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December 03, 1903 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1903-12-03

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Publsed da y Monday exceted) durinig the
All oll eei ent eR 1ANAOI1N( DI 1 OIL:
10)551011 I. 11El 1)
The Largest and Most
Complete Line oi f (I'RSIT:d
Athetics - .)rt~lc . 'VALTr
A 'so, - - - - - . .5.(a r
A. G ound. A. Ii. (Littueyer.
(wo.A. (slron. tan'd Cd St.50
llWOOLENS. ndr%%s
in Ann Arbtror ill1)befoud Editur Tuday-GEO. A. OSBORN.
at G. fl. Wild & Cos, 108 SutiorixIIII'si lit iiii 'r, oYhi
Lust Washington St. Cgreat
pans have lbeenitakentin' tlue ilu t' ..RoI'
the selection of all stl i t; , Ofier Huurs: L2:30 Lu :30 uand 6:30 Lu 7:30
troast ring' & overesatin-i . s DLy
for this season. Address--R0SC0E B. HSOTN, Business Mun-
ager, 331 Packaurd Street.
Telephoune, 461.

trill hie lrolare(5hi 5t b Iy a1t)'-IZ'~ .&~
sentitoI, earci c'ntllr'whereiat a cut:, " " + .. + .+ +. -.+
ptulicly Lainnouncedu, tesexamintionss
twill heeIheld uner ro'r ltltstuptrrii, -'IecaI Limited [ditions -
andt the papersreturtied Isostexani POPULAR COPYRIGHTS
inert. lit POPULAR PRICES.
A list ofthse s'whit have i'e''iSS
fltlyt' 5itheelt h l ot 'ill, a ' sont astFit i"thu 5iii'rd'. 8 1llistertitots W11Carlreuon
p~osibleli, bIt ltrilit'tl io thle uchairmttne ,mtriv,'. iii t ralt n
tof thecmitttt'IS( h ' tthitt' l.ecto i ah aIsalrtuit ('uCthres':sit
it ,~nilcI~ es LttStr atril
ilist 11itosisiot-to te i'utvesty IMit tri'chrie ing(tt
1 hrh~au L ne lri it ech i' . titi tt 5'urtu'
it's sishiog i~tstint sti its wieI I}lc iis.l usttryatd iMremt
Theconnit e~ -andth iiiiers-" he lIt rii tiiii GerItrtti Atheto
ite ittlti's'u utpi' i etis su'l witl bti' sil- '!i tit 11i. lt i " li enrtitit t i NI ss'iut
Wiys t'is ihastaemenitt of xi eriuttititr M uS ittitiaft . IW.eacty
tiht tI u~is'hii itruiuit us ii s l I ail 1 e111of11ElijaI llsrtdI.Zn w
t h'oldtinrs oft'is stil l art'sis, andi. i ]obutSt istt iLt ll
uttsitittl~i I sttuss 't sutiiitll I op to 111111oloedItit str i '
thee- ywill bealitdhi' exerit lttiii i lt ti itusitgit'heiri'Florenci nchuttti elly
o\th r t Itar lnnt
siritfathlitet'ator'sttit hes.ttteCatidy Iif" 50 C[NIS ACie
svhiu'.i hi' is lieLudlil
to the u tees a's7fu:.ll sai mntI s WeBack ol'sBook llutre
1J1 FowiisDown son

GoH I D Cv108 E. Wash. St.


