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January 27, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-01-27

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AJACOBY CONCERT Isors. This gives 3.112 cents as thel BASEBALL TEAM.
isJ D A rilliant Success. Recalled ater tl n)1t11ws installed the Cssv Its Prospect For The Comin Season
Final Dumber, sity ssspaying the Ann Aror Elec Wl d icsedMnajNqt
Tine1 o he ssfouhlcnetoi h Coa y klwt otas i 1 rsssstese lisses i eaul e 01111 00me11etingin iiteo 111r-
FiTE ne S RIN H ciic assc o ns eal lol 1I wloid appear tiat the Civsersity r:,of 11 1 bahcboall laiswill lbe held.
S u t i n g s , G o t S u i t s , E s s a o s s a l a g i s p a n t i s. 2 7 8 c nt s o a n e v e r y h o t S e v e r a l t yc s ~ t Ci f i rt a n c s e t o t h e
A We ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ wf Carrr A 111111 11111tissasole111a101 osol f el2ctrasityised isa th scestfpi nwl edistoss t
Fa c ete Lars t ecl, ['his lcrt \s le ne wt tutalsor.dte pln fo th im saoi
C isw t3dtolss pr, se fost thess e rss i c- 0 hd11110 1110I~t~ o tt~t
00o C dourta idced hV 111110 CI 15011 dipec nsi ptvr in a deces l m serIoifdi a111 lssihll1111,ses
In th Citq10 110c1ncr fron 1 s o bylea r s uei sg ri ss i rit is now0 cistg, a ntit e d rcst p r: u ie.er (5 sso salctIi o ll0551 eg ost 511e
TeR S U T S E I L Y T i, rr i l l IB l lse11 y111 a1111 a ssit fisssiesso 3.3os r tart spe r c i glo t h o r t csts 1 43 en s. II til e CV l O5 ltyls Sa ao il)nced active
Ii or oltg 11011 I ossasofi,.lie r -ssand S ore e l wota lat d s ie $C,7 tive t111ci 11013 tsohit ime se t a pti e
0 0 AT AHNTO T httOsol~rt lotth torimduhatollli s l getlad-sos re thpanit nwisos itgeali dI oongtes m e .osol1011I ttdt sr
se n 1 5 .1 1 1 i II 1 11 d11 o le t -eC rlh a ~ s e pv it . 1 e t s t e c s e i - n o r w r i l c r u n n e n t
1151 1 ediha ll pain.llac i iso o ubt , o ee st h ieo ttol ho ur po e coand fr e riring 140 a- wIkland practcolloo ntiete xl od 0
StO I? reecttunr Flom i ernde, poe i adescre noomb er ofuste o rot00110011alltse atio yl rge
In1c ithet Ctieioty10001 oras re am s aa8e benti, ade the sstpemr osor eseatooske.rae illebe utto t it
00 ee dteaproatsor oot 101the aenetots r hihthe r amoh s poce. the t hoc 11100 Satrdlists orasangs
°$° le1il s0n 01i 113 leaIs 11site 011He Cosc ine ti t sn a rraiofted, ti e e a tlto it t eot rthe Jus orat b Otctso
10 ATW SIGO T ws o rder 01 p51f1t 1 stoi iol nds oheatolot tmn t~i~a514sassesntsglamp sht praciceila l beginl al t' o p a t ett ir-r
eve teay nd poiate11001 ysto e m i t as ollet potvr age ai os o er d eachng 420c amps 01111noo t t o l aot aTh e eill is of
Sap Itamotorsssedtby soeaggregatetofu1
hoRu h o Riti 01513 stlporese ster lare5tmeoo ralcaac the001a1111 illoalo w osette er10 ll argshoeoso
sl ot s tefl Ig e asawil ito e ragei lamps, laevlilten 11115 toilthtisyetei
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01 fir which10theiody ncos poducethe a h a etieno hsrao h
oh IDonumb e teewarl yiato l as too u sded i ors tiatnidrtte tt l51ei 55 ba iitt m n l lpo011be lien 0h
tern includesi5,194 itnac -anseta mpdtsosy ilst p tiy f sigit ill tei
Fhc Fruelist-rloot-ia 1e)dereo uhoerohsot betts ceutssomstool
7 h a floo 111of 1ft dsogeliht iap-irtoAstsoontatithe000001e10wohlIptssi110
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THEinOLDtFoot encores. At h. loot 0 of lii" outsose nd tolth oialswis but 725 t iat te menwlil ha1 0011e1ncedltyoc
-o 1. on 0-1001 to. u iec rs a p reiti n cssa o su o n no ntosac haetht can ie
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25 , andcnce will wa___________ - h is t 1011 tthe clio ofth ie no( th soomt e los t -ilen a dtoo ato T oe sed lete lutisoots
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VAK NSPH R AC ltoloor slctrciy ro humniter
"Dehotorsin l e itr. btnt.. humsector- the to al citpsot to t h e wo sot hi to bueiltd to th sloe trest l
_____________________________ - Sityefso t th ee.stot h iglot stood l gtt er udlitato nt her c entwllb n ot es toocitto rinytol soulan
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O"stooh t l oie rsicty, loots o... tNein e nt11110101gstPer lma lho r-soosuoo r oll ideellO it i s e Sa lo ot thsca s t t ne
S W [A EGomo-teotaoog ata. for he i~lesimates slwosrkheditoutat byi:Mr.isyca
The fngttreaoshorthan t hose s l Jo n e hs- rli aslor~t001 ls05 hllows:15 11 Iiui t tliti o ho igh store tt
Ineroet iFri a t eia, e ruary$2,0;, 100In cte s, oroohiats oron, e drs-..$5, l87 00 t han do'ts he IO llelteanit he t ri al
7 5 c h} a u~~~a r tet,- - - -1gT~tidlisu,775 bo00 .....so..is........o2,75 00 dhtooeo gsoooyefalottiee arhoe
globes -t-..........1,840-pric-840asto 00ct ods cn
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_______ cPHAR ACYtng aso heei st smthe iea frmbcost. 0 itsd rocolo ra h o r oae astl are b I- b it paercoe of tleocincare ,
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neritbuilding on the w cmeos,] l.i tdet ft oo o lyn

The total amount of work donse by heosalo ct o 0dos oiodso otblavrlgamoes. The gancs for the
A Hthe plant at the present tim e in a per- dancing till c antitnuec u otil alom ost m id- Eastro t ript laved 000 yet b ee o defin iely
W M H - iod of one year is 179,700 kilowatt night. arraonged.

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