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March 04, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-03-04

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_____M. A I-all. _____T- lteirest aroused lby lh- Bird
For the Big 'Varsity Meet Next Satur- GsuI i Springfield, Ohio, Newspaper Publish- i1lth in thrstdy o te Spring nmi-
Lewis.grtoofbrsialed bein
day-Many Star Men Entered- Barlett. es Facetious Article-Interesting raitinnhe of bi s areadykering
Big Crowd in Prospect-List Graham, Treatice Recently Printed, active watch on the birds and many
of Officials. Garts,. interesting ats as 1o first arrivals
____Rbt o hefloigatilepblished in have been tabltaed. The members
From the formidable list of entries F. Keeler. a recent nihber ot the Press-Repub- report thai the birids are retrning its
for the 'Varsity meet printed beosw High Jump- lie, of Springfield, Ohio, is reprinted force. On Mach 2nd, a flotk of for
the contest next Satrday evening Read. tin the Daily to show how facetious !ty-seen hle birds was seen which
tilde fairto furnisht a program that will{ R. G. Stewart, tiie'Buctee ereorer wo~ wrote the Is an unustaly large nusmber. The
ahbiund in hot competition antI close. 1. D. (Guooswin. item, beame whent hi' ieardl tf the!nembers lar' repsrted seeing three
finishes. The interest is running It. B. Lite,. poisoti expieriments no tw heitg carried Irini~s, sixteeti sng saroiiws, six )tir-
higher than it has heretofore and the Ri-ter. tn hee: ie gracksles, fiiir nmeatltw larks, nd
oanagement is preparing tot aceommo- ; iBrewsr. "'the Uiversity of Michigan. toI red-sholdereti hawk,soil twii red
sate a big crowd. Miller. wiich lihe great midl' west loks as pots . Most tof these' is were nt-
Now that Rose has shown such abi- fPinch. ; its fontaini head f learning nutrtures iccl either is the city sor in Sholi
ity in the shot put, Keetne Fitzpatrick; (Continued on page three.) Isithin its classic shades a stciety( Girls' tle,,
has consentedto i alloiw Madduock to called Apha Sigma. Some peope as- I -
devote his entire attentio to the WILL EARN MrON[Y. et that it might more propery be COL TO ASSIST.
hammer and discis throw and ronsiti- -, caledl Omega Stigma. At any rate!
erable is expetetd of him in these ev- . Many Students Expect to Find Em- this esoteric bad adheres to that sys- Wilt be Coach Yost's Right Hand
cts a, soon as the ne get outdoors.te ofpisph wichafris' ployment at St. Louis Exposition tenoI sieoh hc a u t Man Next Fall - Former Star
At the Amateur Athletic Uioon Nat- shiboethithe sayinig SIMILIA SIM-{
itna] hhnmpionship at Miwaukee last -OterPlnsfo SmmrtLIUS t'RANTtR teaching that Tackle Secured to Succeed
September, Madudock won le chain.Work.j like cures like; that if man0 te x-! MGugin Next Season,
tiouship, of the United States in the haistci from having rioi twenty miles
discussihriow. Sincee,'u'annuiiscueiii'ii itmaie in let him,,at oniciruitwentsc-uty shon' atis Wiiamn. tColoi, faumiliatly koiwn us
It shoutlte stateid in contection the ally a ft-sc diys agii cocerning le wiii then le ftlly 'tstdir at least " ing"(tiiie, 'Varsity uacke. on the,
Wfithi the graifyitng work of Witheyj chair gtides aliii-Si. Louis Expts-ie At Rest. 1902 foteball teaci, will assist Yost in
in cleat-log 10 feetl1.0itches Wedes- Itiont, a earge'numberfsrit iutents hate A scret soisont-t aking expetrimntsitraiingtheii,-Woverineuts for le --ri-
lay, itt the tpole vault tatit does not !signifitedthesir itentiuotiositsecuring whit-liists tontiueususs' ti v' seeks, ,irisns this fal. Thei-choice has bseien
affect the records heldl by Doirals at such eumpilymsentl fr Ithe- sumer. Iit Cule toioeessirivet(-hatteritod, aifisedt by the Boiar of Cotroliiiatd
list height, ibecatse no perfsrmance Froos silitsv-cr.Michigasnsinqtiries Ihas lbeeni litgaitby thIis sciey f Ann s wilt uiiiiiiiitiily purise Isipular wiih
ran stantd as a record unless maue in reative-tos positionss al ie'.tfair atecArboir l-mleis' sud it(ii,'resuls arthI itssiutlitts as tile isuionsot Michi-
i'omttst. hum.The itttltuurecord has ibeetni--iiescitedhere, saitdmanfy Wolver- noti tsto be made p iic' utuil itheixtilta- gaol'sfciis ties'.tss iuii
