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November 13, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-11-13

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//, Lq D E NSYLVANIA 11, MICHI- for Penn played a lbrilliant game ut TWO TIE GAMES.
V \-'. D P N_ mre especially in punting. Several___
GA I 10.laes did le snceeed in kicking the all '01 and '02 Again Pay to a Blank.
Iout of ounds thus preenting Mch- AlFehe nnu
I Wolerines Unable to Win AuertAlFehe onu
Their Long Trip an rono carrying it Pak Sehie aeothAla
Their Lon Trip. 'Pesn's oher cd didnt do smuchlo wt la
ByFn Fl n Wne By a single point wserr iss higan s brig ihis iane into pomnensrsce audymrigtejno n
H FineFall nd Witer Hhopes shattered. last Saturday irs e Sreet had mnch the est of it atthiso ph ils. mci to play -off their sdo
E Sutins, olfSuis, Ehertea batle noby eghthunredqarter position, Woodley fumling geofathue Monday previous, Pt is
E ac Suiin s GofSit, EhrleassfroPitieaaist n co P nny ' adly in oseveral occasions for isis siewas wsit stec unatisactry ,esuls
Fny esis. milsfec ePai.nefgantd inhey o ther those this Stet asked up the iasmuh as the sore sas again .a
o lank Cntsary io all expectations
Po ut far fromesbeingsgacsed i haliser sel and played a tne gamse iifire
T A PECAL l tcyhe screred siore pomnts ass Penns~trnHis pItinisg wmsnothing r- I81sdevelped strength is ter pint
0th~ansy otier teamstis seasosn ex ineskesb, Peawever At Slfack thse supposed to Presweaened y TaleotC.
p o 0.t rrptig o -toHavardais the iCart-slecstar of Pboth trans sias htL~aa Disasnefrofmnsthe game. Bgle played
A 1 ( Ind~~A epins.onytwsol hnthr h oiinad i elbcigu
A We Carry the Largest blos sdi csai ishnAis edtruncan tdssodgng sweeeps hine oisnaddd eiPcn-t
wsasmsigle mcintte left 1o play that short of a revelaion o tier ua~e he line stsongly iii defenive and por-
'ISCt-sees asset-eded in sse-sing otr gteea ochWol-ul list Mg anddsteseing sel11 on offeicvie.
In the Ciaty. line for tier tsouchdowne ishith iedus0i has anes seen lis speior a5 s esun- 11cr jonios seemed to have the est of
~oO ~~~L asd opened tier isoy for defeathi's ing bc.T-imIse and againsitesltih Sht rgmn.A h loeo h is
afte comletey tiing he Mchign cary te bal fo gais fhatfe torthy had the all inside of PP?'s I-
0 108 EAST WASHINGTON ST. nesseny the famus"guards atio lu ty ies-ya-rdo.Oste he had 1or1y sd linean at the end of ther secod
pformationtatilso msnsiy hd leasimede yards tbeindtim ibut tier ball -ws f they hail it for the fist daisn
Rn a hn fbgnedy led aldbcka h miecamd is thin 3yads of the sohlosite-egoal.
-stiesd rom the Itr, the h-site -had Pbslo sn lthis histle Tie rurle alliws - a~ides theseItiristines is the secnd
andthe -os it-frest thels vsO iis ing tiflteen vyrds wsssrassedihowever hafoc tey adidwn n er
hl on ctthe ti i ns 1b5our 555 sei-tthatter allwis tis nI-i v I ie ads tppensseeateeoafo i u et aced 6
W ilB a t nitam. Throughugtthe tout shiert etiee "Mat"had ploed it.FHeinshssof thei Pyards ii 4 diwns usd
- r her s seeone selee questiote i s c redied sih has ip satic"'per hiPball isnt ver. This sias Ithe only
fcthath-it Penntlayd us in te ent of Mihigsgain sis te irstim eedrdisgisthe game that the sop.
