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November 08, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-11-08

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No. 39.

iT, ,?~a s~~s00p'As"._,pA ^oN, kA ,0,",?A PSo f4,pfpA N TONIGHT'S CONCERT
Ap.MICIGAN First Musical Number on the S. L
V i~ilj~iUII~.A. Course.
T 7 The mai 15cccix iCompany, which ap-
'the caii levesfor Plliladelpllia toi ilit at 9:434 per44Uiesty Hl oihi
H ~ ~ FieFl noitrH4 '( locok. If' «c ill ~we illihas (5 (lone 1110e 1(tou any other Cii4 cpos1dof AMax ilcacix, vooi
x'1116 F llWanl W nter 011ste 1n11lln (lts dolleill till' Last. Tile leelilii itiatttihl43 AissEliaise D hell-cm, cootrlstio; Miss
E Suitincgs, Golf Suits, EP4y whole c olle e is 1be1ind1(1helnaifas alale 111.111aateam A- w4 7to y arospans :sanscd -r. Frd
Fancy Vestings. agaionst boos (i 4)1od1s111,11k Ave -will 111001 unext Satitid,,ty eicCabery oo. .0 ax Ben ix is
t (one o(s lit~lgilt: See the teamuio(ft'1and01cheer 01 so ttthe Pa toa al no n a siciass, violins-
solind111'.will still 1lins, ill ahlill' a0s15 o hen thuey 1100cosinscei ils soiolaao
s cilnedassy iinsdseiiatis ihe musi-
TDRESS SUITS A SPECIALTY '6T , ralilinl Field 800h miile's Iaay.
o o\Y 4 As Q LA 9 . 4S \ pomc e w sasithat ofccssertster
AWe Carry the Largest A .. b~ i of acir cst s's Os -Iscoca is New
Stcf E IL E N-Yorkksc Aitsc theosh agei if 20. Laiterihe is111
Sok'A WONDRU RA IONusI cc adn ah itneth st i h aepsto with sisGer mso
I ( i o I~~~~~~~~cllscilaclp15 a. Assthe icctis sCitis O p a.Y'i (Wuyn thsl te o
In th0Cti. Iit Also Seems to H[le Been Sue- SO csl cod cinc ooe of she debastes siits i 1.Ti co sc is as' atteniion
L cesatul1. ooi«soco itooets O llo13nrix andciesssco-
0 108 EAST WASHINGTON ST. 0 A patSint Nsstsopercated upcion - - issco 0 eniageichimloto hollois-soapel
iici50 5 50ii ii'icsi. 'iiiiol lis c llch OTlc

W~e issale aspecially sf
Chocoslates as a side lines.
We sell isis of them ansi
osir stoscs is alwa5ys fresh.
Lowney 's, NXllegretti's cud
Kulin's always in stools..
Wilder's Pharmacyi
THE OLD bFen achi toc o h
IMIh ltolA I~vD1Y.
R. E. JOLLY & Co.1
SOur prices ore so low that

cay at 5ihe Isi~sitly si ii cifor the
remova of hs splon iOftheousocer
os (ilocecims operatcios op wrfusesa1t
they h iti s i s ofa thei n ost i
iselicae h e ar. ctitrcti 1as
prciins sican. TdastsoJM-
bens-si ndl la s W Ithain
wa-ss eetdtiandi unles isalemorlssge
seasin he ii oer. If the
erai otcisswholiyssccessfsul it Mit I b
ai greatcredii othesUiverscsit, 15 it
wil c be t ieiscnI suc cssl ccst ouc
rceosr. Tihe oiiertisuccessfullcase- is
coss-iCrainan1astrn iuii ial col-lie,whc
alsohad1 2711 it lass of ithe - smc i-
finc dcce-hlfcthcuccs. It cmccs percircccc
Dariliccg acdiii tiillc'. lThe inceisionc
s cadecatitheccenterccif theiiricst
andcii cicu-larcc utswc as ci o du li ci. 11e
37 artir&i ani vens iia were s e ti
weredeflyiiclaicciciccI Iy 11ce ociurceoscc
isitoipevenct souis lisses of bliood.
wa cs yetc o ons.Ifth sleenccwas
caiiis miighIt5-isuei-anctheci cli-i
iciuldi git no iciiioiledgeiofithcondcciionss
it iii « sicI.iiFortunateliy S i was inacit.
up andctheisug cons sser enc ciie
icy notli icnglu-cl iis brecthing wsi--s,
reguaia's aitheiiiommciincc-icect oi

