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April 09, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-04-09

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The Michigan Dil
- Tonight the Adeiphi will present, iBerkeley, Machli 5-flit 'halt
Practice has Commenced-Preliminlar. the followinigprogranm to which alli hour of musi" which is given each An Illustrated Lecture by Professor
es Leading to Choice of Team iare cordially itvittd soiand y L'(tSuty aternioon, begining at 4 o' Van Tyn e-Six Weeks Journey
for Chicago and Intercolleg- ae all membters urged to be protii clock, in the Greek theatr. of the Un by Cano-A Unique Wed-
iate Tournaments to take as ter are imposrtant clitngs 0i i versity itt California, is attrairh tintTip
Place Soon.I constituion to hi set te. vry iia isiuch favoraile comiment anti inte- dngTrp
______who has the welare ofi the Society at est. At the concert tn Sunay last, to spite of the many attractitns
Rainy weather preventetd the ten- heart shosidte preent. At ilIas given y the Uiniversity Glee Cl, offered to the student ody last vnw
nis players frmnplarticipating in the meeting the ptrotptosedt citnges seertier 4)0ieplie attomneid. Concerts tng, the Sarah Caswel AngeltFiall
second practice of the season Yester- laid othte tatle ater iarmWitttterti- ae asot beet given y the stutents' was tied with soilets htloee
ay ateinoon. it Wetnesa afew Suon. miittry iandt aoil ly the University eagerly to Professor Vai Tynes thrill-
oiiflt nhe trteenthusiastic were abtol Dtebtle--Restolvoid, Tttt the otige uorhestra. Tte'miitiryIadit if teintg account if his cato trip twn
get tot thecortrs, ut as yetnot many cutrse slotil be sslitit itteillitue ilUivesit y Caetessil hate catrge of Ite Danube. This lecture has lien
have ventutredt tott. years. the tcocert the ctmitg Snay. It isj given otce before ii Ann Arbotr and
liegiuting-with tnext wek, however, Alirmativi' --Aitrson nd 5( Ian-th i m ttof thei'stileiti 5to givetrief a numbetitruo t I'lies in the east.
the practice of the players will e as man.. programt it classical, stredt or ta- Proftesor Van Tfyne inrdutcedl his
regular as lie weather wilt pernmit. Negative--Sctitzt at L~oei'i . Irittrtittsi, andtoitmate it as itih Lecture y a few brief r'marks in
Rtegardinig thre tennis prosec'ts for lmprompttut sleet-tes. as potssibleasitoriatlto the ay ot which le statet that this triti formedi
te seasotn, Catain Lee says, "The (Subtjects lt e idrawv.) wicthi it is giitn. Nit amtissionisthis weinitg tuti. This fact gave new
outlooktsfr a strontg teant is vey Msic-W~eeks. etaigeitasd thte geteratuicti is fn- inteest to te lectre, undoubitiesly
bright We have St. Joihn, who has Ipoirttantibu'.sis meettng ireo to aittetndt beause itt its unique atuitt-.
teen a nmemher ofi the last two chain - Starting from Ulm, the ettire
pioinship teams, fieli, whit partici- ORATORICAL CONTEST EXCITING EL CTION course itt the Danubie was folowid
patedt in the duial mseet ith Cicagot____ into the lank Sea. Ratisbon, Vien-
las slcin, Ilin, hitwonthe'Va--Another Excellent Struggle Promised Jeffersonians have Spirited Contest in n.adhtiaPs iesit t h
ity chanipiotishipi last fall, besides Their Selection of Officers-An mst interesting cities along the
nany new mentwhselt ay in a very -The Prize is Worth Winning. Unfortunate Blunder. ruite, the casle' rins, te Trais-A-
promising matuter." titpan regints, anti the evr-hangig
Thepreitmitaies leatditgto tiii' Tht fouthsantntusl -sottest ofthelii tne oft oti i lst conte ist s in iiie scney te tetuliat'rtiushtttts ittth
Chitago Dutal Turamuentitwilt egini tniversity itt Mihiganit iiiutuhit-inhistry itf (ii'\VWetsteiri dbattg socie. Huntgaritns, Bltgtrians attdtTuris
whtenischolutis trestmed ater vara Leuagueu'wiltaIsis"attnttight it 7:3otty ocur'sred'st sthis' trinial s-it-itinneisvitralowsediltic'ittierstiowans.
