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January 16, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-01-16

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4I *O

94 PaiL



No. 80.



E Suitings, Gol Suis,
Fancy Vestings.
A We CarryJ the Larget
I Stoch
L In the Cityj
trseh that wlltnat -tat
ther ites. Weplact all
deetie (106
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE OLD oee severswe2etwets
RELIABLE "y.adnw r
L 'tIL,!S A SpasOtAL. FY.
R. E. JOLLY & C(
Eeeryting yo ead a
Cae te hld thcaa
Bacteriology and
Histology Sets
Everything yaa want at the
vry het tqalit,ad atr
piesarae-wel, askas.
Have you Seen Those New
PORN, Ii <lId
OF T lE=
University nd Ann Arbor

(PREPARING FOR CONCERT years under two master he owes ELECT A SUCCESSOR.
) and Mandolinnearty att hia work to his own inde-__
Unierity Gle, Banond Mndo tnendent sueie. tIn hte twenty-fourth Mihianensian Board Elects a New
Clubs Hard at Work. year te was made court painter to Manaing Editor.
T The Uiversity tGtee, Banjo and Philip l Thia gave tim an p- The Michigan Boardt held a meeting
Mandolin elubs lave competed their sortuity for more seccesful sttdy. yesterday fteressn, chiefly for tht
Horganizati .nfr the year and are hard He wetnt to Itly twice, the secontd lerss teete5aseess oi
at work preparing for their annusal tme as te official representative of 'iwt a etcleet
the ing o puchas a cllecionof Pitlin, '0 h a etcleet
E concert sridsspring trip. The date se- Stiinissresseacleiue tkesp Ihis wor: at te Paris exposi
lected fr the house concert is Februolrtits. [iis latter trip was in 1l13. tiun. All the eleven members were
ary10S .'its is tie nigiht following After that time le remned at the peee tatrsnepeisse
tileJetsio Hupandis ustaderd ~cutlt itt i eerid sentil iis death, 16d0, so leypoedd stt lc
th uirHpadi osdrda isuso hypoeddt h lc excellent dlale for the concert on a- paintineg a great numnber of picture te n s at a rpsd
coat of the large nmber of out-f- chiefly ploteaits. Maty of these sete that of Mr altmene Shirley Symons, '0
Iin Detroit one week later, February a csnsearisets with contemporaries be- MtrSmontsss eminenetly capble of
17. Other dates are being arranged catse he 'id not come in cottet situ fillng the ptsition, having had cu-
Lbet save nt beets deinitely settled. any, esor by he work of his e~Jssl forsdet--ble experience along sisilr rseraegodfrnexletheouedoe.Hswn okgveie.Heasbnammerfte
L~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~~~hn Prsepir go o necelttlefsendaeeln ru. His seawrk ay eteie albeiamuse'o;h
Sprogram, The clubs are stronker thsn istlespseWnat.Hsink aii t eleehtsard for tree years an
Uthey ave Seen for several years. All in drawing and his devotion to his arlhas dne sekrl for other peblicatisna.
Rof last yesr's Glee Club are back with wer his ities-aisometoorces.1t heworka whch he has undertaken
Rtwo exeptions. Although, but few 1of whis palitings-srlymeitwoeor tecare
hsndred-esin be authenteally inde eelb ntlcesl ifeetbcu
the instrumeental members have res uf te deav dee to Mr. Pitkis leav-
turned to college thesew material is tifgedobeegesese.heypainted atusos
I vey got Al thre ofthe lubstirely fr the wealthier classes who tgelee M.Syesai es
verygoo! Al tree f te cubskept a careftl record of teir paint ee of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.
have commenced Isolold three re ins- n I hsrepc, he walse h oardi considered the matter ar
lesats a week and are rapidly work tg.teh ti epc sewsno le tdesefcl photographs whlich are
fortunate flas most of the artist.
ing se tta- rogramA nember itt pictures f Iis best paint toattpear iea the Mieigaensian. All
The ofsIP ers and members of the sensrs ae trged to brig itheair
cha~s aee a tullows tgs were displayed by the steresptst ps nps tIsyh-ees led
PresidenttitusR Woodrow, '00 _________dene su.
L.; mans er George Von Niedla,'00 Gift to Columbia. Ilni aMcia taGm i
L.; secrete-v ,thas J.Dorel, '01 1L. olenaIlsliniersiy lss.eeMic hiac tah aeo
executive cosmmttee T. . Woodrow', ceivedth lie frt gift fromteJeeshn bece51lisbet ieneDi.fe
G. Vona Nerdla I. It.Sutphen, '00 L, Itcefelee It amoutedttlto $100000 dcee selee9 hasibiensisamedssthu
J. H. 'Thoasoian, 00 L A. W. Notoet, antIshe terms oifthe deed of gift pro dae wete Isllisig Wh~ist club ite
00; a.J. Crowley '00 L., and L. . videdathtlae it shaould be usied fr thse(to -tuet theMichiganIllst chuMessrs
Vtet c'OC 1-ltG and eicit theieseir ulactyMeitsrsg
It II etetlsfithschairleepsychrogy .Alaslte ofIthe T .feel .51Whbist dls.
Glee i t i.StTe ede;"er Colmbsfica trustees w ere Iteit Yiileac e ssea
tira Dela I.5 ttoesley B. . Stb- arly gratiteel o receie ilhis gift frsa it 1Itsleigeseca.
