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December 09, 1903 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1903-12-09

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vr'i rjor A+'*a'++4 t ++ q ''*a+ xH°~ st +~''4' ~r*i THE ANN ARBOR RAILROAD
fl +oeh n p ca Trains leave Ann Arbor by Central Standard
Somet inev eciaTime
Eftective October 2.610.
Ifor bdIUF d L00100WSoii NTH.
No.6- 720. . _ . No. 1- 9:00A. M.
4: No. 11 33 A. m. No. 5-12:30 P. to.
No.t4-lO3.2 5 . No.3- 4:53 P. m.
Tans No. 5and 6run between Ann Arbor /'./
St and Toledo only.
T1 rainsl , , , ,andtit, daityreet Sanday 4 b
lere pj ot t\ e IIi on11i. Free chair cars on Noo. 1anti 4. IL!AM6
f IIKRYCPA W. T. WILLS, Agent. /
CManager. CL 1V -P Reyer (ft Co., n tor Detrot hafhourlytfrome6:1.>a. m.utilLie dCU F
Manager ; 6:15p. n.TtOt hentlhourly until 1.5.tor 9/eatARE HE
+ 19-Il Wshii~tm S., lst ckdsonoly from 6t15 a. m. until 7to5p. m.
+I.Thten attl:5 p . .and 11:1 p.m. ol -s -tm e
*t* 4 s+ Lbjsj *q+t+Hs: y d d *3 t1a*i1i*~ 14 *Hnl*4444f {i t +. ~ * Ht Walting Rnom, HuronnSt., . WonIMain. Brt~er's lasare tn d "Linen"

Pictllres ad Frailes
217 S. Fourth Avencca.
teco apil \tfr c m sto l(vsTid o ca d 1
i at once. teeoura d ttlb.-: , cotiFcto..
fo artt rnta .it.
Darling & Malseux's

Patent Leather Shoes'
w" R E NT S CML ERFornanything in the linenof sf
ft Maker of Photographs Framing, Call on Rentschler, f
0 Phone 389-2r. Corner Main and Huron Streets. f

Othere brndsae rttsed andSold asLtnnare
NOr statnped"Ltnen."Why?