ttn. This trnamenttwiltakla itct' ittHoorniBtsthiet Llatv tuildintg. Thehiedtastit night. tor s'si' veral -ees T'hitse cnetis were all ilusasidy
httre it May, tite wt't'krtiritiroi t'iprogramo wilt hi s- 55fohsis: thei-frienstsot i. X. IDas, 1P. N1. hii iitztntshutes aoitteach iofwhich
Intercollegtiate tconfes'ren'etmee.tDua 'Tle lPar'amiit iiissuit' K.i41,. 1Ittli gsrsul. ald .K . htlusius hatt- lceitthis-litrer hluaunty fasintinttg i-
'Tourttnanent shave beenut hedt sithi ay, '4 it. Iu'susitsit atefvtii usaiton.uiugasin i' itc(sh i t 'ultah.
Chitiagio funtwit ycas atnd iatctuhas Pro'hiiiomiiithethush Stlutiin G. hatt iftt Ihi'rt' i'titas. 'flit lit's- It onluitnhitgIis lhcuretiro'fssor
tutn wons by Mihilgain. X.tuy, 'U1 last. ,t''sisu t tssis sit'tt iisvuec sdthei'gritXVanu Tytnitadsomeint-vatale'sugges-
Thu lilte'ciuitigiate Tourutunamnt Pr'ohibtliti tcht-it hhits.-. N. ierst ositait,- iiieius-u's ithul- lit'oIints tuu'r tst'whit auectempluuatig
will tist' llac- atChicaigouontinhessBartiard, '0i Lawss. Iitus.alisins -srusuuutiuat 'iibiy 1. i sitilar ti p. 'ITihegetest exants
week of ithe confceuu'umie' ietthi' Reugulationuuof lPr'hiihtion.--L 1.-Sit, "i tlisusai hutiii .J. Mt sit-u, i'uiuuiu'u 'itwit hithie'jurne'iuy assr-'te
atms'team represetintg 1Michiganu Ihat Iltiwu, 'iil;ILaw. andt listutit yi. t.tCot. 'It,- this'liict ur,is ntieedied i u-ueahintg
tptuticipaes init'h uah touruntamen'ut. 'T'hec'Saloouu.-S. it. Kale,.'06i stir. fir stsbalot resuited itas fllohuws: IUlmi, his'statting islt. Toigutdownt
titit'wi-sik earlie-r. Siniglesu andubhuutleis' A titue'oif$2r, is tiltei'edito iithis'iwi- I lii is21,1 "i tzs'uel, t, BoiugiuuniChoIDanubueut its Suure'ad ut uritn
tailsh-.uco utu'e oitut int utthis e'sent ,ut-. AltI(iecteustatuis lust's'hatdsex- =28 ginutohutin, ut $7 is need-ei'd. Th
auth tutu'thu last thruc' yearsMichi'tgan uti iu'iuuu'uiinruatour suitdtutu-ing iit-lt Au'u'ssi tuto iithus'systemiiofttthi so-uhifnt uuaes itof Jt;ourey .5re'thut
titsasutiltutuhi , uuuiniug lust'a tu tal r ithenliiversuis-sty or p'reparau'utory u-i'ty Davis wuitdrw rt(i 1 on ii'the, i'steamer's hyig this'Daubei, ath
six tutitts. schoolt s. sunxit stllo(i Iiuttutut ss'onsutubyiiitslehaing behntdithut gi rollers which
TIhis year it, is tpossibethi'Ilatthut'NSuttny till ltheuuus itutes'sii'souis'cur sivt uf 0uto l, 'aisly swampiti cnoesu. Tlhe 'natutal
ownsvhsu'ipu iif'thus ntcupt beidonte fir'hshtians' willtheli'prizoees' u hn'u''ui hesrl 'itiii s ano5titerI iclst'ctntues for duagrss 515etuewvthus'gretst.br5inuug
to th ni veruiusityp whichirlst sues'uuus hs v ssth is'ill also ige tum's uchit's' si'suth t;i lii ii''usui'i-' 't ilsichii was i'1 wnuibuy (hs t, u's's t 'e b it r .Iii' nttu hat. Nit
a tumtaliiof sentutoitts iitheIni ter-t'-vliin ithu stht' uoitust'to beiheld- tutu 13.tuo irsiusuii sui vts' uf22 t17,,six ws' re ui ssu'ntiialtfutu'suith t
colletgiatue touuuurnmnsu' illxviibut'udeid- at hatnsing, Atpi 29t1. 'he im ne'1"riuu H.u fst. ti ''usuti''.Journe-uy.
