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January 15, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-01-15

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94 Pai10


JU IR CLASS ELECTION. On the third of March the anneal
WI...L L ) UNORFresh.-Soph. meet will It held and
Anther One May Have to be Held to week from that date a seam will prob,
..T. to Elect Certain Officers. OllheentoNrI m to-s
TTPete in an indoor n i. which Chi
Fine Considerable feeling seem to have cago and Wiscocnin will also enter
i eee aroused in the Junior class an a teanis. On March 24, the annual ' 'a
H WINTER and SPRN H result of the election on loot Friday. sityindoor meet will occur in the Gyns
E Suitings, Golf Suits, E One faction claims flint the account as Oberlin hasaskaled for a trackc ceet oulr
Fancy Vestings. published in Saturday's Daily in evsa it in undleciuded whether the rois
000ive in omcitting to mentioii certain ac. will be granted or not . A celay tenai
l ions, aicd misleading iii tieeicceiu will probably lie sent to Pennsyasrnia
T DRESS SUITS A SPECIALTY T sions which are reached. As most ofi in lihe early spriiig and dual mecca
othe closs left before the result of tlic: will ice held with both W isconcsic acid
A WeCr ° h ags ballot was annocced they do not Chicago besides the Western Inter
A W Cary he argst ickow the real result of thse election. collegiate meet. And, the material
IStock / The nisumderstanding arose icc this dlevelopinig, a team will certainly lit
In the City mnncer: After the cachet hail beeni seict to Paris. tBesides these probable
I takenc, which was a blanket occe; it mneets wills sfher colleges aind iniver-
L °° was founil that some pecsons had vsot- sities the regular out-door meets, tics
0 108 EAST WASHINGTON ST. O ed for two memibers of the "J1"bali Freshi-Sopi. and ehe 'Varsity, will ho
committee when they should hcaveseiild some timce in Mhay. At the latter
R R voted for oncly one. The tellers be- of these the sorority race, introduced
Rfore counting the votes agreed to last year, will again be made the tea.
D throw out all ballots welch contained tiure of the day.
W I L 5 D this error. It resulted lnt 19 votes
WLwere thrown out. After the vote was The House Warming.
____________________________counted soil the result icon knowin, At ice tince in its icistory has the
there was a disagreement ancong ft 'Wonmen's League been in so prosper
W iL Etfcllers. These of thce Lit. Eng. party ou a ccndititou as cit present. The
isbnR'wh foccudflint they hod scifferedi chief aimi of lice league, fromc its org-
ncest by lice throwing outtiroicess no ici hs- en ount tecolg
SrPEC IAL wished to recoccsidecr their acetioinialcl-] ilciis ceifc cct heclei
count theiineteen hallnts. 'lie other girls secic'llv.'flits has beecn accoca-
a 1iii tellers refuisesd to chicange from the titisbin thiilie pacst year lcirgelyliy
, cci origicicli agreecent. lucre w'sa dci's ici cigyiacci stnheCcsucggesbrsesehaciliotse
sii rite, W elc l iareiement acicincg tics'tfllers icc rigairdicy hr. Moushcecr. ice schema', as tel-
a etveoe.to liii' lirs of fu eni. 'lie 's-cte osi lioieid, 'si 'to icith ie league caeca-
2,5,tio,ec-livof cthelii'caccrdledlicciieo-cas iioegoiips of-n, "eaclithcl a c
t ewa sccis cf-Icllois : i-llc,,i girl"isstraider, acid one or- mcoie
Wilder's Pharmacy Liltecary- Lit-Eug.- ptres'eschosen fo mn h
*I{ I'ccclcnh O. Dudley, 80. These ltecnsiceitonce a mcocnthifor
OLD r sveralwuks wi-Sacse'sice-P'resideint:tei niectbcccighle s
THE LD bcn ayin in -cscckifr fc, th prpseofbelnortona, 79. Spottssoiiids, 92.
RELIABLE byads owcatrct i revadyith queeearcilaaicatci, cahin slgacniifoirmal goici
GAandscc TO1ACC(O. Kea 4 tniece timce. fteretfoire thcesi' meetinags liars
t 11'ffi A Cf'ftctAt'wY. beccciheldiini the 'girl's rooims, isut
Na record 'sas cepttoflice 'sway fthesteasharcsticsness lecigcue Ialcacr
R . E . J O L L Y & C0. Ilieten'ofsr-ctlorrgadso lared,,, fur, ~ '

