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November 03, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-11-03

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H Fine Fall and Win
E Suitings, Golf Suil
FancyJ 1estings.
AWe Carry the Largi
L In the City.
a osmoke a speciallyo
Chocola tes as a side lin
lWa sell lots of them am
or stock is always freot
LowneysA Ilegretti's an unsla itok-
Wilder's Pharm
TH E OLD t~r llsvera gill .week
RELIABLE fl]l ef1,'N'
5t'i'S A Sol>iiGtAI,'P
Our prices are so low th(
any man can offord
pair of them. Ebor
hocks a low as $1.00
poir. See them ir) o0
Calkins' Pharm;

lij Defeating Medics 21 to 5i. Lainc,
T. gice War Dance Biefore Med-
ical Buildinq.
te H The senioirtoawrtclass5Ron its second
L' Esioomoemis toe the tfneof 21to
5. egoose, though not close, prtseel
sosiettditigly intetrtstiog antd o(iititg.
Aittouht Iramsalarg
i toti'odtonedsot to switne0ste game.
LTY T ,holse lam d epartentisit 'vs ouit to
toot fthe seni~oors.
est A TIe todis got the Nvondsait lots
' ho ckof ftrastiort ret urns of
I ttthet ickottitd copeofit's otgan
i tviant eii it steaiit to th rfe m tic's 30
ia in tte rherruittent ovei. htes
T 0iheld, totweverant regainsedI the ovali
on the 4 ad uie rm there they
mis ed sta. 1'1te te\s gt tthe boltliiii
ithe text ttkitofi onttieiriuownIs30yardt
tne aGdutrredtit ceear over cor Hi,
secn soee weitotlosinig it otnee.
Al Gherg onwre iiliinettcs oflieu'
1 o i5iads. No gotl
Afterithis'toiiutowth te metuits'tilt
as tiusittibte brace.Tthey seeuredithte
)0, lbl. hlmtsts oon isretoturetitfott e
d smreaon.ii Diriisg the list Ihar tt
d ta -'steritrybitisiuitttiiyatd its.
acy yarditietndutenutetiitutsi
acv I tiiiiiiack lit Citsbutt tcieit
onh i'in oidgetihiroufr tis tic-
- Ontti enxt kcofih edc o
cl: fr thathe itt, bogttii iteckttheitowtn
eapw thi ari i ne ttot5 tat i ineit ie n g tirs
ite asttitowned ut tbrottkie uttruth
"Y" the initips and bhi nd fneitie>r
at The tt-sut edreiirrgteitiethre
tditteadtily elt o th t isto. ard
a in onafml..'emdc fe
itOGiiifiie toietan tte oistihestato-
p00th en i t S t ttitoei tor s tirst tr
ay thestt roi wgt fthe.la.... PThe
-- 'i isth el h olwn s te iner

s.ie e o-he naughty inaight oe.
Tiere tiey eteissded ptr setts itO
000tiant yrttled unti the nmedis co~ne
to thedoositatist sinstows omhs tey
theit ;metedre sitish r, qak
qats."Titiy hodtieir pictures ttkei
tointhe isot tie'sotteirod-atbitdingo.
Ft'rossotheree they narihed te la-
Comitilitatoriatoy siith the snme ne
Sties Theytfiaty rituisrnetsto the t us
hitilittaottOater atfear sigoroustyelst,
College Scores on 'Varsit.
TtieerettasOai eteciaty strooc tams
onithle fietdettelrdtay tolie tp
agatiinst the 'Vaiesity outtes-didtits
doa tticitsothingtutwlk its-oer the
clnll nars ortw tuc dow s il 'arit 5fild ttelyto tscore.ii
leeteamii aunt 5withte"uad
fomtonuiterrotts-tore tiscouip.'te
tefincetihat hus beets te nsticeae~
t te othtte Prit' ply se d ,
p oerlss o sopte roues itf'te
thotetsnnn.N"' h '' trofof
tift te feter I iihieaketitin i
ti efieii stunilethssicomesitia-
tton till ep te ioppioients' settee
o' titotinyter grot poportionts
p~w iisiiiiate tsr the 'Pasi tiyftoi
telotrst tn isateitubitStreet
""iae tetrinedieothis' sleuui itiotiru
ii ~ rfrti itt belouitis ttiLtioas
Past hatfiteeist reten est Ottis
5eeti out iii liiiaticet' iiiee iiso tanI
Iadint\tot s'oheldiduwnithehl b,'
Virgis n Tee amyries atfll. rThe
line,'VPairihet ois stittborIneitBissl
eat te ii idhns nthei
cheutiiiiiiit itii 'Iti7titods whoitihaisieen
b~-tiut oft hosne tstiesaenes-r
iirentisobiitiosiiiib sdotiredrihis
uciform ant ineduthlisquitdisHeowasiit
agairiint titontisyi
VirginiaT team Atrthestittetristih
Toda s tl~.sidtei 5
trtit odayand iitsr loethetis r hit
'ins fou theori'sui av e Penttcom-
isetd uethuposptcntseare faobi ti
cruubeinussowi.lTetinacilitesufsou t
tie Psudaies citte patosofth 'sgta i
yeenbptovided tyo th vros