iS wr-O,@*@,@*@*@*@,,,,**,,, ~te. :3.--Lecursl a ly Prtit.LF..T. Tar- 'Siholartssimutst bl it' n11 ar I , initist
I Ste'wart Ed'ward 'Vhite a Wet 5, i5in se'ii let hit're itio titist blie tleen51shtniteinum] 155 'lit
9xm Tue .un Fug,'yliiltrllno ia St't ' tteii ire lt.s ittom tt. slltit' c '11,;e or1
2 ~ r r O R F S T ________f(.---5. L. Lecture Course. __ 4lii Ltlllit t it e rnifltii of,,1110 iilit-
lttolful i ttlt . iI liiiitll l l~-~j~ etaue[ b n "1 P( it lii'rlcs Mtii tcir iii'of li ill requstI till )c;h~ f
p te le t itiil. I Iiu 111 1iaii ttttdti' y i ,m,'7t1tiii 11h y liglitisig t ooi d'ecsideti i i e ieS'cla1ims
d ii, i' S t t i i i ii l tll I - 'iiti iit l'i'''Itiull L'IttlIiLi tt'l is 1li tti1'
h om a1 s li iiili 111 tt lt ies fii'ott t hutr t iI a iS lttrif151' o ltetu'blsis i l 51111 t ei'ii' lll'5 ii
I'li.tit it i'0 11 eI lt I * IttcslI0.1-106tll Cil i s a litce. 1 llitnsandgi prsll nt i toLhe c ail l11111
*~~h Maiine iifiiihi iattei'atetchiiieitory
a ths iiilllt ti hi 1111 t i 1111 tshrt. liigt's h 1 ligt-ISi o ig tit i IL is tut ' 'i t lg it t s or i'i~tiiltli Lii- '11i-
a tuie aysteur s ''11t ilt liii af: RHODi a eS' SCoLig ASIP. .ihe rii i illti oftullit' til wh wi sh
th t rai ea11tltwoodls. Ilt s iii, * t icyofnthetl vrsity st gn g il t 'oiii' lnecniat es'l' foti s choti l r-ti
* ai t otl' Mrt . lt 'lite t hei's I ;' cLit ill tt' il iici tll 1ower houtd bst i obtte,[i h onir pig
th o ert n k;yoafc l A caItltltbue s I , to'h 2)Ln el'a rilu, tlllu oiien itt to snt'h111' alit shol i
ti~ o astern trso al T it o's 1 ietoh a, Mc wult ti, Ali T i c( r Ieot 1, , u ,Ii s t lthirtl lu'19(}1,ustti i) tur
I ABcio uAROR, D feltROThe () Otsst 12,tr2Ii liti PltS tl' tltI 11 itt etst 11 it
I~~~~~~~~~~ 20ofSne I 6 uuwr r uuIt.,till('f'ile tlihtin l.1gIlt yi.1entiAnglX1, Ntstn 'tArh. EahliiiSt
thsqultyo h*wot i uvwih ittiv 'utVusluliiatiarglxtois 'i-hseues hlt t l ts utuI 'il ~l I
O prinlent tha evr k°;',,2<. , ('.ofit e tu tCu ti l;t ie' .c~trell(1liit luh autulut:c l iro the
ertiereIarlietoriss ofexpelI[i"lcs-l®i e'a(tra- e o is bith a11. A (2) ith
T eanavntArs orS inBn k. titusut tuRH ()OD tutES'( OARSIP.itcer' Strut-lor t prs~itet ft he
Crili n to e , 010.wil of(lri «, collatge ttioritlIn ten h, t' I le 2)SAMi I Ci)ll'hichheyha
hislues -tteu to ttiu tu Ooei ul P st Nutds how ng(112. ('uwo t:nhe lea's
liOaNit ALiBaNd INeG BUS IEdarSS oee ( (1Ctinla; u l() ti' trtuseeit pil lit'ntes l Ltnani
are ruceivedItrom it "s lu~l'rio3 staII
51TIi l ts 5 tl' Juhit. ()r rIis - ii() PSui is t 1)- Al p int ed- ty ll(,05 itI' I t i ti" d u olul tu
DIREOlTnRhiacso-3, or (2t the oro nth;52wil lnenp he ie an l eea oftg
O~s0 5,h Ar.h one 8.Ro-playgs. or (2) t]MleaAcsti , t1itias"L'uro'p isgiifOxfrdILL. 'Ssight It r
deNeAR02OR,5h A E TPOneT 114. (2) Oyse 15,ot.-; Iso- po he Oxfotd aUnivesty le ssiihit1,andt
AmholSo.eStat eSt 16Wodard .: gyapndttotrilug thopis es,utgo ned do, t h ymuim

®>p ®~sos s0
10 itdr.2s 00i
,u tt1gI I i littu~ t', 2 ti..tis 00li
i ; I titll t'uu t s . 7 it . .. ..ils ; 0
ItP I,'uon ,on Stilats, Iitols. I. 900
.lh sno i a til\t. I vo it 5
ort iiu s l voiit' ... ti . 1 50
ii , r ''' 1 Iof ltue.1 I iuts...t4i00
* itt "Imvt, I'lt in-SIt'o. 4 00' I 11
(iretre~fonF~vdec ttvos.... 90()
13 uu t i l t ut i.lula vls.. 0i 5
A i - ~ n"Ency-o [t~,:9 olWI1
'*lktsetfs 1Mic.s~G. Iwaadl
® \( YrkReors
a o n .5 c n - a d a .
0 325)S. State St. Second Floor.* l i uul't ii ~ii~. Si .ued
If Yl'I 0111alue 0your
flure, tdon't expetimtlt
txIit ShIta vin1g Soap.
Use Williams' Shaving


: President ELIOT'
I Demuocratic Remfedies for Illdllstrial Strife"
I Tuesday EZvening, DEC.8 2
Admission, - $1.00, Season Tiokets, - $1.50
+Mffoffoffofo® r+>fwoofoo+ foffoofof~o~fi


DEAN MI. 3AAIOLT, Manauger
JulusHoe' CmpnyillEsdward Owinlgs Townue's JF'unn~y

To Marry

PRICES: - - I15c, 2 5c, 35c,
No Higher. Seat Sale Wednesday.




f®t0 ®

oNN o r®04® SNf® NNN Ol N N


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