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March 03, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-03-03

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-- - - - -
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0httt On f the U. of M. Inde e,7 It shill be the dity of be div ided anioni the remainini of \\AVI G the expeien1e( of College
endent Association. ftle \I ana-in E itr to cll aid icecrsof the lioardin p froportioni to 1 h 110Li t lliirt
f-fl'h 11- ,. 1 ~e de it ill null li s ot thoc 1sso- en th of ton)e iiio c ;antilthe r- e clillsrtn ftul e u
llmil is the constitufionlll 10 and1(1of tlthIoarliiof 1 11os tiIlln ii oiie-fuhil i to h i v lsii (dlft, ait l sr lamti Coi s ofI kille
a oItd t t ileetlolirlast anI he shill have the geneial ii in I among tlii oilier eitos oft e I tsI-~s i1ie iisO kle
Satuday: agillnt o th papr. ~e saltbe 3hoad. esi ueis and leweleis specialty
aricefii itriedfriadean thr e ele
crllflile elI to iese insy P in( c I iife of tie hoardiof ji iinlt. i tiieitilr.Ii swei . d 5ecl
II ife the Ilep elns of the iith oarid.1ils his position loni the lhoarild.ltlnls al tle ilc
Ii1crsilyf M A Rfilg all, le)ii~ fe ~ f I ~tiheiI ii i iii f fff i l ll i mo nd-i;ie 1 1 laflld t tpre ios
his1 1tl afniii lei-elofiiilen off ileIluslli nMangr ot i- hre fito ill 11vlcnls on telar uethe li-finest llals 111 js ti
II~~b1ISatisi oif urii-Afiin la iaer, d ifOfle i ness affaiafioof0thefelapeatersarisfnlltfrii selitelieat
hird le fl iiiiif en iliiii- s (It he ssi ti one li s ito iiI iitiherriiis.1 ~
411 do ordaniiill ios it ae e poriat lof --iIthiee sam o an Ifianyim en 11 i ii of Keyhoad i o
hsisno teU f . tepedet i ot o mittectie g y of I the I~dithes r u il ckRohers'woles MANt' 1 h' K ay. & C oII.
t I 1 n1 w anagingy i torh antIa tw o it, eii e - rs vestr i se l u l itiif or tih is p st o -
lithiif I e apr1itilshilhy ofthurarhstoitevhohttedti of len nohie ctilitaitrDd.o .AND h
1) al Pindepende in socaw Se.d9.Teit shall e o il di t -e ii o sttttot o ltse fyLat
A edthe . o M. ndepnde tn on t teefiotisfthiitsiises 56. Allh etue tikoetsRtetr A L ' TT-IGer: L-t
10 itin ofn iiY dioanadtwo mnier f O ditor hal ovethe hiss of te
th ice rs tohe p U.e ofpu l. i ti by oteBor pof n tedt y r heim i ahle io - - ______ otr n hsco fic wt
'let m s of the Indep en detsoit towfose yit s htilthe tordspiect toM jorHery . aneEN G L S
D a nd h alld he enitld of I -lairuns a iepots ot heb sniv. ll lcuetik ts h are a ag m n.tic t iret. e ra''d grom el i ngisil- -
Sec 'hetiies, forttoabetdiricibtteddcyithe lectureiAtsiiciattoti
v h)"A l salulenlto the tttni- Acto i R. TInLE:1atiagnginiEdior n1td itor o th
eriY of tihi~n wd o af ep a iticd-tiuif heflar)i.ftir ie thc lcttr ii riau c elii. hST.__
5ascib 5-i' ofier if he Seaycalamytio AlIndendtett f or hhaie.-
c ull to-ttieU. ofiNT. DAIL
shal lie thitEtitosfftt e Univer0A soiyaiitre e iible A i o flate isa" retf-at- of-te- -
f Alefembershall heecanditpondthe p atf or e ryeC-er anef si,____
Sointhepossiatio ti ln tB asioi ctitote tier aiti lei dsrbd a
v1t1 aiiall 'fie i ti leId genofbyla suc neilgi ll ae T heaoffin Cexaftiarl ivenaiiitthe EN LS S RG
te ha penhalbe lef tstll dis lestion reektprevious to th Lin tonse tposseo r e o f rih ay n ingrfu b )
chosen from t isthfonsuc h ieiBg.ooie.d iolagugedsiaovyrsk3 T TTW
Ofielints off EUiers.ATIlr.foihe an scoalattIsda- ,4 J Le
I1 sallbethe Eitors shallhe
IblrindAs ohoisrihetttt ec ition. oThity5 sietiibers ofenteatiing I lehiat doieofire s- ti aitr
l lieay efatethe to the Associationti shah co nstu e anonfaryfith ahsan e, n thin mostS S RG
SetI 1 . DefilelEittori t oatir nrtitdrnatbuiis. cnesaieadine. ~ jj ~ ~I.
(lrIf naiefo ay h ther givecanoecture Pmatorng Maforlanecasesiat
itreiio I . t ime haofnits sto ne wans e vid totha t ianypgen era issuo utof aty h rtiePrichit ia iechsnatthndctipowe'lts Cnsittonful ____________________
ISte 'rebedrs osnfrom thin metino f lichmeet ssociation b cap e. Hs anuae s lwysr
Ltt~ende-slie-furts vteef alntineins-ihey.bjctUfThts ectre s1U7 OUSEJJT? 3~
lbTCL aniongishiteanclassesras afothosnsr
i e shallTbe E t olasthe l se mntishahshavetbeenpublisheexpin
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Dt eatmtw jur, aotolet e ek. p U/1Llr ouasato us n-ests.i cosrtim eadecs 3 91 ? j . ' O D
re Cl e amnd t. loesv easILE IA o gre ast s teryif the ei
latPrsenaltinefran fur ecteratIcavi. oldL ite atlat titm:Mach ane7_1,, of
ge t 'rit coenatt e dito rs of theiD lI-siubt hoergostiomnorscnotfr m ~ l b
c ne, of thi e Ber sof dtir.meaelece a me e t ayi gmnag-ralutounqeliittinablyiteranofevey'. Cl b
eecttime Editors from that tmeesing o achi o ationsha holdap tcr. h ioe fscntn
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elette itw o sstan t atg- hofpbingcation n shall e oiid das h ayscan 'be rmregfardinaATO'LOK
t~t1 Aitan uiesMng aou o nteallrgo To he businessa-Dn'sAUSSt hn' soeofA~l$ ISTED-50 BY$
dec 5 t ech lecion the mager toevr, hl eie hey rcanve r e slure evanerg iven Theseirv deatsMnda.linQitS .M. t es
iswetedb the bso ordonits nproortio
h~C . T eOfceso h d- avetheld offihc onlg e-alf ( e)yshlt tisp laciers"?hr's sod SHY

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