Stagqg and Baird Talk Over Plans.
Saturday, no was expected, Director
Stagg stopped off in Ann Arbor on his
'ay back from the east. He and Grad-
usfs Manager Daird spent a very con
siderable portion of tics day in con-
sultation over the athletic situation;
acid in lice arrangemnc't of terms upon
swhich future cocntracts icay ice based:.
'The meeticngseas of sic entirely friecnd.
ly icature and at no tinma was there
es-en o suggestion of ny bait the best
act fteliicg existing betasecn the rivai
uiivsersities linpersonatedl by the tric
diretors of athletics.
An entrire agreemcent 'sas reachcd
iegarding foiofball gamces for this year
and next, althouigh no contract was
signed. T he arrangement agreed tc
'sas that Michigan shall play in Chi
cage with the University of Chicago
inext Thankbsgiving day end the follow-
in year Chicago s-ill send her team to
play ian here or in Detroit on No. 16,
(1901.) At the concluasion of the talk
regarding football, baseball mafter4
swcrc fakeciup, andal n agreement
reached to play a series of fear or
five ganmes late in the season whan
both teams ore at their best. Thesce
sill certainly be asarea contests. 1t
aduaal tradeckmeet seas also favored by
both mnacabait swhether it cviii take
lilacs in Chaicago or here ssill be left
tic be d~ecidled wihecnthcs season's dates
airs br-ft _,rtilled tana at lpresetian cd
sse lata mcia ncicagers siill hr bettta'
allto fa iguare' uponcathe conciion of
theirrccie eamiii.
After liis retucrn frcmcatics east Macn-
ca er Bacciiidsill go ti Chricago to iciet
tachi anal ,tlanaager huff of Illiinois
andai Director Stagg to fallk ever imo.:
paarticualarly the baiseball quiestiona. it
is chute crobables that cat flts iceelicag
casteinly- the basebcall cocntracets ssill
be sigined but also these for our toot-
bcall gamiceas-wthChUicago.
Prnfc niir0niriinnValnon no- P"

Evierything youineei adsa
Case itoioldtihei.
Bacteriology and
Histology Sets
pri cie--weii, ask, uq.
UnitoCrSitIfanod Alil lArbor?

first three officers. It was certaici thaai
they wcere not unacnicusafair either
ticket. IHowesvcc, after pacrt of flue
tellers haul gonce, those acthfle Lit.
Ecag. faction assuamedl flintall flit
nineteen voites ware for their tickcet
'They addeda this numaber to the voe
for eachcna ecunflhcir tiecet andchuacs
apparently elected the first three of,
fleceseca the ticket acidcmasde' ccbetter
shoscicng en flueethers.
Acnothuer class cmeeticng siill proabasly
be called. If the clause stands by flue
originali cctiocn of flue fellers, liarcr
sill have to be anotfher electiocn lir
pcreidrecnf, While Miss Spottswoosd
s-ill hue vtce-presidetnt, aad .0
i-C ccci i tli e secetary ancdcitrica-
crc-c.1%If the chaiser'fucses to rafify
this actfioncithcieesitl be ani electionc
ccralth tre'e'officers. 1cc e cntest for
ccci flier aotsc's siads cnet chicea' ccccccli
"o hi'ac actbythcc cint otuisc-ard .
tit c ciia-ic-,ccnhtesetrcci ie. icc' c chc
cc ccihaciertihakt Cfora the al'h lts dccc
ccc' h cestroyed aah nciu-iectoihiic .c
A 1Full Schiedule.
C'oacih +it lc'Itricc, tica i i dcoll
juncc-fioniciithaCapi chheacc -cri Dccci'
cagoa riacirc luas tsucalill)Ctiteal'lchhuii
sascicale aot tracl c ueesafur thus' u'ia-
icngseasuon. I ifiiibe seecifaftiths

