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January 19, 1900 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-01-19

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PRE-NVENORY ALEAll Shoes Greatly Reduced
ON ALL TAN SHOEmS 119 South Main Street

The Niagara Falls Route.
Taking EIccCNovember11'), t899
Detroit NightE pes.........5 5A 31
Atlacttic Expes.............74
Grn cRapTiscExpres.....c ....t1
Mail and Expes i..........347 r,
N. Y. Bostonc Spccecil..........45
Fact Ea'tccc ...............94c
Bcstoc, N.Y. cud Ccatcgc.......80
Fact WAectercuEpresc ...cc .... t..125 P. Dc
G.MR. at act E x hpccs.........53
Chicao NighttExcprsc .......... it 2
Pacific Expes ...............2t15c. 31.
Stcamchip Tickets, alt Casses, to ancd frccm
Eurcpeau points attcowcst cratea. Futtiafcr-
G. P. &T.A'tCicagc. Ag't AcncArbcr

lVeutscbter, the li~hotogwapher. Maudolios ail
Such tac Jocephc ttcchaic's, Watihn'
U H F I Lund lrunsaiccccconccsale atctic
SceIrie musicStoroI
W. Liberty,ccnlyi2dcrc fccoMacck'c Cccrner
The Fine Tailoring Hlave You
se 01ou POCEAINS? Ficnet
tigot ol plcec it the cityi
Taeof the City. weeyucngtte.TaeSEGA AE OSMR