wil icc-e colinii t.ileeicii e isc 5 I
and it5 is hoped cwe. cmaydoitheisame'-cini
Athletic Parte Fridaq Night.
isT altisicclclcicprtyon01ccFrh-aycigct
-nci sfnlill evesiry risplctl. Al 5'-
is--ne- - fihecben ci c iccompleotein
occaiona00enjoyalinc possihle. T1h.
muscii l W-furnished ciby thecI. cflAl.
cinindcwhichichaso hecnis-s-cltit cccrk
otlcin for th o csi. Alhe dsnc-
ir~g wil begin5ate enouh to aow any
person whocis Icc-ied tIl secture-s
i1e cVild y O ki ccc 501anee to lic
ill th arya w ll. iiheiattecdace
prom ..stcabe iyl s'g c1S his sicill
Is thI is olg daceiofithsicc.
'Thecom t e sn cha sieo"Ises Iicct
be - dscisti ciii0undcrstdcciit tiiidacliie
cciibcc- i ccii ly linfoiirial . The cc l o f
themmers s of theliiboardiseofIContrcicol
andii cci.e-s inteiiresiitiidin tletesacilth
l ii i iyllc "Ill be a ncidto Iac-ascio i-
Sciis;c..It isis bhis decideditoipicc
Nopi-c f aldmissonc at $1 per ccule.
f ic-tscccay iceiiurcased ti-ocm-any
cidiconcl iof h soic-iaionciioriatccthei
lior if ciiie oiicict-icc liccy scligisi.
Prof. Lamsonis Leccure.
AMui li olIchiths bhens cscccienc . iy
lte 55555 ccciri en 5ilthah Pof. tcilicse
iLamsooi f l11c-echooi l oAMsic hIs
-ciisi'ilicl iccdliereofccthue iMusie



