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February 15, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-02-15

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SprngyOFFICIAL PROGRAM land; "Tiherange," Gerge B. Hor-I DIPLOMATIC COURSE
tan, Frit Ridge; 6:10, "The Farmer __
0f Michigan State Farmers' Insti- aa a Businesa Man" A. C. Bird, Agri-TobEsaihe-P eednso
Announcem ent Lu~~tte, Fith Annual Round-up. cltural college; 0:40, "The Farmer aa ob salsed Poednso
Announcemen a Citien" lon. Cyrus G. Lce, Cold- Regents' Meeting.
The piogram fr the fifth annualwae;91,"hMnuctrofSg President Angell and Regents Farr
sound-up of the Michigan State Farm- Cocker,9ButterfieldnLouisaeDean and
ors'Insttut, tobe hld t An Ar or from Beets," r If. W Wiley
G. H.ri IstiutItLbDhld tCnnAr.i Fiday foenoon, parlors of Amer Sittois a-err present at the meeting of
00 February' 2,20 and March 1 and 2 ian house 8Cnference of county thi- boardi of regnts ,yesterday
is s follws: delegates Newberry hall-Topic: Pof Adonssddessed the bori it
XX ~ ~ ~ usdy F aejs il lpebirierSoil,1:30,b"rom
reevi iila us s Fhur 7 ebryCattle ad Ssiie 9, 'Up-t-date Care the iteiests of advauced u-rk along
i oas the DortCow,' C. C. Litlie; 9p3 -e ine5ofa newcu-essin commierial
of sprng oolenss for mens the Chieoista Standpint," Dr. R. G eC rldicsi- fdar -rwil p--lreeecet-
yeasr 1tincludes esverythung; in K - 1 giclurlcollege; jesrl susio oaiytaficast reaiss -eftIrria o si-
staples tisat -sicsuitab~-li nddc- the Bceroogs:Se5t,0esC. ~"TilirImportance of Type sinsiatic ass-coisuiiar edscain; higher
550500 X c 'l BaIctl-iogiAsiesIt . .roofe ialetrSteer Feeding" Prof. W.VI Bomecitoeeal eduction; preparation
salshwifolthenv-ltmfoitl Agicultural .:liege; 11-tfo triewspaper uorlk;sreparatioso for
u3 0,ostgfihrnr ittse - "assntaiing Fertility with ,.Sitage for Fattening Steers," John 5. asoaiwranat sd public pi,itirapy,
etcisesitsquai-lity ind tlytle toi Ghienso Manusres"Prof. J D. Towar,hitrtl-io Bes;1:0"s
stit the isost exacting taste, GilserttHaiaor Bollege;:33,"F"LiveucStacksecil sttirtints; isstrie-
conssng of 'lop (ots, Stit- RAricutiooroa oi Fertility," C. C. Lii-l I itig StrssWithout Sileage," Rn t itnpublic adminisitration.
isg,;FIancy Vests anti (Golf liCWeaii;330 iig n1h-Iiliat alRal, IHambrg; 10:50, dicus- Thee ar severl special resonsi
Trattacrings. Wec invite 20o1 to ory and .Practice," Roland Merrill, sin~1 Wa tl fBg otefo otn i hswr utau u
al n npc u- ii-tresent Markets Demand? ""The Ba- bangers' associations is arranging to
ealland nspet ou lin tI Bento Babor; 4, general discussion cn Bog," Instructor J J Ferguson, aid our scool in the Rot and oar
T S of soil qusetions Agricultural College; "The Packer's in the uet in this liar, The LUniver-
T isesday evening, Pniversity hall Choice," E A, Croman, rass Lake; sity of Californl isaas re,y estab-
W 1 L -Topic: Higher Education. 7, music, 11:30, Business meeting of Wahte- lished a school of arts for this line af
U.atf I. Glee club; 7:30, "At the Uni- now County Farmers' Institute Soci- work The University of Chicago and
108 E. Wasbig tot) St. s'ersity, r Janmes B Angell, Ann Ar- ely for the election of officers for en- the Boston Institute of Technology are
_________________________br; 8, "At the Slate Normal Schools," siing year, etc moving toward titl end
Dr. Albert E. Leonard, Tpsilanti; 8:20, Friday afternoon, Newberry hal- i ,e ness courses swould include sev-
PRE CRPTINS "At the Agricultural College," r J. Topic; Sheep and Horses, , Question ra1lsings now taght. Fr example,
PRES RIPTONS . Snyder, Agricultural college; mu- box; 1:20. "Up-to-date Lamb Feed- selections would be mde frant the
AT we Poe sic, U of M Glee cub. As it appears ing"A MIWech, Ionia; 1:40, "Breed- lose school, political ecnmy, engi-
recetly to the boards of control; :40, "Of the ing Fine Wools' Peter Vorheis, Pan-Bering departnment, etc.
