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September 27, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-09-27

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Ai &N Ad)
r ' E - 11 tip



No. }.

D For Interscholastic Football.


H Fine Fall and Wintver
E Suitings, Golf Suits,
Fancy Vestincgs.
A eCarry the Largest
1 Stock
L In the City.


1 es Intto. i sh101 e 'd , r ood oxe a
336 South State Street.
THE OLD For ever llswev
RlELIAB LE oh S Ot of ON CIO, I_
Complete sets, psarts of sets +
oi single iiistrsiineiits. re
think we liave exactly scisat*
y1uswanit 1and(1weckiowsi'thot+
tihe prices are right. Our
ar eyneat 1and(1conven-
ietan vere gotten sup ac.
For all Departments, Law
and Medical Books. Bring
in your old books for ex.
change. College Statioiiery
aud Blank Books, all prices.
Writing by the pound at
15, 20 and 25c. Make our
stores your headquarters.
Two Stores,
UIVZ. BOOKSTORE, Opp. Courst House
M. State St. Main fSt.

Fiol stte. fo the os ,.,Ot~iotiooof
the '"Michgaen Interschlolosticoo ectall
teagse" 'tre sot tcotopleted. Te
pln ostoothave a seties ofoottalt
gaesos h'ttrectt stl ts' leadingo'hight
scoosothesI te hr ilb
fI nasottOIt sloe t'ttoattgame.oo ttt'te ttt
high scososl otthampisoshitpotoIts plyesi
st Auto Arossot Nov .30.
Testole itodoviedoislto ots strits
Dtistsct 1,ttncludes stfle shosol of Ott'
ats'rn partof tlestatse ad DstrictsTS
thesternbt shatlf ocltheloowet pislatl
andte to ole of te tuppet10einsula
The prsetofatrtngement isitat follos
tioi o' Wstettn otogh sol Dtroit
Inersty choollDetroot;School ot
Loys'.Dero sl.otn'sstaeHorclotsdLske
Less It acs kono , Lansigtandso ell.o t
Owosso, Saigtatt(Wst .Sdot, ta
lIlStICITINI01.1 t 00(
Sete's S.--isotosotHotrhot, SttJot
seph, 1no of oso too I tiwoll Btst
o let, 7satS sotDostosott ou"tth H's
Secton O-Maruett, Clumetshlo
Th ollosisohOsieule a enpe
ctt2s- tinerttnstosottofpl'ty
Nov. 16F-Prltmiaet sinsot r
t'v.'0-Winers of dstorct pl'y
sate champos hiptlsgamsea't AtntAt-
Tho' sctioosotaoto al 'ao'rangofthve
:in eo'en numberloftoschools o tt onse
It'. 14 he seton r0000 ait estowt il e
flate etweho Iotod02, tind otl4 t.,of
toach sscfion le.thefeti fonttohch
haove toor'shoools Ills winnerslsof .0 sand6
owill ploth flo nal setifon gase wth~
floe owinnerstof tfeoer11f1ous.In te
sasoe 00aICsectiont3 of eah dstfitwif
playts 05a'byooagist the winers of
stions 1 anti 2.
The gamnes ithIle series will e plyet
cin aternafe Safurdfays. The prelimi-
naroies are to he conducted he the stal
sohools under 'fhe general supervisin
of t he Athlefic Association. The final
game ttill e played in Ann Aror and
mtanaged he the 'Univerify associa-
The ariangemetnswere made hy Mr.
D. W. Springer son ehaf of the high
schoils and Mr. A. G. Bran, infer-
schoiastic manager for the Athetic As-
sociation. It is quite possible that one
asr two of the high schools will not have
team's to compte. In that ase they
nill forfeit. This arrangement thus al-
lows fr their entrance next ye.r in
case they do not do s this all.

