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January 31, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-01-31

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",C.o 'J '' $ ' ~that ..rods hv ensecured, no A ~ p t1 v L r~ A fJ
tlie shold lhe lost in fitting them '\VEL WiIL 1OR TE T FOURL 011WEE 1KS
-t -t ah Stn ope) t O p ffer fiave tons of paitr(of all kinds to h sldbtth pun airgui
h eCo --ii - t'.5 " - 'ill rates. 'ra'oar frown Inmperial 1maui u t 2 cents pit
THE U.~ ofC. IND hN ; sGITON isoayFn.louind. tonil laper, Thesis, and Iii ae tirter Paper at
'all niaseisis ol eitanit aia lGrialtargauins. i aeloalis to matcal nl tpapers
111 ullcricrsto he ran els-it grat]Nittredliicedl rates.
Sal eit~rprn ide i102,i0lperscars, ii' tanly oail lll '. pliease take niota e that, I - 0 0-
to itda 'ce Snle i'es S; iii'. t i n sl t 1t ' a ' l t e aollegc a' s a lf( z C
e ehair*n t aw ol ock )1 . ' 11:Nti t w ia"rrntrorrr' ..rG he 1 .
lf at Sihe iiiie'ofadthei)allit'', . a.1{oust'
taock alt eaelila. ytSctWN rwt
(ittletae'ditoris. a uh 'ii'tiiisian
the 'iMigitaEdlio. Ailaabusitn"ss a"525 lii
iciiatia ssiiiu ldthe as'il'to the Businesi . ia -
l,t' .
t)1 thi , 73Cslas(.'lc
a(a; lu ma' smbipation inii
( alY and l a' at nti o he', uau s'(, ail
liii in heIai'iamaaa hail, r at ndatilit toa
t~teasu ret.
C'. A. lisa a's.
zm, S E"The Z'iagara Fails Ronte.'
THE U. of bi. DAILY.
AnArbhr, icha. Hurr''mllahr h hia I I 'Ia,'aa)
lieaISiftil, of Chiaia oii, lit. '92, has
as'. .a-iit' tts,'l, itaraa ain ilttan. gist i lonie liaindreal lollars tol the P m A'. Tn'wi In zcnE,
At t.','timta.t:E.'aii,Ansis.at i i ii-(lit er.
Ei. it. 1ttiittinti,+ l'ailisw5 iiinsM tap"i'eBusiness Night School. "-" "TH E B E S T . ei-
It . I tti . Sl. . i have i littletietoe iispare ilariiigl t tin
E.C.ii i"aaii .t 11'tI' 'nn ,shl ta ke dvnt ie f P. R. CLEARY, President.
Ei . L. t niS( t. .ii 1. EAli-:., ir.
>linaiass \i"li)t ilass if tl..heIgh BA R IGA. I Nl~t !'
'co l Iv r railuate o1' 'asle' N 5ii T HE t TIMTiOtiti
Aiiiiig the aetlier III aI pl t ic rut ft iii [iHiv P. i AP3 E IUp SIA IJLY7
ltrs wthicihithe neAa'a tca -%so soud ii afe ala o a ct e icail .,,",, .ID 1)SZ .
atioti sholdiilatta'nd.lto is thelut Iigup li i'55 triiiiii' as this.scat'llii'carc n w eling a dsii an
iip if the athlet'ic.'groals. Ifi weat.. 1 551 es, a id, lili'Staitliiitt
await until lie BlardofI i tsfel aasiiiess ahadwingand a thor- r- 0 0 S 'I
iiiiliiet'itiait 111) thle groiundi at sal liii Ii kiniowla'dle'a. il Ill i ta l lia- ~ ~ . ~
Thlere is a til iig1.11 the tartilf the
associiatiaonithiat tie ititilaslihouildt
lie Itteliateias sao.aiits goodiiwataher
less a liii btski-keep'ingi canIbe ii'-
(Iircllilg agtis te'arniiitiof teeks.
iatuiiei 5iiiusitirciati'firat ailit-
musce init later itiaii nest Monatiday
biegitas this siluad, bhut they' are em- eseilil, isas's'e caintaii dmiiit lnai'
larrassedlblit tIlau a'al aspects if puil s aftirt that idatae:. Dates sets'
thle situtilll. reasonuablle.
