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January 22, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-01-22

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-_'_e_ II.he Irensession511of(t Conges RAIN _NDSNOW
Fratrniy Bolin Leaueerganzedihformner titiento Tonight the 'Young Me's Christian
Fraerit Bolig eage rgnizd f icAttilgait IThey are Seator' r- Sudents Inconvenienced by Weather Association will entertain the men of
-Chicago Beaten in Debate- itrI ti''itsier of NirtD'kt, I Conditions-Cars Unable to Run the University at MMillan Hall, cor-
Sagg Hen from Mexico- at oil epihri, Quartsitf Wisconsin -Interurban Cars Delayed by ne ofi'Slae antI Huiron street, at an
Bane Ball Prospects aitil te blsotue representattves Snow. informal seial. Tis is the first so-
Jasies C Netedhamitout (alitotria;cli since the Christmas eve. one, anti
J ohin I. Shatu (iitfiiColioraitis' lreil lbe members and frinsof etthe Asso-
Chticago, aniiary 19,1(11190. tc atdis aidA biahL.rick3t t eather cniitions sticht as5w ciation are looking forwarl withs a
tOte it the titlst intpolrtalnttetitentiofItdita i's berItl M. itchotck ad atl vs esteen njoying or the past few good deal of pesre to the time.
ofi the wleek, ltoirtetrinity mieti at ( liiis . K hitkiii ioiNiebraska; Ithnt(lays tring ti mini rather forcibly There will be special is trmental
teast, has beenthetti iranizaiiniioftatiI.) ardinetof Newser"sey Attiti Flue of tetdelightfut fetres of Ann music anti several selections by the
itetrfrateritiybousling leagueteInlet-,futueriof Penslvantia; fbeittrI Artior namey, the sracoidranag Asociationt qarette, whiciis areidy
It at titi aihuhticicotuents ate not' systttiiuut i iii ''i'ilai en.'Iis is nt cnfnei toIithe tmtt eas i t te efum
unnw ee ht access to liiitow lng tetniof Xisiotsiti 'slotAtchibaldl c isuts althtoiughtiiis hari Ioirealiesanteis tis year. In additions tiitese
allitistisnowtor thislitte citilI It tr ri--li Rowell Ii:ishiiiiSmnihowthi iescolie ettoitgh saeret ItIt ares, the'e will le stecia stunts
vllien is c h1 suet5cu oueiu( .SitiSharesi.i'ownenditosutpiply ts draiai syse mcit the prepared by le Social Committee and
tieceyld' ttls C ltsb, i t Ii t h ,tisltligati ( itt y. Whn these iranage canals lib ersheiTe eta' alslt
toy aintsitledl ittthe lastmentiRItp-additionitJosep' itsl'was eecltle s om ciie coated with ice tunde the wat- come early. In fact the committee
risenttivesItrotmtpr acicaly alt itflshii, iioiniNV. [anielitenattit inrim eas they have bon fr tiredlay, hae set as the time, from 7:.5 to 9:3.
thethiirteen rateritites hayin cap Vitgitia received asiiioirary degree therstl is very intereilng.Itb Those who are too busy with exam
tens at Chicagii umetlaolsit eekaniftomte Ui'Inisersilty o ici~higantin hehboots anid little acts tot gallatry preparation are askei ttcome even
foite teithi leaguei mtade otu'asti'ied-tlave tentthe re for two ay andthigitleoyfualtlewl.
ile(,itt gametnidttllattiis wntheile ts - _ __________ many amsing incdensts huvesbeen
governing ti' contests. Until the l eactod.
eye in the cbhilisesoaetompiottlet ACCID[NI IN fiY~'INAS1Jfr1. 01feual tncnvenience has been the D[BA[ lONIO l.
sohicht sill le inthte cuurse itt a swiek - ssensonlit the street car traffic, -
lie gatees wilt hopladonl ttaleys Student Injured His Arm While Run dueto i last ight's heavy snow. The Inter-Department Contest for Team to
niear here. The reatettinerist is nine in Relay Race-Condition fouri-hobus sntw p1ow was run over Meet Wisconsin -Prominent De-
bieig maniestedl it thiitsnewtitatteh not as Serious as First Re te loa tracksbtt even with the haters to Paricipate-Shetch.