No. 35
Facultti Concert Largey Attended.
The seeotnd cnert in te seesrogte-
ets by the toeculty otte Shoiot M2u-
intiits tad ott but onober os
the peograise.
Prot Jonesasanion othte eening
The Romnse by Xaxier he rendered
witlhn sympattietic deieay sd chrsm,
Th'le Listt tiapsdir ws e ceuted
stitsreimakabte dah and preision,
an'rusdgect enttusianm to lbs
Jns'psetuitninmber cnsisted cit
is Vnscmpitions. Thee poed
imesetS' popularI. "ue Hd'Wid-
11111on asepeeiaitt'litei.
PetitEomr StuhirmiinsalsoGia geat
srvoite itt those at tendiig theneeci-
Eviisnuber sas geerouslsy
applsauded. The Shuomanonata wsi
aslcini -itoh he shosted grat
stkilt ini execution. The abumowso
tlayedith brate eeing. Ttie sadig'
inthitsituisber 0as ery fne sd ttio
igh iotes beautitutly cetear asd strong.
iihe 'i'tretistruek t p are'in.
totti suitsas ndtrmutteerecatled.
Thr eittollsiipiste pogriisrei-
;teoud Sonata p tot D iminor..i
Piaiioiand 'iolin
Bhr ebhat. 2Lise intch
Elsa soit Hraveeait enaitetStusip
Schrzo in C I sharp tinor .......
. bu...Fedeute ettuin
tRlhatpsic N. 15 ...... ttFrnzList
f1lil Son1st Olp 99 ..Putos Dioreuk
1(1a) uiClo uuetndDarknsssse isunde
atibiut H-int.
(b)l LordiT houartimy RefPg't
li) Heist'5myu Prayier
(e) 1twitin g op sitonugs utfHtladnes.
Plitt' H.Bailey
tazI k tes' S ar ti
Strre tu1srm
lits Pee p t0 Nis 1,i
WinutrtDaus oini the North.i
Stnt ' Ntiet os s H 0Nt
tibetrto Joias.
ihtecnetsarrebcoi'onug evey
pop~sular. Histupughtte tudi eectas
gainusve's' large, ini teat lrgte tht
hi' coincetthallt tuntsed unuficnt
'The exltchiuren's 5scnceir t wstsaiii
Report of Pisics Conference.
SheluratstossGIofthe Proceeings out
tsr T'itgantsSosbhnaots'st er' lu p-
pere as itai sutplementsl to te tUier-
sit' News-Letter No.i32. It sa
pamphltieittfity-Pour pages cottacinig
ilt u tsportothe' contit eet its p hys-
is hiltS MatrchIs3 sitfte pesntl y ar.
Is addtuttitlto theppeu se' nited'itcu
iis timse autOabstract s sit the idisuss-
sons, tephe ~cuutlc-iisntis the to-
titsoifsthue commsuiteesapptibntedt lby'the
cofrne in Marh 1.97, as bibit-
graphty of sworks recomministded tfr a
hightscshooltphyiclol aboratory, anti
lists oappartusor a snmasl, high
schoolu to ho frnished at an approxi
nate rust of $25. The report is ilus-
trated with numerous engraincl.
Teachers oa.physis anti others wtho
desire to sobtain copies may send orders
to Goo. Wahr, bookseller, Ann Arbor.
The price is twenty-five cents a copy.

Jerseys and
Sweaters at

Smtith .... . . ... . .. .... indu~er
,1,111iyer ti.. ...if. .. . . . hosegis
i.'tgsitttrap t .. .III.. .... Nrisetre
1+ ertirt, r'eeruee
Btwees'sn thet'halvses Ibisssholest tluy
of clsc rooters amiused titetisehees south
ketit swarmusby htiuputy-huoiiug arond u
the trtackt.
'slier tho ganee ltaos begans a
dlemnstratlion that did justice to tttei'
repustation its Glat respoect. iThey
sisrehed up State street in a closoebusty
-yeling an:- s~igng:_Arriving -ac 'O-ti-
campus they marched to the medical
building singing; "We are, se are, se

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