'le l ( lId sliasialilblie nloiseilby l It'---.+ ui ---
stuitabtle fencte andil u graiiiilstaiiil
ereiteid. This tmiii'hi uiilit toiieIa'oVtitt''. r A leafsialt'slitio
tlone lby the It liiiersit hauathouriti's. tiomslitihtftloht 111(11 coldl it lt't, list'if'
In ailiitioiiia'ioisiileaile espllase 'tl'li at lilsif i.
wailtliavets leit'cur.siredin ii. ii.strai't- Esveaythiiig illiensavy iglal sititiags,
iiig a iasa'1h1ll aliuualodaiiiinl iiit tro'.iiiii' and'5 oil iltlii tiiga It re-
tra k. ItisImp ra iv t atthe],t-I li'.Ilt oil' S itorlia utl ' 'iii"ift
ter e i' lelluledand nai ii. ibtdiihe e iittiii' neat inifaliliesttins
A. w l b l~can icli to a - luilalit It 11111 l,]';V uc. I ii.no
.1. a. aullielillt'uiiii lilili li W'at'sl iitiiieall taliti (liii is. It i-
ti(le uto ait'iea' fenc' ing andauili'snn 1 s t iii iii ay itil'a'iiiii't'a''riii''ta.I
tai si. Ila' aauhodd'atlioags.a lil
aIlrnsanad weip la 'llil' I. Ila' lthti' (roods'1. 'tO allSo a it 1i '-l(()xl..
thanl if the 'l eel s at aith ill'eeat ,Alilsey1, SoL' le irop.
:' fSaihnthI iliAs t. Aii llabo'
isseeti ig whlich isal labe hi'1 il 'a Co iaa atal odat I ltsul's. MStet'St.
51 autel, liiless ia speciadlImaitinlg is t lt 1:. 1B. HatI foaiteau
calletd earlier. ''Ilt iem'aiArtblt Bathus lOnatt P. O.Ia 1rbetr Shopl~.
E'lectric' 'iailwa'aar ahen biuiilinit s Jllist laspiet, swoilinttg intl t'hit'l
Pactkartd street line this sprinig waoiilid clieve'r t isptiitY 'is ill itppltrt itthe
ptrolbablly tilt a btraiichi is the grotuids GrandiilOpertathoiuise,,'lTiursaday eviti
b lig.1tetrlaui~ry 5th, inlleier eepoplttalr
if attenitionl stas calledtoa the natler. musical comted.y, ''Sturlighlt" wlii'i
Whlile it still he soiteintimle tefiire has tibt'enlinedh withi tew Ititsic, new
songs, cttleer utsiness5, .tInd handsnome
stork cai an e iommntutced tIis 1101 1o0 costumeit.s, which mat's it one of the
early to cIonsidefrthet various phases btrigihtest atndilauglihle lalys onthie
roadi. Miss Jarbeatt1is gracefttl as a
of the question anti prepsare for work sylh inither diantce, anidtier voice was
wvhen spring begints. lWe need ath- Benver better; site tcts, too, itt such a
sprightly fashion titat site seemts iike ua
letic grounds prepared in beter raty of animated sunshine onthie stage,.
I hut foi-'a'v tt uur aatbc a20Soitla
IHlit C'offee tatd ICho aite., lalsoa
Coald I tliica..
For Btain-Wttntrs 4t Seittay Stu;1ia
C~nii.' ., n a a icsYouhs;th
s'hct omra . . ii Iid. A. ni~c
NO. 12 W t. Taks'll)bSt.oin
ThurdayEve, cFe.hsv,c1891,
ANclrfd h ooo inscml av
Great - v'rtComdyCogirci 'tmpay.r tls
G. I'. &,TI. A. t'ttuetliu. Ait titt
Toledo, Ann Arbor and" Noith
Michigan Railway.
Titu' Taleingoing iontet, i d
Gingtt 'Nortath. STATIONSa. (angS
6. 4.12.,4sl
Mlansci'icl Cad.Satandrd ituue'altel ha
Ex. 1j. 11 ",tI I n. p"I,
E M A 'i Vej t rti,
4 iu i ta'..... setuot- l
45, Iat'itt titianlIl-.3a n
t1S.()1 i nua s 1 'Ie t'inntt
....5, 1 .' l bu g...10 b
tll . 16 ;31 i 55 .... to eli.. .. ' ma1i t,.."'
S i...5 9I . a. ualuvi... 1Ja t
7i ill .... .i " . I' panala tar at
it 1'..... ..a.5' ii
in 80 451ns 5 .. loe...._.. 323Sit P
Outgtco ai5 20, ttopmsS o... .. etontt;
ps' . . Oia . ,.leiltn s . a. 7 1'"" °3 g
ItS30 . t3t05 tuaenAtatuia.. 5'
711NJ5 5 51. . irnkfort st "a
8 Sag... inEaw DoiI..10 ''a
H.ing.NorhLEY. ATIN. GoPing C
Pss Esedt. O _p5S

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