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January 09, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-01-09

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Diing the vacation the roons at Me-____(nSndyigtIetVagaoo
Norris Morton, Sophomore Lit. Cannot 'Wl ei TannOenedy h.i tirat yetatmttg wlt t eaga o
andtt nany :en omat.I their heo lqs r-1the ttteit of te.,tUniverity in McI~il-
Be Found-Disappeared an Night of ters their.(?tn Chritntas ve all In-od Chance for New Men-Sched- ttn allothle sbject "The Religion
December .21-Friends and Rob- ,format social tas Etjoyedt iy mnty of le Nearly Completed-Winning ofitoete.' Last year te atttress
ives Ignorant of His Location- te lettoers attttatt enjoyable Team Probable, of t)et Vatgat was oetof the est
WatofieuitnrisdFot osf orthItatttisontg andttttatitl _____atettttettmeetittgofthi'year, anti
settottttttgettitt.Capt aint Kellogg Ihas caltd a'meet-tt tmeetig Stiday ightttptrotties
fTe tbtwlintg all'ysIhatd beent fixedt to ittetiualy twelattenied. The
Antthler sttttentothletnivetsity tefore Crit mao andthistogae thettg tof track: cantiates for Ttesday tott meting wit tegint rttnitlyat (i lth
tas tdisapptea redtandthist case is it-1 metn whostayeit in Atn Artttr a gotd eveing anti stry mtnswowtt intents attcia t :3 Iteoevy ' i
tooing evettintrte tysteriosathan diea tf tleasure.'The ttldt retrn ract try for hi eant io expectedttle ong swhich atways preees te a-
thte famoois Pat tirsoitnttrder stitty 1was fixti sitthat als ate noiw qik- lrstt t hsdeig tetln ress ttfthi' vec.titt svryejt
f last string. The tpersttttitvlett etrtc n ttesttso p~frsIto et tig mtrseiwitogtilea.tilisnstte sverytenteteioy
is Nosrris Morton it tort Smith Ar-forntIeicotirga'Ciactoensnewwhaltse byoreartette
latsas, a sopthiori' lit.', ciaseid. Since the hidtays te alleysotlttinedl antIteaders of ts eissig t the Astttauiodtsr ct--
Norisita he't ttisi'l ine' ~t have' been' usedilmire than at ay inthi' varioutss eets wiltle ttnitnc- Fie' tf te stat-mnofitheClit'catitgto
eveingt-if Decembeir-21 bttutilot utui thet time' beforei'be-cause itt this fin- osea i il h ssm uhe. 'franing will legin itt ea-test tak tamttate'inerithIett bait ifthe
a setriost at it. ti tas t thoughtt. _Wdnsa. hithems. ls
itst that its'hail ttrtbably gttito iiya'ts teamtiat-initcoltlege.l theri' at-e
visit somnet ofthis ri-at ies ticfrienids' BASK[T BA[. _____sc-rtiAtettslitat hue i tao CONV[NTION.
ttnidhail left tuntexpetiedtily. ed ,Whealo hm h re ibeiohv
]i eiits tiai ro it etteid to ritlege yes- Wilt not e Arranged Until Net Se Iarl wrtelito retainth leir tlaces fr
sonieioisingnmaeria amitng the Commissioners of Health Retain to
tetay antittktewictingltoif Mrtots mester-Exhoibition Game to be iew men has areaty een ntticei. Their Respective Homes After a
ahrie-.bout -rtsthompfexitiibgantiPlayed Friday at Upper-Clasomen Itas toften een he case that a man Sccesfl Convention.
tos areeegrtams tlfiiitiends n Reception-Enthusiasm Lacking. swil tite yeartmae the eam nt itIsi ___
iiscltisitigswhire hlie' antI Fridlay tix i iae itIy uc ~ 'T' convtenttiof theathIoffir-s
ight thoiseitterestdin ithtli cast-]'ail 'thitt-i-glatr seasontifr taske-ball Athetlindttutcemen'tt fr niw nen i i'Sa tfilcigt liei t
abou, gven iloin dspar. drin whch te iter-las gams t scit.teis lii" tact that text year.
