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March 25, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-03-25

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A Great Dual Contest Promised for Michigan Will Mot Wisconsin Tonight Mr. A. B. Wilians of Yale, Will Speak Annual War Between Freshmen and
Saturday Night-Only 47 Reserved n Debate-Distinguished Oft Tonight on "A Fundamental Law Sophomores Was Stopped Last
Seats Left-Cornell Men Ar- cials Selected, of College Life." Night-Peace to be Signed
rive Here Tonight.Toa inUvest
Tongh dcids heisse eteenI il. . P, Wilaos, Jr., swho is so IHall
The official list of the (Conell en I ho debatigt ems epeseulung Wi5- wl11koiw to Michign os-, uwill !__-__
tries for the annual Co10-nelhichiguoi. (s1(and01(1Michigan. 'lie inal a s stot h wllothe Uivsersiy at (FIrunxeight lto six o'clock today in
dual meet tomorrow night was given ranesugelous rollt]copletdt l i'clock to Ii (hillatl Mc'iillan I tll. tiersiy Hall all freshmen and
otyesterday. it will ho noicehd thai judgesas electe1d('1'Professor51(. ''rue- Mt ie Illims i a. gaduatel 0of Yle sophl~omores are roete iisgth
the Cornelliano will te withot(lhe- loosd Isis11111uto'lstouoheles onliei Ill' vliOsiOilclss of (It ' i~h ll 51(11ehis ((111105 lg agreement:
serviceo of three of their tbes1.WnoiiIiinig f ille' Michigan teasi, aisigrid lion ha s spen(t11mo(1t1ohis timse l "We the undersigned members of
the reasons for which can only 1(e csiii all 111a1I0remaiis is toeccnest,. trama ,,lls:to. g the Iol(111g siissi (11(Ithe classes of ig06 and 107, do here-
jetored. The oteami will bh e sakeil- lIlsiiterprso irs'110 av e50 11 1('tn 1Oo sofi111the ii Un5ite tae ladIlby agree to stop hair cutting and al
oil hy the loss oft'aat. Ketehumon ilalle lot o nte111 Iil(s. Till' so'IeiaiI 1(CaItal il. Iis(name(0is hls-ltoilhlghI forms of hazing during our college
the hursdles Seas in tile sprits 0a111hiss e orulnaite ' l0in eig 5prone1(este1rIIInlamlongIllest1e1r'sl i-sll go course , and to endeavor to prevent the
Service in the ligh ijinip. 111001,imeniit( lllIas ofiias dso. Oil ra1' n,(5and 11:1e 11lus~haiss III' been aIlillnlssame."
However at Sars was ealen lstseal (15stfgslihs-ifrieidslo (f tIlls' 'Ilits prigso' (i II (eois' 111(0a1s (I'lcii a ss-hliaoveagreemenst was irawnlp
year in his events anid sinoe Seliulo 01ril fiomiDetirotwill astend1 lhe mlile-wl II1 'Il 0 as 0n 511sterner1. f01.0aietiig utmemers rim the
is conidered fully (le equsalof th1110d'(bile. r. Hailonss rhri. swho 'hisle-a01Ylse ie.willirs as IsophomoreiI(i'ani freshmen classes last
Cornell hurdler at thisidisnce. thela01ely illo i-si 0, fnd foe he CroorillIominenl~t illthIll ieof itIoe(und1er- nigsi anidIwas (le ouitcome of informs-
loss to the Cornsell tiani is more0p inrcie rmtefclyt h
parent than real. T'hi0 alseeiil'iat ofli oeeivhatil frpomothefiplcyatodthe
service who won hoeIhighi 1j11 0"he -155tlincin'~ig eilds in the library
fetot:; last year, maial o01-so n1;1.I vv 101as ., 's. 1(101tinwo
Cornell stands 'agisinloelI-lodewIiialo
first and eondin ti hisoerect anylosi ~011(n tr hii-citting afairs. It was
if their other men roill olss Iyear'. 511 Ilghs 11."1a b etn
tanodard. Thoeolrie'sesc a foilowis r hotis 'scldcs i'siliri sithis-
5-gi. idash -(,'is,(old. he-(u' -osltlym it ht - liu ~eit ti
40-yd. hosdes---Vin Hogesos - Caineor l -cs!n drentt
44-Mclhlekin, her. ' (0 :- 1~ i entt
Sttlhmoh taip, o sll~ll. (s'h iilty sopollmore.
