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October 16, 1903 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1903-10-16

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All kinds, all styles, always up is gaining in popularity, Come and see us lbe
to date, the most durable Shoe 31 fore placing your order.
made and always the same
jprice, $3.50, three hundred and 3 R C SF O 1.0 O $00. i
sixtyfi~edaysin eery ear.Best kind of workmanship garanteed. 4
............ I109-Ill Washington~ St., East.
Meyer's News Stand, ZACHMANN , is& PETRIE:,
FRESH AND SALT MEATS. :1:O. . U~ztz Jeweler,
607 R. WillianeSt.1 5. c i. ..
Everything to Make Yolr oo v Room<, s. ; ;<t .;;.,.. :.;,. ..
.K 1t r' R E N T S C H L E R For anything in the line of ROSS GRANGER, >
Co y ' ' Maker of Phoogrphs Framing, Call on Rensher, ' Manager of the
T TTC - : hone' 389l2r Corner Main and l-hrntrSeets. 3 ~ Acasdemy Orchestra,.
At LOVELL'S Corner Store. j . ,t ae ee .g 'o3g.>3,.i ' ,I rnd SFoon, 312 May..rd St L
Dwight B. W atkins, P5roessor Scteri,,llehsasi class in GRANGER'S ACADEMY.
TYPEWRITINVG t'anel dats 'cfor Itlee'Phillips' ClassIntewtsaer workudisuissile l ateimUnt iteritth ie' oobl l setsoteis
crpu u f323 S. Malin.St. cit Seltrsliis will le' exatminedl 'whicl, it dti ediil'cbly the Dalyl acd vercwithl, tlic lass inc ldancig tir
a~l~act ;il'~rtirw r" Sect irclcy, (Iiit. 17 int toom Tap'ns t he r l~i'college'publtctiatos, ill ciccwer lates wcill nie' I at, :15c o'tc'll ccci
?q ,wciii ^ ^ ci.w '1 'hal d,9 a. ni. AptplicaHionts feet'this tInaiy octhI e qu(est iii ns tlt.see uftene itt'u5a .sr. tandciMs tl c'ccet'will
'cc eccicice cciii old e fle iledeal at cc melcclp feet' ilsi'cssicct, a d aptee e' ct-.cci i liscclSc c li'c
DA LNG & MA L EU , i lee'dcean's ffce. hchu 11g to ci' ilit Recii, tgisecr'al. 11ce' office,' giecetieiosc.il'0e, Il ln st dpta tleset lur cde y --, anr
Pillows, Penannts, Fancy (Goods(Cairmanc f Cc a ct(i~. Stlith s noniWa days every are ee e' Ot'he11c'r classes tniiw opent. iri
and Notions. - - n cewspaper'c'has. This "style' sheet"''is i'lgeiialccioIcicl e s . is
ac kicd ofl'gulch' boad, cwhici eslal- - -
226 S. STATE ST., IUniversiy Notices. islets criciedxirueie'bly which We sldl yor tGranifthetlr goods
_____lilth e c'er is c-citesten l dii Iis repaciring wle t e l cd
All uncer''' ta i cs itt ciictite, sell' el se'e cho e'e, e watio leepccliit
+ FIRS.AM. A.FIN(il2RIsE, + All 'is ltuden t esii'ng to compete';ic, cccitliaioe nci, et e'val ite, ip eildcdo yurs. Halers Jewelry
