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May 01, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-05-01

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he ichigan Daily



No. 149



Caused Loss of Yesterday's Game to Senior . Literary .and . Engineering
Illinois-Score 10 to 6-Nagle Classes Will Hold Their Annual
Shows Up Well. Swing-out Next Tuesday.
Plans for the Exer-
With that courtesy towards oppo-
ne-itts which has made Michigan fa-
mous, the 'Varsity infield, in yester-
day's game, administered a stining re- The annual owing-out of the senior
buke to the freshman pitcher, Nagle, class of the literary and engineeringl
who was actually trying to win the leparments will take place next
game and with exquisite politeness 'liusday at 4 o'clock. Upon this occa-
presesnted it to Ilisois. edya.4occkUpntioc.
A glance at Miclhigano's error ciln sion the members of the 1904 class
is suilicient to explain the 1to de- will don cap and gown and make theirt
feat which she received yesterday at- dehist t the academic world as sen-
ternoo, for no pitcher can win for a -s
team which makes thirteen errors. The class will meet in Room C, andt
Although Nagle pitched a good game there form in line to march upstairs1
and deserved to win, his fielding left into University Hall, while Professor
much to be desired, both of his errors Stanley plays on the organ. After anI
costing a run. Like all southpaw invocation by Prof. D'ooge, President
pitchers, he had troubles of his own Angell will address the class. The
in fielding bunts. Glee club will sing. After the exer-t
The game was twice stopped on ac- cises the class will march around the'
count of rain and finally, while Mich- campus. Upon the completion of thef
igan was at the bat in her half of the march the men and women will be
ninth, the drizzle began to thicken photographed in separate groups inc
and Umpire Byron called the game front of one of the buildings. C
for good. Michigan might have added After the swing-out the Seniors will
a tally or two had the play continued, wear their caps and gowns twice a
as Campbell was on first with no sne week Ito class till graduating week
out. when they will be worn every day.
The bright sp t in the cloud of-ri tithe n will probably wear their
iichigan gloom was in the work of caps all the tima. The Laws and
Bird, Carrothers and urner. The Medics will not wear ther caps and
'Varsity catcher was in the game all -owns till commencement week.
the time, his backstop work, throwing The rs and g- ns have arrved
hitting and base ruiia v re ii iw. be reaty for distribh ton oni
and his coaching oi Nage t m :toesnay. through some m siake a
to keep the young itcher steadyc- ice c g-iggment wa sent to MIss
Qearrother's batting iiwas 5 5 flt u cvetl so Ihosweho have n iar-au
ture, for out of four t iimes at bat, the ;rtred their gowns can do so riam
little right fielder gaiere in Sosher.
hits, besides making aprettyrunngishe Seniors of the Literary depart-
catch sf writ lfs shun ly.. sment -wil meet in Monday at 5
'Thi'n rav'rsr tilt tanii-s tose - 5etck ini itissm C, to matte soimia
l'hAlrotiAericanock in Room C, tosetke som
the All American tackle, urner, in more arrangements in regard to the
action, and the big iellow did some swing-out and to decide in regard to
fne fielding out in the middle garden, a class memorial.
pulling down a couple of long flies
which the Illinoisbatters had sent out
with the vicious intention of kIocing THE PASS AT THE PASSING1
a few boards off the back fence. How- SHOW.
ever he had an off day at the lat.t
He seems to have found his positionc
and looks like a fixture on the team- The ingenuity of the dead head isa