itt ahltlecs Ilie isiiof the'gamesported iulklofithOle snow removed, the cars
siltlie playe tilt ttnight.ilretoslt heavy enuigto lioviercmne en of the Men
---- hi'ctggitg itt the grooves. Cars- -
Nunrtwsrn o thteliiannualttdt' I' wlritBeisoet',afIttshmnaslaw wieci nit rtn at alt yesterday. The lInter-Deartent Deate ts te-
hatec'Friday nig-hit atust ttgit toni hbsO titt lsineEihia v en theinertrbanservice was nott cdde the team. tit reresettMichigan
liih eloen shotit" 1queshioot Northiwevst roomnig at 1212 1E. Xashittoo street I free frmi nterruptpion. 'Te rt car
erntinosoeid thicagoiiiwihts a a sinjretd aoiui tiu 'coc e e151wlntel triughyestertay at 10 o'cock, against Wiscnsi will te hel tonight
uchitetsanty istisutio itnmight. weltu te day afitrnsittuttwhile il the yuuua itndthey have een nrunning with inUisersity Hal. Thu cnest wilt
proud Wet XfeelI that lhe victryewst0 titliste 'wis takinigptut inhut arelay mrie tir less uirregularity sice. It is e f exceptionaiterstisOas th menu
jusl eatrstoutyvolat Iho samestitimie e rieat'had 1fthnitsheidithis alt ut i t bhutlipeduutthat the 'January ulhaw'' of'tbth tuams ato exphetiencd and
leeulstt'hictagosias ai rtiihsaitiuni toeat oto uching "the' usuut whutiwas Itill sonlu-u nutnal i-ani that we will forcibule eatersndulcat ho oexpectid
Iag'.gi o 'fit:iiit tuimtisdl, e hail ''harid iiitito flow;het tttistitta'huhfeltlsT'e I nt. it'tisujecti'uItouthe inconuveniens- tu mae a very ctse cintestSume-
huth' c-itC.Nutrtshh litbienifor uhihtatei'ofiispeed'uathi shch hi- was s oh floudeidiiwaks anudtdeayel car thitg f whatnayhut exectdiin this
thresvweeks toutiltoutateni thlitliac- uning eat'rtid tt heii wndiwuw sri'tce'ut it Ihso'siw cies tutu itsthe ideate nmauy he.si-inu lutinta gimpseuu
t ito teateisetututla stiek, ag1iandin hut5utttmafnntitrIli thsrust hus ( sprngofIitheen whut arett taie part
sas thoitught itat lie oivtttuuld Itl e hutrm nthrolugiut.irechtor'u'iuFItiaticnutI ____________The Liteary DepIartmet teameis
tab'le Slt pak tutuFtrilty XX'hueniit whouws cacin huh' esittu-eri THE STONE SCHOLARSHIP. compoutsedl ittC'tE.Parry .C.C Am-
usas sitenithat tis uttltiss woulduiretIn onitet"-sytutttsiii oo tur rushedut-itTut hoLucndualHinsdae Sluie Supt- betstn anti A.L. Lathors.
ven tut1histJuluanBtz iookttuilhts pla'se.istats anduponti eximi'niiattue fiuidtut 110 usteilat hoitanship,.which sthen 'fhe CLaiv Deartmeon tacncssiss
anutiu isuitatik i is o rtz tha It ait - - tatlthe utiels ill Itt lit iii 5armh'tits founduuaiostns is complted wtisoll F'. P. Gei, C'I"Blahtardlandauh1).
a seektoitt rhitroti onattuu heinhulea re 's -'--il5tu h-!e b lost'theii amotnlin ritt i p o~atoit $5000,it hasB.I tottun
strontg udebtei-against Nortrhwsestei-nt otis MSr F iotrui suire i till rtenaciedla total itt$3,000 in astandtut 1IEFLary s a Jnuor ht,. He
Another nmembertof thI teami - t ancehing, i btie ltw ofboodtIa earri-giaccorinug t its uprvisonss the nt-ncasme t An' iAbortroiatentututhtt'AAe
sutathier, sas alsuo ill tutu svyeaI ay thuca ite andtheli ibunortuat stu-est o te sunsalteady Irasoedwilt AsboruHitgh Shholthaduthere t tuto
beifore lth:etuttecst;hibubnFidyntwst aken1to thi t nIslet IstS his stw ho avalable lforschoarshill pur- part inthortuganzationsittthu Ce-
night cletsot s ,i whoteiulbedutit. iittu .At-liehiospi0tub lst i'ctnig, it oses Tbisfounatn was tuegun tui ti1teay Socitybessds being
stlftoItgether -ntilaesthett-Nuts htestsas reotitsediI thu l~st is cnuil ivhee lars'ago bte wimens clihuntesidetloftufhohighs schoolorit ouri-
u-h-sorito~irs ear utueir-tutuels.A lint wias nsi us and t Ihat it iwutl f KaamtauootMich.,e wihc s;itcat assoceiatioun.Situceothiting thus
ecompatirisont itftthitiottiamsshstis nulltieii Issa,to am utteit'his aisStntfundtuuue.T 'hei-ptan iv's taken hUnvesity huthas five tils repesen-
thtNortrhitestilts excelbet in citar- as 1hhabeenitsprteuiltliiintitaiseot s bosh th dihigans Fed. cii Alpha Nun inudbate asd last y-an
ittso unidtthu statecnt iii theiquis ratsitt XfWountes Clths at itsmeset tokat Iins thoienhoelautmeontte-
iti, antI inib theoing1l5speietutu.a FAST TRACK AT CHICAGO uing ii An Aututuits12 Is a laueutf thoSWioctnsn soristnsthus
siuehC:hicagoidethu-sit tttbhutsubjticI ttch Slug,,hias ben mortutur0lesshi55nstuesoubthus act thiaIt eey cubiin the serums ax I-IhsbsakeIna t-t h iuicusrs-
apt1t1 Out canaltgib 1 ofu iit otninstttutIi is huhhe bfunduuasd umeroun'nuseronal subtraey.
