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November 13, 1903 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1903-11-13

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'1' 'd' '+*9 i+I"~ I"I d'+ 'd ~ i'+11,THE ANN ARBOR RAILROAD
OU T I OR NGITrains leave An Arbor by Central Sadr
:FTime Standard:.
DEPART ENT.,. Effective October 2, 1W_
*Not 0 :W0A. M. No. 1-9:00A. M.
No t'3A. M. N. 5-12:30 . M.
4.is gaining in popularity, Come and see ns be-* No 2 P. M. No. 3-4:53 Y. M. / ,
fore placing yor order.' Trains No. 5 andS6 rn between Ann Arbor
) ans 1 3 4 5and Idaiyexcept Sunday f/ *
,PRICES FROM $15.00 TO $40.00 1 e~ r .o .W . WILL, Agent
_ " .. . IRB3Y, G. IP. A. T IL7 get
Best kinl of worknianslhip guaranteed. D., Y1 A. A. & J. RAILWAY Ln nCOLLA RS
4G. J BUSS, C/ tiL Ke er w I' STANDARD TIELne .and CUFFS
Hanager. c * O jKeyr-f Co., i-ac etrot halhonnly ronm 6:15a.m.n, nliiT E :E'.
Washngto St, Eest. B~t a" n lhn horlyuntil 11:5lir Y~l
109-Il Wa~losgoo~ t., Est land ionly, ato 1:lSaa. ..and 1:4 a. m. IorA-~
Jaockaon hourly franm :15) a. in. ntli 7:15 p. m.
WThnatig g . Io. and 11:15 .n
.i't:o ~n~rc+.d.ne4'Pllw '"."r ' ' 2l..+ atn om Herron S.mW. of Main. Barkers Colars are Stampe"Line"
--F F - <r& .. . & z+4gp11.1 ,gtgt or+ , 'F f*oo Othee badsadetied and Sold aLinen are
P0~lrS an rie R E N T S C PhoLgrEph For anthn in the line of 4.O1 s:w"Ue2'Vy
a hn 392.Corner Main and Huron Street. 4' SOLD AT
DE f1 L5 3 ART .STORE, 2 hon 39-2. Cllon4eotcher,'I
217 S. Fourth Avenue. WA'GN[R4 $,£f ,4,&'&+8'4 4 o
Ot your books ound at Schitede's.
A good -sized iaudauii-i:--heard Mi-. _____________
Pillows, Penannts, Foncy Goads Thln: s C.Tilu ii:: I cix:- seletions ....I++"
and Notions. fix::::11:-rge(lint' s gerolstoerpiee Panlriam, 83G6S. Stoic. Cleaning, -
226 S. STATE ST, "Silas Mtlrne r", tt te Mthditresing and Repairing Clothe.
(beirkl last osenieg.tieRs. roehield called for and delivered. Leave or-
d.i+++d'E .:.' i. e 4.er .&vlats.greatitleniitiandOhe lobaersawerec deco at Cshing' Drug Store, or HO
You woea s t as 1:s l l l l::is ' 4c' i y sell pleasedlwstill:her enerain 'Phone :582-r.-
ilyltitii: e:e::i ::ir ________DRINKS_
SDollar Alarm Clocks F 5onan Pena at Cnhing'n RI K
O. . itzJewler, . INTERCOLLEGIATE SERIES. Chocolate
19 Aantt11 its bee deid i to holdthi e ,Coffee _
seriu e-v tleii: the i:- . Y. lassuil and ti - a naPiBtapn lae'Clam Bouillon
One-hird nil on all tsAiti iitiniiirtro retrn ti 135 Wastenaw AvendSotlo
M1ICItl1GAN BANN[RS Fr'iday, Ntis. 13, :at 2:15 1,. t., a the IiTimaloIBouilon
1This cottitst is it ver-y imliitrat University students desring to n- E
LOV[LL'S CORN[R STOR[E iol u itirty deriiletheliiwinertCtf (cre position. to teach will find it to
November 7 In 14 Inclusive, lthe statie cihamioniishipii. DTh-Auni Ar their interet to write to James F.
ioteamhai i t. o a. 5 ~i liatrge- expeniseCMCllough, 639 Finn Arts Bldg., Chi-
DiIwight B.'Watkins rlm b l e l p to cheor llthesiroteamsi "A"SANDWICHE[S
TYPEWRITING tit2 ix:ti5.T~s l-iii ss- MAKE MONEY.
lbDrop i It33 .n asSt l ot -isltiuldlnottail l tionat- Watd alady canvaser whi can
and h Csou5 iii al t so au 323ou Mr anS. til i the ti:-m . The:adisttseinis 25 workndabot txvo hons daily to sell a
t Mr'4nr~b^'4"1r'V"'r+ v^'r~r e "its SOlitcrsgtiilretly toi le gaid article, suitable for Christmas
.tt gifts. Address H, care Daily.TKNS
Chine-e'. iTheiitittiriofNvieber-113 gmyil y._ _ AUIS
American & European Hotel Isi s Ii: tHat rbortillitheiin alis
Open DDay and ight Niiiiii:r 21. 324 SOUTH STATE.
P ialinlig Roomst::aldOWini-e, t::: xRoom-s_____ Bath Supplies of all kinds at l
BILIARD SALL, zCOWLiNtiALOOCY AN SMOKING AT GRANGERS prices at Cushing'n Pharmacy. _____________
Try ottr famos e::, cii ts .taks 'There iare ia itw men iIlt talt ildipar____ _________
209-2in N. 40h Ave,li- til ittiur aemi-y thatlpersis: is Students will make their headquart-
---- sto i ti. i fron.ti- room-itsiingits-in- Fontain Pens at Cuhings.
fIRS. iM. A. FINGERLL, liei:::liii: stwit-It1Iaiin itinoit:r ud. ers at Roots M iusic Ioise tils year
Iu i eisat ttlt-ofiia 1: oi littuliar mulsic, musical instr-
GY/TM. SUITS AND BANNERS. Al Ii i, nd :iwh et-he:r :ait, nasse-mobly Freah Lowneyns, Allegretti, Spar- sent, o n w rshnhlislttdL owsadHyershclts tCs-JB PIe at T udiMEES,tt5
NINORIS ' t L'] iu.,wl~lit-i tlrteit lneitrowsadHy.' hcltsa~s- JBPITN-EES 1
OllxO11lS t ISiiti lii~iiliioug' i~s Pharmacy. Main St. S. Phone 21.
Net door tio ld wards Brotets, overi The: lace::is:::: I a psti al tal. W ________________
Sheehans's Book Store. lhute, andti1111o evething pohus- sible--EANSNDG
--- - t : I:: itpeiasantiiortie trnsas.THANKSGIVING DAY EXCURSION ER PNIG MONEY.
rar pe \V epetlt1ir1area iii i etrn.iJRATES Wanted gentlelan canvaser to sell
tOSS 0=tANGER.17 Il: Anin AhoriRItR. will sell ex now11uickselling Critmas gifts for
coieisii tickes Novnmber 2iti and yong oll: Apply at once. Address
Ls-(; id oii e l hi n 1:tIvicx:in 2111l i il Ifr return Is Nvember 1,care Daily.
iii ofl e 11t scho loutse Ituliin 11:andlfareao e-tishiidlfor round 6Craker Jack furnished for prties
to43S ivision.:: i: x 51 1 I 149ri.4Nov2G andl church socials at wholesale
- -- - _- -- ---- - - - --, price. F . ilbert, 011 . State.
>aaW BokselerilUiversity Books.
La okelr, Pulblshers aild Importers, LAW DEPARTMENT.
Asnsos Contracts........$.50
Ilai ut Ioodrait's Cases o
"Give and Taken 114-MONROE STREET, lsoit:;e' Cases Cr",iinal LJ::-tS0
is heprncpleofBlctionei~s 'Comnteuaries. 1.00
Iwyer &1Farrhs Csso Mi -
tilR l. ..ti ..........2.50
President CHCAO _____ odiksCases on Saex.......4.50
Suspenders _'-er - oChiatsEConDsoTEAR. 5
Wha oe idegiesth otersie H'. n sNegtibe Instriuaens 4.00
takes. Comforstyle and service. I LLvI L I4 aLI -utcninio s l.::w P eadisn.00 I
Absolutly Guarnteed.Eaity ursprd nce.-..4.00
AboutlLGaaned.BE KT L* y TV T if'iyo iH eal oie.ty. 2Vos.. .0
Mtsl timmsings cannot rast..5(ke;Ait VZj w *,9W iigvus Curporai:ns. Vus - 9000
Patesind.$1, aiyystore,norimaillprepaidl. ~Me gem s F ]menul~o-utesh9 .00