Redden caused considerable merri- great, and the same application de-.
ment in the ninth by resurrecting the voted to the invention of a utilityr
ancient concealed ball trick and catch- would make the fortune of the per-
ing Zangerle ten feet off second, much sons who waste so much gray matterI
to the latter's disgust. and energy in attempting to see thec
Yesterday's game demonstrated that performance without liquidating"'
Capt. Redden's position is in the out- The speaker was John W. Vogel,
field. Aldringer in left, did not cover proprietor and manager of the "Big3
the ground that Redden did last year, Minstrels" hearing his name. Acting
and the latter's presence in left field as his own "watch dog of the treas-..
would strengthen the team greatly. ury" at the principal entrance of
With Redden, Turner, and Carrothers the theatre, "with his eye on the gun"r
occupying the gardens, Michigan lie sighed for the sake of a sad sponge
would have an outfield second to and then smiled as he permited at
none. view of the full house with the satis-
'he coaches have their work cut factory comment, "All money." Con-t
out for them to bolster up the infield, inuing as the late comers dropped inE
as its work was very wierd yesterday- he said, "Touring managers have
When one man made an error, it much to contend with, where the par-
seemed to start the entire quartet on ties of the first and second part playf
an aerial voyage. on sharing terms, and I always makeI
There was some dopy work in the it a point to stipulate in the contract
sixth when Ensign stole home while in the matter of free admissions. Even
Nagle was holding the ball in the with the proviso the visiting man-r
pitcher's box and the rest of the team ager has to keep his eyes open to
were peacefully slumbering. see that dead heads are not run inr
The fielding of the Illinois team was upon him, and I say this with no dis-t
good, all three errors being excusable. respect to the majority of local man-
The game opened badly for Michi- agers. Occasionally there is a black
gan, when Roberts singled and Pitts sheep who will sell complimentaryI
reached first on Nagle's error. Parker tickets out of the box office, and somev
flew to Turner but Zangerle was safe door keepers will pass their friendsE
on an infield single, filling the bases on their face instead of a 'cardboard,'9
with one out. Hill sent a long fly to or certified D. H. I had an experienceE
Turner and Roberts scored. Bird on my first tour. We showed at a
threw to second to catch Zangerle; place-call it Sundown-It was in thatr
Redden dropped the throw and then, neighborhood. I was a little belated
in an effort to get Pitts who was in getting to the-they called it theC
breaking for the plate, hurled the ball Oprey House, but it was a fit floored
into the bleachers and the score boy hall. The local manager was ont
chalked up three for Illinois. guard at the portal, and as I glanced
The 'Varsity batters seemed to find at the considerable gathering down inD
the delivery of the elongated Mr. front, I was btth surprised andr
Pfeffer very easy in the first. Redden pleased and remarked: 'Pretty good2
and Bird singled, coming home on turn out,' as I reckoned the amount ofF
DePree's drive for three bases. Camp- cash represented by the assembly inh
bell went out, but Boyle hit to left, total. Mr. Local dispelled the illu-r
scoring DePree. Pfeffer then applied sion. 'Oh, them's the families of ther
the brakes, Turner fanning, and Al- stage hands and ushers; the audience
dringer going out on a weak grounder. ain't come yet.' "I
For three inings after this, there was John W. Vogel's "Big Minstrels"s
nothing doing, both sides fielding will appear at the Athens Theatre onb

