GYSIUMaao
334 Sauth State Stree

ce a petfect
atvtr 3,000
First Natioal

15c, 20c, 25c and 30c.D O 1I K ? ~ mn&khn~Irt
Cot.Mainanad HuoStretts.
E~nvelopes to Match. .......''... Capital, $50,0. Sutrphis,$30,000. Transacala
gentral ibaking butineos.
4 Pittobosr StO1.rieS fur - - 5c RI EtS , Pes 1C .GREENE, Vice-Pre
4ent for Geo. B. Hurd's and Crane's Bill Alltlloriy (iigtorei for - 25C at Atn Arbot
Fine Stationery. 4 B-tlnswick Cigfars for - 25c FIRST NATIONAL BANK ortganiled8.
Capital, 100,00.Stuepltusand Peofits,$40,000
Old Number:lttacsctoagenaltbankingttttsines. Foreign
iC00 isltingCras ogravad With 440S0 MAIN ST., j ,, %~ exchangeoughttad told. Ftttnisb lettert o}
CO n pper Plate, $1.25. E. H KINNE, Pres. HARRISOIN SOCULE.
At the Athena TI eate. Calendar. a w LA -SON ab
Atn can Torchon, Raw Silk and Cheviot Johnti \. Isltaints "Octoroons' will be SatutrtdayFob. 17.-SCt valenttne's ThIfl u Arn tIbor avings M El
' lttatiflScabltl's attraction t the 110Alt- KeateDlr1101at Harris 11311 -Altol Caital IStock.5 0,000. Strtlust. $150,00
M~Xat Boards. otis TheateroSaltrila7mainand1111night, 110on1 and evnnglesce,t a51510 000
hits 01eltrtainmttt l is entlirely differentCoItIis ta te. tiv b es eot Hookis ndsllst
T uesday, Feb. 20-Sousa's Baod inIStiex tate rncipcitesoflttenitadtel
Irom.anyting ott sitmiltar lines, for bc- L A.Course.tts ts cashedIttoproper11ccdatteicatod
MOUNINGBOADS. sids tein orginl i cocepionit s (safety tdeposit hoxes to tettl.
MOUNING BOADS. stit s it.togortiiil il otttcplito Tlo Ihurtay, Feb. 22-Freshcmen caw OFFIEtRaS:CbristiatnMach, Pteso.,tW. D.H.arri-
Poster Papers in all the Popular Colors. reple10te. wit11ewrideats, anad Intelligently man, Vice-Ptes.; Chat. E. Hiscoch. Casbier; M.
0-i rirlea ly-S~~t rti aliis bTanqottuet at Flks, bhtll. J. Fritz, Aesistat Cabhier
- - s1e11c 011111 o11150It0andtoiltuming are t Fritdcay, Feb. 23-"A Pertian Gotdon," W.. aB-OTH, PRtt aAT
.1 ilt 11 tll~tll01Ia0111 ~ ithoal UnionttSeries. W. ARaOLD s iepe itianhndo.TecmpyisJV.SHEA, adVceps Sh'lL
lame corit ing of thlity riisedtitns Saturday, Feb. 24.-Indooor tracktibmet JON. . WLT. Ast.Nasie
(3O i1h c olssspialat i t datteets,5muintI1gymxnattsiumlt, 8p. itt.BJ41
II UIUI0 0 scItns1a1n11d1sin Tescentery was BU
P11 iliers, Booksellors, Statitiet-S, executetd bt Onit of Netw Yook' best Studetarae coilaltlyainited ol tin- transacts a general
attdlEngraverS, scec atiIlsts. ThelienIIingS ske- :p~~es1teur opi to litneaof stita, aver- Bniglniea
7-II-77"-is full of fut, frtvolitly,13u1coaSats ent'afurniastings otnd bats.
320 8 STFITE 87 Ittlis0115ai hotlule ao adttt ya tagS ot t -. COLLEGIATE CAPS,
ITe toli o is comoposed of somte tery toval - GOWNS and HOODS,
ANN ARBOR - - -- 171CHIIAN titdlpleasinktgolcescoadeqiiatelyceat SANY BON S' Rae to
Ie turniedland lsceniceally enivironted. This Nt'lient dowtntt ottnicall at thea Newt CAPS apd GOWNS,
U. ofi Barber TAPO BATHS compcantfiled a lotig etigagemeitcit Citetr Store, 116 Etst Hulront street.1 for R5 SPECIA5LTY.
u TeOaly Onesai Yor 110 i1111ineof pipes, tobacco attdlCiatrs.CLASS CA5NES,
S p an Bahthe Citt.Rea. Motlison Sur GreNe Y otI ' COLLECE FLAGS.
sabeeta City, dutriingFtheoearly patIof ite s03s0111. Wt V NIS, Prop. i CLA5SS PIPES,
RwhltSAE e~eak eore it ta ollniisitdereod qute ti drawiitgC A nowvlitne of M anhtattan Shirta CGLLEGE PINS,
The just tn at Watdhant, Ryan~ & Route. COLLEGE
II1IL. Bf~RBER lviTwo efttriit oos trill Ito givoen, outeit See thtemtS.Main at SPECIALTIES
00 00IATES8fTISPD1GTION ittesoitlc aipoputlar-iprioed balrgatinti- tW.KERN & CO,
- - nee a_______________ 10 t 2:3t.0 t ot ich toh o st roservedi l ie t ua ti i fe I n isuiia11100Comipiany IlI E Fifty-SeventhitSt.
UNIVFERSITY SCHOOL OF soa tr ill Ito soltdat 2; ctnts -oltiildrnol 'e or sthe1110roest compayiltYi - -CHICAGOI, ILL.
1= cants. telit.11 h avtitgto ssots of$1 o,844,- -_________________________
How~ '~ ~ IaradI hats -at Wttdltanas, Ryant 1100 toanit stcomlxfof19wasover ( mifl
etitlenin's be;inuiittlssittnayitooxo1tt .fi i>hplp
M 01 I c e.I ast bat 013nte mnrttelat 5 010100 1111reltitt 113y1 tte omp0111113any.i!3I~i ipf
(INK BR4OS., Instructors $,l00. 200 202 S. Main sC VEV n rao
'Oftica and Acadey, Nickel Call, 330--3365.State te\Methoittlst Chutitct iand toe ii Beta TbacPipe- Od n
\,NTI.Apartner oofor y law I lit ltttcce 1111111r1please 1r1t1rn1to r , <- wh
butsittess and libroary.iba~0l teen-to the steward's1 office.o -105" Atil5EiEA . , glshCuv
7P1SP CIAL HOLILDAY OFFER ! rd-fwo . banLwl, 5 tt to1 litoti5100js
MIlot. 103 1in t t 10 3c Satn.&..Roale. Soeeutpipeto
1110ofithliei , - ---them.Sothlait sltret.0bacco is So
$3.00 aTeach Schedule.
LAUGHLIN FOUNTAIN iToltlowoing scedultle laos 0 111101?if nwlo-ors fior he Ilt xttlihate(\ popular..
s Ot 010k Ct o tha t toei iwh io vxwi ted «ion 4 , The curved
1 Ct liy- 1110 _Ittiwte:ilo Itit fls xlll it. acilmmtdtedina ew Iat i bx tht ftsay okt1sante


