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October 30, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-30

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r I ,
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I But Illinios Can't Do That Much and

T Tj

H Fine Fall and Winter H
E Suitings, Golf Suits, E
Fancy Xestings.
A We Carry the Largest A
L In the City. L
1Vie uis cie speciciy of
Chocolates s a side line
We sell lot' of them anil
our stock is always fesh.
Lowney's, Alegetti's and
Kuhn's alwy in stock.
Wilder's Pharmacy
TH IE OLD f i '1 tcl:f-h
RELIABLE oj a11v 110,Yci5vc
t'Ot-' nd a osii( iaL .'t
Our prices re son low that
any mon can afford a
pair of them. Ebony
backs as low as $1.00 a
pair. See them cc our
Calkins' Pharmacy
Jerseys and
Sweaters at

is Defeated
The 'special ecr, Waterloo, bearics"
ie(Al ici s otal emouofiAnns
Arborui T'hui'sday cight tos theliieiiti
t'liamiiin t mee allhut thirSc
Wlcater'loo.Sitcis coitlesaisi'ctioncc
was ii csiii i i!Aitileic. Field at
itue way cinii ihche(Ic"'ep its troms lie
Illinois :ranee ii care ineniih
fiil seoi'ccitfiiily <a Is 0 wss 'c i\ted
thei cii\iid cii 'ihe iiliile Nsis sdli,,ied
fo ihesuetsiat lit' ui'ciihavei
gro ntioiithiioiithich'scorses s
lo ''LI aNtya-Il''lu assa Victor;
sie resilt iof (heirtea'sply.ii lir
wee thiss! i\liiithou ltV csol
have iseaoreid iioeiiinliie' Uiitiof iv '
Illinois hassuc (-eede~didingpeiu
totegm hut lie c'iuuliciisiPVC ii
a :ruly inii ii (' lciiiim tea sin
leie sii hei 5 h iibe iter ill iiihin
the hailbeen ing.e
The ind as huchstrogerin thei
fisthilf wui''oit fiuiceciJohiisoii

ona fuicsble isnItieiid'e cf the iell
aiiilworkaed it uissiuifoc a touecudo.
Vi sii cAWeeksPSweeley ailnd elc-
o idvdoicn'the'iadvanc ing of the' Is .
Aftr tisth leIlilino issslaeiia ats
game but inssareably' Michigu"nuu rab's
The critcs lies 1t1among-whomtws
to uito in'saip gta ihia ly
Th lneup
ra ci ......l....CIiiiii ino
Lu dgi ...'ch..t.. ctt a, ison'
BriU IIare
1,isi l 'c ilsii.ii. iiiiii Oh i , eii Vi c
llall W dsw rt>.h.lse iiei 5' 'ic
Ilei c't'iicn ier. 'Tunui'oiichalves: 1301 iiii-
Prct icetiny w sill lie'seel is pie-
p'arhiaitiontei e li Virg'iinoiaa e.

All-Freshman Tie formals.
it at his bis k.I 'h\iiicwies uieas'leasastluiec isa
I i is had bel iiili for iiiiiiiiiii
iiiii cii si t i iliisiic ci ' (SC 'sto i ico e sre ith a ll ifiv e soiitssi' lli
wa as i tepik'fci diiite 'lil lisiit ui
s'ic but1 sout betes bi' iness. i(iie eiFourci iOis eicii (
lii cciiiliuusYisithe'tcciirmtli'eiilil 'o(a(cii il
game bu noceolcc isecfsinju esicin
illiiiis iaeil ii ~iiiiii lilii tii eiiselv'es to buskiii' htiisili hle
liiiis sio lin h li n he ili ilihket C.u s s'ne. lie igais olihi veii'i een tihlie'
iici-iiiiiia'locstes f sueting tol o. fisieuiisliiitiiinte iattiiipt toigiie
all ihe ''''ie 1It be'cli' do rya
he Wo l sc as ito cc"arr c ti ccss'i 5ii I :1:1iii h
ii i'liii' iii 'sucecciu cud oil otuib ityi to
scum.is cccing thei iiliu ii liiiic┬░ceiii
\\'st ouitoiiihe way theiiilX s ┬░( liiid
to iclo iiid Kii ii a uie o icn uckedii b Nst corkiais ('re eil'id'Wtbi's b lii
sonsombly. ccIn c kuicy ls'cckingi iDeli'aiiiinsie
i' s ia it'is hr in'b yndsfromhicis liii
lanuiil isloiwsihavings 'tiso iii'iiii
Siiti is 'i'i'tor'ii tise lit back toitieir(li
Npunuslblockcd bttioiltbihe otiirIhSil
d~cy ii iipiip bai a oot ccii' rdiimcrlii wherccc uuuicy '('li e heeld'ifo
heiuciiiiii nces l diviiboletshelcls
iisiti. Sc ct ciinsci 5iO5c~ P~t d i'iensep B iiklit-et on iitraSc igtbook
it h, balc'icy Pie7;0hers ~ ~yio oioin 0 hr hyhl mfc'(ur(i
hsciruinPs ccisf ser bitthiecy upid o t cciscssie ieol lecc otc
to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d cvceiebllo'' uc b iol islys.cTheyibuocked tfuoru10(iesdmacl
cascitir. lots iteios' i an ed puinatft et15 uumre spoih cin(lii
byiii is dioIw, uii b ii asci ii in, nadItee lclb Etilisiac sPc5 cka bictrlot ecii it-