ALL inosred a University," Cl H S. Dean, Ann Ar- tiac;2 Early Lambs," L W. Oviatt,t In connection with the course on
H0O R iht se ice br; 9, "Of the Normal Schools," Prof. NorthsWillims; 2:20, "Sheep Raising public adminitratin and diploatsaic
HOURS anFdJhsoAn rbrr92,cO on the Divesified Farm," A,If, Cook, consular service an additional man
prepared is 555t thse Agricultural College,,' Capt. Ed- Osw-sso;-2-40 The Possibilities and would be needed additiosnal instrusc-
p u~piasuad ward P. Allen, Ypsilanti; music. Esentitals oHRorse Breeding in Michi- ion swould be required under the head
orde h for drugs edneday, parors of American gatsg"'Robet Gibos, Detroit; 3:10. of cmassercial gegraphiy. This latter
551 osse, hose-S conesene ofcouny dee-"WhatI Typie atHrse Shall the Michi- matni could teache indsstril history ots
gats enga n e Breed?" Prof. If. W statistics
W ider's Pharmacy Nwberry9 hal--Topic: Farm Crops. Mustfod 3:0 "Saggestions as to~ If a ewad aditions siouh:tsre a
Queston box; 9:30), "Lessons of the Someus-oo thur Recesnt Diseases of Live b ry at nunseno oots over poers,
____----- ________________ Years iii Wheat Groswing," A. 7A. roswn, ;Stock asd Remedies," Dr. . A. IWa- thsus reieing thurpresent istarucor
THE OLD 'U wltin~ ciuutrot 4,insitussckofo; 50. sri sassAgriceuturalcollege; 4, Cbos- fruitsthurgrindi.theacousin sia thur sork
RELIA LE ad nowareue ad~ icsi st 1 -asonsof thur Year iii Grosisng su uususcsssttt-'sos sltets tsaiuto
RELIABLE and TOBACCOr. , -Corn,' I,. A. CrimsonGrass Lake; WXoenasctin-Tuersday, 1:20, a orsiisalso.
Vr'IG'S As r GhUIA'i-Y. 10:20, discussion; 10:30, "Rtesuslts of . he Reifstons of Goad Cookisg to the Is is stt itended to mikute a pecial
R . E . JO L L Y & 0c .a Rperisetir ill 'ihLIegsue," Prof. J.5calls oh thur Family, Miss Bele egser at preein, ui to isccredit
D T owar:10:40,5dicussoss11 Ru troweuri tr ushcollege;- 2discuso tits siorkinitthe us' rt-riterar
ations ittCropss." A I-.IPsisses Ktl son; 23,'Isstictica in Phusa Sew cors-e t Anewr degree suis' te sworksen
Ia; 11:20 uliscussin;ss11:30 Ness ingii-nuthe H-ome," lisa. J.CL.K.HPlo 'ut i tue stur StAe snesrschool
AHelpsin Potat5o5 srassin',"15.L. 1cn suTerAgrculturl colee; 3discusswouslIceass-gnedtousheslrte'raryr si-
AAgne-sstursi ectllege AfternoonNewshsn;u3:30 aaress hr Dr liza Mshhiprtet fosthepeeta es
bryhlToi:Fut1,Questiona ci AnnsiAtlas; 4 sscusssssotas
sax; 1-20 "Thur NessTim'IdsaIsle n Wedehisday 1-0 "Wel lre'lCliirtertatos-set 5 I)ctii ntirter new
-- trofI 14hu ics en s.s MryussMyohas tle oticre'
((ruit Gross us Pos . Bilyrreels- : isseuss ass 2:3' "Habt eand lDeaiiiliHudsn emphsarsidthur sug-
Cornellutisvsits, IhasuesN YV,2:1I)a 2 sses biss IMsudusIt Keller A-retoso rf Aas
Dl discussions2;0, Lessonsuisofthe Yeas ricutur-ucolulege; 3sdiseussion 3.30, so PotN ss
1iCtionary i eui sseu- ossu hssl adrsty blss Julia igX 15s11astilThle ureensssadsotediia5 ressoluiin -
inPechCnvun , olndViiil; ,Normal college 4 discussion strustusug thur fcuts- to arrans hefu
75e "~~~~PresentIadIFuuse of Micshiga Ap- Tusda y atenoon Visit to theue ssadscr h a ,nsT
7 c ils S HIFulonSoutho iaseni;smuseuns art 'ganery asd gysmsnasumn
:20 'Nesw IThoughts ass Stmall as thur guests oas es.Luau a, M.oshe estesirusitinus'to commencseur-thessorks
Ps-suts"2J.NStearnsaKalaisiauoo; 4 wons-0t deianvh ofiii ,ivrsstynet-c-r
Z'r o lie alt horawill be ,give" n al llchijAir50ansgeents wsrerrmsns or tbetter
e "lsectuciesesFungicides std Spray gust suioads.