tititt gie-t tit li iestalt iitttteiciis-i te' ttiettassga ev tsenmntiwtohhve tatk-'M'iill s iItaInntualttisesinIli AnAroit
Mton(Iit(]nt gotthmeifoit Christ- art- odaytei, doiestitototin tttithIle not ti-tun: Kellogg IHahn Madottck,.ysieday aftirntoot.rTe-cinveniott
wttsai tls.bu ttetiiedt i 11y1an -tol itginting-oftheiisicitdtisemiestet. Hltl, tiewet, iery attdtWait'. 'fhi'wsatetli t t-li ti-r ei
ant.atytitrt.t- tiet-ii1i10 tayitt iti- ttlii ittu ci teiiteils tt117wl owt-eyrlitl-allattendhi-byStalthff ieirsigafrati
Ann rbo an dosom redin an deinitly owad pckig tamsor r-ito itlltthese- vacancies, fr itrtat-l
Atii rliirtoi li ttoi-ri-siis atilitiintise imat-t iiliiteteas ieathttleis a nai with exteienceitoicsm was adi-i si-itibylprmineinet physi-
sstying. Fortesotmietimi-l-l lirei b en angitig a scedles of gaule-t. Ote ra uvnaetvt aiiixie its111 tyuetiess ie aut
Il heyarh fote heupe or)ac tle111on Ithe rtigulat schedutle is itetctditite. Sim:' of the litst atltli-tets l tils attdlioteinstil t uts.
tiit tf t nt tti' titt a liiA~e -exilecteto bei playetdipriobabily t-elthat Mihigant has evet podedtwe -ire i fi n n ih.a h tesOf tst- whothail ltrlotmisd. to
Iteatetr hailit stepped itoilt, lilthu i.bulsilay if saisfactry arantgementts obligdtit o trk otne itt'twit ytaslit-
lfotatluaio ts-fttiii ai i-ttit iei il iit'i irematingttihle'ean, a ntatlei 'Pesakhto the conuetintotly ot ites-
lgit andak ioctng t lte it vlry p tutuul.a estadittoiit T h etistttt is tiostnce btie-llythat f Fster liii- tar- apoitedir. lietytols, Ctiuioissiiu-
Hisladldy hoedherinerst:inbeonefetue o rcetio t b olyiaf-mile trttiter itt 'Illatdi'17 erof IHealth, Chiag,tastunale to
his sialfari- byfirtishintg hitm with given tihIte- uppte-class gils etithe
hot wate andti uiteii-is. Butit t taiifreshmtentansoill eilian iltstatiott whit woedieiconscientiloiitsly r!yaroifotfourtt ctmontotcoutottofthi'viry fee
lull hail his tftulitecoIitht helid li t ie tiugt i uuo l yesars andthut-lift yeat utobtaiteihis uuuiiu fhsnsht
tot go utiloithis ro fmrttt-thue thiantheIo -amtit' of askiet-bal. The' iichi- h ctuoeo itlii et s Oue of thet'most itterest ing ipaers
titlmeatlta taay. 'helut- erthe ate, tetsctudt-esofrinmothemtesutis
itt his rotin. hay imethatditifes fr o toeuhuand nearly cioplete; theo tne with CroeelltiCyestrdlayafrnotont was the one
Ph-San naytitthis ioom.iuiuiayttIntthe'ustuchs nsooug huanSit-is assureit, ant th'tther ote wit areat by hDr. toly of te Paster
huseam will undoubedlbe iliwith teat mniiatstoutArtorur.theIoey
ani- mias. withtit'he famlyhoitli he bl uulu 011 ite tsstteither the First RgimentuotulChiceagougasi-a shrlti--itrip tutu if thu wrs
his~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~ie otaowth u auh i(OIithayeti-ver seen the game llay or ble University o Illinotis as boh uhhwhich his sitiartetihis hnt'inthe
andswust notfut oifub e'shuserruntoil itiihlssa o h aellnehave appluietd fetetaes. there will nin oiitnths i has ben lcatd here
ant tutsutle il iflii iiuisetu ifher thueuearfutuure is the' atiexhi prsuably bhe tutuintooritut' u-lwith hi- Theriavibesti thirysix hotl
Motndtay afternoon wu sihei- e ttcanse lititutiof thur tethotd. pol
dowuscutstairsswit a shote which he Diectly ali-btert' beginniniig iofthe 1agh.The-us-willhe nut idoorutuInte- breateu-utfort-hydrohuobuiathirty-fe
hadcu, t ft hs or bi'.He ai s hastic mi-tIthis yeau ath probhab- frmutthiSstat f Micitgai untd oneu
hadcul o ithi -tel fut I- he sulseuutnthsinesteplans uill e nmade ly nouhireturcas meet,(wing o thus'frtm Knut-y. f tes' iass-snot
to uheibrary adadt tuu. Mrs. tG1ut- Item tiill b hoitseti fromunthosi'whuo atu he sutiesonabeginsysoaten cdneith'n-hast-nyetuled. ht-intat hur
ri ol timto taIesh ae -atuit ndithehaveesas alrnayearrligeiconsideridrery-ramahkite u-illth
buh hease cc he-urctietanda i-ociupy every Sat unay unil the fact hulltlovii tiiieutmtst srius
calt-lu ctld, anhulihe- repluied hat esc ueof gmes withlhe arrangeud ls. fMrh htie t saststesssi u-it luw'hhtgtsmu
hail utapptetdhis tiooltilltil. Abitut I lasnt-u(10 hr uuha att (fMrh oeer- sasr csshdbe llwdt osm
b PI pb li weimuiuliiutntu theut (a mueaue ime tat iegwilarbit' uh that the Freshman class swil hae a thoufrluesbheig ureat. Hut'case
uituttisaying atytiing tuayuone te-il uit hi. t ishoedettluhealbei- mtelwith smne'othet schoetut, turuoba-ailgne ltuesulyssven ays.
