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December 20, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-12-20

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\/ lAI. Ii~ iprTHLETIC BOARD M's," was adopted. The honored Walter Camp Talks About Michigan.
me r:S~e rn cClwha, Snow, MvcLean, mlonair, WatrCmoefthgetfo-
W I L D !1 Iportnt Business Which Mlai Not Street, lKeens, (ill, Ggh White, Sieg- ball authorities of this country, had
be icuged nmn, IRicardson arI Sweeey. 'i-ua an article Iin yesterday'a Chicago Tib-
be Dculed. ollwingreslutin i regra o f - ine placing Harvard first, Princeton
T I'e bardhelda potrctedmeeingtune whih wll b aced ponsecond and Yale third, with Chicago
TasT eveninboard edeaproractqedsetin teng xtbtor et' hc igbeadupn in their class and entitled to rank
l,,t c cingrid sverl iietisaaat henex hardmeein iiasire with the leaders. He experiences
FieFalan inereted. It is important as cue hlair
FinlFllan iriesH h icc revery lromoient just now cass avct oe r diclifficulty in comparing the ast and
'aere takeii up and settled for the westsandathencges onmas foliows
hanes:wsc nsithn'coasncefols:fa
E uitin s, Golf Suits, EctianIsies:
tim beng."'10 cc aontead boithdireosidear 4's konquntityall hreoughes thea
Fancy Vestings. ITle treasrrer reported a balance irsffce otbea ointdiy teoreis e ukonqntyaltrug te
collge -ar:season, owing to the fact that its play
o the trcommittee of0threehfromzsuch so materially depended upon 'Da.
.+Iat lresent shout 62 meniers in iiths Acmmte ilheefo sc id earl? as well without} i' s
Ihroard to act s tie representaive
T DRESS SUITS A SPECIALTY TTtltcascainwihimadutltethiraoIYe conmmitte whichi had been del 0 ict sudnt rroy itelcig heone would have been inclined to gie
° e ate~c"sld iy the board to essnfer swih thfn ehooesih Ms ok I atletcs of that year, the aders mucrrirhigher rating, ut
A Fif. attngil abut he scon r-Chicago sid with Wisconsin what the
A WeCarr theLargst Pro. Patengll houttiresesosi The gradsua~te irsector is to act as a
We Car theLargst tile o the.regets' rsoluton, eportreprsentaive oinmPennsylvaeAnia-Peteyl imna didrn withwi Cornell---
tbiyfter'nsrsissslti ormtteo roAso-nmely: made the defense of one side
Il leCy. Prof. Paterngill consdelirte sr rrd h slsii ftemnis of iti lie almost lile
In heCi9. satisfactiron sithlii strdent boardsi axcarly riisthe power of tie c ap- irhe Iet of Michigan by WJ8--
due nlrasmiaundrstandilng tt then twini of tietesmrard the severlcosin relegtdhatemotirir
freush a ttenetn to excahs leaoendcmi- the middle West, and that in spite of
reraisst~est revsatth mi CI te es o t ie-ors anderarse coman- any mot excellent players on the
1 08 EAST WASHINGTON ST He sa idt lie felt that if tire tisI-sonie-r -ldgrraeus Ann Arbor eans. Michigan had a
aler a'iesu 'rrie-to harve ro owers other frtcasgadi rne odr
Ssunsrsodtis-rrticle ad lios thantie snes aof being present at theictcrs ur rsFacasod
R R d a itcanidl thre oul be nomeeinghel fo th dicusionandful half ack irs McLean, a good end
jetnito it. aIktenbordis o nt roirEisietr hd"forstired aoisrunpoist-in Snosw,ad a good tackle in Stecke,
ohaites iosu rsiIlssia Iof eahltsicar toahe o ilylowbii ri ugensri ~t ied i5 n ti ofrpt butoforhll tha ato, seconcldefeit
D a-rioorganie ix 1eavrsr ago ans a insirto the board or directors ii antrlthtoWo, sirath aerdnluive,
li iftinds ws sireresiro irl'tre ice t beenii eixe f rci sucrhscrwhlCie-gfsioedbbatn
te ls se sesrrshecudlty rfirito-s ire-s he-attexmeiedtin hsuhotbe-n Wisconsin Ibiwn isore severely thran
