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November 23, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-11-23

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HFine Fall and Winter H
E Suitings, Golf Suits, E
Faneg TVestings.
AWAe Carryj the Largest A
I Stock
L In the Cittj. L
We make a specially of
Chocolates as a ids lins.

our stock is always fresh.
Lowneys,llegretti's and
Kuho's always in stock.-
W ilder's Pharmacy

A HLE IC BOARD MEET- Michigan colleges along the tes lidI TO THlE SEMI-FINALS
1NG (ownl ly the comsmitie anti the toes
____nary adjustment of high scool pits Interchoisatic Sere Narrowed
Bandto g to hicao -Msa Met-giantsanti curriculums to that endi. Dw tTou-21hetol
l~ndtogotoChcao-mas ee-reort as a swlioleuwill le iscused b EnteoFored.Stol
log Tuesdaty Eening. Dr. Hinsdale. The special reportswltE erd
The regular meetinig iofthe Athleteicleidisussedin tsseeal caseshy 'men swhoiiThiiicoitst for the itersclastic
Bosad isas ell inithe Triopihy roomitlast is-rcenihmers sof the respectie cisimsmitittaisitship has narross-e cown to
eviisg. No biusiniess of siecial inpsr- tees. DrWeiley sill gie the adr ess fouri shooilsiswlii sill play the sn-
ater isassdonte.-A tinimiber iuf lills swere lefocc the chu il nFriday eniiiig. Itisifinas Stitiiiay ti deciie swhici lwo
passed. The treastierrieotedic a al- suggesteid by the efficfers of the cluibithiat tais siill lay its Ain Aror Taiks-
anice oil hunte1 $Q).96.colege aid high shol ifacuclties legin giig IDa-irPontiac,camiptin of se. f,
Th liesttter o inisig the hiaidito i)Chii-castuidy Of te Ireort in theirte etiigs ii tefeteittlYpIsilanti, elampin of sec. 2,
cagos sas idiscisseid and it was fiunlly tic- repacrtationi fr the general discussion ystridsay afterinoon at Yslanti its a fast
cidetdto tae it iilsng.ITie railroadiiiflii ini tiis say it in elies-ech a eenr ine-adsap ane, by a scors5f gtso,-
for the eitire antd siill lit paiti ii is est sill ie aroeuset. i larger atendtance asii sill make a strun' bid for elitis-
iuiiierstoods thai iheis'sill -iy their excasurrd for the fall miietiig of he ciiib pioni honoii. Satriav they gi o Bay
peise in Chicasgos isiii of thr $o5a~tidiaiid iiore sdeiiitecitiditaigiblse result Ciiishi is clampiotn of sec. 3 ans sill
itieiiily le asascatiioiifoirniervisrrs i iibtinesd. 'herecorniet for the title oti the asern
sere. sicsitfle siste.
'Tluebsisiess relating" to the Clueag Senicr Laws Tal. At the saimie tiiie Painwsell. reiresnt-
gaiie ws ttakelen tiup, owiing so hitfat Not saiiedlsith the large aiiuititing 5"scs4 itiand iiidhEscanaba chas-
ihcil ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Mgicrtdlih iinot yetrtu~ rild fidistiirbaence mu i-l lst si-cck iiier t h iion 1 rst. theUpisier Plisulia, sill
frioisiChicago. fit hill i titi aiisd victry, ite snirheist-battle in Planwssel to reresentecte est-
Interscholstic 3Manaeger lBrosnriec- ctismt:itiisessa-tiyestertday-atennethcn icidite. Thentithe wiiners of te east-
posrtesd that te iterhigh schosol feeo t tt bllan cledhih i i i ititthe st sit Prei- ccii caind wesern sies siill tiet here
gaimes were'rapidtly iiarroiniig duto dseitCotlosi ishitsapposiitedl te Wash- Thankilsgiig mioninig. Theepretcs of
the fnel. till le plaedciat Regetnt's itan tirthday caimmittee. itian upf le Chiccgo gciiie isillle aisiotced at
feld ott Thaiksgisving Day. Gamte cledlronsts titioi wasitsticetipiiiatut ctthisendittihefehilil cintithe gttie,shichiwill e-