left abututtsevent anytui.g Shn'thai iui'Ibathsbu--ih'ai y thi. etoist University Shootl. lD.(Cooley sattuied thus'suleli-
has hut hit-ittanst--uteeauthehisalutistthe The "M" men whit aeittthe I- ioinItuureariing this-datgef (lgs gu-
twheehis aeukonbyhsprersit y this year ani are eligibile art- tung math fn ubidhdays svhenu hutsal
~isan fieds'aptaini Kellotg, Mahn tSewartItt-tthat uhnuot tneof tthirtysix casio
tits.atiuthie [iiihst. - nsi SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS. stc,al l ery SoeWaitMat- crnehutfn duruinitgble ht weather.
Itat hei'shotiulleave'soutsuddelty butt iThe btiefetereceiving apliaios docuk, Brewer MilleSank. Thte futiDougare ot moure- liablto igutmaul
uas usot Itrubledtt tier the' iatt s-ntil- ferte hodeRtius sc'hashipshas ex- Toving mt-ti whtot havereveud theedutigtughou lgays it is smltiythat
it Nt-u'Yars Day- shientshuteucie h ireu anth President Agel has the tach team A. NI. A. are in clege: tusori childretnuiare' aunduuuo inte
u-t a luter it-tintMorton'sparlnts as- namebs of abotutt atC a dozenu persos NorirousshRalstnIauthani Ietoun strueth-iat tabtime."
tg fun Informuation ua-i to ulsee to whot ittsiretoi- ensute the cintehst Cite DunluapsEdunditutsWatoni Readanti Ii clsduthisipaper wihi a vey
fuhndhint, His harents hattst a teu-- (a eturtse' it tusiliy- IniOxforin nversi- Suregeonu.clear saement of thedluerent stages
'gram hrto uuhi ut uhittit lhath 1(110 5 iof raitsinhut dolgsemhaszing two
retunedl tthur-n. fur examliationuu wiltliteleldIas ANDRE MICH EL WILL SPEAK. Iminhts.
MVortonu's toutut-mab e luiohntA. Hal,'suguouiasIthe test questionus are ueceiv- VtFtuehh-ihxti st ieh rothinglt liiiminthitoeths not ac-
returniedh tu'college Friday huthkniwei-olfromin tgandl andthel'wsinter ifryitllusrated ebl t uuun hrgu-tcmpahnyeall stages itf rattesut is
nuthin it hu hict ut tI iioissoescholeuaship ilxiiibet annunceduuuilecsetitrteyhittitolstthte titattut
nothng f te lcatin o th niIHGthic nuntent of Pais the Ntee
studt.h-n He' hastutu-tiovurintg tn siuii a few weeks. Presidet iiAn- en; stag.
he' ease tut is still uit -edatsu. el saidute rday: 'As sootn as the lSeconedatHydrotrhobhutSarahrsawnlyh An
gll Halltnigt, is a wel-knowuina u-uu ,Itueuuhuatcte uh u
inliunonhail satied soe-uhou he- fixamnitatioin is givenuthut'paaers ill rti- etsmtlaansigusueuaecel isu. All iother anmtals durink water
tutrei-vacationthblaut sight poussiblyi-llie' senouthe uRIhodtes cumnisshuiofn he. th' was botrn inhutlstouit' Mont- viiiniore rly,Ithuougseen tho
gu to iCIhiciagot t ouktuhine of Etnglandluhere ransk itischlarshipttutie t t matouu mn a st, v eiiolet stages.
