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December 18, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-12-18

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No. 70.

PRES. ANGELL. werne disided they might be sht ot1 NEIL IV. SNOW.
SWehao heDsmmemetc Also lthough easy to takecChina Elected to Lead Michian to Victory
A!eaks on tI h inambren. otits not so eas to areeeonth tli - n10
T inAi ftheycolageitsIByn almost unanimos vote, Neil
Befrethe usness Mens Clas s t cetan. that the amnsitatin [Sow nas elected captain ot the 1900
HH FineFaeldadyWiner H e Conogregational couldtite1c aiaei on wll A i 1 fotal teen, at te meeting in the
chrh rneladressedal arge cntt etipaeac a O e5 iphv Room Satrday evening. M-
Snti s GlfSuts 1r he os cc" mnyipreei the open ditr.ILan ans Keena 'aes candisate al-
E utn s ofSlt, Eg ai s mson the t(hiiese cton.1 ust ' Ia ch t1es at pIseens,"e 1so alhoghthcisftansesswitdrleesin
Fancy Vestings. H istg o it ese itioi5 orcaus theyianiSaieee0on iisisin,taoothi iosci htbn
Q ti mi st ie opii tin Ihe grea powesi a y i altisiCoima rtiirin iet ai wass vey dousbtsil.
al~ ie tatln hn nr og npoie c g oernmnst noes alecitios eias thei imae nni-
DRESS SUITS A SPECIALTY T ii i555t5 iti istICiiid ii tosit(tss gi t
T 'ct h ra u oa i s ue iaaiiioldii esii s t alt '1 os
so X t siiis si'is-liss t ii a ii i Neil Siiox is .i Detiit boy, who
A Wtle Carry the Largest H ariiy59 isio les s Jitit i iiin vntl~n Cc ut da suaix ii iaid tis may ts xld itottall, ieliuttion long beoe
ciofthIei- d ismembrmtsiai oftutthis ic.- fins is e e ioss-s lxcctcs l f si hIe cae ui tii ellsge, laiig on tie
Stoch Ipt-c ' HIts ssxs-ccthttis sisictissi bys is iiia e.st i- istthat lthe- iteati litsoisctHigiShnol eans on'foii
In tile City. sn ,s t ca R cac, irth s o ehise5 iqiist iiiiiis hoC to d5 si 5, iiictiadti theD.AC. teamsione.
Lxi-tI orgaiiedstmncs'scxdetfeinssc o a d be adisniste, ut tss anser-c-He xx apintai ut te High School
I av ,an s c ' -are-alldits(- ,i rs nyb i55 ctxrixsI teails stsi ing his seni yea, when
0~ 108 AST WASHINGTON ST A ti 1 r o rr~a ^tC ' -'--ti-,;tasiihad a very sccesul sea
ans--cesitosixeils nsiis ci libe ac I Tie WXomens Gtmnsiam sn Becsies otball wass ets h ail
L9Ras h n i iss zze.Is-1Xt a st i e' -esuiissuonerniugi rs ensixed teic saol andsthcte D,
hil ecosd: I lix f is a vecc Cc t te Li . I tse Xsoe's Edt Xn . t. n bsi b a s -and tacsteams
icatC ii-ise-l liabs lu --sxach ef, h 00 et ccin-w s 'e lasof10 tii sie st y xx nth n
D i h herbt r c'is li'is x i's yts silt ou t c-atevnn~sometw'iiC at sc i be aeit proin est en ie
W I Lr___ ii hi s 1 p5::> trxecal (sn- ep (ls f - t w-"Isil1 testcnifyt h uai ty i ix t vetuatx innng cisnapositi iat