W I L- 2ratnJg aerredtem fsior ing sirtr.hl na regthatirmaeigsrio. smiWisconsin had rsen Michigan
Atthconfruens'ens on onge' this he'I(mprsresfrhsrruei: Tst ie best line brkec on te grid-
oluio wsrasedreuiinrssc ofoplte ah heuonehns oricis ii s ionfield this year wasa Ellis of Mr-
Chocolates ~gainsto agree 1tossuchr a Pr olieplbiiik ie exercise isi as 'mmeftl ardJidse s,h etcdrne ftey
Chocolates t~~~Orr board ciii so burl ook no stepslussesconerrins thereofmd Second sn c avfMihgnvTi r
Io ns fore im. 'fins showstha th'ie sto roe a licly interest amoningnasinocratalndfihaiman.mThesash
Sla n s beersimumnrd for ii lng ti'eIre stuents iby gis ng them sa rpre eosrtdi he match with Penn-
1 s maskre a specialy of such is ro nes schemnr. I'A55a lshdscnt-tsr anulhselentions and aSvsaa at.Phladephia Sawia of
Choncoates as a sds ise. esnnsf adopimng it isaue rot binn-apsin-csnsurncusrofsriits justce Prur much dish nt make scii long
5o15en 5unilow.in is inns tres ii ue ci Tiht ~i u lhun r asqnt ssr
o o's sell lot:ofthem sunh Iins sy stemrunshunl be is sionsirlels i'rlrsf r sr. uersto Ishoaoredaisalhuglekasttinouteandsurce
our slunk is alnays fresh. upvsin no mnece inispect ion.n hies sith, Iatins' cataina nd coacherslnt nsqulki ettms-igamet angahast
IrmwneysAegrcdli's and advsobery oar d awluch1ud ro resinp s iconsi- hi' o esoier-nedl by tnrcu re
Kuhns nisay insstoc,- IIc showied tie'faluresysfinsiee Ionndslus ruin ny erune ulamci'a o riushas n ice ena-v
Kuhir's always istock. 1timn 1 e comitastee' wcil-mauit-al gins. etedfrgo an n e
biluls isIse hy unin sdun- brchrcnsns n'i rmii ia rsetis 111011o me ocasions i
Wilde's Phrmacy illsth.rfrd ~Puevtiiey napi rstondtteI ": ihrsard oitproiddltatgame,
1ae rfudwill be kept wth tretreasurec rny.'urm capsusbe greistRustinH- eof i0 neonmmade tie most
oratlicPsr'Orasy'iii riT n is ntI I eidenntkesm testlichng runehaps, of uis kind of
"~~s- icr - I-iresnuim stls thus' searsehen ie ran around Yale's
irbe assladisabinpl'n-u-n' k-epinrg the Inns irovideiiifins t ned tennsrscour t ugitedasashiced tie busl for al
THE OLD Frev s en- e ve fundsibutmist tinsossmoiiiss foruselc-cT'hesssouning lsIrtis jusrn-u iii-h assc--t5he lenthl of tirefeld aripracticaly
suenutn I nito iSockforinns i ng it sune. nri lre -ne. t tthin eii ron withstiklii' iini'tstiu of sr uecrng IsIseags ie,
RE IA LEaenu irin o ' ic sins rls fr si,>-iinrsnthis 1usnc lns nu hsg 5115 mv' e-n 'Seneca Sri linusIndians, arid W eks
13 ~ t EaAnd s it s Tsin fUNCIS aAsty oficersc csaes-s.feIinghuus.coIn- akIscens Inoiprvie itIThe girls sass- oumi eeexetoalyef
i-nr'mrS A1IxnSrc GALtY'i f-idncsne liimirunds c-I tins sants ius-'nc-sitakenrmsthus-mun-tes stir iiiis ec ohatoundmbans' eHtilla f h iu-r-
Isiss Secorsmn-, nue-ne ier of tninesnd mirecent-slychr-us-cben lobbi i a-no ntler maniwhose asbiliyhu
FR E. J 0 L L Y & C 0.,sasditing commirsttee i a g0men-nbernofni ng hr it cveryvgrousys T1he Ic'a-hedrn smre n o hne
_________________________________ Ithis, insomin c-niconts ri ins-nish il ncr-rn-atu issectorm 'as nsructrederto lole sn rismkna kn n iu hmgs
v nt anmy iugling nf firms nixarsi -te 'und Ia irshe corns buili. unrsghs-ti mmme tsoss p v''stlr
______________________________ - thi ss'spierision womm d in n unstii a uge Dhuffy- scus exenrcnded -i ste- fI sgr ri
fc ns tins' i the hfo o is'se rim sinruban e tinkfrul is granrcinitosunisernvbhius elm
* nr hisgcsnustus ervies inIacMaheyns-aor the tnicna nversty of
i f'-stmas lit tie fnuuundsan bosr k epI tt s-ahum-' tins'foouti-alltearnm'snss.