Ch c lae e aher than on lire home grontst half amassg thesisbeisg a spieltf2 seresucscesful in holding for dewnis
Chocolatest eme osuldthare gse sltesMiian arid orft It sisa tudw.tierotilershla ile a tierther handthey terehitd
wt th magnof at least oeto uch' as-tireusied -t dfferest lesses y l is[- teselrves four different imes. The
We sake a specialty of dow. 1So rate'than feel sisieartt Pit Vs usseek s id ersteti, th i s t Ii i ~5o los te Pll thre tes ass
Chcolates as a side ine. ered Micigan men can pat thsesel es senami edhveng the mstt grund gieermmli s Anoheer atteptctoIt play off
We elllot u tiem nd niithe atk seediprudly iclain that ioiIis isedit At fall Milo wh it thetleewisl eli rtuavde Wiedese-day After-
nu tc s~wy rs. their tram tis deter simetleng thalt -y te tel se h u o noon ishnte pseitlay os the Fair
elir so aher tein tste Tiet tild firlye el bt se deiteily oftinhis Geond at 4 ocok
Lnssneys,,Alegretti's and hydn nteatronteAlFeha
Kuhn's always in stunk.- -sav slme.ts es-andilso it iso haiditssee isle. e iratnnsste l essa
Ovectield, digraed hitPs attitsn elteosf o eictireane playd Alma Ci algefPorueteIcon
tariedi- urweek srevious eas eilte gaeiseto10 ess-ills-the PothePckr e Itieltoe -1tspestaors Ti'hey se cr to
i sve thlie best ot i n the leert alt as
W) lde Pharmacy inseanti ste feetsucceeded that he ses itle Siuadit ees ho puntedlitirs-ie6toPiedsdctet
sasetfrmcts e tieeld Ph tier admiting after tee rcses-6isle0Iwoelgaiedecsleetbus
____________________________ Isedses of Pnnsylvasni and heredi stsiesi rihfcngsce e it0dhii evistecm-odihslf rled aosund lie
TflE s0LD Na ssreal weekswe a hare Itle sinnter oithe--gasses- ii e ctsteteeAlica seerstooka herse ad iwoked a
THE OLD xnd now taeeaetd ciiihlited the pigskinsoetlreie goalfo lirIe delayed pss fits hisse gains ad a
R ELABLE afll luinofiet fN(11ES, O- . O5 teitFche hrQelt oc Penn the Packild sone estatne tuhdiiwn The freshmenseesds wiee
all- hroe,-h Is 5 sk 1 hllnnd"ndfooled sissy inerontis tesxn t sas
'iPP+S A S HGtAL'ffY. M Paknthsay \Ve ad ad teiifilrealnewiccaloedt
JO L L y & c o. -Cunesinghamenaid battle like te ltana keb t h utuh or etil- oud biltrePi.ieasa i ec hue ~
R.____E____JOLLY______&__CO-____giant that hc is. Hec sot oly out I hisiuisorhumoetseamedarrisuwiseels eases
play eelhis sasibut alnost osstclassed -tta lsllls sham of hn fchelwakeusoftehm
M I I A Y hsu indvidually. Petit's terrific thePlauclye s sek fte ~klnp ad iterfering wel. oyd
M ILIgply wr cnthRy l also playd a good goner.hi'lmeaes
reetcd atrtitusour-lcnleadrtoudo grehtugaigS.sinusedmat fits.ens hedgtocal geese the AllPFrehancestessm iih thre ie
nmen's work. Hc had t resist th c hliga'snld fault oP layeing hisrse p.gamesils maney gmes played in tece
cosbucelttck o en's g copues to penaslties wsescvs-c imrs-aup- ers Last year their singlegsesa
$ R guards andI her heavy bark fid ppetelthanm n thu- gausec fo dusig ts w ills Alma and resulted Pi to . This
B R HSalm s t u n aid e , as M ich ig an 's b ck r sgress nearly sevet y i s y ds se u-ar t he s s cos re eas the resul o t
<WII~~~4-I~ fieliwas not heavy esoughe to eets oIe uesu nhrsep-a egsetehieYotet om
~l u J~strenegthen him muchrl. Evec at tt aterhoeffsu g-y-4mu~st ain esAlm hes ers ied y sue .