bitas, '0'Le'lank Marvin, '02 'L; se- Mr. Rtckfele, is it affords aetr____________
~~~~~~~~~~~pe seed tentor-C.J. Dvel It. H. Sutph~ens, rees oie lsrelfreseeel
cXV. Vtlt stesaes00edHfor.theleydo,-Meeting ol Track Team Candidates
111h hee L; irt ass R WodrwJ eet 51feuiversity trfessorsipis. ITleemetitnga oftthe caddates o-
CI- fle tira teass pomaises to be largey
Simasons, -T C. Hi. Rteynold, '00 L.; se- Athletic Board Meets Tonight. etsael tsilbeseithsee-
eteelatasI..H.VerdirC. . turlea, The AtletictBttardl seill oeet to-sigct fle Gymt, at 7:0 o'clsck.
'902, c. F. Jones., 00L1., E. SF. Parker bighS isa he Ttophy ttoom at 7 o'clf-k.aos eilb
, S. tubinsosn, 00.as usrhecuming esa o ilb
Althsoegha tis is the Perst meeing, discusseu anteh e full scheduele ewill
Banjo Club - J. H. Thompson since the holidays it is not expected tehal i essseel h ade
leadeer; bsajearines, J. H-. Thtomplson hstaytepnssroibrseeee tablya bte nue.e Detor
J. S. Stasasart, '02,. hL. Feench.'99;tha; n tn gbtee rdaeDrco
banjaux C.hi.Veitas, '0 h.. can eteupest as Mr. Biaired is still in the aterd asa e sessor Stagg al u
bnauCL.Wto,'0Laneast netiating sithlca csles. cssharec' nacsg clssesal
Wessels,.'03. John 'Emerson, '02 Eng.; anthemet,_akigapostioal
guitars, I. K. Knight, '02, C. M5. Jack, A Neat Regent Comes Tomorrow. tesore desrable.
02 Med. 1. . Zimmermane, 'O,VW. Tmuorrowe Regent-elect Sutton taese Speeches wei11 be made by all te old
A. Pearsons'00; mandolins, A. W. his tplace n the board, Peter Cook n; nMLen, T1eetel, Hayes, etc.
Norton, W. A. Avery. retiring. There has been some eta- CoashitItatriekswill give his ideas
Mandolin Clsb-A. V. Nortosn, ea- isity exressed ats to shether Colonelan ed asg ouers fsr practice to theo
er; first mandolins, A. W. Norton, W.Stuttoun esderIis tresent embarrass- variosandidatsates. Thee nameses f alt
A. Avery, '02, C.V. Brooks, Rug., J mesnt uS being sundeer so inditneess caddatecseill cals hietaken.trest
J. iicks 5.; seconet mandoslins, . C. will sloep, lit. saseanssyttingshich itesrest has bee honintessork
Stevens, '0m, . J. Bidwel, '02, . F. he die ilt o etad n reference t altot set asand tiesmeasetng swill hr a guod
Ksutter; gtrss. Vt. A. Pearson, R. K thee admnistrationa of thetUiersity begainnig ofthetscseasosswosetkh
Knight, C Au. Jack, h. MS. Zitme. there seets to be no reasosn why tie
na;fluse', A. F. leaver, '00 Eg.; stould islt take his seat swits the U fM Minstrels
violin.Vt. C. Iitchell, '01; cello, VW. N. oard. MhaaegHsarry IPottereof1theITU si
Chaffee, 02 Eng. _1Mt intsstrels lass decdedretsIslt ils
There is still site vacancey its the Harard Scholarship bg ssewcia the batds is Anfte Arbor
Clet tesnor part. Rxainations for In 109. ttEward Asstin, as Boston just beore thee sprngehliay-ts. Itt
this poesiion swill be heldsIsonice tinee merhante, beqesateedito H-hrsarlswillselec callersApil 651oh us foe fiis
nextsweel. Uniesity $001,000. theseicoe seto e daste Hrieas beat ifrkfseesoet
sse seo cit-eiyssmeritriosestudfesst ase.te sntu i5p osser uftiheedings
Dr. Bourland.s Lecture, id iteleses e tassist them he he tlenins eethe Uiversty though reg-u
trof. 1B.P. Blandeaellast naihtad- talt-etetof tter studsies.'' Insthe 5 sealesas al ott thistheparht wsill
dhressedet fle Unity club osea sub seas fii ees et oftisletestate, tiarardl rceat lea abesuntil -ste- the -(,leerelsie
ject. Velesuteae.' Sieg ets lahsshei eiv steth$_'0-h .OOIn fulfillmeit ofrcocert Ste.Ptter is dsirosus that
sas Spain's greaestaipear. Hes'ss otSMreAsitin, thee Preidlent eey studet whos rcte do a tirasof
live-difreeai1509 tl t s 66.Hews a nd 1+teeth hs 'haeva'otedl that $2,000 ste liusrether see linas sons
Itislhsat-i consesquenety la-tl tt teethhllhreassigned yearly from thu in as possiblre abut thee ustters
right tea the -tithe l)st, -Put lees faml sties of theits eqest to establish il VM htRcpto
sas not wesalthsy.Iltesas etducatsed nshlashs,115 cdssithe astannuas theMreC.ist.eeecfeeUtioenit
flee classics anth theusussal coursre sties'eof ;:0 I.M C . ishas berntalkn; abosttsso
en to wel-to-det young smen, to pee ogwl oeof1rdyeeigo
p Iare thesesfr thec proessissahe ro Reda Paper. this week- 'Ts s fleefbst tetefe
teas probably ifted for fle law But Dr Cccnge- Dock, Professor of I- association Isas venttured to eterisi
at -a very early agc he manifested ternral Steliera' e will read a paer on ther "lade 'frends and everything
suhartisic ability that l ee w as al t'he'D a is,'o of Prevalent Leuiae points to an enjoyable time Almost
such mi" ets'e the Northern Tnt-Stat 250 invtetioshlave been est to a
-4owedte-Mtake up studies in -that di MediC 1 o lfety which meets tOP sy-t many ladies faclty memers at
'r-C tion:Though he studied some Albon ' pastors




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