(the I i I snssits furscoseine. If-c heiI : hiss- edica'lr' te-ssm r'rinns-si thifl og e n sylans ia om cus ngt
I tns snnsnc u nursrrraire t es ' - sinsnl-rgc-c-r is--cumg ~ -~~ -- lng rsrt p1)1-s-calthough Eneasnu
C an icethi fetur i uiw~okabe i. an s pivi"Ig o warig a "M o r i tr epes omeul eeks ofe ruanbs
s. ly b h a Imnge-. 'i'regents sw uno n'us-i svv n Iis Ax s i Iish s isttr n t class cunilr i er Ics innsclosely irish us open
awieilIing t o sun 'huoe eciniesis ti an n ns !eatr i is abule o r t use on lrfiel sswork hiai-n'clonic'falrs'ete,. It i
mersltinaeonti onu tnuso'wththuVasiy lemnuthi55tnns ue ossvesrtha MCrac kerr e-
a m inosrr pint aul may ins-aivednrentimciruent niltie isboa rds aai"un'tsdssrn iepugs a aea
it 's-c ssary. Ho e's-crutshii s-_rntiturntue rn iulcugs' It s -s uls' se tumglmt inst am k s
~nvns s'crcsun "etain a11 m s-illove n sunokaleit i nil centn rnsir atiis-iorecluss tamrs ie alowedi-to -wear n miniruns ut 11e is cbairis'thu sty-ePenoply fth - m rei ta ,
(f pacnges u to ;,li~I nforceslayh(sril tins' ohthsirius Isu assle c-anus,.
lesr hs'irsam-sltln ~sru -r srrrnsssr 5iiaus hras sec-h mlins onee ins line
hflow'uss'inion -san-Iso pue ri' trnps usits sy sinmurn supxrisrisn.n Annchis toselc- i9000D1, Xi PiPiusmanshing 'slat-csriChiag sinnsn-
p ruikrgsnherlinsrussr noreednf urn' boasu l rdI to Crandu Il-acinw-ssinsetlassiast emcrusiurssrwn cnr--i-sr.