C. 5. EDGARTON MFG. tO. TERLAESEDLR. 124 SUTH MAIN STREET * Ilidkes's Oles uta:ndrsaseson
THJ ELALESOEDALRMecurhems0tasts nidaCoeshion
Sox286 Shrly, assZ Bilmisentsand CarriesShitp&
l)aisl:C::su- Commton Law Plead-
ICHTT a N EINTRAtL Cotutley.s Prin. o unstitutionali
ji i~±l a3.1- LaCwt,-cloth........ :.0
- V""IlitByd's Ca ses Constitutioal Law.. 2.50
"The Nlagara Falls Rote." B6 Htchin:s & Buanker's Cases on
Ti E SHOT LINE- ,GYPTIANEtquity Jurkspo-udence.:...4.00
T~lESIIIIT iNK . LOPTIN Y Elliot's Oener-al Prat~eice, 2 Vels... 6000
ClrARLTTLS XDwbyers Cases5 on Privaute Inter-
ANN ARBOR toinure.ntoaLw..25
CHICAGO QrbniTrky. Mechems Public OIhcera..1....300
Perfected inLp CoaBunerT- atison...eyhi..3 .500
BUFFALO. -y Caoole's Taxtiostn..sre..y...i...1.0
ANDBOTONAuao~~" 51 im o st. *Latw and Mudical uoohs-New snd
with direct consections at (Chicago for St. 6~" ~ ~ ~ rp: Secontd Band.
LouKanK:ss t y. b St.Pal'aand:4thte West.-'Cornthe or Ppoon. 35S tt t eodFor
For informtation and th~roughtlikets call onorSaeteCuos35.SaeS. ScndF or
write lo W. iW. CASE. Ageunt. Ass Arbo,-. -
Always Ahead MIL WARD,".TH TAILOR. The Best
in Styles.,H of Everything in Tailoring.

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