GYM. SUITS AND BANNERS. fr la 1c lce hesiess slaft cithe lic eg'ct'i-c', care' listedeloncithis sI eec-Itr. Mcia al epr5o(emml s uhqetosir hte lwd
slxite ts n ee' SSEILTYL .ianaer'ciact 33l1 'acire t' r seel, la lraenceel''shol e pintee' I ic tllIi ati t',1E. Kiehic, suree''sscer'lee, I'.. Ft's
cc cdurt d adsB oh r,, vr w ek. hels orc ot.',cc dcii dedlct, AlsoIraiceftt'er-in iiier s lil''' thelr e scti c itgoo s icn
Net ete eein' o tv or e. itltitc ____ iig tIcer eit'ain tr Ieel, weter ll e oii' lciy to Select fotn. (liercc Itew c
All frtatyear'Lila antI EngineersI v cecl''sh eel'' shouecel e abreveceiae'c hosd I yles o f t he ci t li'IeIesi ci cmos
PA[AC[ 4,PARISIAN tiiiu Itbe examciniedlphyically ibeore Ice 'S ''is il'de ci . Acd agn etiti, cliii I' tee lc i li egs oncIili(, m rk
\ Noeberl 1.S All iothers citedtill lier ccr steeleslacng c exp essionses e a C a cll :ccit -th' c mc ccibefore yic'ii clce
TlAUtTNDRY AGENCY.. Hus o xaminatio, to4 p 'tre dw"poeare co'etin or'ion. f05P e, iin
w I I c ,"N I fr li ~ic i po iil____aw_ ay wile all Itlst', cctlic oe 'cccliii' uii tes Iy licyi. e c. 'ery-
fr. F'. D9w IE tA j, Al ecestaneth'sIiy iar e ceissellee'. t duin ecem'ado stic ly Ice ycciear ese .
g A l trem iierof l s. yea'sc"'c loji l''te'sser Stel , whven'c ase eed a:l Iiile's 'T'ailring icerlors, is ct -
c - clbn inc c o elteeiplecsesencd Ith le he' tought:of Ie eetheopt in of thec'Sys I cet i lnktldIleg. 17
namesci andv adrelciii sise citof '(". Itieti,te t t e c le ltg' publictionlies, scid,!- -
I 3i7 ills sre--It I heed l t'Ihouegtit wasec visaels e;ii' Roms for Ret - Oneecblcltwes of
hal ese et- rect higs Ilatist iwit t ,ii'('ceps 'vey tes les c oehe uts, lintge'
jAny mceme Ii' if c iv ercsit y s l i'o ceoedc rle l e dit or'h.'ii lis, steel unit scecel sicgle' lted , Icrge'Clthees-
prsei tich iipa e e 'ine te li' lite'iit lee' scs'w oi Casione ti-Iy ii ielt cld p e 'ssis, a .es l satiouncary wshsl
D r e s s h.whele ics cioIriie ccliua e c- steeld it nt b clle don~e.'isel 13-3.5 tp tee 3$ ;t'00 e'ehdeiiott to
iea t e in t e i-e l l t ie g l 'c'ea e. , tiht shneelces;bitalcgaos a dtele oi-
Com or 0r''ucci cie ticth-'i tcie is 1906 ENG. ELECTION. Icece'eelilcec-ileceec',sny
Csnf(. -ic e teer-vit uteigli sou et oftieee ' cit hit'es---cle'eethng ready, 51 1. Joter-
lii te el ry soiteIs, I leieeheit is notlice -'- 'uesdeaey a'tenoone ice eo cii1,ei-ti resit reet.l -ti
55e"secy toe ie tice Icacciim echbe-c'. i'ee'it' ildcin lg, ho 6ee n h cgineers
m~ ee-Iit d e'le-et lthee'folelwcing ofiers:i''t pe Fr eis t 'eseeolarg ' actes all
Presidlenc t ', S. Nor'c ss tic-i- ncdelentimeproee nt'ce'cs. tall eelil12 .
