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January 02, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-01-02

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tt. Of AT.IWiIp.
VOlL. - .SC -
Pxacl:l jiizp F: CENTS.
aTA.A. Board of Directors. ta onlesi c ftoit-o
Camp on "Foot-Ball."
110Til ton~e n ii ofthe i oets' echrd wihthe c0 o i February niiimbhriof the (Itt
recorsUf he atheti _ ssoia i .) iittee on nomoinations 0were O ii tt ing''ionta((ins ita llrtleon '(Col lc'g
of iec at tu \dhttmoi n o lpha 0(1ed )tocoet. IThe fottowngweri I oot-Bat]ll," ttyWater Camp, whutuih I
lailscuc teus f h Lh lnbaodl it usSpencer ndl 1Ic- page uttnsti tiojn otf the Ioarildrii
iit4 it foro ~ ~ ~ DaiildtroI t he mli t dpaineihoi foot-a l t eoniniasiif 0(1) otuot i
ti i smii tlr Me s.hn ry(5 c-itolnns an M . Imp ropal. iof ite oeathy
atirsaaidteron ng1rdva a it 1ullcsn, fom oiothsw iprt en: Ita t icwstmae nof h s as c of
foreinoo iiatfor tse-ball
ir tic dMr. Haveytrnc hefac-ial nd te litoiaril iti i ciii a sit
22, n-de atetci. ioto. ft
'ooiclo ws -c-i t lrtoI. iwJacs i I tii oot-hI a t tcam. utsidof 'litj
c1.t~ M 1] a 000n ntr- tihori uesicrc ofappiotc il a ti e~ti o rmekdhcanicowatafnlfr th0ce
r foi the ie Parm(,acn ]cart-n ilc tonao tcc ar iratc i-r oi(at to ca ai lei
Ah litgalC luts of tt liiiclithc ln bfit ateti t htcda raoffiit ehille o fo
I sharddeth te mtto ie] %0 ilO Sotad etiitii siclo toia liiil ilrtni o
Itly t hle liecolitafreayeofeach 1bac)t efeda ~twFb wa adwr:aderetetiii
0]Y lila2,calIietnswohacicl sor theii ad e Messrs. W.Jory , ory illc dostyow ardprduclingfiiawil-
Hi) Ke ndyws lctd I>. i lleo, K ' elos tull ot iti ions frooballii 1990 ti110 tI a]
direio front00theijPhalrifcyDfirei t - Ro]ertsionliwereihcpponthed it o iil oil stayhyiecmelCatin ht ot
dfent, ase]ilniee itogmakieincilstoaryootrraige- H iarvrdtemwo as agsoilie por-
la0 bor rei etiormtei 509r ssoi stieiititc r oao sii tt nopli flsooi
the btsepcodiiSatureday ot s ot r adontusasicspeces onili- atiuhitbso hti] ot n int
ato the w ittnrest far ve hrel-do n d Phs e ta Phie Receptioun, Smith itiisifor sccsin0 0 iossIhtno stat
tors. or aanndd o i oIte me li oaP r ss o co clb ian te asitrybythto ughoro at oalveti-
reaue -filc neriietst thei tmeetigedouedaf toif. et 'ag, sin ulan t "a oudeilypopilarits for-
t ite rof reprt. rnos-sats ~rtaii~ilc 50 i h
hi00_cass.fot-haltchantnlosa Ihorrecivingcondiiileveenon-but
tj ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 r l Ao rt ias discm itscrl h at no til ie t od fP i sse ta nki e ptSrs i 'ooragtl i ng i n evi rysposi ble ts wayi
Sidr l~ lr w re pp intd t cn- he i etaPli S ross rce tio te r'todaiiction to t oemttialoi ndu
c ti┬░oelii a edm nt t Ite tise sidce PoI D'os cc- , eSli stotiuhaing catoe atil aodpt'lait o
tl i~to i t ssad Saanr tou pstaye ini Mrs a stna l uo n lth e silyt monuattll tolas . Intail
h5t att 0hatfp claioo-hall cleam- con.Trnctthe hoivnsg ommsttecoto r flossgaresofthe.seasotthosotoon
cite 1h asediscussed buaro efhot- sitediofiesse anternIs, aitogileo halhe arl)tyucdoe s andfir ls ponit