that offe-:redi-it ditt tuau' hther bt -ntbIdig- is--ner bttie e' "gynrtiis~iubb srin us havie beetetoc eeth L.C.CAnbesnuscms from Arian
wostinor Nt buSternuuuwa'ss sittrg intrat ITic scholiar shipi s nt open ustoi Inesh 'here he was promietOin debiatu,
''se-0' spteehets and.h Ibtiengoin t uhin- Stg rbeII' erytubs kottI men.ttutiA 'gtnr numat have ui ityant i snctecteinug ho itrunr'te-
tun ttubuon uitheIoor" iThei(],billO, w hi tSls i-Iti-'ii lt1s tIbt shuesworkboftub ubtiash nit yea that prlinstilhleue has sown.con stied
isei-tbat inettii and t bo ttuhisilts hbitt ntilt / it uutout "i i ll' uttMatloney's u-i-c hutru ubilt ts andth ac teru-u unutu b'it-che ilte t insdebat. Last ya'hu rut-
ttt'itbos suporters tocheer them oIold itais-henu-ti ghlbi tuttle a, sea tttasisla-nte iiu-chm t-scarbt -eetnihtIhut'Aet litiSituity in the
griater efort.utu ti lt oneay'uss reuciurdtanduth si, cngie.ite-ocey rtintresad a
plise~dthefeatwit eae herubt ne sit the Lt team in thi'Iner-de-
Broinszedoibby ithuy wtituds oI Netitthat) nuhto leh Itt ailtea peneIllCOLLEGE IMPORTATIONS F REElatnmtudueato. Ihoe as als a
Meico stit ouatchi Sitggr, urned -lst liaie u-I tst'-ure hiatiu- thh y a de-ci~ssioftheohUitedStlhIaesmbi-uomithble tosniwhich wise the
Tutusuby.Te hought ybuit sointitely 'i tuturIaternoonuuuuu u iet mnaGenral Atitraser, the p11ibesege offlnupebate last spntg
ut-tueeidu--irIomtuiit-eu-Iet-s tubfhsisill ih arte '1utapeBi lii tieitIhitcari nby fIntoftubbsy has bliesxtendeu Austin1., ILathena washors its 187h
no ss ticbas bite-tig'reatlyb htutfbiti ittbI i-i-tt tttit-cittfitetirck-nioela Ian aue-vtohrlcti--siby- everytintg tinported inusins Mostah o utyniSchgan His
by' thut-trandt tuhbas tlutul tubtuuills iterahltutet s bhind tut h tecrut.tgbo I sitsontu orertn-i'sanit bunthe received hisiteuary euctioaun in a
suit: itmuhi neurtgy'otatitods it hen hfised it '0UOwtotwtus usi'f inytuciutatonlsattus ti o xSVWayecunty udistuic t hotlAfter
bitt reclctrtianti athleteuus -ttuIduuunat t - lf someuapiduh gurni--smuidb" I c t oritulnayfusnitue.T-hetodecson attenudng the Deanuirn ght Schuol
tutudt Iteshmen uso istuutendt (uu itryf1 lus oe ftst, nut so uuurso-itt I susaunssu-uhtprtntessbadnil's ahi-weveusorioneoti'vtar tuthu An Ar-
the tiamt." 'CiachuStagg" bas muatie I stand;' het tldbtaret he . tcbastbal11Chcagofrmunitbisthu astessmentof var ben HighSchotowhetc'h wn thus
out1 hus fotbtal silteult tutuneitt falll i coah t Ihutrani5tushirteniisasnd 11115ous ats ohutyoibisaiat-y o tub a tiucatdontes1 in 19,hisies rep1-
anti a glanuceu 't it rv'ls tbatbs'shtuufblnit (utshbu liie'itsh'tba f tubwubl titeshiprtedunoritheuse listc1hitols risnuting Ann Ano in ble Stats
b-ashu-u-i gauui eth bt tu tin it this s tuul aInitcubitegesIThut'fres ulaielree rcnts.IlFhoenteredthethUnieyrsity
becauuse the sieasounis to beonte of 1The 1m-teyiof tic- fat tit'easout ry bon thu atcis u ir disputeod in the olas ofIt03 antI won the soph-
fowcr'gunm-tsam s tainthebuto oute. expluainedprvisiouns ofithu-tat-thu laws emounsoatsol contes, MrLath-
XWusi Pinuttwants a games'withu flit A eteantia alf,11laumlauck aul Inis inionssunthehboadulays douwn era isnflow pteintten t th Adethi
me' cago,-btubthe soldieros cannomt t'f-'butienitrdeeii ismmiato humbttdtbomue he olnt-that it uisce lduty mt thc ittty
ford ithbleguaransee gist-uslash ye an.tutltheuebuems us laysing buit tie scums offcrtoutasceinfi rst whe F'edh t. fielis aomn r ohthe '04.