Board oif Control Makes Three lm-
oortant Chaues.
Ills Boaird of Control (of asfhletis)
hld tt firtt rgular seeing lot een-
inn t Ttrophy Roots of hofymna-
toum. Thist too the horst mefing of
sle Loar d eletedl last June and an or-
ganizationCffore ensoing year owao f-
fetedlby 10-lctig Prof. A. H. Paf-
tenogill 'atprttsident and tletting T. .
Woodir ot atsereftay. The other
memtbers of the Hoarrd are Judge V.
11. Lano, Prof. JC. Rolfe, Dr. J. P.
Moc1lt tot ttlo Prof. J. H. Drake, W. L.
The football tchedule tas brouh
upO for 'sploroval andt fo c hages estee
doteormointed soon Is was deioed noti
to oaily fleoconfrct silO the College
of Physitooians 15n5 Sosegooss whih vas
otheduledl lots Ot1, nd tozopathe
Notre' 111100;01111etot Ann Osrollin
stead of5inGa'dRpdt.
Tht Phoytieiatnstand Sreos' tt
s ot-lleolbhcts thelboaroos ol~o t-
tteth'at11 ttthe stsould nstole io
shapefor 000000er '1010a',h0a0
ra~ry dae- Te P tool . t10001n
ooll 'nt oexoerenced pIlytrs,
mosotlof Itetaos ofottsioaits 11001th
Varsty cold ht' topottil 00001 ho
preparteodfor seohso haty games SO
early 'nthon lio 'ton. HtP0tats o'"'101
toot oots of ftebsot of he gmsostoled-
'I Ir~dtht' 011'th t'Itto oN o ore ttlo~r=
too gtt' sle tstlosts asceanceto totee
thiso lote tt ho loool unobtesoodlt e
the'bSto hooegme. TOi arag-
oet,itol loubstlestt ho Clr01100e agree-
,ile to I toe tusdtst odyt'be00101tO'a0
the game omesot t~ton Wenesdattanex
cusonosto 00a00d1P apds tould itavt
Ieenouttof the qtonos, andi tegret
matojoittysti s~l o s h uet s ttouldlsot
Otto' hoboon oble too seoeto game.
Theo Notre- HomoEgoe onHOt. 1th
till hot soade the Hsioes Mno game,
anttointotendeavoor till Ito mado to hve
tll Itoto otoret clooed on that day tt
three oclook. The sch~eule, aso
Och'lng'tl owast approved bht'the Bloard.
Special Lectures fr the Medics.
There hate hbein araogd for te
tornisg year three specialcoutores of
loofuret for Soheeeft of thoedlial
The course Iis tear is different froto
thsat of oany preious year in that iftieso
beeit so arsanged that it will niot only
he of heneft to the uppr clsmn ut
to fle Freshmen aoswell. Each cours
will consist of fraotwft' to six lectures
and sill cover to a certain extentt torko
trhich is not giveno in the regular schoo-
ule, hut will e closely associatod wloh
if. No speial time iset sot0yot for te
lectures to egin, ut the daestill ho.
se arianged as nsfto coiiflic owith the
students' regular wok,
Thecoourse 'this yearotwil e given y
Dr. Novy upon "The histry of great
epidenmis;" Dir, Warthin upon "he
pathosgy of venereal diseases," anti
Dr. Freer upon "Liquid air." It is the
aim of the faculty in offering these
courses to htter acquaint the student
hody of the Medir 1 Department with
thte special lines o work as they are
arried on In the laoratries.

Next Saturdals Game to be a Double
There sWero a feo more candidates ost
for pato o ic' yesferday than there twer'
the day Sefore;oeouosg for'a so'ant
three elvns. This, standing against
to ressorod of over fifty men at the same
isle is the season fotote tars pas, dy-co
sot pak 'vel for the foture sutose
of the' lam. The oahs are utterly
at a toss to account for the laok of
mosre maoterial.IThertso ould e at lat
fouroeleenssgoinoog all the tome ith a
goodly numhe of oment on the sde Ines
to at as suhstoitus There isooy
asmount of good maelootin esllego.lut
the ietdo not tem toolined5 Io get
oil anti exert fhemooloo't Street has
returned ut dotstot twios to take al
active part is the. o asost hletics. It
is hoped tat te tooaye indocod Iso
chnehsmnot Amon~tthe newmnto
too hows u0p ,eJotossoonths ltyed
endo ot Psordueo se'ears 'a"o and
Siegmunood, a potaotr otsomeexersce
who, ' eer ' a totsany soc t' t
too ghoe linse ottohoottos the Vni
and tofirst cuoheIlVarsto sy sucee
int scoting' tl tole110t0thetosos Ottretnto
aott fo thir't ooones onto ei
hoost lown.Ttihoe 101a01000of bohflu
too sextremelyit'raggedl ondstlot to-
ootal srooo ofte siott- wasott -.t
The oly conttstedomaottytotslinetoo It
.ttt attfewtlend platys mixd tonstool
100m00a'tola"'tootthe'bhiltwert on th
kntowteirosignotals'iToe bg msooti
lio hav ot001sotyet thowntosmucsh aott%
ito.STtoy 11100' fle t iht ut too 0.
otfotuohnuseltheo' owil oteto Osgel itos
tte gamtt e q 1100soosloltStsnthey h so_
toses'thut faso
Ot nexoturllldy a doulehio 000-le
otilhe piolayd.Thesctrubohotoil losn u
at threeo'clo^01010 'gistt theAnn tioA'000
High Sbholtetast to a halt gain. or
about:01 flosstyminues.o ltThispoisosro.1
hb' a good goose nmer'ly ss an ehibi-
00i00n lorth110High Sochoool bhsyoplay a
fa'ttga'0e0ano5hate te asdvanfage of
hatving bee playing for a logee Oinik-
tis 0010000 Isn oeight thy ae nearly
the equalo of ten s ~thatltey 'wil got
upl ag'aoin 110000oon ssthis is over the
reguolr g100 wtt'ltHlillsdaloe will e
talled. lot thiso way all the candidafes
ttN Illhbe gitvtontasootantdibthe spefatos
wtoll hsoe a 'hanos oissee just what
materoal the coaches have to wxork
"Pa" Hennionger arived yesterday
stod was out to the hielod foe a fete mo-
ments. Me had liffle tos say regarding
wehatflhe sate but noticed as have te
othee coaches, hoismall lthe numbler
of men is. tietwil e out this aftfr-
soon prepared too ake chage of the
line men.
Owing to a breakdown in the machinery
at the Inlad Press accunts tor the late ap-
pearance of the DAILY today.
The DAILY will be free this week.

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