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January 26, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-01-26

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t ..__ __ . .
I'nicv,, Funst Czx-rs.
bAN'I\t the experience of College
Alen who know and appreciate
The APnlebee Lecture.
lectures has heen (lute large ini spite
'The j'sitar t Iancuc a rossd- ftefc hteaiain r
dlatnight iwti iithaauieceieater neirat ha NI 'r. plilcee's lec-
toillir ttoireccto-nightis oOthlillo a drama
li 1 t fthe seres of iih 5licritedu scx
ac~s are lectures whinch f fit.Alagr tedacci
lililebic is cli ccciii his1pctc liat the folloss-nZ lectures Ow-
I ti e of ing o tiheffact thti so many-peolie
lilt C (P i iiiisidei Romeind iitJulita simpi tle
T'lctuelat1 cln soy osoesickness.
otuciii iiiiui NI " aitiic plhiccis makinig an e4-
ifV ' t1ctietsioi P
Aic -1lc p\iiiiii iil his Itr 1 t anduiiwitlnit cturno t<o lsson
thc iiiiii ia dsri toll ii NVc ii N 0
sceii iof ti1c plv. VN i )ti
c'nii i tiiiiii hs bcil Michigan's Scions.
rsthat ever ilive. iN iatccer ittiti
grl oticl icome,,ticiicefiirthi ers,"' friiiiiLansing, hishiieliewci-
Sacredl Iiig the sights ini Aim Arbor, to-dac.
onor ii iiti The freshiiieiigaze ii thieii sithi
Vt~ liitir fear and tremsblinig anid eveii the sen-
ad its Iitiatile fate, in a c~rlitorf die hi ec nsioii
0it a9
this teres lorss oouhurnin the lihrary buildiing. These august
life tltosns hmnguests are Messrs. IDoran, IWisner and
bT leo lrct.Worthingtmn, iif thc Senate, anid
eel Ciligs createit for cacti other Mtessrs. Henze, Jacksonm,(Coiuior,
mutual love at first glanmce;
Veymii dieratimm disappears tie- Btlack anid Itall, of the tloiise. Ac-
f5re thin(isiilelcinfluence of lisving citi a iyiiagnthiiids Dmor.etn f
II ()'l ainothertteyjoiin.heCtahiemaisiselvmuecas
tieiecs In an inuterciess'sitti ione of the
hrOetio uder circumstances i h
itthest denc Senators he saticd''it wcould lie n
tely egree eiiistitc to ttie unionws to ask theleiatrfoalap
Simerely oni the trotection o siflgitt~efu i p
airresistiblplropiriation foir tthe gymnasiunm as it
bl powcer. wiouldt te tiariteiiougth i-irk to get
infrienscly resents folltimim
l on iiionmev for other more necessary iii-
sial Pl blosw, their heroic coni- rvnet. Teapoitos
triS Isextposeit to all niannier o akif u tytergnt el rh
alstilt, forcil eprtdfrontse o b h eetswl rb
tsch cildy set1raed atitytie granteid tiy the legislature
n Oter, they are iiniteed in the
bae t ey antd alloswed tic Cov. Winans.'
World.ttoie et asgain in anotiher 'The commidttees swill take tea with
Th t o ROtc Presidenit Angell, tthis ecening, and
Ott . ofry me aniclJuliet's retiirnsto Lansing tic the night
hike sa simiple story and is right attri.
hoL sterehlandt. ''h1ey carrieid no sasc-ucksswith
eoadJuliet swere in loce
lispY S1 itoe-ik. li hstheir forimerideaiif gynmnastic cx-
ica akesticare iinites purity c;t
t gid thle g t f nigiatiii
(Ci l iii itc$oSnianntmI'lucere are fiiirteeii Valc''radti-
itt PassionaSte ciolence incoe iiteai iaesinte junior classof the Ciii-
tilelatve is imost intoxicatininl A cc'rtaiiit ounlg gcentleman mimiin
r sgll iii i cofasiiithierii spring, taan- iil12thistreet recemitlyctiot: a
b Fal In the siiig of ttie nighitin- friend's wcatchth tat hail iienii mcat-
lo , r5lPtuiiji in the irst opeis- tiouisly left on a table near an uipemi
ih5Iterose, is to tie found in ssindosv, iii oriler to teach his frienmd
i Poem a valuable lesson on the results of
Ael wits heard Mfr. Apllebees carelessness, bitcdiriing thle tay tie
p1 ttloO f the characters in the lost thte purloinedt watch, and iiowv
fina ad tl ttpresenttation of htis orig-.liteNvislies lie had let his friend get
asIda of the meaning of thse play instruction on this suhject front
k~mholae, cannot hut conclude that otther sourcet. Hose is thnat, Frank?
stsihnd Juliet's love was wise, Downtes, Harvard, 'chi, still make
'Tbe , full of meaning, another attempt to break the guar-
hesale of tickets to the series of ter-mile record in thse spring.