~~~~~~~~~~~vr ttit~ aoiae fr te sooSrn ela nithey lofwthnost ito
I hutllealosdto ]tns+ t veyrot. 'legtcttintise in tt ea eirnsteapiitss hof it
t asdidetolmaasrte attner 'Totmpson iand '\IrtheSfac l tle. Te ]igh ail5aetundth0ed
lii llyefe tothesa o a ebase-heaml eltr10ces tcno t thocwdelorteoft s r Cnnete coBt tseltmet
ittal icsinars ee wt hnse lneadtee cadta uheagtyititlo ck fr tthe oalo oa
t "Ietelcnddtetfrt nder ruag rian tl cs cd o t ed ats thleginnewigsiuliofacstaimy Pr
it Y erned shouldtbtoalledfilto l nsin e src r si. TheguIto I rg fie-ld adt helaly ctef ttei no to
la i h Alioc lai plots yIiuutihr tnitcti 0ntulofoat iof theiritcetumnestoaft til
h0tdi nthcla sstijteo ,teI atr inldngm n f tas ii sus traicu ilrig the c l withc I lap o gise gd.liiI"it oi
ont it 90 oth stnt].itciaico tone ailo ftrcires thso is-
co }rfere t te as-bll thir wItistont mbaered0]acout 0cittri tsoe I ' a
mmTheRpbia lb il hi ot ish otO-i]tt P'ets'curain-itutloofttoro sto fieteams
n hudred Dui- thetevningt''regg' c
he boardi werenabt l t ettgo fllthe fehoitiatt sii vcict 5atistheC beg iitapth ta dy1 pos-u
t raiuteCsh st-asoine he o ia t sogaizd duinehe colge T ansgvngda. Th Piceo
tl~i/iOtim, Sturday cit-'ggoAip ithsaR l lection. teamhart tnehof thei har5tois a stos
-- -"" +--a-t' see his- .A Itii s nowI ic a- oie, s ottSti- sch oto sis tihinsA ih s,
01 e cto iRco f a--ontepfublicsangluf.cer few o t ideIoo toseCitoic l low-
liSotred.iAtcononsitiretti canvas ticlier amtitiavoltsasthc osce onts,
ih t'tuisi eti Yo h eresimr edcn s, on. i fitkiis ost the (riges aili Cate ineso wtem
I elnhlb Viatcie., evMiss of thScitr. ofthe etu ontMiitr.ad"n
it' Clubr atwnxt m endssast p- SereayAlx.Cn-in.-aios avlIcd--is
tieIMi"Uneriraduatoses wOhasenrt
i' om any uplans we e dicss. 'r A rs'u'mmaWrnr Ofryisof tespeal i nt laeres t t
oB ktn hes inrest od f tere- tLibrarianE.annua ltionofstdenofthIe as ritn hynchasen
hi tA lies lotha aNu- riiMsterarociletonSte. Mucille ecoas oflthem Colm bias
hid I th eciedsugeore pb-s ibylr e ditsnorth sed emstSeG.:eks snd cwandletforluseryasthudCsents x
seaesAo mmddress t cuandas MisssDe Ln gstoE.Wins. thefor neadth.e em
b5 AVING' the experience of Ciillee
he etarefil scrutimny of College Stn-
ients, htu-iitg a large cot-hs of skilled
Dhesiginers imild est-tiers speocially
Itraitued foin miige aid rthieijeswelled
tot-t. IIiili tl-,itams ws o , d uirectly
fromi taris, Londitii on a tiste-itmm
otto im iots inuit othuertreciouls
Stoiies. Ai'emi' ini ai ishitiul11to pr1o-
(1i1ce- th l iii itest tutmits and jellcied
Soieity lBadges sof alminditis toitimre
!tiottit Iactndin t ithisn coutry.i
WVrig~hf Kayi & Ca.
Detroit, MichiEan.
Chap. speller & .
2(1 SOUionS-Am-E Sr.
Champion Light Weight Boxer
F'o pturmis inuuire at tie store.
Professor Hobson's
-FORi AhL-
tC ittasutunis Suppliedor at Ithiole;
sale 'ni cs.Cat] antil I,.itiiie.
FT-t'0 Tint 0C
.05I\ hlt OlOX
Agenit for Ann Arbor Ste.am Laundry',
qluick delivery and best work.
q5A. PCLLCR & qO.

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