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June 03, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-06-03

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l~U '. of
n. Wlailp.
Voi- 1.-\ }. 1 7
lPitCor.Torf (2eC~Nes
A Full Account of the Came at
Cambrcidge, Mass.
,,n l tirt1,10 51100 SlC'.si'S~
S r ,1It ohimanw i1D th' assstaio. iii(
()irland tc.
In tlic S C()?id PI rsiii lia tClonew
Wlilkinson roller? one do«-ni to
irati'orit, RIcoh 1fouled
I-lyoils t a sma-li 0ne
HIarvrdt was lnoDetter.
oil,1 , and
to lates.
Deoan loit a
AV ltihe experienice of College
! leni who knlow and appllreciate
tile careful iscrutlilny of Coliege Stu-
dlents, liarinig a large corpis of skilled
I oiidar iie I , iwas-. (a i alai~ ~i l r iini r to S pitlor, liii lw-sell I~esioner's aIid .1eleelers specially
.1 1 01111 ii )inIrle liswe do, directly
cacol i i.Oi 510 11101fro 115 1ondilinlahd A iiiiieritam
.ole itio ' I ii - cli--Il -coredi ourI:ii l ilionis anid oilier Id ill
up n he atenon oftitda 1).1 btlIeiniiisbot wr lfeilawelagly biais I rar ltoesse rei apoiionl toi j-
it II,00 pe pliii( a ii dilcee tie. ehue(}ittd 10%(2,. n wlliloihllli. oiliwellitltue he fjesewelleddje ele
Dol O 1 -I I o iii l~~l i t, ti Dcii KTIlI li ow- -oo iwouuitOut4 all hkinds whirl Iare
C-ori i ii w . ~ I -1 Inll 111 11 1 ilti s I K ro
of bid e t ohee up se o ee h ir,1oost.~rt wis 11'r( > I)I H'ii i tiIi)i Ior _. A Iiulll osor hl T lS.. 3 I
Wyvrl anIiuiiii e.chat1ionotr lleto -' iss'c Iii iielin 1 i tlrila sroil.ASl tic MA tA&Mttl -E E~l.
coi ita o i. atrgi tiei 1101 and eroan tne ltrca cocts C o~ V i 7
sigth wrt of a ht oses . p la islo ui t cit liter V' o gilir( i i Iiat 1a Irk1( notic ht r i. A titelbil it Dc- MP RT R . i -' LE
adraexcepion 0 i)1111 t inaii cliiof llth n ifor iMiiga .I l riht alic Inldwe fn. tio lli beoio D o uol 1 l ruy O tutr
"Bca n iscr eteii- i- teoiictiici )- I- ~cl ccid ll til ii r to lii 'fNrl-li ail sondo. Abbot ol i S as l' S ii IING1.1 I !L l:
tom gouitbllas ii- I.T i e elat icr n-stauk otis-l thea Btri les-a. 'litndlsecond lan iino t o rn as scthrd p o , ! :
sleasm anlfalee tih oin lay sorelieretrcnt. the fasor ittoSi Oil a ery' te culiiiar la. hiUrtoan ini~ IIJ ,1~ S A L
daiy t' o e a d i ii a or andpistiertoloan iit wheatC ois krc at- nat ta in Iio tirs wtoIi t er onall
Dsilt r tynf adosslacd iss unmp t iiisoth h ai l truhi ukthe ontIolont looit bal, hnrdtuie-C h .Sp le
bdvnlt oeryale. 01etMichian( ni -l e110 iiltheNrighti el ec ;e tel m a a tterNkiiiou en cu r e dio s U111nivei11 tyO tfitetrso oe
tearci Eves thi ng wcnui ve an ado d iii o nhrtani third tIoiris I War110lsh is ors, Abboth rta-0SOT T r S.
