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October 17, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-10-17

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,JC. af c . a~( g Church Services. STUDENTS' BOOKS.
P us Dil Sudas xcped drigHenry atlock, rector; Rev. OW. 0. -TxT nos, L nTLND \/V IUL flJT. nn
PbiedDiy(udyexetdduigWater, assitat. Services, Sunda, iI11.u JAL,.J.U £..J 54JJ1U i.ii.J
the Clioe Sc ar by Oct. 19; 8a i, holy Commuhnioi; 10:30 NT OKA H
noy,,mor nig sevie and sermon; 12 DT OKA E
______service al srnioii 3:13 p. 11", evenling Scond-hand books at low prices. We are agents of Paul E. Wirt, Scott sd
prie 5,9 mryer, asriaiyservice and1 sermon at Geides; Sunday- Hladfuti es agisi ttoey
Sotneeition pie$,0pryer naibyschool at 'slr's an i Delhi. Hladfuti es agisi ttoey
ist advance. Single espies l ents. Osasle at lA is-iiiiOt19 90 00 -O I T .
Sheehan's attd Pst Offie news stand every 11t'ISi.uul Oc.9,90_
evenng t 6o'cock Susriptin may be I o'.1c isI. oniuiiind.iiiIeveinig by
iet at the ofiiee of the DAILY, Opera Hlouse \1Tft of the University Faculty r= = B -cri
block, at Streian's, at Stoliiet's, or wit any Suitlay-sciisso at iooi. Yoiiig pe- IV IV_ 'P 1W1'D aT.~s
ofstihe editors, it's iieeiiig (:30 p.n. ____________ KlN"1
Cosomunicationt nhouid reas hntece by UNITARIAN C1tRl. - Mliseausg. s"114e Niagara Falls Rage"
1S A. . it titey are to appear the ame day.ltarest Service; extra music: sertmoti
Address ali matter intendiesdforpubication o by Mr. Stiniderlanid upon "Gratitnde." C2 F -~T
the Managing Editor. Au usinesu commas_ Noon. Stidetts' Bible Class. Sub-........ CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.
icationssthouid be sent to tise Business man- ject, 'The Origin of the World: the AND______THE___
tger. Story of Genesis and the Teachintg of 0 AD$TEgd 1
Report all neglect ;on the part ot Carriers to Scietice." l+Ecciii. Judge N. W. CHARY s7, p 7j R~ ;w '
the City Circulator, wv B. ONeil. Ceever 11ill speak upon "Temperance ('I. 41V I IISI(1l %X II IFII sn ____
THE U. of X. DAILY, UntAI od t oetn oilfrI: ' 0 a I
Ann Arbor,MKc. the seasoni All friends of the Club, 'YPSmxA~.& ,Mzcfz 5u H.
EDTR.old and tew, invited. .z.:0,c
-EDITORS.0 sO'0-0
. B. SHOEMAKER,, , M,,..,u..E,,sTi. cw at LL Am a a aa
A. H. OERT9,95.aa. M. M.,mn.ti s,. ATHLETIC NOTES. ""iTHE B EST_-- H+ "QO 5' m 5.ag" "2
M. 8. HAtMON.'91. B.NaaMuna.,.R. ¢' 3m.°"R nn ' kg ..mmmcta 1
W.. ONtuo.'01t. a..r. sus. MN.e., The following graduates will Sesnten teacer. ioard with Furnished ay 00 0 A
R. W. DOUGHTY, '92. A--.e.6ua.. MAnna.,.. Ra Ome.2per week. Circulro upon app- , naoi. o".;eaea
coach the Princeton elevent this caiots. 5_mho e ( -ae'-
w' E. Oress. '1. F.Bn TsanArs,5'1in.ma In.:,,mc % I Bo
H1..wF 91oo. S.T S.1.itcTZnt.. 91, fall: AMofatt, Edwards, Harris, P. R. CLEARY, President Fd I HDI0 &
EF 0. HtOLLAsND'W2. I. SoTeroAYe, '2. __________________ W a om. a
RAtPH SONEc. 52. tG. WTrnttAn '3. Hoge Cowan, IBovairdl and + anI a 5
E. L.MSOoo, 51. 1C. L. SAt,"9.4 ode,~
George. DURLBIn.ULLIJ U 0 ,0
"..The eleven lens-e to morroi"w atELE'-"I U "a Ooe
Looalout fo' i/ic"DATLLF xl'iito 11 a. in. for Detroit, wee they E T TasOEo'os-°n°>" cU
ota'ccnc 5 scaia, s'Iitsu % it)) cscsof 1.ay the D-).A.. C. teamt at D. A. BLAN~JK BOOKS, 14Dasa0
saut D.. C., isJDet rot. . Par. The gaume is to be THEETIC GOD AND STUDENTS' SUPPLIES a a' P :1,9. *;SAi1SPS
called at a p. in. Best lie of FOUNTAIN PENS un the
The protests received by (lie --=- city. Ice Cream, Soia Wttr,
BUSINESS LOCALS. Coifectious,ColdLnnches a
DAILY against (lie barrinig out of ___Cigars and Tobacco. _______
degree-men front hio oratorical rEtice inertd in thio cohmn at tho rae OYSTERS, FRY, STEW Olt PLAIN ' q:' 4s
0410centpe itne, single inerion. Specil Caland see us at I,
contest lre wel founded. The rae o ogrtm n xniosnnoe 6 ~ s '~s
W.I ouht, AsitntBusiness Mnage1R.] 26 DOWDHNfALTHEXISER.2' t mI 1 i~,5 at-
Cetatoi dsriiae se sll at Grber's attd see the new D . Fr Dra-Wrkrhs If godnayPopl: I Q 7 m ~
dally against the professiontal te- pltinumt pointed pots. tGeotlemn, Lis,ouoth; tesc _______________ ht
Atklet or iali. A utsit Omaiy sunday eceptd.