Em-ron~s U. M. I the carefusl scrutinmy of College Stu-
To stir up fuiot-hmll intcircst in ttie ieits. having a harge eorips of skilled
I . cif :t1 this fall, the Ruu1 hc Isso- Desigimers 'ait Jeswelers speceially
ciaitioii offeredma amner lii thec tcaiiitrinedt lor btmdge and other jeswelled
wtoirk.Iimporiniiilistwc do, sdirctly
si-icih siihitliswin h n tii le-C~lis rmitParis, Lonoiiliiined Amsterdalmm
foot-halch(amiiioshiiip. IHatie ii(i inal i mumunuits st iitiii'cpleetous
O ictobmer aiimcetinigofftooit-hill cap-IOtonmes. Weiare-n-c a po iisition ito 100'
taus aiin(111delecgates frothce d ifice thii' iniest iilanad ;ewci'ledl
Soci-ti It ii's of all hinits wchichmar-e
cet classes Ns ca mlildito form aii
.5 i i~lnanlmficttni t h i is innimi cc.
Icau, iiind-itoccprepareascheulie of
gall)es. Iliji iiicciiigwasotr
iou ly cciris-il that thereian be VW rtCh~ IKaQ) 4..&.Co.
no iii ihit hut wateer lasknme 1.51 hWhl'l'h;tlS, .11, N'EIhlS
that such a muieting eas tio tichie'h. i 50m
Ilelgatcs fciiiiiuir classes scere MANUt'AC'1UItIN(' .t EXELEIIS.
present, amid it wa~s distiuictly statcih DUtroit. MihI~
thiat my Inot seninmg repiresentatives
thie other classes hind sigifiiedl their Chas neninofnteneig1aylageS ele Q
whtichi imighmttbe formiedh.'the dele- 20IhtT it n Arl 1 Sir
gates piresenit at thte mesetinmgdecidiced
that ttie classes they reipresemted
stiomilid comstitute theIme nmtcr-Class = T " S
Foot-ihall 1Leagime, ande a schmeiule mf t/~ T TT~qTT1C
of ganmes wssarramiged. lTheur- H . I Hi I N OSHI
thier mdecidedi that the other classes____
mihteneranjla~y i heagiie SW'E.(TEII'S BIOXING GLOVES,
if thmey cxpsressedi a desire to dho to, *tFOIh.S. SPORI~I G, GYMNASIUMA
amnm thme weathier pserimitted a loimger AND) A'THILEIf'C GOODS.
schedule of ganmes to be carried oui. SOLE A(SJiNT5 I\'.ANN ARBlOR.
'Thme result of thue games ini thie ~ .
thec schiedule wa'~s as follos:O
Classes. Score.dChassms. core
93, Denit... 4 '92, Lat,. . .. o w RIGHT & DITSON,
'9,Lt...4 9,Dn.. 93, lent. ...1b 92,IDemt... .6 BOTN
'94, Lit ..... 6 92, I.as..... o
94, ILit....IN '93, lDeit.... o0A1FU.S. 1.NE1 OF
This plainlhy gmtes theee lmalloim- 1E NNI tG 07i
stillstin thc'94 titssimice timey swon w11 31 NF~tDIt11~C
tiehrsb usie fgmts Cheviot Stirts, lTennis Tiotuseis,
Thee ees o b a ieaprey- Coats anmd Blazers.
aetthiat thec'94 its shoulid pla~y
tue 'g) li/n oIcdeitthe e/ianin- GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHINGS;
n/um. 'nNhint claimm '9,, camemtossbly I
havescto this righititschintosee.
'Thee midt sot civin dnisplany- cmnoumghm I I'1. IItESS StITS1,,TIES AND
inteccst inm themmamtier tii semni a GL.OVES. L.ATES'I IIIITA-
represeniatiice tim time meeing, smidil IONi IN T1ES .AND SCARFIS.
lmas neerervcciihintedmhmat time could Palrris it tmte (Ghoses, English C(s,
latest. Winimilel un ne~lr, all gradhes,
ike to cecr time leagmie or playi Speeial Ness Linie of Uiiirellas, all
thme leagume gnomes. Smuch a qeis- pirices.
tionm is plainly so unmreasonablme thsat L.ABORAinTORYiinl
furthmer re'marks ace unnecessary.
94 theitclainis thec taniner, sctichs
no oiie cans deniy site fairly wons.
E)IiTOie U. of M. DAILY:
I still be one of twventy of class of
92 to put down $100o.00 for the Gym
fund. P. IV. Ross.
Ageint for Ann Arbor Steam Lansdry,
quick delivery and best stork.
q5A$-P$LLR & qO.

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