pcded ftha flue girls will cocnsider night.
themc as ai home acidcse them freely. aDr. D. P. Dourland sith delivera
It is for lice purpoase of raisicng mcot- lecture tocnightf before the Unify clulhs
ey to fusacch these parlors Slant flu- at the Uniutarian church can fhe grewc
hcouse-swarcmicng of tue Darbouar Gym- Spoashartist 'uelosues. Dr. Bour
cnasiume is to lie givecn,h'riuday es-ecu- lancd has cacde an exhaaustise study ofe
tog. Jancaury 19tis. his subject oach is a witty aned enter
Tice procgrcam foir thea ecening scill tainicng lecturer. 'This lecture s'sill be
hea'si followsuc Fromc eight to eight- ilestrauted by fine streopticocn vies,
fthirtyfur' associats cd cci etive nes--
hairs ccf tics'Womn's leaguce, number- Graduate Manager Baird Goes East
ic.g six hundrca nd cuf ity, wcihl receive Laust eenicng Director Dairad left for
icc ltce parlors . ft sight-thirty ft' Buffalo lpresumcuably upuon aflhetic bias-
Sarcaha Casswcll Anigell haall scill bec icnsss. He may go still further cause
openecasd fair tfluehasIttimea, acid ccband'cbaithfle tripc is ci hiyec as has expects
c-nuacrt cis ccc bytics'1. f -ccMV. bcad. Iccrefurcn by Wednce-sdhay. Althoeugh
d1acicc -hilbhcchudic ic eIWacterancchti' soccldinout sacs-just ushat buasicnesa-
Cti ci ccii frncu ine ta wele hcfcahs. cclii's hiiaceast at this licas if is acc s
Th cir-is, ad.ifthy ccns a plucere i-s iiis' ahrroisosay thcsre ace tworcreasonsc
oilc auatei«t rrheeca's bookhasorea'ncci( fogr d's cic; ticsettle this tearuesoi
Mits,olualh's ccc Statustslie cccitI rcacac for hirtccseries o1' haseb all gamesa
Ctic~v cici c-c-s li-cc- ,"-suit'111occlV,1\'c icc' c a, aaauiuihh aid to sct ii arcaca
cc ,c.oih.M'a .1c('tlk c. O,wia crc' uadihinsar icc-tri'acci.
1 c s -:lie c>.icic-it i - ' a c c c - ii a a. iliars lecavinag, hoca-
- r. .l 5 ai c -cailt''r l a cc., ad1 liccic a tic cl, rat c -. t
ic31"c' c - c c - ccle' i c~li l 'ic ci'lci 1, i71ilt .1 tiara ai .ii cc -'~il)
a 1t cci I au sh- c ilc fl' oiisaac cc c a cci r -a i i I t-ha cci ccp c i~ c
ofc ciii, il-i c-il thediii- c'v'cy a cit itciia ciiioul sicciar sad'. ~l

cpgpy 1'Rf1pGRE1AT1

A-i '11o ovfrt .o A. cia1, aicmpo- s - IllMcrc-ill. Jcc-s, Vl
situ a ciill c'Marsallic.te'redaitliii- Ii-aau
invsitationacssaiWh ia's-f con i bni.[21V'oftct cc1-

ti-am suil be rathier buasy thcensftapiig cuacaumiciiif irciscccsifcOdass
F -t' _____ONr.r ___ EAC care offlue nummeroucs contests. On' leam.cun testf'in-~. . Score s-as '-
______ Feb. 17, there will be held an all Icc the eveninag contfest for lairs to-'
aruccnd indoor meet at .which. a pen- stuadents from Ann Arborucentered.
W A A I R -S ncest will be given to the class who- Verdier anch Maashallinhishcedfulbadh
Wigthe highest naimb-h of dints.lomt of twenty one pairs. Scure X4

a t i thce sachilcfcciiA i ,,iiea
AI lSer'esnviii hi'plhayedisccv
I hic as', li's alcl probaably aaG
a11 ,l h rc e1 ilhv i' iiiet'5s it ccci attend tocc sithscat
hi i icc-a-'osnii'edl. 'liar- teratha
sichcla' upromccises fcc beccaldesircable
'fluhe fimald ebate heccecen the lit.
acid lawe departments to cheese flue
P'enncsyvaia tenon ciii be held next
Saudacy night.

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