i z. , 'L, I tlcihlf-milerc repiot diltoHiBaycc TONIGiH T. 112 W. Hurcn St. N. S. Phone 119
at 4: 110.Therc is isure cti e Ottn ti tensce
,3 N5. s D MI hz. z. mss; Al stinttler s reort dallyto t Wes~it-auitencie iitihe Y1Icilcilti Operca.chouse
TIM TA Etn h Ose-_ aosSlSihknEffect, Suday, Mcut, 19,allatoss s ..isselt sy,"APciir ttelationItiicIiI.e S II UL
Traics teace Anc Arhcr hy Central t Sad- . rccntidcates cihoc tave ttt its a rarc chanceifohr ciietplaycerc ci
cad Tine~. handci n tt titames hatre requccetedithtits ct it iseiiriiitg pilayen
SOUTH NUR~I tootsavc hent at oc tttthe irsettcctrs cteut ticatshpeiottr ccmpiny ofrt- cX SATURDAY, JANUARY 20,
offce. J. F. icLean.its.
*No. 6.-t7:25 A. SM. Nc. I. -:,6Ae .FakJ.K ea stut qa t o iit uso'GetPa
Nc. N 4 2.-18:30 A.M . *Nc. 3:.14:56 pccMu thapcter Nttlof ttte recpoittofitt htt fulfiilltthe hgh expcectcticcns traiscd
__________________eventhfor Stohfil1i iStiittcsel. tiach
AlltrIains daily except Sunda y. Foreign InfuectecUpon Edctaticcttit is ocotmicsect, cc giototsthe cictitag otf
E. S. GILMORE, Agenct. tite United Statec, is hy Dr. B. A. Keenacn. a c c*c*c*c*a , c *-*c*. u 0
W H. BENNETT. ii. P, A Binsciale. Theichcaipter occupies
Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Ar- itirtyceighit pagec of the repcort toil A copcte licc of Adler Brcs. fine NEXT ATTRACTION
ctitns tma~tter wchich is precentedt to coits at Wadhcamcs, Rlyan & Reole, 200-.A aheosHnym n
Care leiave for orR etroit uala~nd Ypilanti th ulcfrth is ie 02 S. Malocst. ABceo' oemo
every half hour, beginning at 6:45 a. m. LOST-A Sorosicitn oct itht lia- NWTR
until 8:15 p. m,; last car for Dietroit nioncdc. Flitter plectsetease at Stewo- Ithere is comie clciscsoinatoongE TW
11:10 p. m. Waiting room, corner Ann ard'scciice or at Sorosis hocuce ansi tent irominent in tthlttettiec ciso
and Main ctc.; Detroit, 11t Griswaold ot. receive rewvard. bringinig Cacpar Whitney ihere lot
- PwTe centior clact social tic be held lecture aind it tosnoore thtuniprobable D AN C IN G
in B~arboutr gytnautottm e~t week from thtat an attetcwciiilhieincie tose
next ttttrday promisestott Ie a very cure blot.
BRAFST-cN RO opulari affair. Many wiltlsvhet tuhi GRANGER'S ACADEMY.
appetite for dancing and aloo obtain MI~t~CAL CLUB NOt iCE. ________________
y # sonic needed pracctice for it tt the Alli memsbero of the Glee, Banjo cod IREAl) THE DAILY.
SUPPR S, LUISMOM "hose-armig" oniht.Mandlinclus met Suinday ct 11:30
SUPERloST LO ISat Randsalamlg'sottgt udio. Every --- -----------
WAAH FS RIS TeUniversity was tepreosentted at toetmberexpcectedc oo eet 0oqI-
WBS -FATTAN ftse meetitngs of the affiliated organiza-Iiprompcty. I.It.WoodirowP jjjjPre.u irso h oceyo1mrcnNt Iiflsk
FRE - CHAIR CR tuits t theSoietfannuametitnN theldUI
FaL iI~ctal sntvtritynalDecettmbeld-28 lPofessor iHeniryS, Cari4 Nf he ,,,aranted lot 1 Yenr
at ateUnverit Ocetnce 20 departmeteof01tils s5 inoirs sn
icy seseral tmenmceis oc flhefacultiesgIc.Geewo,3.YACiaoo e-ive icr a year is stuici tepb$1.00
jec.G cactt i A(tct t cci electric at etc lerng i J Aid Leading
Students arecortdcall nitedstcl cto in/orii sGituIProfiessor Weber. 1. M" rnoiu, Jeweclerit lne o uisovr
te ctciresplftrnisingtscandtus
__________ sc tctiuRoya niRelc, aSc cain s. liii faicustyof tcritiiis ccollee its TheMostCoMplet
'iS i~ict ilaca icue SMai ci ecidedltco give the ecitc iiitorici sci1e Coof iet
HOCKING V LLEY RY,01 tHisdledeal the hts lomueopaiththcatrlit etihusiandcredt, thisecllege nihirpper,
OC K Nit VALEeptaciiritmuetilecturiers to thce ediccci hre usius ,wtithe liccl i u aL fini ac fLoss iy Chcolates iccth
lei dtr ec in ocir ediit. ct
tcl cIssschoccilthygientecester __city_________ cn he foccndlat Tuttle'
4 TUIN~2S DAILY 4 cisc.
_____________________1,115 1 Ni it terciccesle toileage
Bctwciec Toleds ndccccci Ocssinccg tccion -3sO)11011ESSES. oissued tiy the F. & P. 1-., Nit. 338 SOUTH STATE ST,
dtepot incoh citcice. B t i ttt tsic Nccct.s 888. Finler returcc anii c e ier1 I1
gicSicice scS~sictciccctcitiiDi on'tess lceBa icetlyte Houni s-Wri ng ccc
Throuh~loper t~aslingtnand~ltiiore.the Brbo r GymaiiIsFriay evntiad.S. In O, illsS. tga5l st MS5 MA.HMIN.T'
tug ci tis u-eel. Sit friendts cccthe
GREAT RAILROAD Womni'siLeaiguie criliniiytvitiei. DA NCINGi.' FU E A
tickets M C IN ( L " ll et cei (rtsc. cinTh stiisitttg tiit utbjGci ci
[ '(, 1 !'i7 (," 7 _ acinac-ii do iii uto callciiat Gat'o.DIRECTOR
Writeelets.1rankic'03iChieic hl ft ci 'ssit c hol f iacing. .rivactes ir Emboalinig a specitltv. No. Still8B. 4th
I, h ..~ctyloge ti cictt]it a Businetsctc s itti inst a ss leton~s it r an ci4rs ticGran90% Ave Aibticcce cnighit toil cay. Ltee.
T, i L s.o. t 4, trot . JBston.ii (Alice a dlemi~cy ot n M ytitrdticreeitidea V ot ece 30t2 Fifth Ace.
Ai- -- -- . -______-_ _
~rrit Ra~Kting 130 Ut§ 3 O
lull, Black and Tan for'Mepro e
~~r~ioAre ~w nd Waterproo
O A vryKn NOHDETREEbalmer act sI61Ecasut WilliamnStr1eet
1 Funeral D iretrI UivehirsIiityccut one-half bitch wedtlFn
~, ~Men. EnchitOet em eLady Annsitant. IIofat buicldingf All kindse
K M 21EvSer in NOH"ITEL04 O i ~retc S orpaiiR anaty on hotos
cohPonsN . t19SW.Washinig- No. 1liON. Liberty StreIet.Reideace N33 L slnclpuE.tLfmneatRdocic
ton St. ~AnArbor. Fourth Ave, Bchihonuects1 .1o9E.Lmbrt

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