his fello siitets. Thu sItuinthmn-iwill bhut'teirmsinis-ilrCiii. lich iiitiganllls i--t heuguiui huPhn u ht 'le tutly cruit icism that coudutbe
Itne-st howe-veris stilthut ble eity 1apspliatnts. When-thle cmmttee ln sor.ea luecoittwueds ttetn-etuasu i h-cuv-tu a h
andtwhen appurahed idluay turofess- 1ters' reves it'e nriangs acruding hueh sunuesuro r usur hsmall numer of healtomcunmissioers
i-u ignoruance of the udisappiearanice ttttoof i ata utistoui ihthe LouveeSchutotltatudhalsot Cutserva- witscnetmenitt. Ditshathdistricts
Mototin. still but' necssary fuse a choice as re-tero h earmn fFec of the sats' we-ut very ptotory retre-
Both thhe hositas have teeusearh- garus skill in athletics matuliness Stelritseetenteendtt.rec
sit tutu with iii light einthronuwun sn oilfueofittcharacter.'fhe applicantMSMulpuet is alsou faoutsrinMthe-uhit
teaai.with the est all-rouundt average withe ihl- s l i helt
Mtnuosa eygn ottes eeted."farery wrldt, ibeig the athoitt a "What is thut'si-ret-uoitsucess?"
unito witusigra iutery oodilhstuestbe slectAg." hu' ul mi u bertofun ttvlumes tf art citicism askiidtthis'Sphinx.
andtoos rea inerst:in isstuies PesientAnelldidno mae pb-amontg which nmay he mniiond: "Push'' sithe Butonuut
the uasnot suie whitotttwo uldmsclass- tic thetamues(f tteaspiants fr I 'Fetle-Fancaiseiii' Davidt a Diela 'Never he le,sal the IPeci.
is and taticuarly t thisti mu' ittthe thie schoulaships.but statedlthat some oui uhatetseut h r t "ai tatssu h hiiiw

seneshr. he -asouutum uesltitthIitmsemersnux osther stuisi-uts etu adoensFranctois Bohler. -Ills lestutre' hre 'Always kueli tutu,"saidt thur lci.
anti a youung man of very gututdthabits. ncnesufuiu utue.R dld1 itloe'of the events ifblue yuaranaud "'euptuoiidate," saidlthe Calendar.
Mrs. HGuthrie and his frienuds itsthe ehat itwas ipossiblte'futr atoan xwhouuutuoelyatreautec wl ee o unhah su h
siyare shill hardl at weotout the caso hail never heeti tcillege t winlte n-the he aulsu geud iencumanil aNeveol. orha,"si h
sehlt hehop itselviugHuu huntiexut iuebol itucati madifee. ytheOwing is the fact that the lecenre will "Makt lighut itteverything,"saiud the
myshny. fese llbut anhututcead stoy he ilhustratedl ty stereopticuon views Fine..
NEW STUDENTS' DIRECTORY, as alt necessary arrangements have i ilb uhmr aiyudr D rvn uies"si h
iteen eanheut Ott.stootutby those whose acquintanceo Ranuter.
The Glen V. Mills Directory Co. with French is limited. In tact those "Aspire lt greaten things, said the
has isued a new directuory compurising -wsho canoottuoderstanud Fretuch at all; Nutmeg.
an alphibetical list of thueoames of1 THE ABBOTT LECTUROS. will he fully repaiud hy the artistic "Bpe sharp in all yur dealings'" said
students of the Unoiversity of Michi- The lectures on journalism which views mnyu of whtch show udetails of the Knife.
gas, University Sichootl of Music, Non- were to have been given toy Willis J1. the great cathedral which is tour the "Finud a good thinug amid stick to it,"
mat College, Cleary Coltege, antI the Abbhott for the students of the newt- most part little, known.M. Michel said the Glue.
nonresident stuents uf Ann Arbor paper coutuse before the Chistmas comes here under the auspices of the "Do the work you are sutled for,"
High School. It is alto a comnplete holidays will prohaboly he delivered Cercle Francais. Membhers of this or- sid the Chimney.
fraternity directory, after next week. ganization will hue-admitted -free. -Exchange.

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