tott tot. btor' /it it > a'NOTICE. Studentitcanvasero waitd for te77 o -7
Tct it yo itaate u r ei toe 1' 1 and Ititteilchina ftr Chriotmaa nwt thing out-th Ol'irry-lUt" cit
Dollar Alarm Clocks :?.gafts at OIerrrity At Sttre. I6-xn eotuic Salary or cmmisione. Call
£ a1ewlr :; -________ at 50 Thompsaon, froButctte, tpA
0. H. Jewler' 4 Lna-tat etttti I. om. a glt caoe tairs, btwen 1 aid 4:30 pIm. to.A % S
t~~~~~~d. ~ ~ rl 9..+ ng.ft1.1..I.d. 91 aatittskat igritk itn ertic a sertb- Ourasrtmet an aispittlay taf hati
111 t IIS Itiac ati c ay goisut abetter tis yar tain itt uu' 9S.Uiv v ad e dJUST ARRIVED.
I 1 1 11.35 . the liviott 0one.It y ant ai er
Mor.~a~ bria ~rincair tr a god latlr WA [R &C0
Mios of nHs~~eSI&lall v- L -aloaAteuntaPi ttettge.or a ierdaaetort, owa can UI [I{
a I ic I~Fehmantotredtet. wttard fr return eATI IAl0 I. t
LOVELI'S CORNEIR 10O[ eeo100 Hll t. 33.______121-123 MAIN ST.
P- ~~ antoriuam 2 S. Stite. Ceanitng, NOTICE.
^^."w4"s"r r'd"r'"r r' I 'd cii Repairing. ClothsThc iiursaery, 5 p, xne., a ptpttesn
Dwight En. ~atkifl cli i tcc r cl tiveta. Leae oi hattltlecteiroomiProttG. Rebetia
Co 01 I t Cc.la lr s Drug Str, or cwitt gethe ii uicutnigibadessti fo ret TT I I I
TYP - 3tIT[IN Id :ti . ;. 50Iadweorlttth.ewo akfor ite Pilosopdhdicthl Sieity t he tee i.
cci iced citcci bit t 3ittI 110. ocEriy. Subjct PletaureIdatosti
t~eteuiit:Cd~tt2 SS e S. _______________________ an Truthi i At." Alit edt.t__ _ T
tIll ifaetitIts suitattle r Christ-t-5 I 1 111 IJ j
Cha.r1ii's cc ca c -prinuteIt chitnae, btur c nt ed, -
Amercit-n Iuropean Hot I le t te.rclrwfCliadse ERSPNIGM EYDy-, hm alo Ibegist WettesdtayDe. Wanted gentleman catvacci t sll
Opmng D~oa rm'd N I t ., F: .65S. 'Ilteyr ,sice-i-. 5b-59 new, quicksellig Christmas gifts foc
nIAP OwcIcLIA 0 iHAL, LtiIO id ATtAX ADit - -- yong oic. Apply at once Address We ae f/fe sae
BAit nhtt. Itth u pplt~tcis o all kindsn at all if, are Holy ageruop tfor fheseo
Try ourIieet r fm u el: cnlmetic t prcesccvat Cushinctg'a Pharmacy. fureye cndie. We
209-2111 N .4thAv, - MAKE MONEY. ipold like /folr or
abach'oI ristoicst we have an unusual- Wated a lady cnaer whon can oder for uorg77eafe
Cracker Jack ly fie ltne itt Smyna, Wilton, Body work about two houra daily to asehi a deli/eryf or for X-
Buldan id Tapetry Brnsel rugs god article, suitable or Chritmao nwSe /e
Furnished felptescoamnd clircclI II l ~eadctisi o ntegitts. Addres fL care Daily.
iattatta asveli asoin the price.
soctals at woleale ptic ~ces.,:. Very repectuly yours, FoSaeCapAschtetide
301 S .Sate SI 114 & MARTIN HALLER, dress sit, sie 38. Abatfie t-nancti-I-
.SkaeI[t [f.B. " 112, 14 z116 IE. Liberty S. It fit. IW. J.1 Ltrin,cttttet7, H-eniig
f. 3s Now ine tof Huburts stationery at CA_________
Schtectle, 3111 S. State street. 54-9 JOB PRINTING-MEYERS, 215
-' ain St. S. Phone 81.
ISlid:ncc will nakte their heatquar- _______3z4SUHSAE
torsratitRoostest dusic Hotse this year 34SVHSAE
tiepulr mucetsritic, musical itslc University students desiring tn e-
A,. menu, supieic and studies. ws crn positions to each will find it t
__________ their interet In write to James F.- -
Founan Pena at Cshing's. McCullough, 639 Finn Arts Bldg., Ci-Srin ad
___________ cago.f
Lit VWatch btweets4311 Maynard B uss
a ndtt 61ll tH tro ni ten S tate . M o n o ram F resh L o w n ey 's, A lleg re ttis, S p ar- C HIBr o wr ( IinerHu o n i g ' P a.a
6.I.B tt~ ae idEr rturn ows and Holers Chocolates at Cush-
to Ire yI, t eo I i t dit
y' m~n le_ ente N ici
Presi ent he buldin upo a Teephoe Sysem wth eery pssibe mod /fi isdc veriy tuure.
em imroveent; gi~ig beter ervie thn wareveh hot dralta is
'GvfadTae posbe1eoe'T ehooalsoreusadhutioveydtlld PTA I tet i ecni
WhtresidsSe ot ie wiTheothing hortof Telonesemdgowillfevery ceninble e mod -r- uubiae is itetnti haoil
ernkem rovemet;othegivingefandterserviceatitleevetttotghtt itiiing ure rristicnd vilsu
t ec u t.-Ic -y t -i t 4I l I t l 1 iSu c-t h
Sespemners pssbleWAfore.TNAbWhooraleourteusI[[[utin[veCOdtail To c YtIAeuLua es.tc iitntslna
anei a y t re>mii<pii e ..- tc
Boxicpate.eqShimenesy.o assco eiimpdimens.iTobeasaisfie Do ete o ncit Iittu n dci,
Muic Eypt i a oirt ly
TEE $1 N.anstrorFall L ccl.1 u c a.shi-< I t p du eta-l.adt
SH RPIE-CQ R iT IIt iild l 91cc i ii uatiulI al
Box Nys tti sat tt iii t tiona tu cltutt it h.
AN-ABO .t eGr. tnourey Q al' mtl-eallsy roDt th ie tr,..
- CHICApaOrPerfectedy int Lgyp
w t Irectisotnetlo s at eChicago fsrin bee liiiup15-iseeot
AND BOSTON Cithhis ben used rthif.
Lou Dis, Eson aan y tPlktti"t tlthe Went "~n arendstea as afiteed.o
-ors-rxntlnettithrsgstfhesesI)no1__ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ __
ANN AROR to ~rotn in tukey. ue 607. 303 to r~eSatsfatioe
wrrfcte ioWW.EASEpAgnL An Ahsr
NEW YStylEs.njo'~ -yedofEierthineiniailoing


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