utl. Mi-higanutnunis ltilt tutu'oin.tu o inidrahshtuottshwilt reresti'siuithis' Thesil t' ii hit'es u'suot we r-uutelesct ''rotessoru 'aunt 'lii's uxper'inee's
wintChicago binug tutu' closst coin- salt' iiteriuu-statutu'otmiet. Antushfty atiatis lstrsi's is fottowsrs-Vi(i' tilt' luh teto ithus'til. While tt
leiit' with m itlistalitt ivi' pints, if a tlu'ke uutfor c'tu awats thiIion t,'iheipressiet, i. . Iteviens; screutaruy situetttat Mihiuganu hut'shutnt sum-
whilt' Wisconuusinu has limt twoitnuutts withlhis'it siuttestanuuiniiatgrandmtnltiin- .1 . K enr 'it i', P. A. tiakert; ut'k- i in uuui'. 'lTe ic uuyleu'wsshis
t hen cre''ill-'i ut. h is ii'ttob u- atcnutet inhtwhit-lueight oruatr - tmariusihau, 7.X'. S-t, ut-itum~as iofiuutuuuuuulimitotut h.til, stou
'hassl b hty llhir'u-uttigiate'uTnnii ui 'usuuiug ucollgisiaind uiver'sit iss 171 . Rennier', Inhit s' 's' hi of' tc uin ttugIhi'summernuu-his'od'tutu-
Assocsiatii. h'romuuMuaineto lithis'P'muttit'ciistill c,,ptn u-mhaey sis ii sir utu-mls
hut addihtionu uto his'dualhvtrhwithul uuu' tuu-mpe teu 'es and it $ t i't'i. tii'l iy hus uidtiatu I tssit-iit s winu
Chicagoit. itis poussibuu'limiht bltu''inu Admission fotutu'onuight's tututst ,sby i'its' ,' e.reere to Iliem asir THE 01IRLS RETALIATE,
may ncunmi-hen' thus yan ortou uruna- trt. I ' ''- lerniitn.W'quouuti-te olwigifomt-
ment. The mtter has nt yet been- .14i tFitzera'udsmti he, ni'ewl'y-eue-t' U'nt uirusiiY itt taliforunuia whit-tishows
udsfinitely decided'utas tberun isis d tsc- THE "LOVE STORY" tr iisu i uIlll usulefi 96Lwadi iso situ I tlmli'girsofthelii'westtill nttthut
ons tuftein takentn forub-si terss. utmplsd tutuat cst uua'd.
