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November 10, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-11-10

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Y 10
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L-9 v


Fine Fall and Winter H
Suitincgs, Golf Suits,E
Fancy Vestings.
We Careyj the LargestA
In the City. L'

For Lecture and Recepcion-Whole
Department Greets Dr. Howells.
E Reception Followsd Lecture.
Thercgob 501001 t 10ometin g of tlls
h'Ii 1>-i-i ootAy ,-s hldlst 05511111
il th( 1lower 'le 0ur0 1oom1of ho m1-
icalboiloliog. TIe 51 1104 a as csn-1
to order I Preidenat 15011.-y, Iwho
i 1111 5d1tOils _>, at. r'of C:1Oh nfg
DI. Will)1im11. 11:0 1 1.s 1,011 001- of
1h silgy1;1ohs0okis 11vr
cit, 1 y01ld11s. 11t1esoiey )po
1' i~e i S lls 1) th i, s11i)
wee Iitraid b th p kn le



beendirected to 11rac1ica1 1e10cioe, tfs
reaso1n of this 1b-lng11101 Ohse1111s111-
gistihas soughtlthe probilms of 1prac-
tical nilsi 1111. 'f11'lcture 01a0 at-
tended byineaily thie01whole s11d0 ill
body1,wshi 1111wed tir 1a11111eci111tios b
soniliue1 011111auss.
deied ON. 11110 lo byth011 Medoical So-
cty.'Ohis 0eve0t11115 m1e of ths f -
'1-1010 ifs tso 11111ingiand0everyine 0v1111
«vI0 there fl th i oighI tiey5 haol 1 11
were 0s1nad hl i -,a'os not
s0tudeit a1d11111u0t01wislitbi t~e
Dr. 11 mv'll "-s 1pr00 '011' of p1y.11
o'50 in.5the 1me'ical 110r110nt1from
degree sofD' 115ir f hodiciin10191,
1The fosllw1ng wiretieIvarios 01-
111011011190011, .. . 1111 0, ST. .0.
0.y . Olney,, .01)1 lia 11111, h.190i,
0W. i. liFis.r
Dr1s. Vagia nd 111ubohr.
Arra114111011 0 55 H. illely, '01; 0.

bee______a_ lnine ce i l n ieol i
Vie 11110 speiall of ithat1 0110100111elontof 1the1 ls iii o
Wemk pcat f jna uuete td f olyadChioolatslsoas a side line. Ph1i Silly ol b ie us sa
W~e sell lots of them 1and1 11111 ort'llit pa1,i0a101 lcilcurcu
011r7stock is 1alwa1ysfresh. lu siiii hat111.0y1iso 00 d11C1h01mistryL I
TLoiney',.llegretti's siid hl toda.1On1reasonof 1 i p0esent
Kuhn's always in stosk.. 110411olding 1'in the bac l lronth i. 11 h


Wilder 's rPharmacy tfchnt-'C.EdsQ0 z-
lill lirc lm iifthei's1 us 1.11110ii ,.i- 1511110 10.1.11s0 ts
041 s 11111'dhiFl Ierli 'tis;ilil .0A.111115r, '023
cal schools,01011a1d100na)hessfuture0Istfo
1'P S S -inCOIn AO.'ul. fr h l i it' 1 1k11'01nis ilncil l s crh etl Po ra s
all full11 liinebsiosyoif Ia 01UhN(. 1'11 ('10hI 51CI-1'
IE' B E(A -,ad U31C . wr lsneliin ' cs ubjeiI Ifcll, 01110i ii llln's, 0o. 1. i. Oolo
I-I~aSr, Y G LI . li jleits0e01111orei ltoierelat~ilo i. of S111. 0111' 1Progr'am 1111
4. E . J O L L Y1&C O . ii and oIlani t bo each oythelosr, tan 1 1)5s11 0 0Satrdy,'g io .011 11111'9
iollseirc heinicl relati11ons. il Piai no' slo-M, F 1. 10 iill: . VIo.c.l
1 n00111111', e f orao ry1 d s i1 i al I I soloIil i '1. NCol.',0 . C nt CI-> s dy,
Ourl Dr.01 1 111ow llhli t Nb Oits luoryl 111 . oiii sonSbisl 1, Dislebo. lige
prics or so ow tathelii ame5 01111 h at0 of s th1 s iini ll 11 an01111 sli C. 1. itzO ral~ toio-
any man cn afford a I 1he j1uDm0,' fa 111s'nirys1. 00 ie liiok1e 1111- 111
pair f th m. E ony ndlli:-lo 1100at)l11bodr 011r lbde 01non 1t0a- 111'b'bintr ssNIo N, o ituss-li rN l'ly11
ba k s lw s $.0 a i 1)15 sio usgd 11111rc~e sh 0s0110 s0' 5 'CothesIs hl . s rineI. 3. I.s
pair. See (ero I) ourf1101111 t10 r1a)idan11' d01a 0 1110 tn Lol. gto' ive, W. J.iisao, 0'. 1.
anindoatI thete100 e1 tea01111' 0 111C eral .debat.15I.--.in-iSi I . Hadsuley.
Ou pic s r s owha ol 1111 01 u p te tud'ss m10~i'nd 11he 1 01'olin soo-C. , Pio ttl. NCritics',
C aln s' Ph an affrm 50mpotane oft1 efa0 . W ile is ejoist-C 1. (lP . Hall slll-oi111s
10000)11111010110 11100011011)11 .11 ololthe sudent I '11 101000-111 Sati rdy, N111 11.li
bacs0a10w)11$.00-100.he rgdo.upoon eac01111mdcali"-5 urret event oidsMrlRussoy . AddiossJ
window1abreast o 111110till01e 1s 1 011 h'in all 111101 Olon.(1. y 1'hit. AImro mp1. tu
11110not r epeaty aidl ec~O~ltreyear0110 II 1 eb111111 I 0511101 -Polo. n eg tie
have1 cmp'eth i0 151 l'51'sllisl good Gen10a1 Frot e Tsleam. ht h
wo l be1) 11)0 ohs0010o f ratito sof1 tl i nen os 1110111 n '. of 111. 1)111)'.)
J1 NstoST rys. U
Ioscuilthis t011 n exps111111110 thic10 R.0'Wilo ad Io 0'.. 1Aders. . Rl-. .
Aj I ll d ll[, i Is i s -Olsr ll li a11 0 i l'om pletelys done w11 D ori o f 11 ' rit0 1 i l ol ls 1 0il o 1
11010trorm 5)00h1111Tea11myhi
Politi sap1111s011100 k11 F10 llowing1101 is 111ill light, hutlawreso , I'aylong v ~ . All
17 A no 5 Itoesiction11tof "'he 51. IfOa s'sho n' tht. thi realvael'ft he1 1011111110011111 fol '11111100111. l('HAS.VillaIatI9
Stu d y of parr, butsl tuhatit dvso d itthe b u in015 the sta iron a r ethLonal.ute
I~ lla. raya. ~I U I dent 100the e sond oe 01100y hi h TI'flso x-'cras ooo 00