(Continued on page 2.) ,Monday evening.

The Eleventh Annual May Festival 643 Names Registered When Booths

Comes the 12th, 13th, and 14th Were Closed. Election Bids Fair
Of This Month. The Best To Be Close. Dark Horse
Artists Engaged for Ticket.
The Concerts.
Judging from the total number of
those who are planning to attend students who registered yesterday for
the eleventh annual May Festival, to a vote at the &. L. A. election next
be given here on May 12, 13, and 14, Saturday, more interest will be shown
will be furnished as rare a treat as in this election than in any previous
has ever been their pleasure of en- one of the year. The last name on
joying. The University Musical socie- the list was number 643 and the list
ty has been working all year in pre- might have been somewhat larger had
paring the fine programs which will the registration booth not been closed
be presented. The names of ten of at half-past eleven.
the best artists in the country will ap- Immediately after the registration,
pear on the libretto. Pres. C. R. Coulter opened the nomi-
The Choral Union of 300 voices will nating convention in University Hall,
be one of the attractions, and to those- the nominees were presented to the
who have attended the Festivals in c'nvention in clever speeches which
past years no word of praise for this et forthtlihe respective merits and
organization need be uttered. Prof. abilities of the candidates in a man-
Stanley has been drilling the singers ner which left the impartial hearer
for several months, preparing them much in doubt as to which was the
for the chorus parts in the several better man.
operas. "The Dream of Gerontius, 'fwo regular tickets were proposed;
one of the leading attractions, will :me led by Edwin J. Kinney '05-06
also be sung at the Louisiana Pur- -aw, who was nominated by Mr. Son-
chase Exposition at St. Louis on May aenschein, and the other led by J. L.
A by the Choral Union. Conley, a junior Law, whom Mr.
Welch presented.
President--I. L. Conley '05-'06 Law;
edwin J. Kenney 06 Law,
E Presdent-James L. Freese 'G
;.it.uJonas. T9 L ws MLeun
: i -red. .i-ie ' tt,
}r c seI retr ?'_.l-t set
t_: >; L R. Waters 03haw.
a-urer-cc '. . tanchard'06 w
. Lighttt - < 0-aw.
T1,lnliven the occasion, a "Thart
y se" t was sr -oset waeih this
mto "lonesty is the est Policy."
'the "Dark Horse" ticket was as
Conductor of the Choral Union. mor President-Broadus H. DuPriest
,06 Lit '08 Law
Mme. Louise Homer, one of the rtiP115 -Ewaw.
leading artists of the Metropolitan lain Si I -aw.
Opera company, needs no introduction Fsr Crrespsssing Secretary-J. Y
to music loves. Her wonderful si Kerr, '05 Lit, '06 Dent, '07 Medic.
cess as Orpheus in Gluick's opera and FosRer c A
as Venus in Wagner's "Tannahauser,'' Seeli 'S- LhAe? Law,
at the Festival of 1902, and her mag- For 'reasue-CarlsiEsgine Parry
nificent work as Ammeris in "Aida," Si Lil
last year, leads to high anticipation of0>Lt
Henry Gleyser Ashiurst, Law Special
her appearance in the "Dream of Ger- Ambassador to Faculty.
ontius" and "Carmen" this year. Commodore Garman, Arbiter of
Anita Rio is also one of the well GraftI
known favorites of past festivals. Last m w
.Much osmusement was cause by the
year she sang the part of Aida inr
Verdi's great masterpiece of that refus sit.huffessntrsofisaticke
Is rust tsar sufice asnd a climax was
name and won the highest praises. ad wtsn sne of the men othe
This year she will sing one of the . . . .
S ticketiuanorgnlaisfm invited its originator to a sup-
most beasutul and original arias fris
Verdi's "Otello" and the soprano part per at Oyster Bay.
The election will occur next Satur-
,n Max Busch's "Fair Eles,"ansin sday, May 7, and only those who have
'Carmen" will assume the very atrac registered will be eligible to vote.
tive roll of Michaela. She is at pres-
ent the highest paid church singer in
Emilo de Gogorza also sang at the
festival last year and his wonderful Dean Edward I. Boswsorth of Oberlin
performance of the role of Amonasro, will speak to the men of the Universi-
oe of the most prominent parts in ty at McMillan Hall tonight at 6:30.
-m o hemstpomnnhIars The- subjst ithsauleswl be,
Verdi's "Aida," led to his re-engage- he set of his address. willP
ment. He will sing the baritone solos"The Best a Man Can Do. Prof.
in Max Burch's "Fair Ellen" and the Bosworth is already too well known
priest in Elgar's "Dream of Geron- at this University to require urging
tins." a large attendance. As an educator,
Frederick Martin, one of the lead- he stands in the first rank, and his
ing basses of the country, will also ar wtrk on Bible study has made him
pear again. Last year he sang harts a much sought for speaker at Y. M,
which were diametrically opposed to C. A. summer conferences.
each other and yet with the distin- INTERSCHOLASTIC MANAGER
guished success that he has been re-
engaged. Sometime this week the Board of
Signor Giuseppi Campanari will ap- Directors of the Athletic Association
pear in the role which he has made will meet to elect an Interscholastic
his own-the Toreador in "Carmen" manager to take the place of Harry
On rendering the Toreador's air in Wieru who was elected last January,
Act II, he has won a national reputa- Wier has left college and recently
tion for himself. resigned the position.
Miss Florence Mulford, also of the _ _
Metropolitan Opera company, will SENIOR LITS IMPORTANT.
make her first appearance before an
Ann Arbor audience. She is one ol The caps and gowns are here. The
America's formost contraltos, and committee will be ii the Alumni
has spent considerable time in Ger- Room at 11 a. in., Monday, to dis-
many studying the great Wagner tribute the outfits to the girls of the
roles. class. The men of the class can get
The part of Gerontius will be ta- their caps and gowns at my room,
ken by Holmes Cowper. As a tenor 512 S. State street, from 1 to 4, Mon-

singer he has won the approval of day afternoon. It is Important that
both the West and the East. every order should be called for at
(Continued on page three.) this time. ROBERSON,

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