Tio-aeTosesalpartunlents Now (lose depart- Try Toledo Steam L ilut gnrdry. orsquaorrm, Takes op, baeti5 Ia.
mets are as imuchi a part of the Co. duabe, comprhesis, chcp. o. IvRGLES, sH. W. AYE,
University as are the otlher depart- Shoes repaired on Liberty, near State. yers.,P.larT.mA.,Chcago. Agi&Annheebar
Co r hwn n h-Tucu osaing it. Send for i'd circ.l _____ ___ -
Wsgner &C.aeSoigtnee " a ac0os n'; otare. sProt.'D
mets of thec University, and it is gant lie of Young Met's Overcoats. L. DwScetfi5.~alad, oeo Ann Arbor and North
ao exaggeration to say that thio The new party ties at the Two Sams. 'CaaOCltre, q Eat sth st.,Nw Ys. ad woeoMchgnRiwy
fame of (lie University his beta Examinite Stffrd's stock of Trouser- .AL I..O~TimTable going itooffot, Monday, Mae, 05.
ings, $00 atd upwards.
spread as much, if not more, by Go to E. 1B. lalh for co. 1 Going Noth. ( nexenoos. Going outh.
the professional mun who have Baths 10c at P. . Barber Shop. FENCH ICR CREAM. FINEST FRENC' 6.
Mehhl Gillespie, Teacher of Guitar, COOKNG. LOWEST PRICE FR Su.C rCd tastdTm.C~~ I.St
REST MATECni Stidar.Ton. o. Mail Eaps
gone forth from its portals as by Banjo and Mandoin at Clement's. tI BE-tST TER IAL.ro Emp. Rp. pMaltEx.-Mil xp
any other source., Fancy Vestings at Stafford's. 71.FoPt S.,A.estLeeroAre rut. "-p. -- .
If the U. of M. is defeated inl Granger & Baxter's Star Laumdry. CITY IY AND SALE STABLE. ........ 32 Ol._T D.......o 16 s s
thils contest, (he world will not Jmtuirho A n utFuto t t..1 Ad 1 Washigon B..- Tpilat, 111. ..-.. 4 7 0 47,......Dude...... 12 2010 10.
sNew liue of Stitionery at Grubers First-class Rigs and styish Saddle Horses . 4 85 7 00 ,.....Mi....,u.t12 ou 55...
for Hire. .. 4003 7 2 11 uttod-i4 503 .
kotfthdiavnaeudr See (le unewvswallowtail coats and ....507 7110.ANN ARR 11 to as2sn..."
ests at the Two Sams. See them be- s a( 5 7 5 05....h.tmoaLuke lt ol5 15.
which it labored. It will only foeodrn lehr.I.;.5 70 i~mr ae1 285
order,..og elsewhere..as .atdmbrg-..10 57 800.
k n ow th at on e of thoe g reatest R hode has the be t a m d cleamnest coal. ..... 6 a88 45 ... DtHoel .- . 0 25s 700- -
Universities of the world, amd the :Yard, W. 10uro i.street, mocar railroad. 47 _.s.m
Buny cal and wod of Judsom, State 5n 00 i dl-Iowes-7 Ft 9 0 44I..
largest in America, did not numim street. .....S 22100 St.os-7110
Something il it. t, U.of M." 9S3128.h..Ama-.72 s ma3..-
bertmn itstwenty-five hundred Snehio s t U o V. ~AAAAA A.aMm10111 4 ...t.east.845 4 35 P. a.
amsn Sgitar. Quality lighest. 1Prices NO 12 W. HIURON ST. 5 N9a0d104510-,.Cles...-6 d15558 00
students an orator capable of up~~--- ---- llenine --- --------010 43....aewll.....- 113 00506
holding its banmer agaimot instiu- PS~. 380. .,taervryinng....ni__ 8I-. 4 40 ...Copmih -s.. _9 5 4 00
sicl.lS. au. i s 4.,-5521.... Oekama.- 70 ta4°
tions half its size and withoa Afn ssrmn f vrtigIn /5' 112 su s ..Mansee . 050u20
Ihrwratbrah rwr-os ~ )'\d4 1 slot .5 4... Frasnort-....7 So 2 5
thousandth part of its reputatiom. Kch & enner30an6hd 35aMaiu S 01 . Sagoma.w .. 8 b ti=6.
All the departments should be Ileadquarters fr furniture and cam- jrSgnw Dliin
auifor it matters not wlo can- pt.s. Going North SmATS. oig South.
a D~i~t~ e Despite the snew tariff act whic5
tures the prize, so long as le is a advances (le cost of strings 23 pr AI7rIAY -EE., , s t.. 6al Pn7
cent., I guaratelie to sll the best and - - -P-e. - -. P-s
no9 em ber of the g ran d old U . of M i. trongest strin g at old prices, viz O ber X 2S #- . t e. A . .5 - - p
Mr. Tufts announces that le 3 plain wire10e, and guarantee them u I jt j~i +( xG W D." 7 12M6 s 8So- Fioai g. ..s6S
equal to any sold in this city at an 5:5.... 10 -Esnnaivlln. 78 55
will not meet the class in History price. A fresh stock today. See the H. W ASE. A. .PIS LT,
of~hiloso hnext Mond legant Bay State guitaf. FiMstt te PRICES-35. 80 AND 75 CENTS.1 Suventnsleat. Gn.Ps. Aet
oPhlsphynx ond ay. pac, 26 So. 4th Ave. A. Wilsey. sats tn sale at P.O. News oo. 61.1, AZLRWOOD. Loalt AgSAgent

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