$1. .00 Sprints-4 :30 to 6:00 to Westphial;
1. "00ntl 4:0to1Ikot Iat notlo ____conerothe___________ loor
l 2 a ac re ie-4:a301 toeHatch;1 thalf-il e rtits 10 ttiOItoI sli 111. reason. No other pipe tohacco has ever Vifi ldntesrtu1yu.10fo~tt. - :5t Hae;ml - :5 oE e- T.A.Clln.o ,,nci a ct or aeas ayfinsin osh tatm .
soat; husrdles-4:45 ato Lean; walk- ho Olilttl LifeIt.nlsuranceto Ftctaxtio f
"I Wit suits f 0j HAet 4:45 t Broolofield; Stole vaullt-bforeNoxo v ol:.asItt It ed ositS. " It disappoints no one."
"Ifitdones eat sail IJ nno
4 Anyeay youaigareeil PROaFs-IT :00 tea Director Fitzpatrick; aloot ttt sicsoctilr, tl itdcoxxxofttheIlaoteto S.
4 Eosett 0l 11ac hc ot o r II It 1101 the
Til eireitI ; -afternoons biefore 4:00, or any kine - tilbxfriIb ett n n
"q hsthe tl.i; c ll 1c-il t Htror iAthe tforenoonl to Director Ftzat- cooe cks rctxtvcl in toe ciiusiially anywhere on receipt of ten cents in
-Oo orc le to tet, l-tIESGiT ricko; hight 31n11--l 130 to06:00 kt0 Artt-sIxc IitootooIcli-it-reoiiisam.AdesOdEnihD-
only1oneenCltto 21o11e00 adon.dreisfsopartment, The American Tobacco
Sth1in tfe.
'A gillt1of never endIing-'usefl-I Co., Ill Fifth Ave., New YorkCiy
1101 1111 1of Iteiver. lte ttoAll d aessell City
tGett ourordeginel-orddeaer
Itday. State 1whet1er kixy's oIt
- 22 ~ slet' S o S rng Woolenr
t .9Grsod tDtriMih oolenso for thtecomntgsealoon ltave J 4b eic OO4
anty Bnkortil0 SI eat Coti attc in1 05ar151.11 the o t texteltolve line everotfihctally oatoptedabIt1 leingI
4r etrit. Fprodcled heroe toiFs 11011ad on (1111Collegs c o ols .nd t haeticot
____________________tables anod nowv opentfor yotu to Ctltts af thtCountr.
. -. . lkeselecttons. Wehave mdI SLR RCototiultz OtR...
l~~~~~~FBs to11111010 ac ~ sHl Tennin
Tr u..every prepar-ation to strtetly retatintoteetBSall Athtletic
NO RT H ID E ~te previouts st-onda1110of 010our 111Otaeiloratt
log and to plromottly serve oor , Spalding'a Official Leaguc Ball ~ --
T Is -thete f(001l tBSall atftte Nationlt
LAUN~fDVY, patroos.VtWe solicit youro insplctiobn LCaguean~dol isading coltegeaso
LIUIIIat an ear ly dateo ciatioans. Spaldings ease Ball taide far 19005, 1Sn
THO. R FI'rpr HaisineCCO.,~u
1003 5Broaday. as- .07 tell Pthtne 4 a,123ti3tse aul asiua ~ .- 110 rA. G. Spalding & Bras.
,, ./t}S.. WAG ERi & O., T ilors C Street. t00tytF llytifecee NEs OR,CHAGDEVR




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