No 31.
Homeops and Fesh Medics Ot.
iatu1cc' morsisngus a double heaer
ini thec iiciy cftclass gicmes wt's rico
sit icuieusthb sipS cussse isedics de-
tcated t(icc ticshmenis P e~e co 6to
0,ndth sisl s'Vi als succuisbedi ctoie
(cuss he1(10 a t erliceclass 'yde
'sc at adf (Stoi0, Ti lest's (ie se-
ondsilyeceuicedics to py te secio
agiic tthe i"'ccuuscsfcltodil's "gume in
the emi-ina diTe isst of ltse
gan 'wilb splyd unet Pid1' ald
LN- gaes gll oteoffsonctliisture
'o LdAtY''AT _""'I
Th satgm fthlieIsceliminars'siesi
thicas scam ishiiscries ill be
plaedths cftrnonat licasuds'ficeli
whenci ltc' isici andciis'cnioclilciriy
tirstllln p aaisonae ianthes
Th aeis ace iof the icist iiot-
(mt sofciihe cc~ironseas 'te iuiesci
of I~ony's ame cwliprobby figure
"sue cWil b' callisropt cit al
the 'Varsisicy(isiscitspmore seciouslcc
paicices citthe ifiecnoonc
10dit,, 11imae a barcilittto mac''
'anitcass i "'se s ysc.
The Uiersiti Y MC A
Thr-ivest .1.C .sat u
u tlicbecriigpsuccs ftheiyear.cac
'c as uftrly busiss mieting
eal e civ uccules lvtenotedincc
'ciii (wichc wrestdensiro
Cccioi liaplc i 0 i n Pro io
lic eai~scec'sreuoit siocs a5ecipt
oit $86016 ii dcciii i i i tu ecof 0 1 .891Sb!oi
thc 'st Itwioimoncths 'lice ccliign
,\o nas ienccesayi',lice si tcn
cit 'coucscuuc'toisreisei'ti' c'niii'i-
(cciii That ithii.' I-ile 'stiuy s' ou k is
flo uc'icic" is eidenct fromitheliii'r'' of
1013 'icuiclinc tel aroucases
1.N\T.' Hlmc avlig prt cito
dice "Stiuiei''Volunterc'ccMouvc'mecnt"'cs'e
ai strong ad''drcess t 'Iclii cccBllH ci
'cidascver$10der'lbice s ubs:'i'bd i
iicciia luics for' liii'upport of
iLestc'c If.Bas .B,'9,1.D,'9
'cliii sInda. Tieccmuiucurui
quiedl 1occDr.Becl' equipments c'is'$600s
lii icc5 AgrculturcclluCol clege''has ub
scibed'200anlit is lhupieccthatYp-
lat 5il as 10015Thsleav ies $300,
wiiis (chopeidcl macycbesd a cii '
Octhifuind ndco ganizatiouncs lis
The Colleges of Oxlord.
Thepirtcceilet urincc'te 'Uity Gllt
Co((((ee is to le 'isven Mod'y''vening,
Oictober d, ott58cc'clock c ini'he icniciians
icursch, stuccoJudgeW.c . Harr) I imlcan,
ccf AnnciArbor, iull speakc n "TheScColc-
igescit Oxtord." JtudgepHarccman aiisa
recintly crltucccii Icouica visit tic Png-
ula uiliere hicse un t sio e timeisnbthie
od icversiy tosin, acd 'ie public is
ho be cogriaulate'd tat h5'h5'coc-
seinted ico give Iis inmpsiconcscd his
opinione oh this Engihocsetof itlearn-
Saturday's Scores
Cdoluumbia . ......5- al' ....... 5
Cornell .......5Picceton 0
iHarvard......22-Indians , ''as...1
Michigan .. a...5Illinos 0
Wisconsin ......1-hsh Medical .
Minnesoa ...... -Grinnell.i. 5 .
Pucdue .........-45Depauw ..... 0
Knoo ....... 35-Eureka . .. .
tBrowne ......35-Newtowne ... 5
West Point ........6Dartmouth ...2
Ohio Sats ..~.. ..6-Oberlin-....



to IcIis cei.It S c'cuin cva' rying bock
ouse cut Johnso'sspunts.lie diioteru
good worck in tbi scane inie Put thic
cvas his ,greatest n.
Michisgan'sdefensiiv'e sicrkespecall
ocider the shaowcif hSecrsitugocal wsci
matgificcest. As the result of blockcig
Keena's pcict Ilioic secuied the Scll
o oar fuseyard line. Ott-sideula iy

lh isp d IcinicchicoNo ricale tcoposeionc
cen those wstiOcalledl.
'he'icehe-upoh lenctile gamoeedc
wsc a hollos:
(drecn...is .... le.... MuNeusur
Wcodl..........It ........ Dalbcy
Eudmunids . .. ..g..... '.. MrIo

gave theni halfthe remcaining distance Dreui......... e,....... uber
soil there thce Pall stayred hor the next Flint ........... rg....-.. Stevens
four dowvos tile fourth being Michigans's 'T'oker .......r t...... Rtalstco
sod Sweeley punted ot of danger. Jones ..........e......... Morrison
5Seral times again Illinois had the Reed .............'qu,-.........-.Marrus
bail on or ton or fifteen yard lines sod Gr'andy ......iS----- ....Sackestt
the brace came in time to save the goail Bogues ......rh ---------- Munnley
line. Gorton ......,. f- --.......Boyd
'The single scare came in she second Umpire and Referee-Teetzel ad
half when Michigan secured the Pail Day. Time of halves: 15 minutes.

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