anditheiiathuet i umanauuge'men'tIis hissi- iiIotst' whoutarei mu milkt, ith 15.1.Ie rtry o te H as ln
e --SanfordiUntuivrsit y, Volbu'hauuy 24.-
tat~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~f thght uunuuiu s u uutttu i utu iss t tchiti lneturtslxi uris'ns niipt
lung Iatouu'nuut u auuuuuu'uuuu'ut ituiusr siiis 'miGOOD TiMuricFfOTHESYPSI VLSI-''Its" Rtuss-ll, sued ti tt oftis'thaptac
net"h rfso' oeSoy TOR ti, teico'ictpaptetrof Ihit-utivrsity
__________ ic-e si entedi' wi'h'u arryu'1's Lusi' ity'' tBecaus hruh u imIutsareseiinsgluintlimltateud iiirauts'uiiuuial iinluhe laest
Litte Dong u Oter Ahletcs. isl hu t' tuu'su'i'ills urc hu'ounIsitsul itheinter liii lin'soiu r Iting I Issue of It'hImlster thatt otnty 'ighteenu'
Yssterd-ay urain preuventedl li' the g uy uu-tuutuu-uaseiis rtul mot, Iit sssum I i- tilythtue-tMiigns'.Iuli- sab s'itbed iufor tthus'llege:upeb'ic ty
hullshquaisurthut-hirs'dailytruiptita ut's uidianlect csrireauttiionis'Xli-iituuii- uisuu'hu'h uu'tusanutes uuumttoiuu
thi ttu hii'uuuuts.A uuunuu''u t Imi ttss tihus ittlleutultet li. '"Thei ;est, Hi tic if,r t 'u-tt -iisuuus suit'verwhois' uestiis'shi' presides.''A
men tutuir i it nhouruicplaying catch P ssuu' st'Su 'i i -ui'l.thus' lii'sit,VYpsiatui. AnutA'borun&Stanfordut Wounat'' tnigh- ubltishes
outstie thus'gymnastiu. Arungo ii'' ihlltfheeuu' urtuuuurihirn.tt.ii omptuu'yuta ttii ''uuu 5tttheMy ii o iewhiu s ts' taes tithith-
catctusnswho arestsing"tu el sushi tuatiotuturliii'limtritels'sites'try -a tt uuulii ,i hs huuiuu tts t hskuuuumsi a ~t it
thiffuinuta juutiton uimsyu'ut n d almt strtutuirs'aidnit a mrii iuu iuitiu to be is'u'uusuuh- lior'tutu'his usc' iofIts hichIishe cc-
hic class tcearn tutu'twit ycars. so (sis htwthemli'germtisit iiove-thriuuiigiuIth i .tsuu s ut s ' tut ausa uy uf-tis u i um
Se'vera ittthu class teams ant',uplay- ismcvodu mycin- ushutr- per iire tiu- uida ttti I a utuwitt tusut pleadnuty 'uutoubiyngShinsays
tug litacticc ganses svr-y aftlernnit.disase, thus'ovI tutu' tutu uhthuse1 uuutleu 11ii.ttu uu 'i- uit1' luitttustgilyhttuiu its t
Ou T'lhurtsdauymlii' high schoolutuleamunand t ivgrus tiiMr71 e. hiurixk theI " 'q~uiuspued slo t i cartss w i'beusat- thu -12 whunt'i'hapti'' lis no ut'v,
wiuntutm te Suitl Lis i athueshaussi' toishotw hus abiltiyas it us-u, e'im ati-unwsre-Is. tOtus'of tus' e'ca1', an whotiwouludulovue'C"th apptl'itgneat
wonIuggame. 'Ihi ' '15 F ogiuscrs, tegutuute actor,, tutiuwhose stutrtuuhasiittli-scsi'elDeir'it otutu e ie teitu dsahliiietr ithe hattthus'literay in-
wintners itlstya'seensau. iltictclassedi tSIasulauig withtIat of ei-res' vnire anduI.i(,tt hiiiewithhuavestint which wouul hatthin tohut imi-
pla rsacticeganes yaralt this naweek. illWilliam TIt.ratau'siNtd '.h uu-Nat .toosa, u'', n, (hese t'i mit.T'hese'nuatfrium his classic hpags, atng
''the, tamittofyesterdiay gave the wit. Thus litre stony"'till bhu t ageru sit e Illran thlieumght timtutuhatgi.wit hi a few umeuc'ntinuale exletives,
tracts metian sasy aternnonftttrain- eauittfuuhy, tpresentuing a char n;iut ttwsilttuieti humus i apy uach cintu-hi' objectionahle trmns, 'o-citantI
ing ~ ensatonsi tevulitumtseries ofitt'icturtes set in httnnit Snottupat mnumit rtie ths-enefmitlofuthse' at- 'pelcn.'