hutoDteig," Prof. IfR.Taft Agriculutralh Ihea-tng-'nuthelisbsars luss sic.
collegeEsesning Unversty hail elai Team Sill Not Go to Penn- he rchemicalsdeartmuestasedisun
aiS t ~~pA Mscude ieto fA AStan Iclania ,additionsuthoits ludsgetsit laS. oswisg
A6f IcAMAY ly, A M.,01fthur Unvesty; 7:0 It u its prctcally cetan thu-t to thuricesuei thiscost uPfsmaterial
"iudi, r alC rerns i- Mihi-an-ansil-h lo endesf rlayc usditussince thureesiate.sTheIure i a sur-
"iud DiPuCFt Usto theinustroleiat soeet to 'sbegivn ilts usother isessiucho siill Ie on
- - verits'; 8030 "'hue Trsh ofAgsicusl-ibythis'Usrtes-usoh esussissuanIt
turus Education, " Prof. L.IH.Baileys flu-t thu-t the, expenuse nsuress notehandtos redhuce thur Iudget snet ya hrdy, alr fAeia os auitdframr e r, oti mut h hmcldprt-
isue Seconferseeatfcounsty de aisles rthretauus-suss r irtt - s tussriessudsaseeforis-
itss 845 viits thesisnisit i ciaursing ss'es forunksisowssn mixtures
andstStile Nrlou solelege t Ypsisulni.t Dir es torBirdi ii ,,v us u~s
Nesslerry hall 0:4, cnfeence of teegram frout Yal-sifr insg a gmec -t $i as) tsIis Iudet. It -sas advanced
beet sugar tmanufacursers awish Dr HNewPHtsen ositu Ge.'Sfrail iis et buduget
GOING AT . ... V. Wiley chief chemist deprtment of It is hardly possi that Clueao usf eadswasted $05 added
agrculture WashingtonsDB C tcstMlisaenauwietoitsadulto n- s feoiiiass ad bll awhich he suppsedtard
~~~ 'Thusdaly aternsoon, Nrawlery hal asnmet betweens tie two managers Paids last reus. It passed the see-
-topic: Sugar Beets :1, "New have beesnits vain, as the datea which trys office, litawas in the treasurer's
I ___Soltions to Old Sil Poblenms," 'Prof. have beets submitted in each case officers, waitisg for' vouchers, ahen
'1 4~~~~~. I Bailey; 2:30, "Lessons of the e rpsts oSagt od hver been impssible. Michigan affer- the books closed, It was alowed
£ Ye-si in Sugar Production," Dr. H. W. meet in Ann Arbor May 2. As thia Prof. Davis h-d a bill of inearly' $8
Wiley; 3:30, "The Present Status of is one week before the intercollegiate for ishat he overran his "udget last
______the Sugar Industry in Michigan," Eu- meet, Stagg felt he could not take his year, e turned its abut that amount
gene Efield, Bay City; 4, questions men so far away just before the big from his budget the year before, and
and discussion, meet, and declined it. Then several the bill was allowed.
S Thursda evening, University hall- others were submitted, but in each The matter of a plan of ventilation
'U :3, Farmers' Organizations"; case the dates were out of the ques- fr the reading room was referred to
W"Far- H~ mers Clubs," A, N Kimmis, Mid- tion (Ctinued os ae 4i


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