beetn exceeed sevetratimes ini pra- lues will Is' trepresensiedlthliei. I list iii tifithe.lifi tthtwitk. Mi5 i-ftt ski, itt liii1I90itletrt
lice is the past few years. sdresisof I 'iversit p stdets exet, It has lit-ct iptssible,'.hiowsiver, ito aftr _a sv-rectitest ithissvrasl
The list f sntit-s tot-Saltt-say I t work at th,-e lptsitittt somsitetas ls-eialethet ilt'Ttiititant excusiveess stongcsadiatus for te positintt
night's utiet is as tfollows. Others chair guies sitseitasguarts, atdfi toitte extent t f-seIuring a samptle t~shiI -e ho- act-uthat its-was tites-oi
may compteucbIy tapplyitg t the !es as exhiitors invariousutsilititgs. umet' urmthe cliiooitl, whit himslf the light s-si tat-lies Mihigatn hass-sec
tlerk sit thetCourse at the time the 1A hrominent stuident saiti yesier- Ifeesi, utunlacklspidiers, ssastittls ai, stlt-playei iis tdiffiutlt Ipositiot
ivent is caled. da.°itese eealfisb y a clsh oitili. Thie meutt iere wiii tasi, andt sitce. At thut cse-
40YrdDt- ein poitaveseoth grev dsfasdty rins,, i5ted s r anttinactlsuy'Tuesdaylof the sasonius Ytsisa(l that tile's
40 Yr Dash- seesuroetiteteoissnongreaernutusnuls aItievteningt-dilnc-, wiittoguests s-slet- Ialertness athkusowledugsftthe gatmse
Worckmant. il.y four-eucatiun thanthess-sights of t'il :made hin thliie'uilthfiaititOfsitisi
eh. hhlii'exositiossotffec, t inenud 1t° te XI NIU.,heavier oponets.
It. Rut-ti in bhe St. Losuis Exlhiiionu iy sobtain-{ SOUhJPtCole is ittet'4f the ee- men ins ci-
W. '1', Barbousr. lag some stit of employment:'" Itrssalns Virs Cerasi ts tltiriths lge wisutae entsitled'hus, sear more
Stesar. S-cucoalcsliuleis hact' aiv resdy cru- (Rattlesnake) (IHrnedsiViper) than tietusM. hBy playing- right.fieledt
Weary.ll-ts Rutss tswti tts ot-iELISH. ftr thue'Vsrsity last yar hie-earnesd
hakley. loig fair. Althousugh few havu-benis est nbsuiae-tyuscyautsus lt- bast-butll isigni.
Kathe. iables-tosueietxceeintgly lucrative j(Odsirous svsriety tdeadlyunight-shadeu) This-nst-aassistantiteIss-tiis couah-
Willis. positions, yet all are reasonably sue Paris fGreens loig alility last al, whent he mase
Grcahatm. sit makitg exenses at least atd iii Hemlock, a Is Socrats Marietta College,swher hic himeehf
GIootiwiu. seeitngcosideratble'fithis big showtipas Leaf Salad hplayesh for three years.site itt the
Hhn.ti besidhes. ENTREES Ileashrs in thie Ohi fotbsiall wrld.i
Reiand. Michigans sill hts-reptresentsedtits every Jw~ls of tGia. Mstser ticeitstilt-s intu thietim k' s th us'do-
Hodugtn. way st lbs Expotsitlin Asiue fromit o turosis- Sulimae Dresssitg tnte o lows, hars, stndhuhisry" sit
IHutgg. all Isus-wshit, sill iie' employedh tutsthe hiysictcyauiatesl'Ctse aties sccessfiuly that Saita acquiuredi
Blett-igron,thlage-numbeusuurs of Atn ArbuourTarastsuisas stmotther-ct-in Tohua-stoouls thue siut of th15,' ichigiansuit
40 Yard Hurdles- 'esllege- meni andsiwomsneswill visit the Sc-orpsionu 'ails lFricassedslops-lispsescsOho'lbeausesu'of 1st-r ailiy ts runt
A. J. Mills. far. 'Etvict'Wolvserines'will oild a! Hed-ge aplelts, ashed bronwt lt big si-ti nt- ststll opponuentus . fishe
F', D. Nil.-hesrty welcome a- i lsihe Michigan, Ex- Shresisie-sliard tnuguess ia Landonisius- urnuus-sdi to-soicis-'s-after (it'tituotall
St-wat. hiht, wherse a Mihigasnan will be piurpe. Sasonus autlit tok t his cllege work
Kahle. itnshag. lPuobauslsy it, June Michigan Pssileials- artucles ith Euutluir its this-Snuiout- Law-lass. H' is a
Grtaham.i, Day will hitousers-veds, spec-ial ext-c-bias Cre-unsmeuberustfuDest tla (imIilontifratrnity
Bigeltuw cises nuayle gsts, At any raie theEsRugh si tuas hut all prblailit y, Clt' sill ass'
Read., Uivursityp- aill int litesithoutut csg- tansgrseed heoies'sa lIS, yai charteoittthi sstnus, liie witchwhirls
Hodgen. ntionu at this-S. Louisi Expoisitionu. Cock-aurici eggs as ouirdred was pecfsuruu~sosffectutively by iDan
Quarrels DESSERTfMiGugini last year. M'GugintinStishis
880 Yard Run- FACULTY CONCERT. Cyanide sit tas-ldy, tfrozenu his law cours'tits Junes ansi next ear
Buckye Cake- will findi him desvtlopng the football