er n :.s o a al fr roo s <ttd1 xorwit iichi Ihix e iitis' n ixet is r iis-I sotixwhee liis on'si tset good
Oflqis- li ilxxiti stysiiisxncisNius''Stinut'xioixi-ilonxlveryihidefrt e micce - -tis xsn K his . lx ie en i Icryifsie t
lisrtlol n ig tad t miti nedit rd sitdcleani tacle cleen at
C hool palt If5Niger: h er i s n ii o fel i throh ouii-c' sts l' isi l dtr, raigu itteru ,adasr
Chioxolates as a snutslhne nn'of01 atruuiutism. '10s pepsle lie iitoi' 5xS,5tcrdt h u, o s unts-c nd oailsI l. iii wosnrk
l' sanell hota iofthem andl v tllge-l s id thiei i'ssiecaIsxl I I lltl lrai ng suh h ic st ile irshiat ofs tutthi ses'nsss din nothe
sue Stock i nis -nw ysnfiesh. itsris t o ac s limited'stolxx eifi r is ta sk, nd t iiii o t s a tiinitsise j 'eu'i'iiii i - iigi mss ris arkablneh
fsn'ney''nA tegrettisa nd tuxe OahIsis s- isihwh s i hsi txx xIraaixiux s isse s ,I i t of csl- he iinit onliy maiinIits owns00Iend ins
ticln's alwanys- i tc. s otntsorh iitlaxii is-sitoI sedays. Iiie san ic i t x ii1a Ptf otr. rg a utoitent--si t'ilsin the
ivis'hy h xilitte co m niiiicia io n sd toii anid Ill' tis' ri play'miihtsline iiix'un 'er iinhix ster ndeois t hliIs.x
W i 1de h arm (acy I- -- a'xx ; ' tss iaibinoup'is :1161t o i i sisi Iteinng i jui dintsrnally tfr xiiia hblo a
to lith is wholx e-iitxex lxii- tos- te h etess-ic'f:1heii x l i i is 111.i f.I(Itii xi t i nIs" was ocexdcit lay off an
sf x (sleni ax ssse ' xng lol x 5 t alcs li lyitsniii ii-sninilttli l,- abo t sixv-e l-'s ist Ieoxeethei Xiis
'oleesw b~; hess- a s-lsi'snesxt ius-itiiiiis'someaxiuix h sfa oes' bxiieci-t t, ixC - cousini asisi so its h rli hoins
I'h'h rat id t a- te. nd i t
Hot f r t '~ c~C. - ixnt iiisint asmxxobailxx- rst:isrdth~'xil ut Xi I a hogh hs or efretre xes- i
greatpower are urs~int, ~hc. ame ies ii it'clits'haiti-ihe iissufli'isn ownhmhspsto
ixiac pce-uu xi x ls'gia ext.S-xi ss iiustsi ms es Ituic Shsiy as tsxs txxets
_____________________________asthey__idihi fri cato i l ais- l~t' itis ' Xtliix-trlc Xssscisuixsiu 5Sh -oiictei ii tit ii 'iteaix-uinghis Al-
m2~acte.*, -at befalxc l se heohe osituos f ti sthc.u'eicnens
'l'~ta5Seconhi'ss hs is iuiil''x'itl thx'su xiluT xis'e sssivar ixiousphses Of la x eit xu5 1Inithe I'ix indor m e xbant
-h-t-in'ofca-s ssux l s h tlss nd eth r ' as-u toi--c s iitii''t th ii Ii iiii Snowti wonis the55 iiii gis h-j is tu Ifo
Iad e .. 9 -uiua' nuxuisi- astsxu'-Pset iutin0s- l a ia spi sush aell dIt r xhich1 xix iwasix hs' a i55i - the siD. K. lii
us'iiiox (i-siie lxixa s bo so himpx et'oasi- resihl ill- s ii It (ix' u-sfithxull s g edixt oXrs, Iill. I cus iis x lihi lia s preyits i a
t Pu giixs iicilcirseve thu lsicss wsa''u-- il nu I i ',lhuhi' ns- - -luixu e'-iia sls'1ha' uls i from"huh ii won ufor lte i-ir a '
+' ii':5tussu i mietus out hwardaxdIt stel' het cru5 tsan wu l.ss h uuxit tolisa Isig;to heisesqur o