Mile-Scih, 'amp, il1-sgsffn. y:Insei'li'(ely spisaarriving at this
Highjurn111 tro, Coess. 111''iioi'01niemsii 'd
Sthot pt-Rogers. oloser.ed 1th1e iasioho vrio-io crowids
s-. ' i -~ x i'-Hsscourinig (le tsn. 1(1(1(0leaning ut
'Ic reatieheos~..ls deermination o iifIhctelso-."t
the os-r-s 1h. ' neai1 ili 05 0 0.11. ;1si i -5IroioI
live Ins'fiiist ctucit _ad n otid, '' (ltt'". se O1tNMNF FFE {'CU
niakes (le tiital fie eightl eve5-l.o 00-5TI-lbMCHIr AAN DEAiTRS. OLNMN FFNCR'CU
to 2 1po1nt1,a 7 o1fiwhichli ielusgni Nii admissiiin will be ecargei to
mot get in tiner 1to sil. cal 0ss010(111o1tianl Sosaois'Florr, giu.55(.5.Is''iwa s 111(1(1 10ro1n litheI '('sEror''isibtotiriamenwhich
Last year in 'i'atermsanigmnoasiumlson of Dc i li I. slFerry. will (beiof 111d1 a11 (1111110ian.1( iiihi s hs'ihlii 1(1wi slitin Woatermano gymssasim
Michigan uon by 41/2 to 21f,, upllli- sialuiniub 1(11n.Henry AV-Iffioel Siosi 1111sc'lhol. 1(1111Ii, I a o'gin Sauruiay es-inine, April 2. As the
catisigbysrange coliinie'nceu'heiii- whov ia1(0li Ssns.Juaithosillrle.Vaughnisi1 usliii 0le l iband m iideS a stou ill seaOin. caacty f the gymnasium is
act score outh(le year btuori... i'igIli (ii ii e(olr-l11g s sssi~A- ill ss (sliied, i is neiissary (o rgulaie the
Pgrobably the ssioo siOs tillrlii rriiiuei 0. 0,1,twill'be5t000 all Iri ('h cou'n11111yIslullilli tuuuassi onei of- i ausossi us aai h-e
the mile russbtweien Kellogg assis cage, 11101t100s sicssry li, daw is nill-u 5 es'lolssuilgent- ('t ien'7io11 i I iss unlis doswl u
Schut.t.Lastgyas' tIs angy Itisirgois lh slissutraisl e rrtossry. Thylsy 15 t fiso, s 51n05iis in tussusmitt1 iIIseues n(e in'Betcio
captain won kg a close margins us 11e 5000re ul . IIulii Mackjusuigo.itcrr- iif diliCIs-is0 us-.5ons tse plasnu "sis Sit-ilomes
phenominal time of 4 mnutell s 0%,05cu-l Iourt andsslatloss a 0piisu-ourii s'ii eo liil(, b51,t li s sitf(llr. Wt-i h uh o cuyalsasi
seconds. breaking the uold's rcr oisiru W\us'loolsrnio v sesiyy w uschiol (has' workis I..lii IsitiirI postioilbe (hi gulsaio xetth is w
toe the odistansceo0104ttlusp indoour i(As-u. Co 'sle', a.very tProminesst fuitrtke is ilon 555'51ssoflin w si . st-Ile Yows fo-iIsinth o htom, which are re-
rack without spikes. Since isis lst iii thu promiion illof clean mnunicilol (siumbiisa, l'elsuo's' Hasar, ~OtAtsi 10(111ftieusmers of he Fencers
years defeat Schutt haslbroklessnium- goenents's(anodsl prsideni- of ho Cv hIsiesnsi o i nyplaerhee hise515 Ii'' Cls0' l biPlussuse will b sof lyful
~~~~tityerous records at lhng distance adoss on i; Honss Aes-eit.Sbr, 01-t5511015 ialls uhas tIenSt s ost Ui1 n of151 i (silaoil sul uhieswill te there to n-
erslsacuntry workoandsuught usto e (ils0y's'.dsoudiullorats~ior' wills Cils Sll 5510ilul (ii' Silcs', in nlei'igradisloe it
sronger thau eers. Hilsrcsntper-110 the I u' t'si'l Siat1tos5of Illiniiss.te1(0let,-h1r-biSobenIsinfluntial i 1iii iua'fruiloii
fornilnco of 4 -la adde.lonlsuusSquahre- itsoill o -nesu-l(iolos'ssi -u i 55 sIu'fl gu ls ichalts wday rtarchor stiutiyoh
Gardeon shows pisispresent'ucaolie. hisourt,11 Illoderlo serv00011. o hi0siriiiauii 1(move'ment1,. asndhaesslil-sneu 1ro1m1mnmbers of the club or
'he Mtichigans Iss-u sre all is od ui 'hs is prbialy the fines aray of ,h-n h yus 1 Iis 15 lim il,(hosyssiry ainbselfitaddressed esvlop to
cnndsois. 150 tT.a 55.1 10111' 1
soffering fiim a lame bakiissiufi-I.'loTNgss.