fecc'i'trsiy s t-elcts dese~iing o so Irecsident C'el- , . lBoyntoneceta rye 'Ma5. d eisonceSI I'
D an M cG 'gl c-iee-Ioesecit stolea ichite i tt (. O h it nch;,tS e aI cser', hU. It. Ae_________________
~~~~~~~lie- ieterest lie ccrile Ie1ccttoemes htc' s ;eesehaleititicgei -cVi.I tsiet BathicSppelien of all lkinds at all
Say Mctil ogh,6:9 Fne rt Blg. Ch fotbll anaer F.Sno; ra he recs at Cshling's Pharmacy,
Presic e . - f eecccceeg, IR. Stewacr-. ~"
SteOatrchesrs PhoecS52. Stric-! Mai SI S. tPone 281
Su p nd r ly tpteedal techdirst-class, Any item-Miss Mace' tceiitger is this wcs-colt
Su pe o rs ticestieccecitith ctsnd~sired, Traps holdtinglneteaixhibeieioof yreet'ntjly Your eyes eamine y act
are the easiest he ever anittsong hits a specaty. cad woodee-caing, riortencingitethee xert optician All Olie at-
wore. Guaranteed "All _________ exhibilcilnt the ciiy AlthIciest'it-'Ist ap~rved aipliances andl netos
BreaksMade ood.' S~c The Acdemy cdhtehra." teeseteelarecricly icvietoteevisit knownc to lie proessiont are enploeyd.
Brei3 ad God" "heAcdey rcesr l er shechie, 313S.IFithhe enoeee, tilt-eNw eye glases ifted, lenses dclii-
and $1.00. Ali shopkeep Ace orch,'eesic' s ie lc-beenoganizcl ed y lo, is5,aie, ranes repaired, Hale's Jew-
esiAnAroMt(rne Thmsiaragrs,: orgycc it i'easi'itcfroin ee'uth is vitisitewillbe e e very KOLLAUF, The Tailor.
C. A. EDCARTON MFC. CO. beist. )srcahlee'parties tcanegaege' Your clothe presed acd cleaned 1.S0 Huron St. E.
Box 20, Shirley, Mass. this orcesra tir parties, banqetsh, Ianse yor nshoes shined for 25c a week.
'tc, Panlorium, 336 S. Sae St. cry Sore.

OHIO C9ETkALiiLIEStpae tLeatherShoes reordn S ZodPsi
hits, Athes , Groit s ll e lud o eststecee WV Fresh Lowney's, Allegrettis, Spar-
Va., cod theco cuth, Ask.e oeii i-enct or L.r I V 1 ,row's anti Hucyler's Chocolaten at Cuesh-
aetrit,IsL S'e. Lecci. I'. A 7 icedStinges Phiarmacy.
G. 11. A.. Toledo,(S. THE RELIABLE SHOE DEALER. 124 SOUTH MAIN STREET Yorolisteseladcend
CherlIfe's -- 'rf--f fffff~iN ff4 N facid yoeur shoes shined for 2ic a week,
American & European HotelPatru,36SSaeS.
Ooa eyra . ynd Night Giv'e us aii opporhtunify to figure oii your list. Paz ru,365 lt 5
PrvteOnn ceor]sad itt~lditieeuui'cC TLK Los-\Ancmall ladies'' gold watch with
O3ttL~xitO HALL. e3iWtlrtdn A LL rY AlND f PRI HLL oenfce eTAdfrLetin.
209-211 N. 4th .Ave, ┬▒ca/sve-oe
MR. .R.TOJNOSUf110 Baron St. E.
The Professol Hair Dresser lA (ew am Seccnd-Ileeudl
3221S. State Street, tsp stairsetd spcsd'- CAL1L AiZS-THS. . & (COMIPANYJV Law Paulshers and Pantomium--336 S. State St.; finns.
ittl iiitti i''1h lddt t ,tide- c aid ll iiliu di a,',aa.,,~,rmt par ~ SIporters,
loer h) iesIx," Itot'i twwcitrdI i'eelf hiriandItoilet 114 M0NR0E STREET, CHICAGO. erspressed, ice.; suit pressed, 25c.;
Try my Scientific Face Macsage and ANN AR'BOR, BRANCHI, 34o State Street, Opposite Law Building schute,1.c. Tickets goad for $1.50
Always Ahead MATIW \T 1h T E TA.TofrNP The Best
In Styles. mt .i of Evervthinri in Tailoring.


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