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May 13, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-05-13

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V f'. 1. 1 -) : .
I 11c1 ii~iCNS
5 AVINGO the experience of College
iiithe i-luiratryof he ~ iiier e nro whisotiis in(owtl;neie -
The Athletes in Training.
'There werre ltvenl}iht athletes
at the fair gr ooonds yesterday vaater-
noon to receciveelostrction from
Trainer 1Ii ortili Somle of the
Mlien present wr: lreSpence,
(Cote, \al)eventer, Duitle,1Don1-
liue, Sandersoani\ i niapril
1n the sprint'; I It(lilnsioil (P01ev
and SaondersonIiniithei hongc sti
Stone ini tile high jumpi;i aniiii(I i-
lale iithe sho pii I'i . T ime-
ire rapjidlyi 11)10111iziotndMr. iMu r-
phyeis very muchIipleaised3twitti the
lirogress that is briognmade. lie
think s tha t there is miateroil enoitgh
ini the L liii ersity to dcvecop a 0111)-j
ring trim for the iintereollegiate
ganmes.(1inibtle, li tihe shot pit-
tin' is a surrise. lie las tried but
twilee listIFriclay iiidiyesteritay, anid
lie lieait tile U fI eordi1hi-
leairly two feet. lie made a put1
y esterdiay of ovier 37Ifeel.Withli
praictice leslhouldlipiut ov er to feet,
Whic wieiiill tk eIt erolie-ilite
eailt. Ar. illssti wnts every
'iteaiiwvhile lie idiviissihg*sc siho
have rereive- Msrlttii o in
every afterno .
Field i beil ~ 1Cd i liii "0o
D ecoratioii av (ol adsilverr
Meedals ire o'11( o frs adsec -
iiidllacs eah eent. T'iheree sill
lie a inmbr (f Dtr itatletes
here to cormpete liiitile openi events,
aiidltheseiconitests 1w111 lie iteliliworthi
een.Terelisctoitlk of send-
ing twvo o tre iU o ithletesj
toi the iiiter-colleciate iiiectiii at
Ilierkely Ovlv i ewVrk. 11'
Ganible niakes allimitproitsemenit :I
all iie is sure of ist 1p1aie ini tic,
shot pluttinig.
raother thle ieroic spirit wiscil,1 fullY
alive ti dangerilirestofci.
Tita ii i liii succieed wiithiouit
Illolliet, 11inuts oiii eiuis, hut i[lot
wiithtii aciit " lotsackbionie
is Iieeiel l h om:lei h
wiorst of iil ianairiliists 5whoisdoesnoil
gover iiIls Ifiaiil}-. Itis h 1 e i
I el u t oil snes:" ie''sit' t-ill
ca'il k a lii tida ln[b
hnsthey1Ilie.' Ii t~b
isiteliii I i7 f rc eeli[ I
plitcs Inrlgolasthsite
Meet. chnge he dctrie toitli
tti ei h ct- h ne the
illties ito it itle doetrine is tileeit.
ih libiaicIkboniecan ii herbeni
stan iiifirm.Iit thlereforeiie edis the
iioiirol coi that wichie is the itriwn-
iiiiing h ci f a acikbuoine. ed
ille etwsithibrialis.
a isconsin Heard Froisi
{ h olloingil is fromiiii -I,
ji ofthe Uliiiersity oiS I sci sli:
iiih sarilings at thle Xiii Arbori
coiniest -irousedl the ireatest astiin-
islbliienn inignated ill l er
iiad~e iaiiist uiusill llraing.u- I uri
le- h iciiganiaitiIllt-i5 iin -a
iimtreut tihille thle leiliillisceen
irateus ye ciedl iiilt seiehiti liie
I Ii I T eeis n l Iistiiiciohhliifo
thier of thle iitlii oilges Ill lie suich
i vairiatiintiwhile it is liepoisteroust
to suppoiise ant-thing like slli i-
Rulssell'smr lns ipe-eci the
i es hear itie stanipiof eithieriaisoi
lute fiiilishness oiii liutIgaed kav
e.Itis iiot possible to rhaode the
o1 listice aidsirnii est to the partiel-
liants iiiiItihe rolleres tilesrepre-
sent, somle means shiouili e itikeitoii
liii a f air anii mpIiartiail deecisioni
Dr. Vaughan's Tests.