end of the gamc Penn gaind not risp itl thcentehru Omealtce thers hasd
Our prices re so law that so mutihtrough inte as over Iism. Pesummtwes penamled ts55e feeut mue Beore the Engineering Societ.
any man can afford a When the avancing mass strck yardsi earls and oce fr teraThee es,' Satursday nsvening Prof. (Ins. X. et- pi fte.Eoy hmi sal tpebtHr em eeaotee npito csnsoeo h ,.lt ytmo
backs as low as $100 a hurdled over the bench for as fusimlinglthemdiffereceesittny bPt-lee- its and MeasursPbefore thuemsn-
pi.Seteai)or i-aread 'eas in them guadspak lightly o the adantoge sit elhige n.seeing Society Aftr poetitng uss
window - surrne el h et ua T a- es 'hen hur stesas flloswstinn grat cenfuson these oftersitmls
hu e wt h hl fM~recni arrying the alth- trimth of te Mihgn. Pcsti.o m h ato u aig sv
'diff ser sen thudarssofu e ig hsholdsi
C lkios' Parmacy France playedraa shong game MSetusi'a- - - -ummtslierth.. ..r..g.v.eessrssacae h
oigespecially effective sok ln Seignud, Bliso-.-.lg---li.. .. ae gcr aet
intnnfetence.for..cIc........mghesm----- ' dmpe thee system thvytest and te
riis iemrludes astie 1s lootre
II TSngnund wacs doe up -nd hlm Franste- - -g - Tiha xrstososinsvhs ote
J 3 ~ U D hatoIstake his place,lBt neiher of Secklen- - -IrtWallace, Olnthe etnino h ytmt h
themn seemd to hold particularly stll Sneer - - -......r.......Coees - aue et o farom ge
P hilos phy o t',c acklepositins Stckle hd it trict . .....u...ne......s.asaditshoivties hdowhtime h dethe ivrev i
Phloo hyofu~ -Intake esttusSekehahMcLeS-sn- - -g-nees ems ussr ma eletr il ssunhcuaticus
P hilosophy all 1.. oemwem ivay on his sdr of thus'!ie .'m ..ir . ..ai.i - his - ts... .iensit
Hisory and cl s al plyig aaist 'alLeble Weks I erosen humhorssen.cThs exp'eation
Ass Introducoentoshelume ahc psutop a preese game tut Waltlae Hernsteinms -...h. tutilanl(ardiic is to aseaIrsass g et lu emdte aultseesagne este
Philosophical prmser sh a fIePs l o hl.Seen- -uerrs tresiously eneretaintd y tose present
Study of the best tackle in the east and has Tuchdowns-McLean, Mc~eonl, use tims ery impotant sujet As he
Ythirty-three pounds ttie est of "ChiPt-" Hare I3. Goat riunetoushdosn-Or pmue u h tatdSae sn
P iis As itias it itas aattle oal btiefeld. tLsupre-Dr. MW. A. Itiross, mit
IitsAt Fis nii -soiaesthor of f"Cias- Iseiveenthese tseswithhthe siht ddsa(Harvard. efere--r Cri, of acent itoubumesursitof its engieeringb
cipmndSais~onands.' 54 --OP555l0 in favor of tie heavies man Gem he Yale. Tmeeeper-Mr. Bhllsof T s oh naue Yalenghdec.e

end Snw a55s-s Py farthe Pent man in Timerf atilvles, PP5amintes.ournp-todate5nginergus.e $hss00.
12M.24Pgs 1 thee game, nailing the runner an sosnitheut-atngie eerthth e ytmoandgit
fl E A1 as he caught a punt. though he never Celebratioito-nightto theeCampusmurarkings
GEORGE ~ AR sad any great distance tee spriest.Cebrtot-ngtnthCapswrkg.
Juitner and iater Swveeley had iso ep- A huge bonfire, fireworks and the After this address ir. Gxreen read an
PbihrtthU neif Mia n article en "The Practice and Theory of
Ass Arisr. portunity to shine sn their enil. Cossmn band. Everybody turn out. Ceatlased an page a.

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