to o ro al lo i g. hu e w at er C ake hil hi allko waos ibe ing r -h a ugtis ti em rtIng to reach thirdU N IS iI
wsteiaSiuiiithleiiiirounds111were touered. This Wailsh lift to s lulld N-ting th - con -u o.101 '1 dd1', S) 7V 1 i
unpl "u oflighoindoutrli a nd hi-l e Deon' 1.an ieswreds-
bloys, afi r liir Sunaosr est ia i nIt cusoig 11010b liitia pizrI'Tr o D eort o C ldan ohi
is-a sae tan fra yo he cnelo ean a okseod lha. 11 li im n i ki'i insn eatda sm-1G -i n tltcG o s
prviu lnes iCd llit sot n «i0tro n t d ie11111fii istlorlie anE THE PAC
hut fouti r oco k g m a ldo i t. Albo uke-t avidi al0en tfoic b11110 Gh. EN LEM N S F R S I
will 11 Se ioir nIR ana ri-l ho n ths Hed u te bl it iiiot sicitTto CITY.GU
is-lice NI cii --ai si-a th-the sc-ofrer4 toiir10ilou iienii-ii
Il~arard lace a rttle looe.gaie1stook hi111t011 rhle..dow
in the feight h tii tae o li 1 110towrds irst. liii amire Its ide10 lol
iofarvsar isaswodahed alo ssh
lup}sfele like profes ~ so al s. ItR t flo ll t al~ l indur i~esI tle w ishuutd -' '
ailot neveleiiairciy-anhbefo e nd 011 ale cile- 'i glt l n ulr
orebr nom 102 a l ~lO s1 ail.iie vasen~la lih i~tl C id, I) itkn-l aii ae 101sil 11 lal01ad ~ ~ C L ~ & O
co~ars. lii the clutlieiars-rtandclaitt11wthsthntensein.Riel
sl2tl io cuelIc ut ii tok 01. K ly 1 to sf aio IsoOl esCok redei'~one ed11111
sell ybIlililgaa inertuonikell 's
lhstnseexclcoent. lin reol - lausn soucl. 10011 tok hca e isul tewith angonh is blaseineill N T -e CIts TeioAo
detaisofwithsrea ruarty al shit e ot n l alelly-i seasystoaIng imeII nike dROlGUly-
Mih n set t ht ul sonl Slt ' old ll i t scas tatdwethi sta eo d the n IM O fT \T
'Iafha r u ck 0111,as Codotl rook a iaso Inailit 1frt. lihoroy- tgs l.t
1lpatthaCok.n 'eiaRhit thre oundets-
onl ballsgth rand d we11 t1o1usc o aind. tohhota raonlrdltrctty-(a)iito Kle-all oiroltelgti-l -
toree-, ar s it-arC's dersg hi ch0 lot h ign lldt igdceler o ul i ael o rg t. P asn
stoic, cught ilm najl~iiig ald liar a n cd sWlisout thore iihs ash hllehnhe 11111toth
thitevebut asgota110 efottie tha fir stl h pirelgAcursofto
frscheenent uba. senwaso c 05511ft rden scorhimen A loit liiaIC d d lotliefyitoutand KSolegetsiln AnnAerbor.
atey solesecnd o Io i-il 11 In til fith odd flec o~t o Imaturerly andg wet fonth athlo e t
ioe lmosacri eland theamtokbalsean Abothid Wlstkoa t andg rfod h eeMciia in I ~
thid, coinga mmet lterwhn IearonhewouttoDea. Cnklare.enT'henuwbablyneaan-e outhernd A -ON-LR& O
spurteyd ely ad tKpt erlyars tgron eitatn fs oetyn oeista hs
hhtene aex itm onet o Burewhich se f o alialow erdu ring which yth
took firt o th later' eror liea fyontore Booth toali bae
further, Trapford goingsoutsonia
I f~~~~~irestosaku,ahit blewh at yol. av ody floig
groundera10 wepter a fr t e condtheSit tz oleganwas asy. I as uat ethis tgirod thga-I m e EF RT EC U S t.

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