ward. H t polrc is sh wll itsher e Iticuptc, in c atseuofhissiii'h ri'b IbalxwoIk. His xvi i,.soatt e iahi
ofip- I.ng-s up'tox xx 1db-. ii lu ls-ii itniontw r 1nke tuuPeisialoiI t s-u-_ ise Hin ii s eisci xsu all thood -i-icjballtamexso nwichs-icls'tost on w in
pati--s ,. -+C eixhsis i h t h ixax ofssx aI Shgr i--t i'ugayi'ii for-u-tsu gi's ste'n'isucl Ls.hiuebist is aiiv.sis eti iies
tit , hpe d-f rt h- t h seix of sm , u t tt hi iii 555 iii1t- 'isoandi bIus ixu'maa ge vists h'sli t ahxxssityt-nd ge' erl ti sfcin s
I-a _ O ll yorvS e ae Tlose New texu t 'in isn u tise sx pra' ica lly ita rr55' x' iux l e ,tud t frtin de '5 . nprsse Iiixev ysiue , ixh i s el ec-
CAL N S H RM AC lfr xissioni ofs ani- -is ia no s- h-c-- i ga- uisry, uchl.o'10the siu esi'xof -Iion I brt'rsix'g~Sn w
t)K(! JiXte.,ro doads Doin nyi n etu ''sstu'sit 'II c' iap s txil belatxrsbt. Th w oCl u'xxd I nI the us us nuto''96i'n d il
Isitte fcs ethxit i'USiSIi'it '-xiold t e xxxi to's 0-0Xs xxs s tixuui-ux 0lutIis hii wii's--s o'f' 's yungi-uex-
Ha exiiSe n hecu-wfot it'C'luny, uemany i onea' inuc r cc l .H ll '1,Iln F ax', 1'-o it s n memb1 ad erote, _sun si tahut
it0 t-' l 'ol'p ssusu l i oy unng t u 1th is tilu Silhas e e tin'0..sthi iu Icm l 'xh-x husxuu u
the rwershaveeven onsIeus'i h-sineofnt m oxsstitetun ins a nch
CCC Itii' t e xi ividetxits if 'topp o xsttilltylieu. iiuohevi'0'Ig heus u sux ' liCit soctwi si unthacteof
on r rstl 'ad l 1rbo r lune g -usi-ca, nby uuavens 'whattuis callen utlutu'uutFr uxxli ueshmatiitig. stun pyli 'n xxxiii itutuCnunlhgatt'Tor noi-mv
ah'ssp ho a o t insluenc cixi Sitwuldu T heitstsucla tubss xn 0 e,,it m I t - s ts hieu 3oi S oess' Ositnsutu sit hlinn
AT ty ided touu y or thu wes' o ti--l 'uiduwsssinitet by PirofXWenley'
THEY'RE GREAT sxuhut tyfirs'ueso ho unoru tniPhiosopicl society
_________________________ Onli Cle tehandsisCnis ootuxuuhdshetnsLIiti- n t m lxies itthe As-ih x -uti un usdd ess Th'i mpintotance
FIE IN'5D ) L 2, A I txu uimnmermentn d us uiuny uon - e eshmn'tx-man ouastax oh 2 cesnt- xluopinnons the elements innovedu i
_________- hupuweer shoul attenpt this Chiit-ws i -act tu miset this expene. its flomatiun tebissewahich tend
waotld ight. Englanud nd IT. S. also XV.IK'Bonley man-ser o the 011tin inlune opinion most the useless-
oppose it, they merely aant tess I-sucek team desies anvimembe of lies oh attempting to have opinions
I iuth class wo Isas talent in track nun eey conceivable sulject were
d._+pivileges and would prefere to have.lues to handli Ins nane at once and treatedl in a concie and logical man-
vv H R33 / the open door in Chhina while if it repot at thus gym fon pactice nen.

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