ai it o clitck. Reports friems the Chicago ofi aihalf hour tidswiteaoti tei ltiwt gus at i oclock.
gaiiiewillle rcecived.Iris c iretap ei madingithts~e floot at coe tie, ci is0- Iidicetiois sens to shwt-tii Plain
pears elsesthiere inithee Daily tion ito cadjuirnt fist cihalf minuiite tintsell sillwis ot, haingisiiegis-ry srotg
Itws cid ethohilciatiassmetid- crriedcandcissicisfetus ut oi ltrocedings itnd hecvy teems. Se hs had a s-ry
tug ofi the stiieits sit the Utniverity Wheti tiimiC sas callesh the class cmiie to succesful seasont this yearcitsithe has
iiext Tusy iighti ct 79co'clck iiii tdciihicIsitcrtiieheeidisclaedscip iis-ery- Ceiiaioin icc ite o he
gymnsiasiuim. 'Tleeisbject oh themietiig CrdnsnacctioniT hecobjectores claimiecd state frmsa ndaptcidisi cots-t isithsut
is lieaoutse eithuisiiasmin ithe Thancs-tatliisng liss tistshoult le sdieaudeecat. Ponstiacihat a gosidietiti itid
gisvhng gaei. The imeing sill le Ihd htgeahyswill iprobabhlviet tlaintsell is By
the eentig efore the stecial trainsilectic A test of 25 eits ter caia wsctaiti City- is knon to les-ry light, authhat
listr Chicaesgs. aciti cicfst sill le Iticade fs t shlitsilhrhccyeesc hadiinoiiteeth test of sretghihis year, cl-
ti get a large ci seegatin totgoiisscscdiiiiteotscls-ti tioig tehe hsesghi cefeisg hbothi Sagisass, tos-
wtsh the tectis piossibile. Piety issict acsetiis inujittseseiois.sitcitishIthaca. Eacuscis sateuknon
tuon posiins tis aicrisidtiof ct leashlieu ler ihiahsiWicnsn qunity, aiind isay srurise Cainwtes-h
sns froiis AnntAchir. No colectioni of Mciac.Wsonn. anduthtpset ctcuhtinsi
aiiy kidhwtill e takens at this meietiing Mcanatger Btaird tui-rned team th- The shedulse hscs cerisly sworkeshut
cmi - hose hhcitestrystuthuc Cli'cagoslate lsi night stid reporedecseats set lefc
it is dfo the Mchigcn-Wscausin gamue gig
Uisersiy sill tuun sut. A cssuiiiiteeta orytoshol eerersne
at a. remarskhly fast rate. Overccthree thitfit-iosctsh'trecucesseh
titussisinig of Cook, 'ThomplsonsitudOp thousandis hash, een std in Chic-icr ansd this wacs the first y er the schieuse
ienheinier silltunic' arrngmeints. sin',' asibeueni atteimptedh.
______________ I andfully 1,ff nre expicted Ia e stricccous
- ______________-huihessisathrugh-
France Will Sureltl Return. takent hy the Madtisncontingent, andiM Itees
as mny orsuitAn AsiteM ss. hosl'steteandushesite uitahlil
Wuishinig o iiaile suie of Frantuce the a siymc y AnAhc Ii-scsiit hprstmises tsle tisuIssutresti-
Danily telegrapshetdint ystershcyasisking nette, Wiconsin, osusiXre lcienaus'cesf
if le wusntireturni befire ue Wisconusin tihgcn, add cigreaittaiat the is iitalltteefl shc
gamte ndtlcucning wouihldie play 'The te,telegrapied askiing tiowt many sect ieDiywilpbihth-ulsle
Oirt nssutiahta iiicm risMenanminee had ordered, aid tirered 50dn e horlyaferThaksivng
his cnserin the sigha tuned "Te." Sn st the same toe,The reply uas7nor n- Will Growe its own Plante.
Michigcan roters stay unit for tes big dated by Musnminee. Maincte at ancee
esiurl"it tee ucisc l'tassgviigDey.inci-easesd its ordr to lt. Meisomiinee, 'De udeprtmntueo(f hacacoguosy o
sruad" n thegam Thaksgiingsi e lUiverity sill luresftegrtsih
fitos lestll ai tie.lieiscueluesinf tuormedchoatthis act, atonciecsetutin
at iwis sotucin lieup.oieis tug res etu-teownM pys-inhdtkeind iuhlnts uset i reerchtworkh. This