ash sen sithatmlihbitris uas a & uuuuughatsuh -tiiusos thinrmcrnull antutilehs buteens imporitLaw cas Flu' has bet-us interested

uancial lutes osthatX oest Point.is15el in gosodutfaith otihssorni-n ittanitin idebate :and pubulic spseakinsg ever
ott iti.Blftrlute Iso buttmmst must PROFESSOR RUSSELL'S LECTURE. otoeibm1e, of an euctatunal unsstuu since entering the Ceivorsity, and hue
iiprtnticountsuc th le htemwiltlshave oeumlcssor Russ-tb with gistis illims-bttenansI emt lforsaleaend this being be~en ant ardnittst-stet o oatony.
a fortnight's rnoah hum heavy wink, tratoud letturenetinhmre'ntItolucanic estabsedto utexcercise thu- muoslgen-FHe bus several themes battentart in
anti it is hsopedmlbuytlissmeanus bumheels erbutions ii X-artuiuuuauth St.Vie- trouslibersalityusnudesernnsg what the Ipeliminary dtebates tif Ohm:Welt-
dowthwsle hoispitatlust..tcntlitexittiensesilasnigtat8 o0-article-s ate enitledtobumeetuntry. The ster Suitbut has nut been otn any
clok mu'nlithe umueum itchtreroom.cullechorin s nobthum adlmittrdinanry tsr- iftOheteama sniintilsis yearaiwhen ho
'The '"iiOld ats"uitool:homldof tmuchkuI ntoieasour bRumsselmaul' a stushy tubtheusi tune antI oquimnt whsich us ussed entered the prlirtmin-aries for thte de-
athletics with tho guilt ml ueermuna- regiomn ofts-utgre te istaster in Iahlte in schls m andhcommoercial bate against Minnesota.
time. Since his arrivalthbletracit thu tutoreassmlfthu Ameroicaus Goinutig-houes.bliiianything whiuch cats lars- N. C. IBlanchard was burn at Gules-
squad haosittenstuds incrt'ased, es scatluStcityanti was ont- of thuhirstlhy hut classified as usedintoscientific bnrg, Mbichigan, in '76. He graduated
lumciatit- in isohenuer offre-shmenotible grundaliet-hem"eontin1.5 Ihe ouseucationtal wourk.fromsthisAudian High Schotol isers
turning ot. All il the trackltworntk lectuurue wiltlhue tiusratedh his a large --__________ hi: was a member itt the Debating' So-
has so tan it necesity beeusconhned I sutmbter of stereopticouneiews taut-n ENGINEERING SOCIETY. ciety, antI orator utf his class. He en-
t runsning, as no apptarausu is yet in from phohtgraphtuusewhich Protfessour ,Xtr. S. It. Barnes, electrical engineer tenet the ILiterany Department in '95
lilacs. Two carloads itppaitlauis an- 'Itusell, male personanlly. 'huletcturnewhoi is pr~acticing in Detroit, wilt and aften a twit years' cursne entered
rivedt - yesterday, anti will t onmiebe -is open btthe public autheery mne istpeaktotmthe Rngineering Society oit e Lb aw lDepartment. 'This is his
limt is place. The swimminug-tanki is, is coriluly invitedb. " Electrical Machisery" in lbe Physics ist mi-I at debating since entering
being repairedl, and, at the formal Lecture Room, Fridlay evening, at S the hlnivenelty.
ripening itt the gymsnasiunm on Jasnury A newv Catholic Clsu was ruecentlyj p. in. This will hue a closed meeting D 13 . Column in frusm Vernal, titah,
29, will be ready fur usse. organized at the Vnieersity utf Chica- semI every membuer in invitedts bring where he was born in '77. He grad-
-(Continued on page 3.) go will sixty membhirs. a friend, (Cont'ined on pago 3.)

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