h-tsssui Gnnts hil htrs'workt-Ic >with ai's hurilliant, ueius.Everyp uituueiti;'t 1ii iiinto I husI fl a bieth. "Soune Stanfordutwm ind utthiir
the wuighs anud the winud was lto tn the stage will becatutu s'srut-h - suttutly ittrnatty mneuy is nt summn-
stugtt'lvuassvuliu.'h'uhuinitonfttthu lcalesuit thu shir. LEAP YEAR PARTY, srati' with ter ag-htachteinter-
ston fr voa'svaltng 'ethus'litseg'silars)yt his' ginut hist'1 it studenut-tuouy atais. Whie the
mier olyra tro uates f he - - -thueXXWomua's Leaguesthus yarc.wilt necesssity o iiscimuinatig is forced
disace heause itt thu heavy tac. DELIGHTFUL DANCI NO PARTY. tuehuh-hem'Smtuday- tight.' Thupaty uponutulis, 'Chapi' with sutely cil-

JUNIORS AND SENIORS!I thmeOmega Psisechtsocity chohutus- atteuundances'uis sexptedui.ht In dtht thour tuwntjudugmuent,suit hue shottulnut.
Monday night the girls tuf the juuntsit utofyunug ladites sit this'Gammuut Phi Itlautmithe p uty hut'as titformaunusi al sit iax aptusostnal matter it in our
class ace tol entertain the seniur gurus Beta, Katuta AhT''heta, Altpha lPhi, uuussiluhu itisintoi hie a stunt waistiparty, schtenm'eitf things as' udsmand oluhgie
at 'Barburugymnasiumu. 'T'hue enter- antI:Delta Gammausororusities gavei'a eentigdreseus beintu abooeds'. 'thus'neuwtnsirst.adchoullege'ihcaiuune sc-'
tainmieni is tintbegin puromptly at 8 deulightful sdancig lushly fon ift y montuiy susst i y htymm'sshi' ifttickes ondtutrustuuing t Pro'videncu tsupplhy
o'clock santI everyboduuy shotiulhe pret-guets . Thu affutir wastufultuies unduit s tgu tohwardt a schlariuusipuuatuidt, -fromniweeuhtoiiweekt this'necussar'y 15
ens -at that time.thy coimmon consent was one oitt lih atptiest:scilivntl,,whichithis' XViint'us Iusguc istri ntg ctuts funrctllege tutu. 'thautuis"wouulud
the girls have agreedl toiwean light of the year. 'I triseiiin memoruy iof LucindautuStnie, bhum'sin'ro uthtuu'synutathuy, ant inctuden-
dresses.The nature of the entertain- Supuerbu music aoud decouratituns titus' o itt higan's nted alumnt. tally oftuftr $2, it hu epht beforce him,
ment is heing Sept a secret, the invi- the colosnsof the societiy went' ti'- e vinin iihus joikes, the Statnrd ideal
tathusus say something shout a Pit- turesofsi the party. Refrshtmenuts NOTICE-REFUEL!CANS. of uts'-. coutesvy."
grim's Progress, hull other than that were servedsIanth an eliaboruate5 supperu' AltlpgoodiI ts'uuutns inhuttuu'Ilinune--
the whole thing is to he a surpruise. was given ate in the evening. Tfhe'cshy ace utgently requtuested tohit much GIRLS' GLEE CLUE TO MEET.
The senhirs have alt securedin uvita- guests receivedtintusuy souuvenuir,; as a prmptinly )amt 0:3011thuts mnnug uat. Thu membuers ut thu hints GleeCltubh
tionu, but the juniors arc alsom expect- remembrnauce sit the tpleasant mcra- the law builing.---Duotgs., will meet 'Saturduay nmorning at 11 uo'-
ed to he present. shon. COMMITTEEiS clods in the Barbour gymnasitum,

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