raehis htiin eroi rigt ue o 26 aywohdtkng-Wisconsin, othl searuts gas-c them utinhuordter to gte iisogarne
titlalstimnight n as Ic theefdfeththaht he sc h enihiedl'uiiu untiity at the diugs Severa ares at
is eter cued will b eenthe practice by wiltue right next t Marineteti. e- 1groiunsd cllhesctcs uus wc uu
wthichsare tos eethe subjecs uf ilvesiga-
Mtotetay nffext seek. niniter' sill ranttfoe Michananduui
Secelheretce asagcii itchulgulunatricnette ttor the tadgcca, lJanesriletutuntillbhuc culiatedilassrgequauntisties,
yesterday anth till conutiniucehrughi thee Oshksh, Shehoygan, 3-Vs,,and I ma hun ituyiissigsstuifte usetia
rest of the seasotiutil lte teamietleases shrVianntihshvadod guslsusiesce scbised hce
furChucsucuiset Xethccdcu. ''icuuio ns at seats Taken all hut all the yar s ago
they will give notlhig ont ecgcrding thee crowud this year pronmises to ar eceed Not Detrcyd.
particutars of the paythe coaches secun hest year's Mihgan-ChicagoLatnihtseewsineranAudAro
rateructetch tleased withe the wok choie and ha the lagetst that has ever witl- ittgtNu' ute ieAt ro
1 nssd fotbllgam i te wst dtli e hutlatda sensatuionaclthiteutirefer -
yesterdauy fternoon, andwitihiFrance's rsenstd ahtaolleationanfaalinbthesu-en
retutrunutn assured fact prospects are somiec Meters and Meter Practice. scriptodontheatedi to te Uiersity hby
brighter that at tny timeue siunce theenn-uee Ini bringiung Mr. Alex, Dot erletheit enrdtuy IP Cli-r of Ypsilanti as "an
sylvania gamce. Sreet was no ouand weeek te txugiuucciug Society is tobirreptataleloshus."
tGarcdner anucShaw iplayedquheurter itheic ougalhctet, tr i im luthely litre 3Thc sos mwelunced ii Italy and,
line-uip3The 'Varsity scored twice on found a mnu who iill speak practcalt
uscenieg, sunugh ete atr lnttip~ upouc a iractical subject. His tawil tesrn t o the disath, the work was
thecolege toug th laerputti h e strictlv of anhiformuualnheure atuilwl so crccessy done that ealy all were
splcediudgamse. muave temcheto cdn with teseprctical C'x- rokenuatudhsime entirely crusheludureg
The Michigan Schoolmasters Club. huriese whicheMr. Dose haslach with tanit
the Edison Electric Ligting Co. ofDe
'T'he thirty-third neeeting of thte Michc troll. It will relate primaily Is cates Prof Klsy whets ased regaruing lie
gan Schoolnmasers' Club will be held at and meter practice hue elcerie lightignatri last night brandedl it as a lie. The
Ann Arbor Friday and Saturday, Dec. sations, auth will be illusertedu by I tine tonues aud tablets were properly paced
of seeral mocelrs which Mc. Dow brings and hae sustained no srious injury, Oh
iand a, The entire sesion will be de- with bim.
oted In a cnsideriation of the recenpt The talkweill e given tonorrow even cours there is away a chance of some
report o the concmitee on college en- lg in the Physial aboraoy lecture mijy to such a collection, ut outide of
madnm at 8 o'lock, The metign arei one few slihgt one whichoay he di-

THE OLD, o elwek ehv
RLALhoI-sl"site now taruseaip withi
BEa tell lits-at ISUCNsiS, Ct
InaeuacSt ASI'PCRGtAL.'P Y.
Photogr aph s
that o kavc token,
If they are motuntedl on
cautds your fruieidscens hoe-
row sr heg them,
An Album
will keep them. Alhbums
os't cot son mucinehsie
ciii, We sell them.
Calkins' Pharmacy
Philosophy of
As Introduction talkse
Study of
51 ttri A II.a55 LaYs,athor of"OCitizen.
skipad Saiation,- aul " ynamuie

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