Soamcone Using the Athletic
Association for an
Easy Thing.
"Bill Alcn of the College Teem will
Explain the Plais" bt Bill
Ilapper~s to be in Phil-
.5 fi'ls ebrot 11010exte1100111e01y
101sto 1 110s.d.Iy inI 10000d to the
blutins 00111-ba0e t011e 'eceived frlo
the en1'o1 1101-1 1011. he. ''e000n lly
rtitlib his a1pp1a10101in t0h10Dily
fuIs tie l 00th'eeIw-oks, Ill-itthe olnly
0,1111). 11111 authent1111r5111r.5 will e
Isc b the Ats III hleittic A'ociatio-101
aft's the t1a ha letbid ist 111 110fot
oall manag1eros IS-s 11010of 1110,siite,01
that11they00111d1n11111puite theIllaffair
110.11t111'repo11ts of 011e ga101 05001111to
10cive at 1 th1eI oOpersaIHose. Moe
than thill is. 011 eres pasd 0oni'thi
,-amn 11ignborisfsf01.0AhlicAs-
papers10 0climinglth111t0varios0101t01011
imenil 1111111h1a1e.1chall-noof thielau-
it of 1to1. 1.1s1 lIlhO a1cif;s 1a11
tend 1in a ody. andi 1h1000t1.1'DOE fra-
ternity 11)111e110)ged 1a blok of seat..
rrson that theiAtlltic.5As1o11101111
wa0 15111101g0thslaffair. Whenisiil-
111o111011 Iaston110110ndpinl~formedlslof
lhs 0t110e01-Iseof ffais, tiey jp.r111111y
returnedal~ilte icOkts. It is imppssi-
bls toIidI 0100.0ll-i on0dutinilgthis
01111. 111111 affai.10.hels0p111111d
maagr a011.1 ll clalimot lbst00110h-
manils dintlg it. As a lltilonf f-itc
the is0 o Ilpparen15t relibiiity ab 1100
any part1 1of 1111' siem1. Any-1 report
ex1eptltheIllsoi~at1ion'slill be1lsen lt by
The thltics 10 ocatll ip sll rhiceive
11111. 'hew'%N ill be funsthd by
Manager .0V'sdil'sio 'w ill 111100 11011
tlelgrap111011diect fronlllt1110fildI. l
11 11 1 lll.'h1 015010 11ndltbS reprts 10
re1. 'Ili 0s ill be ann11ounced af hio
Alola-All frshmaniligamei., 01hbobhowil
hoe11111011 eailier h-ill 01001 1102 olok.
1011110tIllsre'rns ill011b o ''lved in lt111
11511111101011, 01111500chirs il 11111 o-10
The All freshman gmeI loebb 11110d-
0000ves it lrge 0audien'11e. The hoys
haveisn 11excellent 001100t1110yar. Dus-
in1g hio 0010, tflu' 11s11s'an0111 posi-
to ft hel ball11110 tise1Pennsylsanio
will1 hesillustratedl 011a1largs gidiron
dialgramn. "Andl anyone0' 0i111 11011010
ginatilon a0t011('110se the 001110 115it
1110grIsses1.' '
Shotly after the lst r111o1t0i 170'
ceived, the Daily wihl h hoo a six-pogo
specal edition on the streets. ABy 4110
o'clock It honea to plcei heOhanods
of the student body the officil ndI
complete report st the game.

E W ~ n the superstructure was built for sound Friday oy rn01ing~ to Mr. A. C. StockI',
reasonig,('aptainl of the Michigan football team:
Closing 110 shooed howy in recent caWholcnosylcan!a icYours, a
Pblisher to the Pshesity of Michigas a etPnslai!Yus
AAbra. years physiological investigation hath TlE MICHIGAN GIRLS.

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