1. D. Godwin, The first atuty C'unecc of the' Bets Medic's lootk, iceds meofi Vandebilt Uiversity at Nash-
elHunt. secontd senestser ocuresd last evening Onion pie Rt Bissi : vlle Tent. 'fleutold 'Varsity guardl
Kellogg.an stihe participans itt the program; Pok' berries with Prussic acid sauce has signed a three year's cnract t
Ramey.i were Mr. Lockwssoodti anti Mr. Hiw- I tCandieds Shrew's eyes coach the Southeruers au a salary
Knight,i and, whutouade te cncerta mst'tCigaretes much highs-ctan hi' culdushhope to
Stone. successfulh sne. Ru-s Eye Bug Juice M onshne get as assistant at Michigaun. He wilt
0,to Mr. Lckwoodi had ample ophortun- Tatgle oot Trouubledl Water 1e in full charge itt football affairs at
l0.mmunt. j ity to display his abiity in theTschai- jnertaker's Delight Mor Cigarttes; Vanderbilt adh will uo doubt put some
Demmler' kowky sotaa; it wae well received No satisfactory explanation has1 ginger into the languid Tennesees,
Coc. by the audiecec which uanieted its been made as to the exact idea of this ja quality which has been sadly ack-
Damee. appreciatiuo at the completion of each - low-browes, ut high-mndedt ctteieI ing in Suthern footuball in the pas,
HV. L ea.. movement. The tproram opened with of embryonic pil-enders in aopt-I Three years udelr Cach Ysst, two
CLHarishans, several diverse selections by Hr. lg even ot he time-being, such a! as playecusthe guard hpostion anti
.AHlLockwuod. Mr owland sang in hist vigorouus diet.L one as assistt have giveun him a
H.iord. own pleasing maunner many beautiful f Perhaps They arc preparing the de-I thoroughess itt training which,
O. Gimmcompositionts amonug which the Han- ense "15 was harmless, I've tried it! shouldi mae Vanserbilt tne of the
0. Grimm, s~el recitativec anti the Fols onugs, the myself," in anicipatuiin sit heir fir-! estis-s of thi- Sututhern secion.
Wicares, latter meeting wiub especial apitroival tute unwitting ht lugubisus assassi--_________
The last nuumber tut the program was nationus. Preparedness, acrditng to FORESTRY MEETING.
Shot Put- a Hungarian Folk Stng eutitled "Mo-a Senator- Beveidge, is unie-eths of
Otunlap, ~~~hac's Feld." Al. Mohacs in the year Ithe tatie." W-tt'sa cnngavr ntue
Rose, 159, the Hungarian army of 2,0 ieaditrsigmeigo h
Gtarrels. men was defeated by 200,000 Turks;: RESERVE FUND OF COAL. Frestry Club was hedi a their rooms

Hoewie. this was one of the getsulatrsin West IHall. St-semialtrr-
Edmonds. if thue Hunugarian nation. 'The prot- 'The tniversity tookl a wise precau- l ive is, the stubject sit Firestry were
Blocks, veutb, emlashiedl its the refrain sit the lion durintg last sunnmer sit tpruividitug read bsy different. members itt the
Schulte. sontg, is still its csunstauni use anmong for a "re'serve- futndl" itt t2t0ts tonus of clubh and lbssi were follutweud by inter"-
tonnelly" i thetieope- coal. 'h~e famiute of last year taught i-sling discussiuos.
iMitrphy, ___ a lesso andu the "reserve futndl" was
Pole Vault- LEAP YEAR PARTY. not to, be touchedu unless absouteulcy !MARRIAGE LICENSE GRANTED.
Read, unecessary. The wisdhom sit the actioen :A nuariage licentse has beeut grantedt
Withey. A heals year party will hue giveus by ' is demostsraled bty the fact that diur- 1 t lu-tny F. Ashuurst sun Arizona, a
Taleen, twit of the groups itt the Woman's ing the past few weeks when only a student in tbs' Law Departmett whit
Ritchie. League, Friuday evening, March 4. The few cars at a hose arrivedh it, was lets- was formnerly speaker of the Arizotna
Hendry. eaders of the grosups giving the par- sible tos get at the reset-se suipply and'; House itt Representatives and whoi
Postal. ty are Miss Cleveland and Hiss Fin- 40)0 ot' 010 touns were used. It is be- Ilately oirganizeud the Win, Hearst
440 Yard Run- utey; only she members of the grotups issed now that the famine is over Club among the university students,
F. S. Norcroes. and a few friends invited by them are and that it will not hue uecessary to The bride-to-he is Hiss Elizabeth Lii-
Demmuler, to be present, use any msore of the reserve stupply. I Tian Reno titt Arizona,

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