any man can afford a Preparations Being Made For the i iiiih 'iiy Cilsbcosec. This isectiule,
pair of them. Ebony Penuegloania Detate. oscodccin iithie orscstill hbec-sce
backs as low as $1.00 a Thelic-ieiiniesisfis thlie s ondii 55in oclts eviniig, Nit,. IA, at b5oclocki
pair. See thercipiS)our cccclcsi i ciist ciAi lin15the Unitaiaccihuch, lii-eosubjiect
andslicic sy Mcc i II.tsc-ill he- i Plice asct ccing hius-isis- icce Tic-ainl
Calkins' Pharmacy 51cc subject foersdiscuscionii ,"e cclrda tecninn urn h
ahud eOppocsedh losLegislatiin. e i iiicca 00 i-cesees laocecounti,
Ailsh ideic-itaes still snit b hoiiicci llintloecesot onasly the soetal
JUS I SO,4, E pu->Iclya ou-ed usi all-crsshei- Iccilibuthd alsosall thoise si Isiscciiim
csr-J,,a tn i lhcieb tes. lice oject ofi i-ilae taingacsciiliar cripi.
Philosophyo hsi omakicil iirons icitudy 51 Pcif.i-icnry 5. Atlaicis senad
both sides ofs.- theiseubjectletho-roughly.
H istorv, :during the Ossstoic.inidetrcminingefoi
Ass Isisdico his isTicebi-hds mes t s otnas.IA. Al. Ftrrct adctiii cccliiiercices liCos 0' sci a
Philosophic oldcii1lccoliithe oc tisi andcudisiliss iclii i.sy s fist cr-yincgthso mails.ifiteen
ccilccciial shi bd 1Sichigcicwccliitsie. 1Alt.
expertis asistedl -inccgthe stock. Amnaccg
Stu of Ferryixpricessed himlsf tory mcin s-Poiist e wrPofFan H.Dxnf
Politics lec esiccecc isce oraklsoflice hissscci andcDatmuthClsclege, acticng csssistcant
\ - occs ga sece coliclege sprit oshoinsg
ip ALFREDss11. tooi, ocntbor of Citizen-rfso fpltcleoo y i h
,= i acid Salvatilo," acid " ynacitc itstil iccthast sdirections. lie is cof ii thfe scc i iaiia csscy i h
Ideelisic scoiioinlisatcoco hate lho sirociger side. Uivlersity sif Michigccadoting she year
1 2 Mo. 254 Pages. $1.00. Isncoclusio he said thai he would 1h97-93c; 1. B. Adanms of the IUniviersity
duplicate again this year his lass yeaasofanaisas; and Wilbur C. Abbott, in-
testimonial of 1150, to he sdividenod stctrinhsor n5ccniesiyo
lr pizacs of $700 $50 and $ao-first, second tc-rishlryntelniesysi
GEORGEaind thiruplcecs respects-ely on the Michoigcic last year.
Poilhbr h th iflisl11f ~M~A Pennsylvania team.
Ann Artor. It iso likely that Sloe toeanstill visit Special Daily 7 O'clock Saturday.

pcositiin if ecocrt-master of she
fThomacss Orheccstc-c. Diiie severing nIis
coctiiion w5 ithliitic' orchestrca, MAle. ici
lit icci ha -csidnabe itievte himicselfex-
clusiely tco soito-playings, cnd is nowc
ackniocledged. by smu~sicians otery-
wiherce5co stacndi ct ticeice-cdof sac
iciecicic i oslinists
ils lccline iDe iS-ileicsis ipncssessd af
a-c a# cilentcifuclccniii cili trinlied
cntr--ltooce-i, o-lwiit c-nenuceication
that is osuaclly ditinlct, anscihie hacs a
posiinif ipromccinensc-c camcng 51helead-
Alias Bicily Parisincs Is c yioung pi-
anic ic o hs sthdidundlrthticgreat
insteros bathsatsomse acidcihroadi. i-ec
dhutcfal islesrpiretcation, cuccxialtone
anc cacequatecc.lhiquei, create a mos t
Frederic Carb-rry ipoess asypa
tsetic, macsly, tenoriviceif imacrvelos
sweetcest oncd smacgnetiecscarmsmasooth
and etc-n thrcoughi its lacrgescoiiciso.
The progamsswshcichcccill ho givenctlils
evencsigstill ho of tli igheliist ccass.It
cwilii ncudeothe cors oif asccom-
pcoocrs as Schcumsan, Saints-Saenis, Hacy-
doss cud Mondelsohns. Wile it still ho
pimciarily cliclc thuerse still be
encough pocpular selections 5co stilt sisy
New Homoeooathic Hospital.
Tics- isasorstthe ness homioeopaithc
hsospital psroic-de for six wears-d. Thecy
are at101 mensodieal, cc monossurgical,
castoiciis moecal, cc soomesossurgi-
cii, caobsetrical, stith aschildlren's
scard. hBesides these shore still be suer-
atioss roossn for nmajor cases asod for
dseaseios of the eye, several psricate
rosons, and recovcery rooms. The larger
operating room soill be finished in
mar-ble. Too anaesthetical rooms have
boon arranged for and a lecture raisi
far general medical,, clinical, and dem-
onstration courses, The normal ca-
pacity of the hospital will be from 75 to
80 patients.

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