We.nPc-I for us1, sen mum witho ~ ussn ato t p r liiie r rniitinr ibasc-isli n ager liiCoPuk sui r gs dsl on r isu gte e st mcii
uc-i chr- icr theyr usill hisse tolii 5 -u o 11111 to scollege- nrc- atr-s-us He 5 i'is in d nh stiie 'mo rk, iit hr be stren
[r ' us , shippren rn C i- 1 It hr-inpa s sout ,aliliiie money, aI usmarnss'thaunms q uiied tcaiin -ry-ou t the nlsnuasc-i uun- hn -c-i'lns
*a y c.roisis>muulaid,Iu unnny noffirs aridosast ens sie rain tsr-tiesf tin'hessness~n id oflHarvinarsd sm'nsf tin'o
y i 1 1isstrils osiipsiossitnlissuon. iI n isal mminsiA s e deesiveuss tyuin tle Insta
CAKNitnh'niiAC x tthus'oaits-fcro in s por:cegs-risitiialossipIsilst
riask tha irecrnsturri otorriiausc"letcs he Professors1-Holidy sse 1scomprisosns mrsthis respect,
_____________________________ taIses'nysoy ren power from th- I itui- Durinrg teli darir-ys tinsrn- isill hirsnmrs irunthe x ni aatuti esieu ic
sic mte lau u essrrstrsi 'mrsusis' i-rgs-nsrnube nitof 'educatinalrs wr thtre his (14 s oreagu n d ainmaturn
Atetn heinseremrssa -e raT m r ussronv niornsx Moxs riof thue'hins ' wi c-iletili icslshm oiie ' gn s o
tnt- -x- -- -hi- inns mint li sludex ressned thein rs eldminn u unthus east asn a nurmbrrie''of li-c tui' s-ea n e senes urece-nition sir
H ave you Seen Those New instatimlhen'ordiscllnilmislongrrusae nmbeir-srIf thtsay faisliy 'sirsu"Th-noThesmnn-sinstlins qait y
cediti111mless lire 'auditgcommnitc-i's tend.ur of.'nssi ld 'sugilins, Assistant i Ihe negest prnter o he year 'aan
iG ' R I f augounos, subsciptm iolsns iiwil rnt ce Profemiisssorm Dose siill saddress tim ea , whos cos iul for sr-ight Os-
ilalIfurn c tinsstiulierts 'asl get tin-e nrurrn - 'm u'srig o un'he s Nationaul Hisorica s ush -nsrn-ie-ni 3r-ids' X heeler- inr itsid,
ssmsnnmtathe Unifvsehrls itssy s sriAsusi utinmat Cambridhge. Profialcof inhoun sun excellent'air kminlhe
9 prnun amm lesstis muan thu-t tie -ss --m rer (.e'r li'Iirica-l Society at News l n 5g lhne- ThI i ns' irngest d ropt
muells is nsrimsec-upn thesrs i eIrasurmr,-c mrsv-mm t'of.iAdamsum theu'Nationalui cs in e s GOlDes, is tir Siadnais fYle
iIns Ibinrushomiiseven, in antralisa1- ,scs A mic l Associamutionn at-r thaca, n eost hit Gusn of the landians sas
1)1 liii I pmvedstceIalimeuoumnf tins'regents yc- Phrof. Rius'll tih-eielgica sri c-sir-e il as effective and Bhsreimsrmei ens
- oin- o dptterrsetfiaassul- irons mt W'shisngt'on. shoswedli'theUirsity o5 1 n'nsylan-
UniUE'rslt~mand Ann11Arbor? ilmgIialas hci rset e - 5rmss Inn0sheitlOnus' nay rie-ain Iin
l yn:smt ie ein u tiss conncion Poe of Prncetomn,
-- c- in nsThe commttee oerrsainns AHusmariga"dsese ls-ksoa ii'm d u
-- ~~~~~~r' usrt'h'is reposrt mud liii iscs- os amn. hih odo is o h ac o
,,,, Son chins i folled eumsust for busnxess ti'n f thin e-sieents of thi Nensuebateam
T HF-Y'RER EAT rea-i ncsonns he kepht sennt'fTeboaerh c-r isill ie' liii-Housre YWaming" hum"Insnbnain.sdropsnuskinkingprnt--
toonk surmie' very deciemation. rPmeI lie hi-smminim yninansninm, Janamry rg and pace kicking 0'Des is at the,
riI-yExtN~i a ONLY zcritA(:H rsrtnrsndisclsusnre of the plans aight t9th Ax thiosmii e tiefirst large lipIn plae kicking Bsrnetof Has-
- -upsetalcalcul siatons It sosuffiient ispublic party gvensia hte bmidig ait shoud iidesihonos ith hn.

tosyta ako ocigwl atsnei a encmlt(.alrebe a faint of next ye.a's system, number of studntssad citiuens are Glce Club Notice,
ire sweater committee report lust expectedi, Further particuliarsswill 'Then,,xcilnn- a meeting of tire Glee.
A D ____ only the men who played in the he given in tomorrows's issue of r'ime Climb this evening in room 24 at 7 13-
___Th ianksgiving day game begie Daily. m.

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