si if Miciiiaii it Aimi Arbor a se-ideiits. hiia'a (ecrso killed
icof expierimenitsitii isater hat l )esigiiero-iiidiJetselers spe ciaiiy
bieenl comptlletedi lecenlyi. Thle idea trinie(Ii foriIbadie andituhiler jesveiied
is is ii test stateri ii il tiiieed(ci ii ii k imri nguili' as ste do, directly
pure Dr illau san ho duict-110111ialilt Lonilniad likluste rcialxu
ed te tetstr 110sanil es Ill';on sitwe utreinia iosil utii iwpo-
,;6 of th ir natl o e-hirhe duc te i n Iet lliainind jew'elled
cemlilst boiml plsuuiu11s gelrIls.I c Society' lias ofiaIt kinds wichliiare
trie the germ oi whie ras a d ' 11a iifa til iii"[i this i oiliili
t111s plriiieiltheir ulanperoo0s Ciac-ii
icr. The priincipal deulctioniudrawnl I \ i h sJ- Ka~cy t,& Co.
from1 tihese:rexierimenlts seas ithat th~e"
'Itt lPOlT'RS,.1EiWE'L El s
Iapieraice rof traterisas vers]iiiis-
lreding. Sonic of the seater teas as MNl'kIiil 1EILiS
piire to the ry"e as it coldIbe, yet Ihgemweefud ()eofhe Q
ratest 5111pisles encunliteredi by Dr. .(
Viauhan in Iis exainaiition wstwithi Chap. Speller . . \ .
some isater ofi Lake Supeiriorwichii University Outfittei~s
lakiwtecr hadiaiwits -boirnle the Ircp-i
utation iii beiii i hllr. 'Iecithle tests jEI1JS 17 U L 34TT
; iciamed poioos .ernus iandiifue- 10 = =Z
ieu thle expilanatioii forir1.300(IvllillsiiiluiliiindAilili ic (roods.
ces of typh111d1fever seitl icluiell--
etilieili ieftilmiithe ciii if Dltuthi! GENTLEMiEN'S FURNTISHING'
was afflictect siometilea). Ii ix INTCITY.i
ii-Va io-diaii has athovftisIv
sic i ahiiiiil ipliditfevree IICds
nut tielieve that this Ir( d(i(ach H iet 11"ol e olh ilte+HE A;
Nv t et o t hie r e a e v ari M Acr eK EN S T H E A TC E
iaghn is knownleethe s irane;VlRj
111a1nttwhoi disiicecitlthie reaolcause -
of mc i uinh i ialppiness duing lkthe
pilcnlicseason.tIhi issircrhiiii'tesis " + -
reveae inml thpion5ouis ehe- 'uite igents lin AiiiiArbuor.
!mciii, tv rotoxiucon, swhichi so oftein UIA$. $PELLER~ & { 0.
reveals itself iii ice cer andiiplays ---___________
iiavo wiiitti stoima chs.-St. . Liiis = 1:S =-L
s (Ilbe-Demiiiirat.
The Glee Club Concert. i
----.-- -- recuuxuee. c i prposedi itoiacept
Dr. Henson at the Baptist Cheirch. thieimarkings cif the othir jiudges 'Ir Che a ii (l e t iBanj lub inh vs e T OTT
.1 newspper pargraph can iiiindsenii the orations to sonictie rDm ocr nUiest
kolde auhrtonltrr11,even suggest the cliariiiaiiihpouwer niterit for ut re-ratingisto thuthetile hiall1 nextI .... esreinitg. 'tickets
of :Monday nightis lacidress. It to of Ruissehl's iiarkiing." mat lie obtaiiedirci rou tns- memsber
bubibledIos-er wtithi spontaneous tilt Thle saume reniarks wvhich see iitke of the clubs andut xcliaiigeei for re-
thiat the physical backiboines of the as to the Nortitiesterit World's seredu seats at Siteitan's any tine V 1
ihearers were nmnchi strainied by theirI conmments atpply- to this prepuostercous after 3 i. r., 'Tuesdiay-, May 12th. T M IN O ,
convsioits of laugliter; it so ghost-ru criticism. We fail to see hioweis- ---- -+-- ----
stitht earnestness thiat their nioral honesty can be ciharged to Mr. Rut- took out for the Key' AT
backbonesswere greatiy strengttiened. seii, as hie did not knosw whoi stre lDr. Jordan's successor as presi- ,x,236 W~OODWARD AVENUE,+
Hisi subject was "Biackbone. ''lack- the authors of the unsigned orations Mdeit of Indiana University, wilt bea
hone is not stubbornness which, handed to himo, or wiiat uiniversities D~r. Joihn 1. Coulter, now connected w-lLL3-sve':xYOU
never tacking, fastens the rudder they represented. If Mr. Russell with NWabash Cotiege, and one of
the New York harbor is left behindc. ire should have beard none of tihese country'.
Itisi not mere tack of temerity, but sitly vaporings. Csn the Key be found ? TRY HIM.

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