lontly discreditiedtlugthe fatol has.1-h-st 5 -urlo mi;ndss-51lu -gas-alt-
Wednedaymoirning Ise lulltleIl-l.. 1s-ieilii 5s-1 h-- i
shot 47 feetlii.0 dinchetroaing t(us'f
Americanreordl by3?/z isis-les. whlihPO.sts EGtU~S
ihe made agiststho'Fiist 1 gimsss.'h'_RF.DXO' LCUR
He will competeomorssrowbs rigiht. Thei- coursofiiletuures being given
At ix o'clock li sightsth(1100.' 10. I b5 toil,- Dixonssof Dsrtouth iCollege
julst g7 seats still tiibehalull i yeas'to tcs's(10 Iinuussrial ibliolury is
News Stansi. 'ties'ari'l]ug,'.s( si-. us(01105ingucoisierablattesotion and
andl will unoutoiiel iib r81 a' ii u-uons ushsor- ntl sonmers of
long before te doorhuses 11 t> 5.1 ,lIuio '5he s ieatnd n.Pof io
night. Ishoul bo resuss -iusos Thaiss a0 l'(sO olrer; hisinue uf thought
every sealsdonsairs s 0-ses'i is. 5ciear 501 111asy(to folow.
that noinre ts-nosre11u0 tI0hIsbjisis-the.-ctres'isL
ona thusmeissioni s-canbe1.-iou° -d- ' (lenu'sofs. Ausam's course in In-
onth unig'rck 1ios o rr ctil Iissery. As iis iousrse deals
a hsinsiul late cumeriosves I es-si
away ansu sudc olh - w l: s h'I i ills' luisIh ut zl scey n s uthenglishno-
rosuilt gulis. i'lss- lws us r e. ino u Auo'-siu'-sssidussri-al History,
od at 7:15rtont]morruowv nightili Plot1 1~ii0115asakedtto lectur on
The Cors e1am villaori oui,) r((1101ttrsbetiodrtoem y
the Micigans Central ioingli is ieadbe 1 elii -i si heri eare tel oos
guarleroo t athIe CuooI l: huse. ltsss iithi'couursi- an tseyare being
RECEPTION TO WILLIAMS. Thusday1Ilu int e lctureTgrooslf ap-ns
pan01 II llIPsi. tDixos is ass arinmus
Immeliaolyafls hi sil-etsighi d Ahobi-onhaving received he do-
MMillan 'Hall Olem' uill le ass luforo gc i-ignof Ills. in 18(2 ansdlP. Il. in
On theocs ion-'.u :1Sthilo.J. 1hil, le aeds-da0n00instructor in
On Ie sucosin s At. 1lla-s' vsitl
each ayear the mensofsithlie Uitosi 00 1-s y whilepursing his
are gven esane li noosissu a'hu A. . WiLIAMgJR.duate ___work. _

this oppsortusnity is always ohkn io l_ FALSE REPORT.
with eagnerness by the felliws. 'Thers I t lass jiudge'sAMichiganss soe-vela'isi o ii ((is' silO "- -ill 1
will be lub swinging, fencding, maoo -FIii djuduge. 0 ldebate0..All 001w i 11e the AiL'rs Iiobsi-isi. I p. 510 oo- nge ''"Rubei" Hstetsttie is aui-
lit, pianoanit voical musie anute 00' sst s he t~ils lsily durinlg (hoer111110ndos sl 1 sius-lkisheis-us- 11110;'t(isi-lug tei'statement that the ro-
freshmonta andl the men ar-s psomised t ay i Ait," 0 st u r ad hIega's ei"0- -- soosi 1's-sI'. r4us- c us snu.nritoatlbsoliuritan Shoie Cii. is ahouit
a gosod time. 'sue(r s lug u-sovey prepartioniliifur 1a55110iailuos s\_ri - lii 'I (lis smstIsis i< ogui 11t. fusinesis entiuely false.
( er etoos'u-soin oisuuit. 'illisleiug bIss-uss urrie 5 si-i 0515u "''s-il- 'lii' managemeint fur the state of
'Q6 CLASS MEETI NO. li'iI, T''rueb'liod oill " ente'rtain!cIs-(,monsi- I Iso- russ i ofuhe us sis ia. Aichigan has lie-n changed and alsuo
A meting of the menobers of tho' '011 themnat01inneisrtogethser witkh(Al 1 1(fcmr o.Itis s -o - St1i,1, will again a tew of Ike non-paying stores in
class is called foe this afternonu in esie11l 1'oo~gtoridm uoslIaIe~ i-(osu tgil n aia odot
room C, at 4 oclocks. 1yosed1 uf r'rihs--ses Scoitt. Wilguss, roal wvurhof utho assuociatlionas' a,.rThu Ann Arboiustofre will ruin same as
AMtBERSON. Tayluir adasI-on Htchissaund Son- unifyug elemnsts in ills-usnuls-gsul u hsusal. 7The new lines of alring shoeu
Vibrasosage? It's fine at Trojanow- aloIuroy and 'Me. (orkartut. life. Fi'e will steatsnuuluch fkhs ox- ansioourds arriving dlaily is evidence
ski's. 23-hfj (Continued on Page Two.) (Continued on page four) of this statement.

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